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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
June 27, 2013

Americans are self centered. We see it everywhere we look. A miss representation of the Gospel has fed into the selfishness that is devouring this nation.

Same sex marriage is selfish. Most marriage is selfish. People fall in love because of the way love makes them FEEL. Marriage is a union of two people who choose to validate the feeling that they have for another.

Divorce occurs when the feeling changes. The victims in broken marriage often say that “they feel out of love”, or “I am just not happy in my marriage anymore.” Divorce is a result in a change in feelings.

In most cases, this selfishness over rides any other “feelings” that the couple may have. Their decision to get divorced is once again based on “feelings” or emotions. “Our relationship has changed…I no longer have the same “feelings” for him that I used to have.”

It is unquestioned that divorce is destructive to children. It has tremendous collateral damage. Children are damaged, relationships die, friendships vanish, and extended families are ripped apart.

God’s laws and principles are designed for our protection. Unfortunately, our personal sin does not just impact us. Sin has collateral damage. The innocent often pay the greatest price for our selfishness. That’s why God said He hates divorce.

As we kick and scream about the “sanctity of marriage” in the current debate over the redefinition of homosexual unions, our wails ring hollow. The church destroyed marriage long before the homosexuals came out of the closet.

Look around Pedro. How many couples do you see who are living together outside the bounds of marriage? We used to call that shacking up. It used to be frowned upon. But today, even in the church, you will find “Christians” living together.

Sex outside the marriage union is called fornication. That is the term that the Lord used to define “shacking up.” Sex outside the marriage union is fornication. More heterosexuals fornicate than homosexuals. It is amazing how many social problems we have because of fornication. Our lack of respect for marriage and our own marriage vows makes our stone-throwing at the homosexuals hypocritical.

Don’t talk to me about the “sanctity of marriage” when Christians so willingly thumb their own noses at it. Divorce used to be a shame. Fornication used to bring public humiliation. Homosexuality was unspeakable.

Today, all three are becoming more and more common in our churches. The world has infiltrated the church. The salt has lost his savor

Self-centeredness is antithetical to the Gospel, but it has crept in to our churches as a mainstream teaching of our “faith.” By the millions the sheeple move in and out of our “churches” weekly tethered to it by the same self-centered “feelings” that the world seeks to satisfy.

How often have you heard someone reply regarding “church” attendance?

I feel so good when I leave.
I love the praise and worship.
I left my church because I wasn’t being fed.
The Pastor’s message didn’t move me.

Funny, huh? Why is it that it is always “me” that is at the center of everything I do.

It has been subtle, this desire to “feel good.” But it has destroyed out nation. Selfishness, whether it is in the world, or in the church, is destructive. It leads to violation of all of God’s Ten Commandments.

Selfish people steal. Selfish people covet. Selfish people lie. Selfish people commit adultery. Selfishness is our sin-nature.

We used to call it sin.

But we have turned the liberty of Christ into lasciviousness. Like so many other things we have turned the Gospel of Jesus into a life-enhancement benefit. Christians, in their selfishness, still covet the same things that the world covets, except we believe our covetousness is sanctified…endorsed if you will…but the One Who Died for us.

We act as if Jesus died on the cross to provide the resources to chase after the desires of our hearts. But we have forgotten that our hearts are deceitful and wicked. “Who can know it” the Scriptures tell us.

Jesus didn’t come to enhance our life. He came to ask us to lay it down. Laying down your life, dying to self, loving not your own lives even to the point of death…that is the fruit that Jesus expected from His death.

But that is anathema to most Christians. Seeking one’s “Best Life Now” is the path espoused in most of America’s churches.

So why are we surprised by the desire of homosexuals to marry? Why should that surprise us? How can we with a straight face stand before them and argue that our sin of self-centeredness is somehow more “righteous” than theirs? Heterosexual sins are somehow forgiven, while homosexual ones are not.

All selfishness, gay or straight, is what Jesus came to destroy.

I hear you wondering if Coach Dave has gone soft on homosexuals. The answer is no. But we cannot hide from the fact that the church has become very comfortable with certain types of sins…in fact…no longer calling those sins. Every time we coddle and comfort sinful behavior we neuter the blood of Jesus.

If His followers are not repulsed by sin how can we expect the world to be? If self is not dead in the Christian how can we expect it to be dead in the non-Christian? If fornication by heterosexuals does not repulse us how can we so easily cast stones at the wretched deviants who think their fornication is no worse than ours?

At least they WANT to get married. Most heterosexuals don’t.

Homosexual marriage is simply them living out their desire for self-gratification. It is selfishness on Viagra.

My rights, my body, my life is the mantra of the Devil’s children. Unfortunately, those who claim the Name of Christ are baa-ing the same song. My anointing…my blessing…my vision…my ministry…my life.

Homosexuals don’t care who they destroy. They don’t care about the institution of marriage as the building block of society for thousands of years. They don’t care about the right of a child to be born into a family with both a mother and a father. They give no thought to how their selfishness will impact others.

I have a right. I deserve the same opportunities. I just want to love the one I am with.

I wonder where they learned that.

I fight for traditional marriage. I fight to end abortion. I fight to raise up Truth as the standard. I fight for a better future for those who follow me.

I can’t blame homosexuals for wanting to get married. I blame the church for even making the event possible.

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American Christianity stands for nothing anymore. Do as I say not as I do, as if Christians are exempt from the standards of The Almighty. We have permitted the courts to define morality.

From the day the church began to teach that sex was for recreation rather than for reproduction marriage was doomed. Birth-control paved the way to the bedroom as a playground. The church fights gay marriage while it winks and nods at fornication in all of its heterosexual forms. Christians’ selfishness destroyed marriage.

If we cared about children we would make divorce illegal. Then the world will know that we are serious about the sanctity of marriage. Everything else is hot air.

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Selfish people steal. Selfish people covet. Selfish people lie. Selfish people commit adultery. Selfishness is our sin-nature.