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By: Devvy

May 3, 2005

As frustration mounts in this country over the destruction of our Republic, once again, there is a renewed movement by several different groups and organizations in America to join together all the "alternative" political parties into one. Some call any party other than the Republican or Democratic parties "third" parties, but in fact, there are literally dozens of other registered parties.

Recently I was attacked in an e-mail from an individual who took cheap shots at me because I politely declined to participate in his "one party" effort. Because I chose not to become involved, this e-mailer who belongs to the Libertarian Party, labeled me a "false patriot," among other nasty comments. This e-mailer also forcefully stated that my personal moral beliefs against abortion, sodomy, porn and legalizing drugs are inconsequential to the bigger picture: "Sleep well Devvy. You have adhered to your personal code and like so many other others, refuse to take action on the bigger picture."

This proposal to unite all these various parties under one big tent, according to this e-mailer, is the key to saving America. Without uniting everyone under one big tent, America is doomed! According to this e-mailer, I should dump my moral code and personal beliefs for the good of the country. That's like asking a tiger to change his stripes. Back in 1776, only about 3% of the population of the colonies were involved in the fight for freedom and they didn't have to give up their personal moral beliefs to succeed. Of course, back then, you would have been hard pressed to find many who would have found abortion on demand a "right," porn as "harmless" and men buggering each other as "normal and healthy."

This e-mailer also made this comment, "Some believe real freedom is to do whatever one wants if it harms no other. I believe they fall hand in hand. That works for me." It may have worked well for this individual, but it has NOT worked well for America. Pornography has destroyed thousands of marriages and the lives of tens of thousands of teenagers who get into it for the money and then end up on the other end of a camera in some dirty hotel room, strung out on drugs. People should read Dr. Judith Reisman's excellent work on this issue. To say porn is a harmless "adult" past time is to ignore the hard facts.

Sodomites have spread AIDS like wildfire since 1980 with their chosen sexual activities, fatally infecting "collateral" victims who contracted it through bad blood transfusions and even dental work. Sodomites and lesbians have destroyed families with their filthy sex disguised as "love." Give it another decade and you will see a wasteland of screwed up children created by sodomites and lesbians raising them in their perverted environment. Mark my words.

Those who have done enough research know that the massive influx of hard drugs like cocaine began during the "sexual revolution," courtesy of rogue elements within the federal government. While some think legalizing heroine, cocaine and other highly addictive drugs will cut down on crime, do they really believe that people won't use them and crime will come to a stand still? Just take a look around this country at the cost of medical treatment for those addicted to "recreational" marijuana, cocaine and Ecstasy.

Look at the broken marriages, domestic violence and abuse perpetrated by dope heads. Do these supporters of legalizing these highly addictive drugs really think that will all go away by making hard core drugs like crack cocaine as available as chewing gum? Do they really understand what the word addiction means? I don't think so. I fully agree that the drug laws are draconian and that the war on drugs is just a smokescreen by criminal elements within the government. What needs to be done is Congress busting these rogue operations for drug smuggling and close down our borders. Drug addiction can be virtually eliminated (there will always be junkies), but it will have to come from parents being full time parents, one family at a time. Legalizing all these drugs is inviting colossal disaster on a scale people won't believe - until it hurts them and their family. Then it won't seem like such a harmless idea put forth by people like Harry Browne.

Abortion has ripped and divided this country like no other issue and too many women who thought they could use abortion for birth control, have ended up with all kinds of emotional and health problems they weren't told about by pro-death advocates pushing baby murder. These severely affected women have not only hurt themselves emotionally and physically, but it has also hurt their marriages and relationships. So, please, don't anyone tell me that "real freedom" (abortion, sodomy, unrestricted use of hard drugs and pornography) harms no other.

Uniting all the "other" parties

Let's take a good look at this idea and see if it has a chance to succeed in the bigger picture.

All political parties have a platform or agenda. This is simply a fact of any organization. Goals, mission statement and how to achieve those goals. Let's look at the platform for each of these parties in a brief form:

The Libertarian Party: They promote and condone sodomy, "rights" for sodomites and their toxic death style, women committing the abomination of sex with each other, abortion as a "civil right" for women, pornography, legalizing all drugs and "free trade." These are all goals of the Communist Party which I have covered in depth in dozens of columns. These moral issues are also in complete alignment with the Democratic Party.

While the Republican party faithful will deny their party has also embraced many of these issues, they might wish to get a reality check from the many columns written by Chuck Baldwin. They are factual and clearly validate that the Republican Party has been moving towards the "left" for a long time, something GOP party faithful don't want to acknowledge.

The LP does champion the Second Amendment, personal property rights and other freedoms which has attracted a relatively small number of people to their party over the decades. When I say relatively small, 300,000 or even a half million members might seem like a lot, but compare it with the numbers below and you will get the idea. The LP has never really become a magnet for freedom lovers because many feel the party is too morally liberal, just like the Democrats and some of the other parties listed below. This is simply an observation I am making from being in the trenches the past 15 years. I know a lot of wonderful, decent people who belong to the LP. Should I send them attack e-mails because I don't agree with what the LP promotes and condones?

The Constitution Party: The sanctity of life must not be violated via abortion, pro-Second Amendment, pro personal property rights, against the promotion of "same sex" marriage, against the destructive and addictive consumption of porn and drugs, strong supporter of state's rights. A very constitutional and moral platform. The Constitution Party has 'affiliates' like the American Independent Party (AIP) here in California and The Taxpayer's Party in various states. The Constitution Party is closest to what the Republican Party used to stand for and that is why so many Republicans are leaving and joining that party.

The Green Party: Promotes democracy, which is in conflict with of our legal form of government. They are a free for all in supporting sodomy, lesbians, bugs, slugs and crud over humans. Their platform in my humble opinion is extremism at its worst and completely in lock step with the goals of the Communist Party.

The Peace and Freedom Party: Their platform states: "The Peace and Freedom Party, founded in 1967, is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality." Nothing more needs be said about their communist goals.

The Prohibition Party: Billed as the third oldest political party in these united States of America, they would like a complete ban on the production and sale of alcohol.

The other "third" parties in America are: American Nazi Party, American Party, Centrist Reform Party, Irish Republican Socialist Party, The Jefferson Party, The Labor Party, the Light Party, Natural Law Party, New Liberty Party, Pansexual Peace Party, The Patriot Party, Progressive Labor Party, Reform Party, Revolutionary Communist Party USA, Royalist Party of America, The Socialist Labor Party, Socialist Party USA, Southern Party (GA, KY, LA, NC, SC), The United States Official Monster Raving Loony Party, the United States Pacifist Party, Unity Party of America, Workers Party, Working Families Party, World Socialist Party of the United States, and, Third Parties '96, a movement to build a new mainstream political party.

The goals of those trying to bring together all the "third" parties into one, unified force is admirable. But, do you really think you're going to get the members of the 30 parties listed above under one roof as one big, happy group - even for such a noble goal as saving our Republic?

Even if such a miracle were accomplished, what would be the platform, mission and goals of this one party? Does one really believe they can bring together close to a million people with such contradictory beliefs and goals and come up with one game plan they're all going to follow? Even if you only got commitments from half of those 30 parties to join with one, the same question applies.

The numbers tell a lot

Now, let's look at the numbers. As far as getting an individual elected as president, the electoral college decides the election and those pre-pledged electoral college votes are based on numbers - numbers held by the Republican and Democratic parties. I have covered the electoral college and what it will mean in 2008 here.

For the sake of argument, let's say that all these parties join together as one. You're talking at most, one million registered voters if you combine all the "third" party members. In November 2004, the alleged final tally of Americans who voted was: 121,057,269. Mr. Bush allegedly received 62,028,719 votes and Kerry with 59,028,550 votes. Presumably, most "third" party members voted for their candidate, although no doubt many jumped ship to keep either one of the two lesser evils out.

However, the stark fact is the bulk of voters were Republicans and Democrats - roughly 120 million, give or take a few thousand on each side. Now, how does that stack up to the new "one party" that is being proposed whose entire membership might be around 1 million? Does one begin to get an understanding of the problem here? The reality of the situation is that you are not going to see 20-30 million Republicans or 20-30 million Democrats jump parties between now and November 2006 or November 2008 unless there is some massive truth come forward about certain events or the economy finally takes the last step towards a major depression. Right now we're 1929 in slow motion with Americans drowning in massive debt, living paycheck to paycheck because any disposal income they used to have is now being consumed in taxation to support illegals, endless "wars for peace" and other unconstitutional spending, both state and federal.

Does this mean I am trying to discourage anyone from belonging to any party they choose? Not at all. However, with vote fraud and the sheer number of registered Republicans and Democrats, it does alter the picture dramatically. This is why I have been advocating education for so many years in an effort to motivate individuals who belong to those two parties to really take a good hard look at their party and what they are promoting. It's also why I believe the single, most effective game plan out there today which is realistic is Operation Clean Sweep.

The two "main" political parties are self-destructing, no question about it. There are millions of fed up Republicans who are very disappointed and disillusioned with the bill of goods they were sold with Bush, Jr. They have also been watching this Republican controlled Congress sit on their hands while America has been invaded for decades by illegals. Many are going to the Constitution Party - especially Christians. I was a registered Republican my entire life until 1996 when I finally accepted, at least in my own mind and through the experience of running for Congress on that party ticket, that the GOP was no longer a moral party dedicated to a limited form of Republican government. At that point, I could no longer support the GOP, so I left.

This is a huge country with about 170 million adult age Americans, not counting illegals. 95% of them belong to the two parties. I know the Constitution Party is cranking up their efforts to build their party through membership. But, it takes manpower at the grassroots level and it takes time. This is where the Democrats and Republicans have been so successful. Besides money, their grassroots faithful get out there and get the job done.

This past weekend here in Sacramento, La Raza, a domestic terrorist organization that advocates the overthrow of our Republic and supports the invasion of illegals, was out in full force registering Democrats. This big event was given plenty of media attention by the local news. La Raza sponsored this voter registration drive in response to Governor Arnie saying the borders should be closed and that he supports the efforts of those great Minutemen. It was sickening to watch the comments on the tube from those involved in this effort. Talk about racism and anti-American rhetoric.

The reason I believe Operation Clean Sweep is so important is because all politics are local. Just as an example, we must get thousands of individuals elected to city councils and on the board of supervisors. These elected individuals can then ban electronic ballot machines in their counties and towns. If a state legislature rears it's head in opposition, then those elected non-partisan city council members and county board of supervisors can take up the fight at the state capitol and stand firm for fair and impartial elections.

Another example: We need as many individuals as possible to get elected as county recorders to cut off the IRS at the knees with their unlawful activities. We also need everyone to continue educating their family, friends, neighbors, church members, union members and anyone in-between about the real agenda of one world government with credible, well documented data. Americans are slow to react and embrace change. We can't reach everyone, but those we can reach who do grasp the bigger picture will step up to the plate.

All these offices I mentioned above are non partisan and well within reach of obtaining while "third" parties build their memberships. We have elections in just 19 months. We're all frustrated, angry and can't understand why so many of our fellow Americans can't see what's right in front of their face. This frustration is fueled by the control of information by the media conglomerates and phony conservatives like Shawn Hannity and others who refuse to challenge the bigger picture lest it endanger their multi-million dollar incomes.

By going after these elected offices nationwide - while parties build their membership and those who wish to stay in their party force change - is a step that will bring results if enough people quit talking about the problem and become part of the solution. This doesn't have to interfere with parties building their memberships. It doesn't have to interfere with those who wish to unite 20 or 30 different political parties into one, although I believe that is a huge waste of time and manpower. Pick your battles carefully and fight smart, just like the Minutemen. They didn't try to do the entire northern and southern borders of these united States all at once. They chose one small area, stayed focused and the results have been phenomenal. Their efforts are spreading and these great Americans have set a fine example for all of us to follow.

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By going after these elected offices nationwide - while parties build their membership and those who wish to stay in their party force change - is a step that will bring results if enough people quit talking about the problem and become part of the solution.