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By Tom DeWeese
August 1, 2008

There is no question that the forces of freedom are facing serious challenges.

There are active battlefields on every front. Private property; personal privacy; national sovereignty; education; gun control; the sinking value of our money; the soaring national debt; rising health care costs; oil at $4 + a gallon; National ID cards and the growing number of surveillance cameras on every street corner; the never ending invasion of illegal aliens; the assault on religion; and the very creation of the Department of Homeland Security - which I believe to be the most outrageous, dangerous, anti-American government force ever spawned.

We are certainly going through a great upheaval. And fear and despair are growing with it. So many of us are looking down at our feet, with a long face and tears in our eyes. The Republic is dead. There is no hope. The shining beacon of freedom that once was the United States is extinguished - or soon will be.

There was a moment of hope. Ron Paul was running for president. The great knight in shining armor. The last great hope. The cry went out - if Ron Paul isn't elected - the Republic is dead. This will be our last election. Paul, of course, isn't going to the White House. Now we have nowhere to turn.

They control the media. They control the banks. They control foreign policy. They control domestic policy. They control the education of our children. The voting machines are rigged. We control nothing.

Go home. Prepare yourself for the long, cold, dark ages that are coming. Store your food. Hoard your gold. Hide from the forces of evil. No one will blame you. You have all the excuses you need to quit. To fade away. To lose. There is no hope. It's over.

And don't you think the other side hopes you believe all of that? Don't you think they are counting on you to give up?

So go ahead and do it. Give them their total victory. All that's needed is for you to do nothing. But, if you quit now, you're going to wish you had given it just a little more time, I assure you.

The fact is, too many from our side are so consumed by despair and tunnel vision that they are missing some very exciting developments. I get e-mails daily shouting doom and gloom, no matter the issue - no matter the outcome of an event.

If Congress does something right - the doomsayers see a conspiracy in it. Said one letter I received - "aren't they just letting us win a few battles to try to lull us into believing we are winning?" What level of paranoia is that person operating from?

Let me enlighten you to some events that have taken place this year - while so many from our side were preparing to wave the white flag and stick their heads in the sand.

First, it's a fact that since the hated Democrats gained control of Congress two years ago, we have lost very few battles - and won a bunch. That's partly because now, many Republicans are actually acting like Republicans again, blocking big government programs and working to keep spending down. Apparently the Republican Party's real purpose in life is to oppose the Democrats - no matter what side of an issue they must take.

And so it seems to work better for our side when Republicans are out of power. Because with Republicans in power we got the largest spending and deficits of all time; the Department of Big Brother - Homeland Security; a national ID card; illegal alien amnesty; and the merging of our nation into a North American Union.

Bill Clinton could never have dreamed of accomplishing so much. If Bill Clinton had created the Security and Prosperity Partnership, Monica Lewinsky wouldn't have been the reason he was impeached. But under George Bush... well, it's just good business.

Ain't representative democracy grand? Gridlock is good for the Republic. I recommend it.

But the truth is, those failed policies of both parties have helped us to win a bunch of major victories this year -and we're still fighting some other very important battles.

Illegal Immigration

We have fought and won the battle to stop the illegal immigration amnesty - three times. Nancy Pelosi tried it again just last month and failed. We are driving them nuts. It is a fact that they cannot implement the SPP unless they have that amnesty and open borders.

You know, they are used to waging a battle with us, then regrouping and waiting until they can quietly shove the hated policy into place in the dead of night, after we've gone home.

And they have tried that with the amnesty issue. Time-after-time. And it hasn't worked.

They've tried all of the usual games. They appealed to our guilt - telling us the illegals are just poor folks who want a better life here in America.

They tried appealing to our patriotism - telling us that America was built on immigration.

They tried to play on our ignorance - telling us they are actually migrants.

They tried to play on our greed - telling us that illegals provide work Americans simply won't do.

When none of that worked they tried name-calling - calling us racists, acting out of hate.

None of it has worked. Every time they bring up the amnesty we kill it again. Still, 80% of the American people are united in opposition to amnesty.

They even tried to attach the amnesty provision to the Iraq spending bill and we got it removed. That's a victory.

But so many of our people only see what the other side is doing and look on in despair - crying that these evil forces just won't quit. Of course they won't quit. And they never will because they believe in their cause and they have a goal.

The question is - do you? Eternal vigilance is required to maintain freedom.

Law of the Sea

Over a year ago I received a call from a good friend and influential writer. He had just come from a meeting in Washington, DC concerning the Law of the Sea Treaty. This was just after the Bush Administration announced it was going to push for ratification. Again, despair was setting in.

The basic message from the meeting, he told me, was that the treaty couldn't be stopped. My friend said to me "we only have 10 votes against it in the Senate. They are going to run right over us - it's on a fast track."

I said, "wait a minute. If you have ten votes already then you're a third of the way there to stopping it. They need a 2/3rds majority to ratify a treaty." It seemed like a light went on at the other end of the phone. That then became the strategy - find just twenty-three votes to block ratification. And today, more than a year and a half later they still haven't been able to ratify that treaty as our side gathers strength to stop it.

And they must have the Law of the Sea Treaty in order to impose global governance. But they can't get passed us.

We have to start looking at the positive and see that we are winning some very important battles.

National ID

The Governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer should receive a freedom's hero award. This one man stood up to the Homeland Security Department's juggernaut that is determined to enslave us all with a national ID card. And he has scored a huge victory.

Governor Schweitzer wrote a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to inform him that the state of Montana has no intention of complying with the Real ID Act or to share his state's residents' data with the federal government, as it requires.


To the media, the Governor then asked questions you rarely hear from an elected official these days. He asked: "Do you want our government to have the ability to track where you went, how you went, how you got there and when you got home?"

He went on to say, "it would be na�ve for someone to think this information will not be abused in the future. Virtually every decade these kinds of files have been used to violate people's privacy."

Schweitzer then issued a challenge to other governors to do the same thing. And many are joining him. Secretary Chertoff countered by saying states which are resisting Real ID need to "grow up." He then threatened that any state not complying would find their citizens barred from boarding airplanes and essentially shut out of society, unable to get access to government services.

But as the states' rebellion grew, Secretary Chertoff called Gov. Schweitzer and attempted to bully him into backing down.

In that phone conversation, as Chertoff repeated his threats that Montana residents would be banned from airplanes - or at least made subjects of severe scrutiny and pat-downs at airports - the Governor said to Chertoff, "how about we both go on 60 Minutes a few days after the DHS starts patting down Montana driver's license-holders who are trying to get on the planes and both of us can tell our side of the story."

Chertoff paused, then said, "I see the problem. We need to get this fixed." Whereupon the Department of Homeland Security issued a waiver to the State of Montana extending its time to comply to Real ID. The governor didn't want it, won't accept it and still won't comply. Instead, he said, "I stared down DHS and they blinked."

Now, seven states have enacted binding legislation prohibiting participation in the Real ID program. And DHS sent each state a waiver, postponing required compliance until the end of 2009 or maybe later. Waivers they didn't ask for or want.

Eleven more states have received waivers after informing DHS they are still weighing their options, but refused to commit to implementing Real ID. Several more states are now working on legislation to prohibit compliance.

The fact is, the May 11th deadline came and went with literally no state in compliance - and no pat-downs or refusals to board airplanes have been enforced.

It's a rebellion in the states unprecedented since the Civil War. And the government doesn't know what to do. It's certainly not the end of the battle - but a huge victory for freedom, nonetheless. And they need the Real ID Act to enforce global governance.

Global Warming

How about the issue of Global Warming? Yep, it's everywhere. In every magazine you read; on every newscast; in every classroom; and, of course, in every government policy. "Going green" is the mantra of the day.

The full-court-press is on to force the panic of Global Warming down our throats. The other side has even suggested that global warming skeptics - scientists who question the idea - should be tried in Nuremburg-style trials.

Global Warming is globally acceptable truth. It is the religion of our day. And it's blasphemy to even question if the science is true. Skeptics should be hung in the public square.

But here are some interesting developments:

In October, 2007, a British High Court ruled that Al Gore's film, "An Inconvenient Truth," could not be shown in public schools without an explicit disclaimer warning students of the partisan, political and misleading nature of the film.

Also in October 2007, a New York Times headline said, "More left-wing activists leave Warming cause, call it 'politics of fear'."

In December 2007, new Democrat Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee, Barbara Boxer, announced, "Any kind of weakness of environmental laws or secrecy or changes in the dead of night - it-s over! We-re going to make this committee an environment committee, not an anti-environment committee... this is a sea change that is coming to this committee."

She was upset that former Republican Chairman Jim Inhofe held hearings on Global Warming to let skeptics speak, which started a real sea change by exposing the Global Warming fraud.

But, in June 2008, the Boxer Climate Change Tax Bill was soundly defeated, not only by a majority of Republicans, but also with the help of 30% of Democrat Senators.

As Senator Inhofe wrote, "The Boxer Climate Tax Bill was so thoroughly disowned by Democratic Leadership that proponents of climate taxes will now be forced to start from scratch next year."

The Wall Street Journal reported that the environmentalists are "stunned that their Global Warming agenda is in collapse." The paper added, "The green groups now look as politically intimidating as the skinny kid on the beach who gets sand kicked in his face." And the paper quoted a political analyst who said, "this issue is starting to feel like the Hillary health care plan."

Also in June, the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, which would have essentially strapped America with the draconian energy controls of the UN's Kyoto Accord, went down in defeat. One message I received from Capitol Hill after the defeat said, "amazing, the lawmakers actually read the bill!"

A poll conducted by the National Center for Public Policy Research found that an overwhelming majority of Americas oppose the higher energy costs that Lieberman-Warner would impose.

Do you understand the significance of these events? Global Warming is the centerpiece for the drive to global governance. It is the excuse. It is the issue designed to scare us into compliance. They must have control of our energy and its usage in order to implement Sustainable Development and global governance. Yet, they are rapidly losing ground.

Worse for them, a recent Gallop Poll shows weak public support for Global Warming polices. Gallop reported that in the late 1990's through 2000, as much as 70% of the public said the environment should take priority over the economy. That number has dropped to just 49% this year.

Of course, I wouldn't word it that way. Only a free economy is able to protect the environment. The worst environmental disasters are in totalitarian nations where people are so poor they only think about survival. And that is exactly the point. Green policies have been progressively turning our nation into a third world dictatorship.

But isn't it amazing that people are turning on the Greens in spite of the fact the news media reports next to nothing from our side? How is it possible that people aren't staying brainwashed?

Because people pay no attention to, or understand, policy statements. But in the end, it doesn't matter what the policy is - it matters what the policy does. I've been saying for decades that once people begin to experience the effects of such damaging polices in their personal lives they will come to our side. The opposition's success is its own downfall.

$4 + for a gallon of gas is the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. People are beginning to understand that and they are willing to listen to solutions to ease their pain.

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Consequently, we have never had a better opportunity to get Congress to allow the drilling of American oil for Americans. Daily the demand is growing for Congress to take action. ANWR is a term heard more and more. Now is the time for us to unite and strike. We can make it happen. Next week part two. For part two click below.

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We have fought and won the battle to stop the illegal immigration amnesty - three times. Nancy Pelosi tried it again just last month and failed. We are driving them nuts. It is a fact that they cannot implement the SPP unless they have that amnesty and open borders.