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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
March 18, 2010

Bigotry—a stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own.

Am I the only one who is sick of it or are we just so conditioned to sit obediently in the pew that we have forgotten how to stand up and fight? How long are we going to allow ourselves to be treated as second-class citizens in the land for which our fathers fought and died?

My blood boils over the way Christians have permitted the elitists to have silenced us. I can think of no other people-group who has permitted their system of beliefs to be so totally disregarded as those of us who proudly espouse Faith in Jesus.

In Islam they call it Dhimmitude which is the status that a non-Muslim citizen has in an Islamic- state. To put it succinctly, non-Muslims do not have the same rights in a Muslim-state as the practitioners of the “religion of peace” enjoy.

There is a set of rights for Muslims, and a set of privileges for “Dhimmis.” In an Islamic-state where Dhimmitude is permitted Dhimmis:

Are not allowed to pray or read their sacred books out loud at home or in churches, lest Muslims hear their prayers.
Are not allowed to print their religious books or sell them in public places and markets.
Are not allowed to install the cross on their houses or churches since it is a symbol of infidelity.
Are not permitted to broadcast or display their ceremonial religious rituals on radio or television or to use the media or to publish any picture of their religious ceremonies in newspaper and magazines.
Are not allowed to congregate in the streets during their religious festivals; rather, each must quietly make his way to his church or temple.
Are not allowed to join the army unless there is indispensable need for them in which case they are not allowed to assume leadership positions but are considered mercenaries.
In their own towns and cities they are allowed to do so (practice their religion) with the fullest freedom. In purely Muslim areas, however, an Islamic government has full discretion to put such restrictions on their practices as it deems necessary.

In an Islamic-state bigotry is not only permitted it is codified into law. If the cultural elite get their way Christians will soon be relegated to Dhimmi status here in the Land of the Free.

In America, the new caliphate are the scientists and the academicians. They are the one’s who determine what will and will not be permitted. Anyone who stands on the authority of the Word of God is automatically written off as “religious.” Holding firm to faith in Jesus is secular apostasy and requires censorship so that the public will not be influenced by such fables.

Bigotry based on race, national origin, sexual orientation, or non-Christian beliefs will draw the ire of the secular mullahs. In Islam, a mullah is a term of respect for a religiously educated man. In America the new religion is multi-culturalism, and the high priests are the “over-educated.” Education without wisdom is folly. Some of the dumbest people I know are the most educated.

They are very subtle, these secular bigots. They know that they can not get away with attacking the Truth of Christianity, but they can get away with a “reclassification” of Christianity. In their particular form of bigotry it is not that Christianity is “wrong” but that it is “religious” and religious views are not to hold equal sway with “science”. Science is head-knowledge (facts) while Christianity is heart knowledge (faith).

They would never get away with saying “Your views don’t count because you are black.” That bigotry would never pass the cultural censors. But for them to say “Your views don’t count because they are religious” is greeted with affirmation even by Christian leaders who do not believe in the immutability of God's standards.


And who can argue…after all…they are merely following the law. You know. that separation of church and state thingee…after all, Caesar knows best.

If you even hint of bringing Christian beliefs into the discussion you automatically become the law breaker and deserving of rebuke. “Religious beliefs belong in church, not in public discussion.” The “tolerant” intellectual bigots are only protecting innocent minds from “religious indoctrination” while they preach their secular gospel free of opposition. Soon we will be able to demand a Christian-history month in our schools.

It is amazing to see this dynamic at work while I campaign for Congress. The media is rapidly classifying me as the “religious” candidate; “Religious” is code word for “crazy” in the modern political realm. I can almost hear them whispering at their tables, “I agree with everything he says but he is too religious.”

It happened again last night as I attended a local Republican Central Committee endorsement meeting. Each candidate was given 3 minutes to make his case. As you can probably imagine this is the Republican nadir of the “good ole boy” system. The delegates knew who the Party-anointed candidate was before they even arrived. I knew it as well. They were interested in endorsing someone…safe…a Republican…not a crusader.

But I gave them my three minutes of Truth. (Watch this brief video from our debate last week and you’ll see what I mean.) As usually happens, the crowd was moved and inspired by my presentation. But when it came time to vote they chose the safe “Bob Dole Republican-clone” as the one they would endorse. I wasn’t surprised. I understand the Dhimmi status they want to put on me.

But afterwards I was approached by a number of delegates who warmly slapped me on the back, shook my hand, and let me know how much they “admired” me and the “brave” stances that I had made…how much America needed “men like me”…whatever that meant...especially when they hadn't voted for me.

You see, in their hearts they wanted me in Congress…but in their head I was “too religious.” The intellectual bigots have done their job. They have convinced the people that Christian beliefs are not on par with intellectual beliefs. Good Republicans don't mind “religion”, they just don't want it anywhere near their party.

Christianity has been reduced to a set of beliefs when it was meant to be a way of life. Living out Christian beliefs is persona non grata in American politics. They are looking for “moderate” candidates, with “moderate” faith, with a “moderate” belief, in a “moderate” God. True believers need not apply.

That is why America is in the mess we are in. Christians don’t think their beliefs hold equal standing with the intellectual arguments. They think intellectualism is truth and Christianity is “faith.” They don’t even think their beliefs deserve equal footing. No wonder Christian beliefs are the first thing that has to be compromised.

Can you imagine anyone saying “I can’t vote for you because you are too black…or too Muslim…or too gay?” No, in fact, THAT minority status would be a reason TO vote for someone.
It would in some strange way show how “tolerant” you were because you had voted for someone different from yourself. In today’s secular culture “diversity” is the highest virtue one could have. Diversity means you believe other’s beliefs are more credible than your own.

I’m fighting for something bigger than Congress. I am fighting for my children and grandchildren. I am fighting for Christian values, and for our seat at the table. The intellectual religious bigots would like nothing more than to silence my voice.

But I am making inroads. Friends are telling their friends. I am changing the debate, forging a path that others can follow, letting others know that being a Christian is okay… that America is not Iran…and that Christian values not only belong in America but that they are the Anchor to which we are tethered.

I wish you knew what an impact your donation was having. I am in the arena, in the lion’s den if you will, and I am holding His Banner high. It is not about winning, it is about speaking the Truth. If we are to pass liberty to our children we must fight this bigotry now. Complete censorship is just around the corner.

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My blood boils over the way Christians have permitted the elitists to have silenced us. I can think of no other people-group who has permitted their system of beliefs to be so totally disregarded as those of us who proudly espouse Faith in Jesus.