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by Tom DeWeese and Mark Lerner
September 6, 2010

Freedom Action National Conference, Valley Forge, PA

The revolution succeeded in building hysteria over unsubstantiated environmental disaster. That hysteria led to demands that something massive must be done. Said the revolution, only the combined international forces of the UN could be strong enough to take effective action. Sovereign nations, they say, can’t be trusted to take care of these problems on their own.

And so it went. The hysteria created by bogus science, was sold to a once proud nation – using all of the outlets manned by those old revolutionaries of the 60’s.

The media pounded out the message that man is a cancer on the earth. The schools failed to tell children that trees can actually be replanted like a corn crop. The Smithsonian Institute carried an exhibit on the ravages of global warming.

The Cancer Society leads the fight to ban the right of smoking. The smoking ban is the trial balloon to see how quickly Americans will follow similar efforts for the banning of the eating of meat, the banning of cars and the banning of private property.

The Chamber of Commerce tells us that government-sanctioned monopolies called Public/ Private Partnerships are the new free enterprise. That allows global corporation partners to have special privileges and tax breaks over their competition, while local developer partners gain access to property not open to their competitors. Then they tell us this is using the power of free enterprise to keep down the cost and size of government.

All of it is the propaganda necessary to gain the sanction of the victims. All is designed to get you to question your own selfishness and arrogance for thinking you could grow crops, or harvest trees for profit or that you had a right to put fences around property that you bought and paid for.

Thirteen years ago, 39 people took their lives because they believed that their souls would travel on a spaceship that was following behind a comet. We called them nuts. So what do you call an entire nation that voluntarily surrenders its property, liberty and national identity based on propaganda and lies?

The green agenda has invaded every aspect of our society. In 1992, the mother of all tools to impose the revolution was rammed down every nation on earth. It was called Agenda 21 and it’s policy of Sustainable Development became the blue print for the final victory over freedom.

It involves every agency of the Federal Government, and is roaring through state and local governments. It affects how and where we can build our homes. How crops can be grown. What crops to grow. It seeks to dictate the kind of foods we are allowed to eat. Or, whether we are to be allowed to take natural supplements or if they will be under the control of public/private partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry.

It’s in our schools, in the workplace and at our social gatherings. Sustainable Development covers much more than environmentalism. In fact, that’s just the excuse.

The social equity plank of Sustainable Development is based on a demand for “social justice” – a term coined by Karl Marx. It means that individuals must give up “selfish” wants for the needs of the common good or the “community.”

Through Sustainable Development the final drive for the revolting dreams of the 60s is coming into place. Forced utopia. Promises of healthcare for all. Jobs for all. Housing for all. Equality for all. It is the ultimate melting pot, designed to cleanse the nation of individuality, private property and free enterprise.

Did you know that, according to Sustainable Development documents, it is considered a social injustice to own private property because some build wealth through property ownership but others don’t? Did you know it’s a social injustice for nations to have borders and sovereignty because that keeps people from naturally migrating?

Again, Sustainable Development has nothing to do with protecting the environment and everything to do with transforming our society into the agenda first demanded by revolting street thugs.

Remember what they demanded in those protest rallies? One world. One people. Redistribution of wealth for equality for all. We wouldn’t do it for the sake of Marx, and Mao and Lenin. But for the fear of environmental Armageddon, the people follow like sheep.

Why was it so easy for these totalitarian forces to simply march across the nation and trample on what was once unquestioned Constitutionally-guaranteed rights? Because no one stood in their way.

Sustainable Development became the official policy of both major political parties. Corporations embraced it for the profits gained from their partnerships with governments.

Today, barely a single politician at any level ever questions the policy of Sustainable Development. And neither does the mainstream conservative media or the established conservative/libertarian organizations and think tanks.

For some reason they will attack global warming and cap and trade and smart growth. But they will not even acknowledge the root of these policies. They will never use the words Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development. And many deride us for bringing out the UN connection as they embrace the Public/Private Partnerships and tell us its free enterprise and limited government.

When the Republicans were in control of the White House, the Senate, and the House, they did more to entrench Sustainable Development than any Democrat could have hoped for.

When those of us in the property right movement tried to fight these policies we were told to be careful. Don’t attack the green movement. To do so would deny us a place at the table where policy was being made! Seek common ground, they said. Be reasonable.

The Trent Lotts and John McCains and George Bushs told us that rather than stand for the principles of freedom, we instead need a “new Republican environmental vision” with which we could lock arms with our enemies in hopes of finding “peace in our time.”

That’s exactly how we lost the Second American Revolution – because our own leadership refused to fight, but instead embraced the revolution of our enemies.

They did it because they accepted the premise that freedom was over, done, defeated. They believed it was now time to accept that defeat and just find a way to survive.


You know, there was another time in our history when the forces of freedom doubted its ability to survive. In 1939, Adolf Hitler and his Nazis were taking the world by storm.

A great deal of Europe had already fallen under its power. There were pro-Nazi rallies taking place in Madison Square Garden in New York City. There were pro-Nazi movements on the march in South America and South Africa. To many of the leaders in the free nations of the world it seemed that Hitler’s nightmare was a done deal. That there was no way to stop it.

These men were diplomats who made deals based on the fad of the day and on the meandering whims of the public. They knew nothing of the meaning of liberty or of the principle of property.
These men thought they could deal with the devil, even though the devil knew that they stood for nothing but the “deal” – that there was no line that couldn’t be crossed.

And so, Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of the once-powerful British Empire, derby and black umbrella in hand, flew onto Adolf Hitler’s turf to negotiate for mercy. He only hoped to get some sort of deal that would allow the free nations to survive in a world controlled by cold- blooded brutes.

Hitler smiled, invited him to sit at his table, and signed such an agreement. As Chamberlain told the cheering crowds that he had “achieved peace in our time” – Hitler was attacking Poland. And Chamberlain let him do it. Because to do otherwise would have cost him his “place at the table.”

So today, you and I face a similar crossroads. We see our enemies on all sides. We have experienced few victories. And we also have some leaders among us, in the Congress, in our state houses, in county and local offices, and even in our own movement, who say we have no choice but to compromise, find mutual ground, don’t rock the boat, above all, appear “reasonable,” to “get a place at the table” with the big boys. To continue to fight, they say, will only be divisive against reasonable negotiations.

My friends, had Winston Churchill accepted Neville Chamberlain’s view of the world, you and I would not be here today, discussing property rights. That would be a long-lost concept. Instead of wringing his hands and crying for mercy, Churchill told his countrymen there will be no more compromise. He said “we shall fight them on land, on the sea, and in the air.” He said the enemy would only take his tiny island of England “when all of us lay on the shore, choking on our own blood.” He vowed to fight to the finish.

His enemy threatened to change his world forever. And so does ours. We are not engaged in a political debate. This is a war. We face a dedicated revolutionary foe who cares not one whit about your wants, needs or rights.

Crime is rampant. The core of our cities, once vibrant and alive with men who understood that man’s progress was his greatest achievement, are now slipping into silent decay. Vital services are beginning to break down. Vast amounts of American land and resources are being locked away.

Is this the result of men entrusted with too much freedom? Or is it the result of the looter mentality of those who loath industry and technology?

Our great factories of the Northeast lie in rusting ruins. Is this the result of capitalism run amuck? Or is it the result of rules and regulations designed by modern-day Robin Hoods who seek to drain the wealth out of the producer and give it to the sniveling whiners who believe our duty on earth is to give them an unearned living?

Our economy is on the verge of collapse because banks and lending institutions were told they had to break all the rules of sound finance and give loans to people with no money – in the name of the revolution’s contrived equality.

And more and more government means more and more raids on an already bankrupt treasury. More taxes, more regulations, more programs – mean only one thing – total control of every aspect of our lives – just as the revolution intends.

Only man’s forward motion with the constant emergence of technology, along with the guaranteed protection of property rights, will create the sound, safe, peaceful society we all seek.

Turning our society backwards to the way it was before Christopher Columbus, as radical environmentalists advocate, is an insanity that should be laughed out of the hall whenever it’s uttered. Yet that is the root of the philosophy that some of our most trusted leaders and elected officials seek to compromise with.

True science proves that their “chicken little” horror stories are unfounded. True science proves that man is the hero – not the cancer — of the earth. True science proves that man’s technology and man’s stewardship of privately owned land is the only real environmental protection.

It’s time to face facts. It’s time to understand your enemy. It’s time to take a firm stand. It’s time to go on the offensive – to speak the truth and expose the lies.

The truth is the revolution under the name of the environmental movement has declared war on you property, war on your livelihood, war on your families and war on truth and logic.

How will you fight back? By seeking some “common ground”? By using the non-confrontational tactics employed by the RINO cowards in Congress who say it’s not politically feasible to take on the environmental issues? Voters might not understand, they say.

Can you imagine Thomas Jefferson trying to hide the fact that his real purpose was liberty? “I know,” he could have said, “let’s just tell them we don’t like tea!” We can only win the hearts and minds of the American people by telling them the truth.

We must understand that this war is not something new. It began in the streets of America during a time when some very dedicated radicals, carrying the slogans of Mao and Lenin, sought to change our nation to all that those slogans represented. A new dark ages determined to bring about the destruction of human society is their ultimate and stated goal.

If we fail to understand that, then soon we will have taken the full journey to the “revolution.” And when the lights go out in the greatest nation on earth, when the wilderness creeps back in – will you feel enlightened – or just cold, hungry and betrayed?

The Third American Revolution

The time is now – the decision of whether there will be betrayal or truth is yours. This is still the greatest nation on earth. You and I can still restore the Republic of our founders.


But it is now time, my friends for a Third American Revolution. One based on the same principles of our founding fathers and the principles of Freedom.

The good news is that such a revolution has already begun. The results of the 60s revolution on our daily lives are finally being seen by the American people. And that is why they are now beginning to question programs and policies. They are beginning to figure out that the representatives they elect are paying no attention to them. Finally something is beginning to stir.

It started with the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision which said there are no longer property rights in America. Any community can use eminent domain to tear down you house if it has a better use for the property.

While that decision shocked everyone, the fact is the Supreme Court had to make that decision in order to enforce Sustainable Development. The Kelo decision sanctions the ultimate Public/Private partnership between city councils and private developers. Americans finally saw the raw power of Sustainable Development.

Then came the war over illegal immigration. 80% of the American people said no – but Congress and the White House tried to ignore them and impose amnesty anyway. The people started to take to the streets.

Then came the bailouts. Again, 80% said no. But Congress did it anyway. The anger grew.

And Finally Health care. The people said no! And again, they did it anyway.

Americans are now ready to mobilize. They are ready to listen and take action. But they have missed a great deal as they ignored the Second American Revolution. So they are confused. And they are stumbling in the dark trying to find the right path. They see the enemy as Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They think the problem is too much government spending, healthcare, gun control, Cap and Trade, abortion, and the Federal Reserve.

They must learn that the root of nearly every one of these issues is directly tied to Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development, driven by those who seek to transform our society into little soviets of non elected boards and councils and regional governments, answerable to no one. If your local community has been transformed into a little soviet you cannot restore the republic. All the rest of the issues are simply the visible symptoms of the policies, not the root.

As Henry David Thoreau once said, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Now we know who the enemy is. It’s time we strike at the root and destroy his revolution.

Freedom Action at the local level

And there is a very effective plan to do that. You see, I organized this conference to show you the way. Now you know who the true enemy is, how we got here and how to fight back.

The Second American Revolution sought to centralize control in the federal government.That will be their down fall. Fighting back on the local level can literally neutralize the power and influence of the central government. First of all, we cannot win this fight by simply getting involved in campaigns a few months before an election. Or by attending a rally or waving some signs or making some phone calls. The time to prepare to win in 2012 is now.

Local organization of precincts and wards is a huge job, but it is the only way to control the process. Ignore it and you have no structure for victory. Run for the smallest offices, even dog catcher. They have power and influence. Take it. And then move up the ladder. And then begin to employ what you’ve learned here this weekend and turn it lose on activists across the nation.

Have Dan Byfield come to your community and teach your people the power of Coordination. Take the power back to the local level.

Have Bev Eakman come to your community and teach your people how to break up a controlled consensus meeting. You can drive the power mongers nuts!

Once you have organized on the precinct level you’ll be much more able to run cheap campaigns to elect your people, just as you’ve learned here from Barry Sheets.

Use the alternative media and the tactics that Gary Franchi and George Shepherd and Sam Bushman told you about. Break through the media black out.

And bring Sheriff Richard Mack to your county to teach your local sheriff how he can foil the intimidation of federal agents. It gives the power back to the county.

And Michael Shaw’s and my efforts to expose the activities of the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is a powerful new tool to educate local citizens as to how the United Nations schemes to entrench global governance through our city councils. More and more communities are beginning to follow our advice and fight ICLEI. It is beginning to have an effect.

And make no mistake, the Tenth Amendment Movement is the single most exciting development in the Third American Revolution. State legislatures across the nation are taking aim at federal dictates. These can’t be dismissed as kooky fringe radicals.These are representatives of the people. It gives power back to the states.

The Second American Revolution didn’t destroy America in one election cycle. It has taken decades. And we won’t over turn it this coming November. But we can start.

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On this hallowed ground were we stand today, George Washington brought his starving, defeated troops to escape, regroup, and prepare for the battles ahead. From the day he marched out of here it took him over five years to achieve that victory.

That is what lays ahead for us now. We must learn, organize and rededicate ourselves to one goal — victory of the Third American Revolution and the restoration of our Republic.

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The media pounded out the message that man is a cancer on the earth. The schools failed to tell children that trees can actually be replanted like a corn crop. The Smithsonian Institute carried an exhibit on the ravages of global warming.