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By Tom DeWeese
January 13, 2007

In the December issue of The DeWeese Report I closed my article entitled: �Republicans Deserved To Lose,� with these words: �After the election debacle, Republican Party Chairman Ken Mehlman said the party would study the results and learn form it. Will the party come to the conclusion that it lost because it betrayed its base? Nope. They will conduct a through study which will conclude that the nation is just moving more toward the left and so too must the party. They don�t call the Republicans the dumb party for nothing!�

Now comes this message from Sarah Chamberlain Resnick, executive director of the Republican Main Street Partnership: �The American people made it clear that our party�s decision to ignore the middle of the American electorate was a disastrous one.� Sigh.

So Ms Resnick, which part of the �middle� did Republicans ignore?

The 85% who demand the Republicans stop illegal immigration, as the Republican Administration and Senate supports doing away with border control all together?

The 65% who oppose U.S. involvement in the United Nations, as the Republican congress rejoined UNESCO?

The overwhelming majority of Americans who are opposed to a North American Union, now being secretly put in place by our Republican president?

The property owners who desperately seek action to stop eminent domain to save their homes from the wrecking ball of private developers, only to see Republican Senator Arlen Specter stop it?

The majority of the Republican base which fought in the trenches of local prescincts for 50 years to make Republicans the majority party, expecting it to reduce the size and power of government?

All of these are natural constituencies of the Republican Party. All held out hope that a Republican majority would stand with them. All were betrayed. But, according to Ms. Resnick, they dumb party only lost because they �moved too far to the Right� and weren�t more like the Democrats. Astonishing.

Worse, the day after the election defeat, the �Republican� president apparently learned nothing. His first words were of encouragement that he could now work with the Democrats to pass his amnesty guest workers scam that he failed to get past the Republican House.

The Republicans want to blame the election on the war in Iraq. But it wasn�t about that. Had the Republicans stayed true in their old positions of limited government and individual liberty, keeping down spending and regulations; blocked efforts to intrude in our private lives; supported a foreign policy that looked after American interests; and protected our sovereign borders, then the loyal base would have followed the Republicans over the abyss in the Iraq war.

Truth be told, if the Republican Party had stayed true to its core beliefs, there never would have been an invasion and occupation of a foreign land. That�s not how true Republicans operate. True Republicans don�t use fear to put freedom in chains. True Republicans don�t use patriotic sounding names for laws that destroy liberty. That�s how the other side has always operated. It�s what we fought to stop. Republican betrayal has known no bounds.

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Republicans could have been the majority party for 100 years if they had respected the Constitution and spent its time in power restoring the Republic. That�s what the �electorate� really wants. Instead they squandered what may well be the last chance for the liberty that brought us here in the first place. What a waste.

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Truth be told, if the Republican Party had stayed true to its core beliefs, there never would have been an invasion and occupation of a foreign land. That�s not how true Republicans operate.