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by Tom DeWeese
April 23, 2010

After more than forty years as an activist in the fight to restore the American Republic, I have never been more positive that the goal could now actually be achievable. The Tea Party movement represents the awakening of the great American sleeping giant of freedom. It is the most exciting change to take place in the last 100 years. Politicians are shuttering in its wake. Political strategists are trying to figure how to deal with it. Bad policy has been stopped or slowed. And massive change from the ballot box appears on the horizon of the next election.

However, some very dark clouds are gathering over the movement. The freedom fighters and their precious movement are being stalked by clandestine predators, quietly creating discord and suspicion among their ranks. If not exposed and stopped, the only result can be the destruction of the movement, the end of the burgeoning freedom revolution and the solidifying of the tyranny they seek to end.

The great threat to the Freedom Movement comes from a group of political extremists who have been around the U.S. political scene for decades. These operatives have been perceived at various times to be on the right and/or on the left. They have tried to work through the Democratic and Republican parties. Now they are trying to infiltrate and manipulate the Tea Party movement.

I am talking about the dangerous Lyndon LaRouche cult. It is a cult because of the fanatical devotion of LaRouche’s followers to his peculiar brand of Marxism, which sees the British – not the United States – as being behind economic catastrophes and world conflicts and wars. LaRouche followers can often be seen manning literature tables outside political events, including and especially 9/11 “truth” conferences.

Interestingly, one of LaRouche’s “former” high-level associates, Webster Tarpley, is now openly working with self-described “patriot” Alex Jones, who runs the infowars and prison planet web sites. Tarpley appears in two of Jones’ films, “The Obama Deception” and “Fall of the Republic.” Many conservatives have bought these films, thinking they have critical information about the threats to freedom that face us today. But the films are actually slick propaganda meant to deceive and distort the real situation.

The Tea Party movement must wake up -- and wake up fast -- before these political extremists carry out a strategy that will divide and discredit the movement.

Some History

Lyndon LaRouche is a former member of the Trotskyite Communist Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and his first political organization, the National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC) , began as a faction of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the same group that laid siege to college campuses in the 1960s. This is the same group that spawned terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. The NCLC became the U.S. Labor Party.

In the 1960s, LaRouche built a political intelligence network with about one thousand operatives stationed in North America, Western Europe, and South America. In a series of lectures in 1976, titled “What only Communists Know,” LaRouche described his network as the “world’s Marxist labor movement.”

The network created a series of front organizations and publications that included the National Democratic Policy Committee, the New Solidarity International Press Service (NSIPS), the National Anti-Drug Coalition, the Fusion Energy Federation, and the Executive Intelligence Review - all designed to spread propaganda – all directed by Lyndon LaRouche. He ran for president under the US Labor Party banner; and then again in 1980 as a Democrat.

In 1978, following the presidential election of Jimmy Carter, LaRouche began a new effort to spread his influence by attempting to create ties to the American Right. Through the US Labor Party, LaRouche followers began to fan out across the nation, contacting conservative leaders. One of their themes was that they possessed documentation that Carter had stolen the election and that there was a possibility the election results could be overturned.

At the time, I was serving as State Chairman of Ohio Young Americans for Freedom and was contacted by the LaRouche operatives concerning the Carter story. I invited one of their representatives to attend our board meeting to give us the details. My feeling after the meeting (which provided little concrete evidence about a Carter election scandal) was that LaRouche was attempting to infiltrate the conservative movement.

Beginning with the Carter effort, LaRouche stepped up his activities to reach out to conservatives. In the 1980’s, LaRouche operatives could be found in airports and in front of Post Offices collecting signatures on petitions calling Jane Fonda a traitor. Other petitions called for support of President Reagan’s Space Defense Initiative (SDI).

However, in collecting the petition signatures, LaRouche’s people were strangely aggressive and obnoxious to airport passengers. That was part of the LaRouche strategy – use conservative issues to the extreme and get labeled as pests and radical fringe. Then, when a legitimate advocate for such issues spoke in public, the people who had been accosted by the LaRoucheites in the airports would instantly respond negatively, resulting in the discrediting of the entire movement as “just those kooks I saw in the airport.” The motivation for LaRouche, then and now, is to discredit the Right.


The LaRouche troops continued to press their efforts to take up pseudo-conservative issues through their communications network and publications. They spouted conspiracy theories about “Zionist” plots and that Wall Street controlled the Communist Party USA. And they claimed that the CIA was responsible for most of the world’s terrorism. They twisted issues around to make it look like conservative leaders were really communist spies and agents. They charged that the anti-nuke movement was run by the Council of Foreign Relations. They charged that communist China was the center of the world drug trade – conveniently leaving out drug trade involvement by the Soviet Union – the avowed enemy of communist China. They even charged that the conservative Heritage Foundation was a KGB front. In every charge made by LaRouche followers, they included classic Soviet disinformation tactics designed to make the Soviets appear to be more victim than villain – while successfully helping to discredit the Right or promote Soviet positions.

Back-and-forth went the conspiracy theories woven by the LaRouche propagandists. There were lots of the right catch-words for conservatives: Hate Rockefeller; Anti-Kissinger; expose the CFR; Jane Fonda is a traitor; and charges of hidden KGB spies in the government. Attacks on the Council on Foreign Relations made the LaRouche movement seem like it was on the right path in uncovering the source of a U.S. foreign policy that seems designed to intentionally fail. The pro-nuclear power theme was perhaps the most successful.

Many on the Right fell for it and invited them to their meetings. The Conservative Book Club even took out ads in LaRouche’s Fusion magazine and the Freedom Foundation gave an award to Fusion for a series of pro-nuclear articles. Later, the Freedom Foundation did acknowledge that it had made a mistake in giving the award, but at the time, to them, LaRouche seemed to be a bona fide “conservative.”

However, as investigative journalist Cliff Kincaid wrote in 1981 in Human Events, “The evidence is overwhelming, however, that LaRouche and his followers have not repudiated their Marxist beginnings. They push the Soviet line and, at the same time, smear some of the most effective conservative groups and individuals, who are exposing Soviet operations. Responsible conservatives should not snap at LaRouche’s bait.”

According to the website LaRouche Planet, written by former LaRouche followers who have left him, he is an anti-Semite, a Holocaust denier, and has spent years campaigning against what he called the “Zionist/Nazi Jewish Lobby.” The site also claims that LaRouche has had direct ties with the Ku Klux Klan and neonazis. LaRouche’s main conspiracy theory is that the British crown is plotting to take control of the world, helped in that endeavor by world bankers. British agents, he claims, are the source of much of the lies and havoc in the world. Somehow, into that conspiracy, he also manages to tie in the United States and Israeli “Zionists.”

Same Tactics, New Target – Tea Parties

Today, LaRouche has entrenched himself in the rising anti-government sentiment that has given birth to the Tea Party movement. He talks of “taking back the Republic” – an interesting statement from an avowed Marxist. He makes strong arguments about saving NASA and the space program, knowing it is one of the most popular government programs; and he has joined the chorus of voices (including mine) against the Global Warming scam, calling the environmental movement “green fascism.” Then, as usual, he goes overboard and calls it “green genocide.”

These are all issues popular with freedom advocates who are joining forces in the Tea Party movement. Speakers at Tea Party rallies who speak of these issues and use similar catch phrases and language are instant crowd pleasers. So LaRouche operatives have become adept at endearing themselves to many in the movement simply by using the popular language. But always, LaRouche’s arguments come with a twist – that the evil comes from the British Empire or Zionist forces. Anyone he opposes, including Barack Obama, is labeled a “British agent.” The effect of rolling legitimate issues around outlandish conspiracy theories is to discredit the entire movement, just as LaRouche has been doing since the 1970s.

According to his own publications, LaRouche is the one who created the poster of Obama with a Hitler mustache. His political action committee (LaRouchepac) takes great joy in describing how LaRouche followers appear at Tea Party rallies and pass out the pictures. The anti-Obama fervor in the crowd makes the images very popular.

In an editorial published on the pages of one of his magazines Executive Intelligence Review, LaRouche relishes how the Obama/Hitler photo creates violence at the Tea Party rallies, reporting, “More than once, in the face of angry Obamophiles seeking to destroy the poster, groups of citizens have intervened to defend the LaRouche Pac organizers.” The poster, which many see as funny or appropriate, is used in two very effective ways if one wants to discredit the movement. First, as LaRouche himself reports, it causes discord and even violence. Second, it is the image national news media cameras immediately focus on to present a negative image of the rally and its organizers. If that image is coupled with violence – so much the better. LaRouche has done his job.

The strength of the LaRouche appeal to some Tea Partiers was dramatically demonstrated in a recent election when LaRouche-Democrat Congressional candidate Kesha Rogers won the nomination in the 22nd District in Texas. She campaigned on one main issue – impeach Obama. That message had great appeal to many in the freedom movement and they came across party lines to nominate her.

She appeared to be the candidate who advocated, not only opposition to Obama’s drive for massive government buildup, but also the dedicated advocate to restore the American Republic. However, the freedom forces weren’t listening carefully. In a radio interview after her victory, she accused Obama of “spitting on the grave of Franklin D. Roosevelt.” The question begs to be asked - how can one who supports the American Republic speak in positive terms about the one President who did more to crush that Republic than almost any other – Franklin Roosevelt? That is a prime example of the LaRouche followers using double-speak mixed in with real issues. Another example of Rogers employing the standard LaRouche propaganda was a statement that her victory was part of the effort “to win a war against the British Empire.”

However, the Rogers victory has caused massive harm to the freedom movement by giving LaRouche the one thing he lacked – his own political foothold on the elective battleground. He has used the Tea Party movement to give him what he never had before – legitimacy.

The 9/11 “Inside Job” Conspiracy

Lyndon LaRouche became the first public figure to challenge the story that the 9/11 attacks were executed by Bin Laden’s, Al Qaeda. The LaRouchePlanet website reports that LaRouche was actually live on the radio during the Twin Tower attacks, being interviewed by Dr. Jack Stockwell. He immediately blamed the Israeli government, telling Stockwell, “I know the Arab governments. I’ve been talking to them directly or indirectly over some time period. At least key ones. And they don’t want this kind of thing. But I know who does want it.” Stockwell suggested he was talking about the Israeli government and LaRouche replied, “Or certain factions within it.”

The claim that Israel – or the U.S. government itself – brought down the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon soon developed into a full-blown conspiracy designed to make the U.S. not the victim but the perpetrator. Some reasonable questions about how the buildings collapsed were used to further undermine the obvious fact that a foreign attack on America did indeed take place. These accusations of Israeli spy networks in the U.S. were then broadcast over Arab government-funded Al Jazeera television network, taking LaRouche’s unfounded charges onto the world stage and the 9/11 “truth movement” was born.

Indeed, all of this was a gift to Al-Qaeda’s main propaganda outlet, which jumped on the conspiracy theory that Muslim terrorists were not really behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Al Jazeera even covered a 9/11 “truth” conference in the U.S. which suggested that 9/11 was “an orchestrated U.S. attempt to incite world war.”

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One of the speakers at that conference was none other than Webster Tarpley, a long-time associate of Lyndon LaRouche who wrote the book, 911 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA. One of the lead propagandists for the 9/11 Truth campaign, Tarpley insists that the Bush Administration orchestrated the attacks, never bothering to explain how the plot was hatched in just several months and how the cover-up was staged without one of the “insiders” blowing the whistle. For part two click below.

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This is a warning to the Freedom Movement: the growing anger and suspicion is being planted in order to destroy the most important grassroots effort in American history. Forces led by Lyndon LaRouche and, in my opinion, Alex Jones, are working deep inside our movement to see it implode into fights, caused by distrust and hatred.