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By: Attorney Constance Cumbey
May 31, 2007


Portfolio now include Robert Zoellick and the World Bank

Newswithviews regular readers may remember my February 21st article. In it, I covered Javier Solana's Valentine's Day speech (February 14, 2007) in New York City. He was addressing the Arthur F. Burns Foundation. He was introduced by Robert F. Zoellick. Today that same Robert F. Zoellick, �a friend for many, many years� of Javier Solana [1] was nominated by President George W. Bush to be head of the World Bank.[2] Perhaps raising their own expected opposition so that they may just as rapidly unilaterally squelch it, the Bookings Institution, another confederate, together with Zoellick for Javier Solana's Global Governance initative, most disingenuously issued a statement that foreign countries may be unhappy at the nomination. I suspect that at least �The Face and Voice of Europe�[3] in the form of Javier Solana is not. I also suspect that the Brookings Institution itself is not unhappy!

At the February 14th New York City event, �dear Javier� was introduced by German Ambassador to the USA, Klaus Scharioth as �The Face and Voice of Europe.� Five weeks later, Javier Solana would with the assistance of New York University, Stanford University and the Brookings Institution all apparently acting with the blessings of the United States State Department would launch a new global security initiative. [4]

Javier Solana has evidently had a cozy relationship with both Zoellick and the Brookings Institution. On January 5th, while in the USA, his busy itinerary included a meeting with Brookings Institution representatives.[5]

Gingerly, like testing the water, �global constitutionalism� a/k/a �global governance� is being advanced. This is not entirely unlike George H. W. Bush (Bush the elder) mentioning the New World Order and his intentions to advance same in a speech he auspiciously delivered on September 11, 1991. Similar speeches were given other times.[6] That Robert Zoellick is part of that scene is clear.

In addition to being a friend of Javier Solana for many years, Robert Zoellick has with equal vigor been a friend and proponent of a �New World Order,� more recently and politely known as �global governance.� As early as March, 1992, Robert Zoellick was speaking of his World Economic Forum inspired epiphanies of a New World Order.[7]

They are calling all of this by various names these days. Condoleezza Rice calls it �Transformational Diplomacy.� Fletcher Law School Associate Professor Daniel W. Drezner calls it �the New New World Order.�[8]

It appears that although Javier Solana may have his European migraines as reluctance to hand him everything appears among the masses, he has offsetting advantages of global elitist support.

Robert Zoellick was included in this year's �Brussels Forum.� The �partners� obviously furnishing financial support for the obviously quasi-EU governmental event included Daimler-Chrysler, Bertelsman Stiftung, The German Marshall Fund of the United States, and �The Federal Authorities of Belgium, Egmont Institute.�[9]

Another disturbingly interesting USA personality taking part in the Brussels Forum was the United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer.[10]

It appears that �global governance� is to put it in �New Age� parlance, �emerging.� It appears its proponents are becoming progressively emboldened. It further appears that those opposed to it had better develop thick skins and prepare to be marginalized. The planners who have long and sometimes successfully marginalized those speaking about the �one world under whomever� agenda. At the same time they have continued their inexorable push, successfully incorporating both liberal and conservative elements into their plans.

One such successful effort has been working under an �environmentalist,� �sustainable development� rubric. Its organizers on line describe the �harmonic convergences� of this particular globalist thrust:

�The 2007 Amsterdam Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change is the latest in the emerging series of European conferences on human dimensions research. This series began in 2001 with the first Berlin Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change. The 2007 Amsterdam Conference will bring about the Europeanisation of this successful conference cycle. The European conferences are mid-size annual events (much smaller than Open Meetings of IHDP or IGBP) of about 150 international participants, selected through rigorous international peer review. Each conference has a clear thematic focus that allows for intense exchange and discussion. Conference themes are selected with a view to bringing new and emerging topics to the European and global debate, thus ensuring the continuous innovative thrust of the conference series. Special conference features, including panels on teaching and targeted programmes for doctoral students, add to its innovative character.

The European Conferences on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change are endorsed by the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP) and the World Academy of Art and Science. The International Steering Committee ensures close integration with the overarching Earth System Science Programme and other networks, such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

In addition, the European Conferences on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change aim to further the integration of the European research projects in order to assist in shaping a European research area in the field of the human dimensions of global environmental change. Plenary and semi-plenary presentations of major European research programmes, as well as poster sessions, form an essential part of the conference series.

Major European programmes and projects are being invited to financially and logistically support the European conferences. The 2007 Amsterdam Conference draws on support from the European programmes ADAM-�Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies: Supporting European Climate Policy�; � �The Global Governance Project�; NeWater � �New Approaches to Adaptive Water Management under Uncertainty�; RefGov � �Reflexive Governance in the Public Interest�, the Harmoni-CA project and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Global Change Committee), as well as support from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.[11]

Back on European shores, one of Solana's less subtle but also less noticed global governance machines continues apace. That is the Centre for Global Governance at the London School of Economics. They have made it clear in so many of their meetings that they are indeed working for Javier Solana. They describe their mission in online literature as:

�The Centre for the Study of Global Governance is a leading international institution dedicated to research, analysis and dissemination about global governance. Based at the London School of Economics, the Centre aims to increase understanding and knowledge of global issues, to encourage interaction between academics, policy makers, journalists and activists, and to propose solutions.

The Centre for the Study of Global Governance (CsGG) was founded by Meghnad Desai in 1992. Since then, the Centre has grown considerably and the pioneering work of Meghnad Desai has been augmented by the work of Anthony Giddens, David Held and Mary Kaldor as well as a group of talented younger scholars.

�Today it is led by co-directors Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science David Held and Professor of Global Governance Mary Kaldor.[12]

Also from their site:

'Mary Kaldor was also convenor of the study group on European Security Capabilities established at the request of Javier Solana, which produced the Barcelona report, 'A Human Security Doctrine for Europe.'[13]

At least one highly esoteric group that I have monitored since the early 1980s was very excited about Javier Solana and his relationship with the London School of Economics. That was SHARE INTERNATIONAL, an operating name for various Theosophical interests headed by Benjamin cr�me and more recently former Fulbright scholarship director, Wayne S. Peterson.[14] A Spanish website (interestingly enough not appearing in the English) replete with Spanish language references to Maitreya the World Teacher made enthusiastic reference to Solana and his work.[15]

Well, I suppose that was still another interesting �coincidence.� It is truly unfortunate that such a capable man as Javier Solana is saddled with so many �The Omen� type coincidences: His present and main job being created with Section 666 of the Europa Codified documents;[16] his powers being boosted with his Western European Union (a 10 nation federation at that!) �Recommendation 666[17]

So many coincidences, so much �global governance,� so much �emergence� and now his �very good friend,� �Bob Zoellick,� the man who introduced him at the Arthur F. Burns Valentine's Day Soiree being named to head the World Bank. Paul Wolfowitz, the former head of the World Bank was ousted for greasing the skids for a good paying job for a girlfriend. I suspect that was not the first time such a thing had happened in history and I further suspect it will not be the last. Even though I was no fan of Mr. Wolfowitz whom I believed was globalist enough, I suspect there was a great deal of hypocrisy in his removal. Now that Dr. Solana's �very good friend for many, many years� has been appointed to fill the vacancy, somehow I feel more threatened by that relation and the hegemony that will give Dr. Solana and his EU hegemonic aspirations than I did with Dr. Wolfowitz's girlfriend. From a New Zealand article earlier in May, it looks like the EU (translate, Solana) may have played a crucial role in making the obvious deal for Zoellick's appointment.[18]

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I hope I am wrong. I suspect I am not. I suspect we are only seeing the beginning of a runaway globalist government (oops, 'global governance') that we cannot control. Global government may have unlimited power for good, but given human nature, it has the even more likely potential for unlimited corruption and evil.

We shall see!


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� 2007 - Constance Cumbey - All Rights Reserved

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Constance Cumbey is an active Michigan lawyer. Constance practices her profession primarily in, Southeastern Michigan, USA. Sometimes she also works in what she calls her "old stomping grounds" of Michigan's State Capital, Lansing, Michigan where she practices administrative, state law related matters. She's enjoyed active and stimulating careers in government, politics, law and as a published and translated author. In the past she served as a national officer of the National Association of Women Lawyers and chaired the Family Law subcommittee of the General Practice Section of the American Bar Association.

Before beginning her legal career, she worked as a legislative analyst for the Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, and while in law school as a consultant to the Appropriations Committee of the Michigan State Senate. She also served as the first charter position Executive Assistant to the Mayor of the Detroit enclave City of Highland Park, Michigan. Seven years into her legal career, she went on to become the author of the first major critical book about the New Age Movement, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW: The New Age Movement and our Coming Age of Barbarism (1983); A PLANNED DECEPTION: The Staging of a New Age Messiah (1986). Currently, she's completing a volume about Javier Solana, the Barcelona Process, Israel and the European Union.


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It appears that �global governance� is to put it in �New Age� parlance, �emerging.� It appears its proponents are becoming progressively emboldened.