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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
January 21, 2010

No matter what you might believe, President Obama knows exactly what he is doing. Because he comes across as such a nice guy folks have the tendency to give him the benefit of the doubt. When his policies don't appear to be working we hear cries of "give the guy a chance", or "he is bound to make some mistakes."

In a strange sort of way we think that he is a neophyte, a genuine good guy who just needs a little bit of time to figure it out. Because he is so likeable we trust him to "do the right thing" once he gets his feet under him. In a strange sort of way, as George W. Bush once said "the soft bigotry of low expectations" is at work in the Obama presidency. They tell us he is a brilliant man, yet he is pursuing policies that fly in the face of conventional wisdom.

We all know that it is impossible to spend our way out of debt. It doesn't work in your house, and it won't work in the White House. Give him some time, we are told, and he will eventually figure it out. He just needs a little patience from us and he will “grow into the office."

But just like the misnomer that our government schools are "failing" we must soon come to the realization that they are doing exactly as they have been designed to do. As Charlotte Iserbyte warned us in her brilliant work "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America," what appears to be accidental failure is a planned, purposeful demise. Our schools are performing masterfully at miss-educating our children. As a result of two generations of socialist indoctrination in our government schools the populace is on the verge of accepting an openly fascist American government.

This has not happened by accident. This planned "dumbing down" of the American citizenry was the pre-cursor to the over-throw of this nation. Let there be no doubt, the American people are right now under Communist occupation at the highest levels of government. Reid, Pelosi, and Obama are the godfathers of the crime syndicate that is destroying all vestiges of government "of, by, and for" the people.

Like our government education system, Obama and his cohorts are doing exactly as the syndicate has planned for the past seventy years. As the old saying goes, "Birds of a feather flock together." A quick study of Obama’s associations will reveal the depth of the deception.

As difficult as it might be let's try and apply a little common sense here. Barack Obama is no dummy. His life associations reveal a far more sinister side to the man who promised an "open and transparent" administration. He knows exactly what he is doing and is counting on the fact that most Americans have been so duped that they are incapable of applying simple logic to what is happening in America.

Just like us common folk, Obama loves to surround himself with like-minded compatriots. The law of association teaches us that we become like those with whom we hang out. Liberals love to hang out with those who share their point of view. So do conservatives. I feel the same way about MSNBC as most liberals feel about FOX NEWS. Given our own choices all of us would rather spend time with those with whom we agree.

Jets fans love to hang out with Jets fans. Deer hunters with deer hunters. The last thing most of us want to do is spend time with those who irritate us. I won't even watch NBC's pre-game football coverage because I can't stomach Keith Olberman. I feel about Olberman the same way Olberman feels about GW Bush.

I have often heard coaches talk about the "good-ole boy" system that the coaching fraternity has become. Once you make it in the club you are in to stay. As we see coaches fired in the NFL it is always remarkable to see them show up a short time later on another professional team's staff. Coaches tend to hire those who think like them. It is not possible to have a successful organization if all of the coaches are not "on the same page." Previous success is not as important as a common philosophy.

Politics is the same way. It is not at all unusual to discover that one of the talking heads on TV that we are told is an "expert" is really nothing more than a former staffer of some political hack. Chris Mathews worked for Tip O'Neill, James Carville has whored for every Democrat you can name. Mr. Newt is a favorite Republican "expert", along with Karl Rove and Dick Morris. Their "philosophy” is what makes folks want them on their team. It is hard to imagine Wolf Blitzer working for Dick Cheney....birds of a feather flock together.

Hollywood is another political snake pit. I remember when I was in college all of those in the theatre department were weirdoes. "Theatre weirds" were what we "jocks" called them. I still hold that opinion today. I watched the other night as Larry King used the "theatre weirds" to raise money for Haiti. Most of those phonies give me the creeps. They would not make it very long in an NFL locker room. Birds of a feather flock together.


And that is ok. We all have the right to hang out with those that we are attracted to. That is why school desegregation was so stupid. Blacks enjoy living with other blacks. White's enjoy living with other whites. Forcing their children to go to school together did not change the natural inclination to flock together. Heck, we even have black churches and white churches. Same God, same Gospel, different philosophies.

The company that we keep says a lot about who we are…it is the law of association is at work.

Which brings me to Barack Obama.

Never before has such a mystery-man appeared so powerfully on the world stage. Since we don’t know much about him, or about his past, the only thing that we can do is make a judgment based on those with whom he likes to associate. I’m not sure anyone knows his true system of beliefs but we can tell a lot about him by the birds he flocks with.

He claims to be a Christian but I am having a difficult time finding a list of Evangelicals that he has appointed to government posts. It is easy to find a list of the Muslims he has appointed, or the sexual deviants he has elevated, but I can’t for the life of me identify one openly Christ-loving appointment he has made. He even threw “Christian” Jeremiah Wright under the bus. Why does Obama bow to a Saudi King while he is yet to attend church since elected?

Here is a list of the czars that Obama has surrounded himself with. Most of them are “red-birds”…hard core communist/Marxist activists.

One of Obama’s self-described mentors was Saul Alinsky. In his book Rules for Radicals, which is the modern-day Marxist playbook, Alinsky dedicates his writings to Satan.

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins -- or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom -- Lucifer.

Take a moment and study the 45 Communist goals as spelled out by the Communist Party in 1963. As you read them ask yourself how many of them have yet to be achieved.

Obama knows what he is doing. We think he is just confused. He has put together an all-star team of leftist radicals who will do his bidding as he travels around and talks about “hope and change.”

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Obama is dangerous for America. He has an agenda with a team in place. We better not underestimate him, especially now that he is wounded. Watch what he does, not what he says.

As Jeremiah Wright would say, “the chickens have come home to roost.”

Birds of a feather flock together.

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Never before has such a mystery-man appeared so powerfully on the world stage. Since we don’t know much about him, or about his past, the only thing that we can do is make a judgment based on those with whom he likes to associate.