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By: Devvy

May 7, 2005

Few Americans give much thought to our family farmers and ranchers who provide the food we put on our tables or that we consume in restaurants. They should because our family owned farming industry is being crushed not only by conglomerates who care nothing for your health or for the plight of American farmers, but by the very liars in Congress who profess to hold our farmers and ranchers in such high esteem. The killing off of family owned farms is being done through insidious "free" trade treaties like NAFTA, the Act discussed below and the privately owned "Federal" Reserve.

I have been doing my part since 1994 by refusing to buy any foreign fruits and vegetables. I buy organic meat and pork (for my husband) and poultry. I also purchase organic vegetables and fruits when I can't find grown in the USA at the commissary. If you think buying this way is expensive, think about the long term consequences to your body when you consider eating fruits and vegetables from places like Mexico where these food products are grown using water spilled off from factories. Steroids and hormones are not good for your body, so why do Americans consume them in mass quantities in the foods you purchase?

If you're a rancher or farmer, I hope you will take the time not only to read this column, but the book mentioned towards the bottom which is available free on line.

In February 1996 during my last run for Congress as a Republican, I made a speech in front of a County Farm Bureau Association in my district. This room was filled with about 150 ranchers, farmers and a few miners. The reception was chilly to say the least. You see, 99% of the the farmers and ranchers who attended this dinner were convinced their "boy," five term GOP incumbent Wally the Waffle Herger, was back in DC fighting for their rights! I was the interloper. For someone who allegedly was fighting for the rights of these attendees, apparently Herger forgot to mention something called the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 and the privately owned Federal Reserve and how these two mechanisms have gone hand in hand in destroying tens of thousands of family owned farms.

That night I asked the audience: "How many of you know about the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938?" Astoundingly, only one individual sitting in the back of the room raised his hand. Every one of these single proprietor farmers and ranchers were (and still are) being driven out of business by the FED and the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, yet none of them knew what I was talking about. How can you possibly expect to solve a problem if you don't know how it was created?

Any member of Congress, house or senate, who hasn't introduced a bill in his first term to repeal this Act and and the Endangered Species Act (ESA), is not qualified to serve in Congress nor do they have any understanding of how the privately owned Federal Reserve is killing off single family farms and ranches.

Big conglomerates like Archer, Daniels, Midland (ADM) (that ADM who owned Bob Dole, lock, stock and vote), are scooping up these small farms at an alarming rate. Is is very, very dangerous to allow all the food supply in our nation to fall into the hands of three or four conglomerates - especially if they are Bilderbergers like Andreas who owns ADM. We must free our food producers.

What is the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938? Another piece of Fascism passed under the traitorous FDR administration. What is Fascism? Strongly defined socialized government; when the government doesn't own private enterprise companies, but controls all production. That's exactly what occurred as a result of this act. Let me quite from U.S. v Alfonso Lopez, Jr. 514 US___, 131 L Ed 2d 626, 115 S Ct____, (No. 93-1260), the United States Supreme Court:

"...Roscoe Filburn operated a small farm in Ohio, on which, in the year involved, he raised 23 acres of wheat. It was his practice to sow winter wheat in the fall, and after harvesting it in July to sell a portion of the crop, to feed part of it to poultry and livestock on the farm, to use some in making flour for home consumption, and to keep the remainder for seeding future crops. The Secretary of Agriculture assessed a penalty against him under the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 because he harvested about 12 acres more wheat than his allotment under the Act permitted. The Act was designed to regulate the volume of wheat moving in interstate and foreign commerce in order to avoid surpluses and shortages, and concomitant fluctuation in wheat prices, which had previously obtained."

What a crock. This is Fascism, pure and simple. Our ranchers and farmers, in a supposedly free enterprise, capitalistic system, are harnessed and restrained by an unconstitutional act and the privately owned Federal Reserve is the silver bullet behind it. Farmers are told what they can and cannot grow and harvest, what they can and cannot sell, how much, when and at what price. This is how slaves are made. It means they are frozen in selling their product, which often is below their cost of production. Is it any wonder they cannot compete in the world markets and even here at home - especially when their own fellow country men and women won't even support them but buy foreign? With this type of restriction, only the mighty who purchase the favors of members of Congress like the expensive prostitutes they are, and subsidized by legislation to the tune of billions, can continue to stay in business while today's farming families that come from generations of family who farmed before them, are being driven under.

This is the factual information I attempted to convey to the audience that night at the farm bureau dinner. As I was speaking, most of these men in the audience rudely kept talking and laughing with others at their table or looked at me with a smirk on their face. However, I continued to tell them why they were slated for extinction via the Agricultural Adjustment Act and the privataely owned FED. They didn't listen. They still have Waffle Wally, they're still going bankrupt or barely keeping one step ahead of bill collectors.

Let me quote from the same case above on April 26, 1995 by Chief Justice Rehnquist:

"In 1887, Congress enacted the Interstate Commerce Act, 24 Stat. 379, and in 1890, Congress enacted the Sherman Antitrust Act, 26 Stat. 209, as amended, 15 U.S.C. � 1 et seq. These laws ushered in a new era of federal regulation under the commerce power. When cases involving these laws first reached this Court, we imported from our negative Commerce Clause cases the approach that Congress could not regulate activities such as "production," "manufacturing," and "mining." See, e.g., United States v. E. C. Knight Co., 156 U.S. 1, 12 (1895) ("Commerce succeeds to manufacture, and is not part of it"); Carter v. Carter Coal Co., 298 U.S. 238, 304 (1936) ("Mining brings the subject matter of commerce into existence. Commerce disposes of it"). Simultaneously, however, the Court held that, where the interstate and intrastate aspects of commerce were so mingled together that full regulation of interstate commerce required incidental regulation of intrastate commerce, the Commerce Clause authorized such regulation. See, e.g., Houston, E. & W. T. R. Co.v. United States, 234 U.S. 342 (1914) (Shreveport Rate Cases)."

This is an amazing statement by the court.

The Fed and the Farmer

The Fed and the Farmer was written by Edward E. Kennedy. This brilliant man was a judge, economist, and statistician. Listed in Who's Who in America, Kennedy was born on a farm in Greene County, Iowa. He was a farmer in that state, a local County, State and National Officer of the National Farmers Union, author of the Cost of Production method of measuring the economic health of Agriculture and of the Nation, Washington Representative of National Farmers Union, Research Director, economist and actuary United Mine Workers of America, Member Howard County Maryland Council; Probate Judge and President of the Maryland Association of Probate Judges.

Let me give you a few paragraphs from the introduction of his critical and important work:

"This book, in many respects, is an autobiographical history of our agrarian crisis. During the early twenties I developed the cost of production method applied to agriculture as the standard measurement of the economic health of agriculture and of the Nation. It is the American Way. The free enterprise way....This study show the loss of farm buying power to the nations economy...It covers the cause and the beginning of the current depression.

"It is a history of the FED's contribution to the destabilization of our domestic economy and the surrogates it uses for these purposes. It is a history of how the FED launched the great depression at Fort Dodge Iowa in May 1920. I attended this farmer-banker conference as a guest of the FED and my local banker.

"It is a history of how the FED maintained the farm depression during the twenties, while it was at the same time conducting the "Roaring Twenties." How come? The FED denied credit to agriculture....The FED opened the credit window to business and the speculators and investors on the stock market. The stock market boomed. All this created the impression that all was "hunkey dory." So what the hell was the farmer squawking about? The Nation's economy last $48 billion in farm buying power these ten years. To make up for this loss the FED decided to give business a debt market. The FED invented the consumer installment credit scheme. This was a great debt creating scheme. It gave the FED and its surrogates a "toll-gate" on the working man's pay check. Late in 1929 the FED closed the credit window at the stock market and it crashed. Now the whole Nation was in the depth of the Great Depression.

"It is a history of the major new deal farm legislation. They killed the little pigs. They plowed under wheat and cotton. They established the double price ceiling for farm prices at 52 to 75 percent of farmers cost. They invented the hog processing tax scheme to tax all hogs marketed so they could pay Peter with Peter and Paul's money. When the Processing tax was held unconstitutional the government kept the illegal tax money. It was at the same time that the whole Triple A was invalidated. The Court held that control of farm production was not authorized by the Constitution. A new program was rushed thru the Congress. Its theme was soil conservation. Not much changed. The farmer was to be paid a subsidy for taking tillable land out of production.

"During and after the War and up to 1953 the farmer received cost production income for his production. he mechanized farming to the maximum during these years. He became the greatest producer of food in the world. The farm mortgage debt stood at $7.5 billion. The federal debt stood at about $340 billion. Consumer installment credit debt stood at about $165 billion in 1974. The FED began its most massive program of destabilization and disorganization of our economy. It shook our economy like an earthquake. It was a massive campaign to create debt both public and private.

"The FED created nine inflations and nine depressions in the post war years up to and including 1980. The FED juggled interest rates up and down and up again from less than once percent in 1946 up to 17 percent by the end of 1980, which later went up to 21.5 percent. The farm mortgage debt jumped to $100 billion. The consumer installment debt jumped to $331 billion. The Federal debt jumped to $997 billion. The FED created the money that created the inflation that created the interest that created the debt. During the years 1975-1980 inclusive the Nation's loss of farm purchasing power totaled $169 billion. That was the beginning of the current depression." (End of excerpt)

Farm business debt is expected to rise about 3.6 percent in 2005, surpassing $213 billion by the end of the year. An increase of $113 billion since 1980.

"US consumer debt levels. Over the last decade, total consumer debt (mortgage, installment, revolving) has more than doubled: from about $4.4 trillion in 1994 to over $9.1 trillion today. During this period, mortgage debt has climbed from $3.5 to $7.2 trillion while other forms of consumer debt have jumped from $905 billion to over $2 trillion." (Righting the Upside-Down Economy: Creating a Sustainable Recovery, July 1, 2004, Robert Manning Transcript)

An increase from $331 billion in 1980 to $2 TRILLION as of 2004.

The federal debt increased from $997 billion in 1980 to $7,757,696,825,034.22 as of May 3, 2005. In twenty five years, Congress has increased the debt slapped on you, your children and grand babies from $997 billion to seven trillion, seven hundred fifty seven billion, six hundred ninety-six million, eight hundred twenty five thousand, thirty four dollars and twenty-two cents.

Thank about that.

Kennedy's book is a powerful piece of work. He not only gives the history of how the international banking cartel destroyed and continues to destroy our family owned farms, but also in Chapter X, this brilliant man gives solutions that will work. I have scanned it and you can read it on line here; batch 30a and 30, or print it out and read it at your convenience.

My heart has broken many times over the past 15 years as I have learned the truth and watched our farmers and ranchers go under, one after another. This nation was built on agriculture and manufacturing. It is what gave us the ability to be a self-sustaining nation, producing what we need for survival. The American people need to stop excusing their member of Congress and vote all of them out of office (except two). Collectively, as a whole, they have been and will continue to destroy this Republic, forcing a once free people onto their knees to a one world government under communist domination.

If you'd like to see what one dollar bought in 1913 before the robber banking barons got hold of your money compared to today's purchasing power, click here and then click on Consumer Price Index Inflation Calculator. You will be shocked and perhaps begin to understand why this mathematically flawed system will collapse. It's just a matter of time and so many Americans will be caught with nothing but debt. If they think calling their Congress critter like Hillary Clinton is going to save their bacon or provide $15.00 to buy a bottle of milk for their baby, they had best think again. Hillary and the rest of them will be barricaded inside their fortress out in Washington, DC.

Last night, almost 25 million Americans watched mindless "entertainment" dubbed American Idol. This Sunday night, about 28 million of the herds will tune into Desperate Housewives, television "entertainment" that glamorizes adultery, casual sex, peeping at half naked "actresses" and mind numbing drivel. America has become a nation of foolish people.

If you know a farming family that might not be on line or might miss this column, I hope you'll share The Fed and the Farmer with them, regardless of which of the two socialist parties they belong to, so they understand how they have been betrayed by all Congresses since 1913. They will see the solutions, but those will never get implemented until we clean out Congress.

Time grows short. Stay the course.

� 2005 Devvy Kidd - All Rights Reserved

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My heart has broken many times over the past 15 years as I have learned the truth and watched our farmers and ranchers go under, one after another. This nation was built on agriculture and manufacturing.