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By: Devvy

May 26, 2005

AP April 26, 1997: "Social Security overhaul stalled? Congress will not act this year to revitalize the Social Security System because President Clinton has failed to lead the way, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said Sunday. House Republican leaders spread the word last week among GOP members in the House that trying to overhaul Social Security before the 2000 election campaign could involve too much political risk without strong Democratic involvement."

Another list of "reform" efforts:

April 29, 2005 -- Reshaping Social Security Reiterating his Social Security reform proposals first outlined in a prime time news conference, President Bush on Friday called on Congress to consider his proposal to allow benefits for lower income earners to increase more quickly than for more wealthy individuals.

April 26, 2005 -- Social Security: Solving the Problem The Senate Finance Committee began holding hearings Tuesday on whether Social Security needs an overhaul, while President Bush continued making his case for changes at an event in Texas and demonstrators took to Capitol Hill to protest the idea of allowing personal accounts.

March 22, 2005 -- Raising the Retirement Age As President Bush works to overhaul Social Security, some lawmakers are considering raising the minimum retirement age in an effort to improve the federal program's bottom line.

March 9, 2005 -- Debating Social Security The House Ways and Means Committee debated Social Security solvency in a hearing Wednesday. David Walker, U.S. comptroller general, testified that there is no immediate crisis but pushed Congress to act "sooner rather than later."

March 4, 2005 -- Selling Social Security President Bush jump-started his "60 stops in 60 days" Social Security reform campaign Friday in New Jersey and Indiana. A report on how the Bush administration is trying to sell its Social Security plan.

February 28, 2005 -- Social Security Series: How's it Playing Members of Congress conducted town hall forums with their constituents to discuss and debate President Bush's Social Security plan. A report on two listening sessions held in Wisconsin and Oregon.

February 16, 2005 -- Series: Social Security President Bush's plan to reform Social Security has led to a larger debate about the role of government in the lives of citizens. A discussion about the "big ideas" surrounding the debate with two experts.

August 22, 2001 -- Keys to the Lockbox Paul Solman investigates the social security lockbox and the brewing political debate over social security funds.

May 2, 2001 -- Rethinking Social Security President Bush today announced the creation of a commission on Social Security reform. Susan Dentzer discusses the panel and proposals to privatize the system.

December 10, 1998 --Securing The System Susan Dentzer reports on a White House conference about Social Security and on alternatives to the current program.

August 5, 1998 --Forum: Privatizing Security Is privatizing Social Security the only alternative to the current system?

January 13, 1997 -- Reforming Social Security Last week a bipartisan commission offered three alternatives for redesigning the Social Security system so it will be able to cover the retirement needs of Baby Boomers.

January 6, 1997 -- Securing The Future A federal advisory council formed to examine the Social Security system failed to rally around a single course of action. Instead, council members split into three groups, each backing different proposals.

"The Bush administration has signaled that it will propose changing the formula that sets initial Social Security benefit levels, cutting promised benefits by nearly a third in the coming decades, according to several Republicans close to the White House." Jonathan Weisman and Mike Allen, Washington Post Staff Writers, January 4, 2000.

In April 2005, Dennis Hastert, House Majority Leader announced there would be no social security reform this year. Apparently this foolish man has not read the big red warning about what is going to happen in 2008 when the first massive wave of baby boomers retire.

Back in December 2004, I wrote a column on why social security can't be saved and it can't. I hope you will take the time to read that column because it is exactly how this phony "retirement" taxing scheme has "screwed" the American worker and that there is only one real solution - one the government and "think tanks" who make their money off talking about the problem, don't want you to know.

The feedback I received in e-mail to the aforementioned column wasn't shocking to an old war dog like me. The theme was common, "I don't care if social security is a voluntary program or not. You have to keep paying into it because I need my monthly check." This poor man, as with almost every other person who responded, did not care that Americans have been lied to about social security and that everyone has been tricked into this taxing scheme. They only care about those monthly checks. This is how slaves are made and it's utterly pathetic. There aren't enough slaves paying into this mathematically flawed system and one of the primary reasons is that the women of this country have aborted 40 million unborn babies. Forty million innocent little lives snuffed out. Forty million potential workers paying into this endless hole in the water.

No where in my column did I say SS should not be paid out to those who need it, but those who e-mailed were in such a panic, they screamed how evil I am. Why, some even accused me of wanting to starve them all to death - the mantra of Democrats who serve in Congress. I recognize this type of panic because so many Americans simply have no understanding of Title 42 and the social security taxing scheme. But, Bush does. For once in his life, Mr. Bush actually let the cat out of the bag on how this Ponzi scheme actually works. Please note that the emphasis you see in italics or bold are mine.

President Discusses Strengthening Social Security Nissan North America Manufacturing Plant, Canton, Mississippi May 3, 2005

"Secondly, if you work hard and -- Social Security your entire life, you will not retire into poverty. The current system today, by the way, doesn't say that. The current system says you can work all your life and may end up in poverty. I don't think that's fair. I think people who have worked hard all their life and paying into the Social Security system ought to have a program that makes sure they won't retire into poverty..

"I hope it makes sense to the United States Congress. I think Franklin Roosevelt would be proud to make sure of this. If you work all your life and contribute to Social Security you should not retire into poverty. I think that's a principle that makes sense. I think it's also important for our elected leaders, both Democrats and Republicans, to come to the table. The American people now understand we have a problem. And our leaders must choose: Do nothing and guarantee a massive tax hike, or a 30 percent benefit cut; or act now to keep the promises of Social Security for the 21st century.

"The reason I say do nothing and get a tax hike -- if we don't do anything, it's estimated that younger workers will have to pay an 18-percent property -- payroll tax to make good on the promises. If you don't like 12, try 18. That's a lot. Payroll taxes are some of the highest taxes people pay here in America, and the idea of not having the political will to address Social Security and sticking younger workers with a high payroll tax doesn't make any sense to me..

"Nothing changes for our seniors -- I'm talking about those of you born prior to 1950. I'm really talking about the younger workers, because if we don't do anything, you're going to have a huge bill to pay, one way or the other.....

"Now, I've got another idea that I want Congress to consider, and that is being able to take some of your own money, your payroll tax that you pay in the system, and the government allow you to set up a personal savings account. First of all, it's your money that you send into Washington -- not Washington's money, it's your money. We kind of like to spend your money up there; remember, this is a system you pay in, we take care of the retirees, any money left over we pay for other programs. Pretty soon the amount of money you send in is going to be less than the money owed to retirees and it's going to go into the red. That's why, if we don't do anything, you're going to end up paying more taxes, or we have to cut benefits. But it's your money....

"Today, the program has got -- leaves behind IOUs, paper IOUs in a filing cabinet. I think when it comes time to make sure the safety net is available for younger Americans, we ought to make sure there's hard assets. You put money in the system; you ought to have an asset you call your own as part of your retirement plan....

"This isn't a new idea, by the way. Guess who gets to do this right now. Federal employees, members of the Senate and the House of Representatives. They've decided this is a pretty good idea for themselves. Seems like to me, if it's good enough for them it ought to be good enough for Nissan plant workers."

What bilge. Once a person understands how this "pay as you go" taxing scheme actually works, they can see through this propaganda. Several weeks ago, the ever mumbling, bumbling Mr. Magoo reborn as Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House of Representatives, announced "We won't get to any social security reform this year." How odd. On May 18, 2005, it would appear Congress is still working on this issue despite Hastert's claim to the contrary.

Will any of these so-called reforms ever get passed? Who knows. After doing a google search, I found hundreds of news items from the past five decades with promises of "saving" or "reforming" SS by Congress. This taxing scheme was a mathematical failure at its inception and nothing has changed. However, it is one of the goals listed in the Communist Manifesto. In 1932, William Z. Foster, Chairman of the Communist Party USA authored the book, Toward Soviet America, and said on page 281:

"There will also be ... social insurance against unemployment, old age, medical services ...All houses and other buildings will be socialized."

Of course what Foster was talking about is social security, Medicare and regulated, government owned housing. Americans did just fine before the SS boondoggle because Americans were a strong, self-reliant, independent people who knew they had to put away for their golden years. FDR conned the American people by making them believe they were too irresponsible to plan their own retirement. Now government tells you when you get to retire and throws you a few pennies each month. And, these incompetent idiots in Congress continue to raise the age limit when they will let you retire, hoping you'll drop dead before you apply for those benefits. This is how slaves have been groomed over the years.

If you haven't read this column, I strongly urge you do so because the real numbers that spell massive financial disaster are precisely laid out for when the first wave of baby boomers begin to retire in less than four years.

The only real reform for SS is to let the system die a natural death as I explained in my earlier column. Congress isn't going to stop lying to the American people about the voluntary nature of SS taxes. Employers are too afraid of the IRS to support their employees right not to pay into this voluntary taxing scheme. What we will continue to see - unless the people of this nation wake up and boot out Congress - is just more cover up, lying and time wasted on "reforms" that will do nothing but prolong an inevitable collapse. Don't your children deserve a better future?

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"The Bush administration has signaled that it will propose changing the formula that sets initial Social Security benefit levels, cutting promised benefits by nearly a third in the coming decades, according to several Republicans close to the White House."