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by Tom DeWeese
December 26, 2009

Over this past year it has been my privilege to work with some outstanding young people in the fight for freedom. Considering that most have come through a public school system that teaches them next to nothing about America’s unique liberties, it’s quite surprising to hear their passion for the Constitution and their ability to articulate it.

We need these young people to be active and effective in coming campaigns. Now there is a movement organizing to do just that. It’s called Year of Youth: Project 2012.

In American politics one seldom sees political movements which advocate limited government positions targeting the youth. Just as rare are movements that work from the ground up, focusing on local campaigns and allowing federal involvement to grow up from the local level. This is precisely what is being attempted in Year of Youth: Project 2012. The idea is to expand youth involvement in the political process, train young liberty-minded activists on the campaign trail in 2010, and then run hundreds of youth campaigns for local offices nationwide in 2012.

Year of Youth recognizes that America’s leaders from both parties have done nothing to halt the expansion of the federal government or the increase of the enormous national debt. With this in mind, the organization focuses on three core tenets: localism, individual liberty, and fiscal responsibility.


The idea of localism, of course, comes from the observation that “the closer a government is to its people, the better the people are represented.” Local government, in Thomas Jefferson’s view, was the best way to protect freedom from federal oppression. Like Jefferson, Year of Youth states that governance is more effective at the local level, and therefore the focus of the youth’s campaigns should be upon local positions. Control by young people (who advocate the principles of freedom) in City Council, State Legislature, Board of Education, and so on can have a major influence on the lives of that area’s constituents. Specifically the organization’s manifesto states: “The likelihood of you achieving that goal, or any goal for that matter, is much more likely when it is voluntary, peaceful, and truly grassroots, at the local levels of society.”

The second issue of focus is individual liberty. Generally speaking, Year of Youth promotes the idea that each individual is free to live according to their own ends as long as that person does not violate the liberty of another. Government should stay out of our personal lives.

The third and final tenet in the “youth manifesto” is fiscal responsibility. It is unacceptable that trillions of dollars of debt are being accumulated by the current leaders to be thrust upon future generations without consent. Government should never commit to any spending which it cannot fund. The state cannot spend society into prosperity, especially on the backs of future generations.

If there is to be a halt in the expansion of America’s leviathan government, the youth must take responsibility to stop it.

These positions are all the basic foundation for a free society and the Republic our founders created. These young people involved in the Year of Youth are being trained to promote such ideals and take local action to make them reality. Every American who loves our unique freedoms and have worried about their possible demise should support the Year of Youth: Project 2012.

Congressional candidate Adam Kokesh says, “This will be the largest youth movement our country has ever seen.” In order to achieve these lofty goals Year of Youth needs to spark youth involvement nationwide. A large team of grassroots youth activists is essential to accomplishing this. All young people passionate about liberty are invited to apply for Year of Youth’s core team and join the youth revolution.

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I highly recommend that every freedom loving parent get their children involved. And if you can help support them financially, do that too. Year of Youth: Project 2012 is a major necessary step if we are to take America back.

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I highly recommend that every freedom loving parent get their children involved. And if you can help support them financially, do that too. Year of Youth: Project 2012 is a major necessary step if we are to take America back.