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by Tom DeWeese
May 24, 2010

Growing numbers of concerned, dedicated Americans are joining the nationwide protests against ever-higher taxes; the outrage of Obamacare; the bailouts and the Federal Reserve; the growing government surveillance society; and the destruction of private property rights through policies including Sustainable Development. The question now among these new activists is “what’s the next step?”

It’s time for action, and to that end, today I am announcing the Freedom Action National Conference, to be held August 12 – 14, 2010 at the Dolce Hotel in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Local action, from strengthening State 10th Amendment rights, to exposing the efforts of organizations like the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), is the focus of the Freedom Action National Conference. If we stand firm at home, against federal mandates and international policies, we can go a long way toward limiting the power and growth of the Federal Government.

American citizens can take that stand by first learning the details of dangerous policies like Sustainable Development; biometric surveillance and the growth of Fusion Centers; violations of Second Amendment rights; violations of Constitutionally-guaranteed state sovereignty; the growing government takeover of health care and the use of natural supplements and cures; the reasons why a Constitutional Convention now is the wrong solution at the wrong time; and how many of these bad policies are being enforced through the power and wealth of organized labor. All of these subjects will be detailed at the Freedom Action National Conference.


Featured speakers will begin with a keynote address by Constitution expert Michael Badnarik followed by an extensive lineup of experts and national spokesmen, including: Sheriff Richard Mack; Washington State Rep. Matt Shea; Oklahoma State Rep. Charles Key; Pennsylvania St. Rep. Sam Rohrer; National Rights To Work Committee President Mark Mix; Gun Owners of America Director Larry Pratt; International ID expert Mark Lerner; Constitutional Convention experts Chuck Michaelis and Larry Greenley; IRS expert Steve Hempfling; Illegal Immigration expert Jeff Lewis;Global Warming expert Marc Morano; United Nations Expert William Jasper; Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 experts Dr. Michael Coffman, Tom DeWeese and Michael Shaw; Property Rights champion Dan Byfield; Health Freedom experts Dr. Jane Orient, Scott Tips and Dr. Jeff Marrongelle; Constitution expert and activist Ron Mann; Education expert and author Beverly Eakman; grassroots activists Catherine Bleish and John Bush; and alternative media experts George Shepherd, Gary Franchi and radio personality Sam Bushman.

These experts will not only educate on the vital threats Americans are now facing, but will also focus on action all of us can take to fight back. The 10th Amendment movement is catching fire as state legislators are finding ways to add “teeth” to law rather than mere resolutions. Rep. Matt Shea will explain how it’s being done. Sheriff Richard Mack is teaching local sheriffs that they have the power to say no to federal agents; local communities are learning how to expel international provocateurs like ICLEI. Michael Shaw will explain how it’s done. A new approach to fighting against federal and state intrusion called “Coordination,” is having tremendous success in helping regain local control.

Expert Dan Byfield will not only tell of those victories but will also lead a workshop to teach how it’s done. Ron Mann will lead a training workshop to teach new activists how to run campaigns on very little money. And Beverly Eakman will train activists how to break up the outrageous consensus meetings that are being used in public forums to enforce policy without public discussion and debate. All of these processes lead to diminishing the power of the Federal Government – all based on local action – just like the Constitution intends.

The Conference will also feature a “Radio Row” with national and local radio programs broadcasting live from the conference; the second annual Freedom’s Heroes Awards honoring local activists and singer Jim Worthing.

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In 1777, George Washington’s tired, starving, defeated army escaped to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to regroup and train for the fight ahead. They went on to defeat the most powerful army in the world.

On August 12, 2010, the forces of Freedom return to Valley Forge to once again regroup, train and rekindle the spirit of Freedom for the coming battles. All concerned Americans should join the Freedom Action National Conference on the hallowed grounds of Valley Forge and begin the drive to Take America Back.

Go to for all the details and to register today.

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These experts will not only educate on the vital threats Americans are now facing, but will also focus on action all of us can take to fight back.