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Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND and
Elissa Meininger
March 3, 2006

Even the recently discovered vitamins such as coenzyme Q-10 aren�t even regarded as such. Allopathic medicine files them under optional nutritional supplements and not the essential nutrients they really are. All vitamins and minerals are coenzymes and cofactors in the metabolic processes of the body. We are finding out more about them as they are depleted by drug therapies and poor diets. For example, statin drugs create a deficiency of coenzyme Q-10. And diets deficient in B vitamins and magnesium are responsible for elevating homocysteine, an amino acid that is a much greater marker for heart disease than cholesterol. Even gene expression is controlled by vitamins. For example, studies of genetically obese mice show that if those mice are given sufficient B vitamins in their diet they don�t become obese�in a vitamin deficient diet they express their obesity.

Even these few examples of nutritional imbalance are earth shattering and should receive BANNER HEADLINES. But there is no nutrition propaganda machine. Instead there is the commodification of our food and the PR that makes us all addicted to food laced with chemicals, fat, and sugar.

The Failings of Science

Science studies nature and natural law dissecting things into smaller and smaller bits. What it does not study is modern corporate food technology itself and its effects on the population. While the majority of our food dollar is spent on processed food and junk food, no research money is spent on finding out what this type of food does to the human body. We also have no idea of the effects on the nutrients in foods throughout the following stages of food modification: agricultural practices; harvesting methods; storage methods; and food processing, refining, packaging, and shipping.

William Longgood who wrote �The Poisons in Your Food� in 1960 knew the extent of food fabrication long ago and is famous for the following quote:

Virtually every bit of food you eat has been treated with some chemical somewhere along the line. Dyes, bleaches, emulsifiers, preservatives, flavors, buffers, noxious sprays, acidifiers, alkalizers, deodorants, moisteners, drying agents, gases, extenders, thickeners, disinfectants, fungicides, neutralizers, anticaking and antifoaming agents, conditioners, curers, hydrolizers, hydrogenators, and many others. These are the tools of the food technician�His alchemy can make stale food appear fresh, permit unsanitary practices, mask inferior quality, substitute nutritionally inferior or worthless chemicals for more costly ingredients.

Sugar, Dairy, and Wheat

These three commodities make up the most commonly eaten fast foods and junk foods on the market. Sugar in our bloodstreams is a mere 2 teaspoons, yet we compulsively imbibe sodas that contain 10 teaspoons in 12 ounces. Who knows how much sugar is lurking in the super gulp cups that you can barely hold! Dairy is no longer as safe as mother�s milk and has a long list of charges against it, including triggering juvenile onset diabetes and cancer. Wheat has been hybrid to resist frost, pesticides, and herbicides and not to enhance nutrient content, yet it is eaten my most people several times a day in the form of toast, bagels, rolls, sandwiches, cakes, pies etc.

Sugar versus Artificial Sweeteners

Even worse than sugar, presently our �better living through chemistry� has us ingesting over 5,000 products with a chemical sweetener that produces formaldehyde when broken down at body temperature. It�s called aspartame with the brand names of NutraSweet and Equal. Efforts in New Mexico to ban the substance have mounted an aspartame industry lobby attack equal to any war. Go to for action alerts on how you can help ban this poison.

What about Dairy?

Cows are injected with Bovine Growth Hormone that is supposed to stimulate more milk production but instead produces cancer causing hormones and mastitis in the cows. Mastitis�or inflammation of the cow�s udder, is treated with antibiotics even though cows are given these drugs as part of their daily regimen. Unfortunately, antibiotic resistance that produces fatal infections in the human population can be traced to the overuse of antibiotics in animals.

You can go to and read Robert Cohen�s assessment of the dangers of milk. But not before you read about the benefits of real milk at The �real milk� proponents feel that organic milk from cows fed on grass provides valuable nutrients, which are lost in the process of pasteurization and homogenization and whatever else is done to milk in the highly mechanized dairy industry.

Why Wheat?

Wheat is grown on land stripped of minerals, hybrid and genetically engineered (GM) to withstand the environment that includes assault with deadly chemicals. All GM foods tested on animals show damage, yet we don�t even know if the wheat we are eating is GM because the government does not require GM foods to be labeled. After harvest, wheat is stored in silos that can easily develop mold. In fact, many people who think they are allergic to wheat or have an overgrowth of yeast (see may be allergic to mold in wheat or other grains. Wheat is milled to remove the nutritious wheat germ�because it goes rancid and reduces shelf life. After removing about 80% of all the vitamins and minerals from wheat, manufacturers boast that their products are �fortified� by tossing in a few milligrams of synthetic nutrients in a pretense of making the product healthier. The resulting white flour produced from wheat is then paired up with sugar and fat to produce expensive confections with packaging that costs more than the raw materials.

Food and the WTO

I began to study the World Trade Organization and Codex Alimentarius after the World Trade Center bombings. Codex is the WHO and UN organization that creates food and food supplement regulations for international trade. I was scheduled to fly to Toronto a few days after September 11th but had to go by car instead. I drove with a former government official and we shared concerns about access to food imports when borders are shut down during national emergencies. Meetings I had throughout the next week with government and NGO agencies about food safety confirmed my worst fears. There were people and agencies at the international level that were already laying out controls on our food supplies.

Over the next several years I became involved with the health freedom movement and traveled to two Codex meetings. There I learned that food and food supplements are being manipulated by the WTO purely for the purposes of trade and decisions made have nothing to do with health or nutrition. The grave concern that many of us feel is that WTO trade agreements will block the free flow of quality food and food supplements �only making way for low quality standardized products.

Such a battle already rages in the matter of GM foods. The WTO wants GM foods to be commercially available worldwide. However, the European Union (EU) has demonstrated great suspicion about the safety of GM foods and won�t allow them to be sold in the EU. In May 2003 the United States, Canada, and Argentina filed GM food trade complaints to the WTO against the European Union (EU) for suspending the sale of GM foods since 1998. A ban on GM foods, as imposed in the EU, according to GM producers, is not "scientifically justified.� The WTO ruled on this complaint and cited the inability of science to justify that GM foods were significantly different from non-GM foods.

The WTO issued its interim ruling on February 7, 2006, and found that the EU and six of its member states had violated international trade rules by barring entry to GM crops and foods.

Global Implications of Codex

The following may be a little difficult to grasp but prior to the filing of the GM trade complaints, an obscure international committee, the ad hoc Codex Intergovernmental Task Force on Foods Derived from Biotechnology, submitted reports to Codex in March 2002 and March 2003, recommending the adoption of four global guidelines it had drawn up regarding the acceptance of GM foods. They were adopted in July 2003 as new global standards. This paved the way for the legitimacy for the complaints and shows the power of Codex.

The WTO ruling on GM foods is very recent�February 7, 2006, so we don�t know yet what is actually going to happen. We are sitting on the edge of our seats wondering whether the EU will concede or will it say that the WTO is powerless to enforce such a ruling. If the EU faces off against the WTO, perhaps that will diminish its power and give us new hope in saving the food supplement industry. Only time will tell.

The GM issue has been raging for decades and the evidence mounts every day that GM foods are unsafe for human consumption. To keep current of what is happening with GM foods, visit The Science in Society site at One of the founders of this organization is Dr. Mae Wan Ho, a traditional scientist who several years ago became a strong opponent of GM foods. Her most recent article on GM foods, Feb. 6, 2006, is called �Dozens Ill & Five Deaths in the Philippines.� In it she gives the most recent body count on GM foods that are being documented near GM corn fields in the Philippines. Dr. Wan-Ho lists the following �Damning Evidence Against the Safety of GM Food and Feed� in her well-referenced article.

  • Pregnant female rats fed GM soya gave birth to severely stunted progeny and others in the litters that died within three weeks (see main article)

  • GM-soya affected cells in the pancreas, liver and testes of young mice (see main article)

  • Rats fed a Monsanto GM maize developed serious kidney and blood abnormalities

  • Villagers in the south of the Philippines suffered mysterious illnesses when a Monsanto GM maize hybrid came into flower; antibodies to the Bt protein in the GM maize were found in the villagers, and there have been five unexplained deaths (see main article)

  • A dozen cows died after eating a Syngenta GM maize and more in the herd had to be slaughtered due to mysterious illnesses

  • Dr. Arpad Pusztai and colleagues found young rats fed GM potatoes were damaged in every organ system, including an increase in thickness of the stomach lining to twice that in controls [15]

  • Scientists in Egypt found similar effects in mice fed another GM potato

  • The US Food and Drug Administration had data dating back to early 1990s showing that rats fed GM tomatoes had developed small holes in their stomach

  • Chickens fed Aventis' glufosinate-tolerant GM maize were twice as likely to die compared with controls

  • New research demonstrated that a harmless protein in bean when transferred to pea caused inflammation in the lungs of mice and provoked reactions to other proteins in the diet (�Transgenic pea that made mice ill,� this series)

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Since a high percentage of our produce is already contaminated with GM foods our best advice is to grow, shop, and eat organic foods. Support organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and local organic farming. Join a CSA where you can buy a share in a local organic farm and receive regular deliveries of organic produce. For part 1 click below.

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Dr. Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, herbalist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, as well as a powerful health activist fighting for health freedom as president of Friends of Freedom International. Dr. Dean is the author of over a dozen health books, the latest of which is "Death By Modern Medicine".

Elissa Meininger is vice president of Friends of Freedom International and co-founder of the Health Freedom Action Network, a grassroots citizens' political action group. She is also a health freedom political analyst and can be heard on the natural health radio show SuperHealth, broadcast weekly on station KEBC (Information Radio 1340) in Oklahoma City.











The GM issue has been raging for decades and the evidence mounts every day that GM foods are unsafe for human consumption.