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By: Attorney Constance Cumbey
June 17, 2007

In March of 1995, there was a near shooting war at high sea between Spain and Canada. Javier Solana was close to beginning his 6 month dual coinciding presidency terms as president of both the 10 nation Western European Union, a military federation and the EU itself. He had BIG plans that would definitely need Morocco's cooperation. Solana's larger agenda included the Barcelona Process. It would be opened by a "Barcelona Conference" scheduled to take place in Barcelona, Spain on November 27, 1995. It was to be a federation of 27 Mediterranean basin nations. He wanted it to: (1) Battle religious fundamentalism, worldwide; (2) Mutually advantageous trading terms over the area's resources leading to a Mediterranean Free Trade Zone by 2010; (3) Get the USA out of the Mediterranean and/or greatly reduce its presence there.

Morocco was to pose a little problem and Solana was working to solve it. Historically there has been little or no love lost between Spain and Morocco. Solana could not put the Barcelona Process together and sell it to the Arab population countries without Moroccan support or at least lack of opposition. Morocco demanded concessions. Solana who enjoyed extraordinary powers for a mere cabinet official in Spain (he being the official spokesman for the country for many years) negotiated and gave Morocco what they sought. What they sought was (1) the ability to sell their produce in Europe. Although the concession deeply impacted the produce growing economy of the European Mediterranean and southern Atlantic countries of France, Greece, Portugal and Spain, this was granted. Next, Morocco demanded that Spanish fishermen stop fishing off her coastline. This was granted and the Spanish fishermen were ordered home.

It was March of 1995. Six hundred unemployed Spanish fishing trawlers with their owners and crews were sitting angrily unemployed in the Spanish harbors. It was suggested to them that they could and should "go fish Canada." They went to Canada's Newfoundland waters and fished the cod, halibut, and turbot fishing stocks nearly to extinction. Canadian correspondents tell me the stocks have never fully recovered. Canada, of course, was not happy about this. I was told by former American ambassador to Canada, former Michigan governor James Blanchard, that the United States at that time assisted Canada in detecting that the Spaniards were fishing using illegal methods. Blanchard confided in me that electronic devices had been employed in making this determination. Nothing much was done, however, until a Spanish trawler, the Estai, crossed the boundary from international waters into Canadian waters. When this occurred, Canadian authorities boarded the ship and took both ship and crew into custody.

At this point, Javier Solana leaped into action. He promptly dispatched three Spanish warships against Canada. Various scholars have worked in an intellectual vein to understand the event in terms of international law. Solana was most vocal about his differences with Canada, threatening the breaking of all diplomatic relations with her.[1] A political analysis would be much more relevant, but few have analyzed Dr. Solana and his broader motives.

Knowing this background and what it meant to the Canadian economy, I was more than a little puzzled when Canada joined with the USA in supplying the unanimous votes that boosted Solana to global power in early December, 1995 -- his NATO headship. Advantageously, shortly before the Barcelona conference began on November 27, 1995, Javier Solana made fishing peace with Morocco. This meant that Canada would be left alone with the few fish remaining as the Spaniards went happily back to their warmer water fishing grounds. The settlements were not advantageous for Spanish fishermen. The Gonzalez government of which Javier Solana had long been a part went down in disgrace. Javier Solana did not have to worry, however. He had a new job in Brussels -- overseeing NATO. There he would also chair the Transatlantic Alliance. The Spanish economy would suffer:

"Spain had also experienced a fishing conflict with Canada around the same time of the conflict that banned her ships from Moroccan waters. The resolution of both conflicts was not extremely favorable for Spain. Their fishing fleet had been experiencing problems and the resolution of the Moroccan and Canadian conflicts seriously reduced the fishing possibilities of the Spanish fleet. The figures reflect Spain's fishing trouble. In 1994 and 1995, Spain's total catch declined. Tangentially, Spanish consumers were faced with higher costs and less supply. These aspects have caused Spanish fish consumption per capita to decrease. The employment ramifications of the resolution of the Moroccan "fish war" will have to be addressed, especially in Southern Spain. In Southern Spain and the Canary Islands, over 25,00 people rely on the fishing industry around Moroccan waters for their livelihood. These results will have to be addressed by Spain's politicians. However, in 1996 Spain was fully integrated into the EU's Common Fisheries Policy, which should help to mitigate the loss of catch in Moroccan waters and its effects on the Spanish fishing industry."[2]

Canadian friends tell me that politicians upset at Solana about the fishing wars were suddenly and viciously marginalized in Canadian politics. Suddenly, very little was said about the economic earthquake. They and I both wondered why. I was curious as to why my own name, "Constance Cumbey" was associated on various search engines such as as a related name to that of Javier Solana. I was even more curious when Paul Martin's name appeared on that list. Paul Martin is a former Canadian Prime Minister. The only New Age flag Javier Solana really flew publicly was that of the Club of Rome. Canadian Alexander King was a co-founder of the Club of Rome. Canadian billionaire cum esotericist Maurice Strong was involved and was to become a leading UN figure in setting up a global governance mechanism that saw its fullest expression at a Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992. Maurice Strong has been photographed in group meditations at the New Age "Vatican City" of Findhorn. They were praying to whatever "source" they acknowledge for "the Reappearance of the Christ." By "Christ," they definitely did not mean Jesus. Strong was there as part of an excursion with Lucis Trust/World Goodwill folk under the auspices of something they call the "World Service Intergroup." Using their own words, "

The purpose of the World Service Intergroup is to generate a focused, conscious and deliberate intergroup effort to specifically assist the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ. . . . One of our tasks is to recognize them ["hierarchy"], and assist them by preparing humanity for the imminent reappearance of the World Teacher. This World Teacher, or The Coming One is known by many different names in the various spiritual traditions: Christ; Maitreya; Messiah; Imam Mahdi etc. This reappearance will be preceded by a widespread opening of the heart of humanity, and a recognition of the inner teacher in each one of us, manifesting as a consciousness of love and service to all.[3]

I have had more than a sneaking suspicion over the years that Javier Solana, too, was involved in this push. Sometimes I have even suspected he might even be a prime candidate as the person for which all this psychological and global governance preparation was about. Maurice Strong is strongly dedicated to the �emergence� of their New Age �messiah.� He was photographed with a World Service Initiative trip to Findhorn

Curiously, this World Service Intergroup was organized in Washington, D.C. in 1995 by Gordon Davidson, husband of Corrine McLaughlin. They were also organizers of the Sirius Community. Gordon Davidson claimed credit for developing "the Valdez Principles" which basically committed corporate America to sharing in the financial and organizational life by incorporating environmentalists on their boards and in their finances.

Is this "New Age"? Most definitely, yes! Are they consciously working both politically and as they put it as advancing their eerie Luciferic rituals, "spiritually"? Yes! Organizer Gordon Davidson, never afraid to witness his convictions writes on their website:

New York 2000
In April, 2000 we met during the Aries Full Moon in New York focusing on the descent of the Shamballa Force in the year 2000, with the keynote, �The Shamballa force is in reality Life itself; and Life is a loving synthesis in action.� We also used the Six Laws and Principles of the New Age to lead us towards creating a vision of how these principles might create patterns for the New Civilization humanity will be constructing over the next 2500 years. A few of the multitude of ideas regarding the Shamballa force that impressed the group were: it signifies humanity leaving adolescence to mediate between the higher and lower kingdoms; it is a power taking humanity to a neutral zone where you see a different world which gives a new vision; the forces of destruction and synthesis are working at the same time, and if the motive is wrong we will have synthesis that brings destruction; every individual and group will have to ask what is my/our purpose? We also worked with the energy of synthesis during that conclave to create a shared intergroup keynote that all the groups would use as they chose in the coming year. The keynote was �Creating world unity, peace and plenty through universal thinking, unifying love and synthesizing will.� Pasted from 6/16/2007, 3:05 AM

Now, how does all of this tie together with the ubiquitous Dr. Javier Solana? In 2003, Paul Edgar Philippe Martin Martin became the Prime Minister of Canada. It was under his watch that Canadian soldiers would be impressed into Javier Solana's European army. In fact, now relations between Canada and Solana's EU are so cozy, one would think Solana helped them raise fish rather than exterminate them. What might the common thread be then and now but �global governance� of which Dr. Solana with the active assistance of the Brookings Institution are now so very much in play? Canada�s former Prime Minister Paul Martin was mentored by Maurice Strong. Paul Martin and Maurice Strong remain close. Both are obviously "initiate" in the occult mysteries.

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Maurice Strong has put his money where his mouth is on this. Maurice Strong is deeply involved with those running the World Service Intergroup. Paul Martin remains active in Canadian circles. Canada has deeply involved itself in "global governance" as well as "the Law of the Sea" with which George W. Bush has also announced intentions to bind the USA. Amusingly, the Law of the Sea "global governance" people are now telling Canada that its waters contain two species of sharks which must be preserved.

Maybe the Canadians need to know that they face land sharks as well as those in the water!


1, New York Times article, Saturday, March 14, 1995
2, ICE Case Studies, Morocco, Spain and fishing
3, World service Intergroup

� 2007 - Constance Cumbey - All Rights Reserved

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Constance Cumbey is an active Michigan lawyer. Constance practices her profession primarily in, Southeastern Michigan, USA. Sometimes she also works in what she calls her "old stomping grounds" of Michigan's State Capital, Lansing, Michigan where she practices administrative, state law related matters. She's enjoyed active and stimulating careers in government, politics, law and as a published and translated author. In the past she served as a national officer of the National Association of Women Lawyers and chaired the Family Law subcommittee of the General Practice Section of the American Bar Association.

Before beginning her legal career, she worked as a legislative analyst for the Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, and while in law school as a consultant to the Appropriations Committee of the Michigan State Senate. She also served as the first charter position Executive Assistant to the Mayor of the Detroit enclave City of Highland Park, Michigan. Seven years into her legal career, she went on to become the author of the first major critical book about the New Age Movement, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW: The New Age Movement and our Coming Age of Barbarism (1983); A PLANNED DECEPTION: The Staging of a New Age Messiah (1986). Currently, she's completing a volume about Javier Solana, the Barcelona Process, Israel and the European Union.


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Knowing this background and what it meant to the Canadian economy, I was more than a little puzzled when Canada joined with the USA in supplying the unanimous votes that boosted Solana to global power...