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By Attorney Constance Cumbey
February 28, 2011

Remember those NATO wars of 1999? Javier Solana was given complete authority over them on January 30, 1999. President Clinton went on national television here in the USA on March 21, 1999 to say "I fully agree with Javier Solana's decision to do this." He was referring to the “back to the Stone Age” about to begin bombing of the country formerly known as Yugoslavia. Ominous Executive Orders were issued by the Clinton Administration and the succeeding George W. Bush administration barring trading with Yugoslavia. Cliff Kincaid has published an excellent listing of related Executive Orders under the Clinton Administration which you may read by clicking the above link.

It now appears it may have started even earlier. President George H. W. Bush first talked publicly about the "New World Order" on September 11, 1991. He reminisced in one of his speeches how he had worked at the United Nations with a group of men who sought the coming of a “New World Order” where the nations of the world “would cooperate rather than compete.” President George Herbert Walker Bush then said that he wanted to make their dream a reality and have the United States lead the way. Just about that time (early fall, 1991), prior to the Madrid Conference, a Colorado journalism teacher Kathleen Hayes wrote in her New Age research newsletter, THE TRUMPET, about “Maitreyan” spokesperson Benjamin Crème. He claimed, per her report, that “Maitreya” had taken a Potomac boat cruise with Bush and Gorbachev. Not too long after that the Madrid Conference on Peace on the Middle East was held. It was co-chaired by Presidents George H. W. Bush and Russian Prime Minister Gorbachev.

I initially discovered Javier Solana for myself on November 22, 1995. Intrigued by somebody who would send Spanish warships against Canada and then receive its support for head of NATO only six short months later, I did a tremendous amount of initial on-line searching.. One of the most interesting finds I made was from Israel’s foreign policy I read was from Israel’s MFA (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs) website. Herb Peters, during his tenure, wrote of this as well. Herb’s same article included a reprint of an absolutely astounding February 2005 speech at the East West Institute’s second annual Worldwide Security Conference.

Javier Solana became Foreign Minister of Spain in 1992 after first behind the scenes coordinating the Madrid Conference co-hosted by President George H. W. Bush and Russian Prime Minister Gorbachev. Now the plot is thickening. An Executive Order concerning the former Yugoslavia was issued June 5, 1992, not all that long after the Madrid Conference. Fifteen years later, in 1997, when Javier Solana was clearly in control of NATO, a Madrid plus 15 conference was held by Spanish Prime Minister Filipe Gonzalez, commemorating the 1991 Conference. Gonzalez was also Prime Minister during that earlier Madrid event. Filipe Gonzalez and Javier Solana have always been the closest of confidants. In 2009 Javier Solana proposed that Filipe Gonzalez be named President of the European Union. After the embarrassing defeats of the European Constitution and the initial Irish referendum defeat, Javier Solana announced his “retirement” from the prospective powerful “Foreign Minister”/”High Representative” position created by the pre-referendum Treaties. Ireland was then strong-armed to vote for the Lisbon Treaty under threats of economic ruin if they didn't.

Frightened Ireland citizens voted to ratify the Lisbon Treaty. A lot of good it did them! Ireland is presently in economic shambles.

Lisbon Treaty seats were up for grabs. Compromises were reached with Europe and the first tier players retreated. Instead of the more charismatic Tony Blair or Felipe Gonzales, decidedly lower profiles were picked. Herman Rompuy was named “President.” Instead of the seemingly ubiquitous Javier Solana, the now brick-batted Catherine Ashton, was named “High Representative.” This was undoubtedly to make the Europeans so very sorry they did not achieve "consensus" on the "bigger boys" desiring those positions. It is very reminiscent to the post World-War I German Weimar Republic which preceded Hitler’s government.

Last week, the European Commission gave Catherine Ashton failing marks on her performance to date on her nothing-but-migraines job. I cannot help but feel sorry for the lady. Anybody with political experience can obviously see she was set up for failure. I cannot help, however, but admire her tenacity despite my disagreement with her on many issues. Catherine Ashton was given, in effect, a sinecure -- a job with a lofty title, but little power.

Well back to the former Republic of Yugoslavia which came to be cynically known as Solania and the events of 1999 that stripped Serbia of its religious capital of Kosovo.

Allegations have now been made by commentators such as Michael Savage that George Soros and Javier Solana, both members of Soros International Crisis Group, may have had significant roles in what happened in Egypt this past month -- what is now being termed by the media, perhaps not inaccurately, as "A New Age Revolution." Javier Solana was quoted as saying near the end of that struggle that "within hours we shall see the realization of the aspirations of many people." Was it a harbinger of the realization of his (Solana’s) own aspirations?


In the Year 2000, Javier Solana gave a somewhat whining speech in Rome. Right in the middle of the speech he stopped with interesting language. He said that "most important, voices in the US have started most unreasonably speaking out about our Balkan policy -- seeking to undermine the US policy of support for our engagement.” He then said he had flown to Washington, met with members of the Administration and was told not to worry -- he had their complete support. Javier Solana was still worried -- obviously very worried. Being one obstreperous voice that had spoken on as many forums as I could garner about the unsolved non-reduced Balkans mystery of World War II I had cold chills as I read that speech. I wish I could find it again on the Internet.

Curioser still, my law office computer was hacked just before Thanksgiving in 2002. Interestingly and probably coincidentally, one would be hacker who tried to invade all day was shown on my then BLACK ICE firewall program as having a most unusual IP (Internet Provider) number. There were no numbers, only capital letters that spelled J-A-V-I-E-R. What appeared repeatedly on my screen that day accompanied by the Black Ice warning sounds on my desktop were "JAVIER." That night my computer locked up completely. When I took it for emergency repairs to CompUSA, I was notified that my hard drive was "completely shredded." The technicians said they had never seen anything quite like it. I still have that drive. I would not permit the reformatting. I had them drop a new hard drive in and then decided there was a high speed DVD read write drive in my immediate future. Probably a "coincidence," if any there be, but the events were strange to say the least!


Speaking of “Balkan reduction” necessary to control both Europe and wider regions, I submit that Javier Solana may have used the United States to reduce the Balkans for him. Some say that an obvious apparent goal was not so much ethnic protections as to secure access to Caspian region oil fields. According to Bin Laden biographer Yousef Bodansky, author of BIN LADEN: THE MAN WHO DECLARED WAR ON AMERICA, that was what had really angered Bin Laden – not alleged Serbian actions against the Albanians. The Serbs were Orthodox Christians. Many of the Albanians were at least cultural Moslems. Bin Laden felt that Caspian oil field access was the real motive for the regional bombings.

Now back to that "Balkan Policy." What was the REAL motivation among WHICH of the many players? Well, the pictured story above and the link to which it connects, OVI Magazine is an article by RENE WADLOW. Rene Wadlow was a student of Salvador de Madariaga -- Solana's grandpa, "Great Uncle," cousin, according to which genealogy one cares to believe. When I started researching Javier Solana, he was "grandfather." Strangely, after the prominent Theosophical / Sufi family influences were discovered, he became "Uncle." Whatever!

At any rate, Rene Wadlow, a New Ager/Globalist activist, similar to Gordon Davidson, not afraid to witness his convictions, has dropped some fascinating clues that might have pointed to the motivation for taking on Milosevic as the purported "Butcher of the Balkans." Let's read Wadlow's 2008 dated observations together -- R-E -A-L S-L-O-W:

Slobodan Milosevic was the dividing spirit, incarnated so that the tribal souls could manifest themselves one last time before leaving the scene. The role of Slobodan Milosevic can only be understood as part of the transition from the Piscean Period to the Age of Aquarius so I will set out briefly the structure of astrological cycles as the guiding spirit of the age. For those who like to see things in a more complicated way, please see Carl Gustav Jung’s Aion –contribution to the study of the symbolism of the Self with a long bibliography of hard-to-find books.

Basically, the complex of ideas and practices known as the New Age holds that every two thousand years humanity moves into a new age in which civilization is predominantly influenced by the particular astrological sign that rules that age. For the past 2000 years, we have been in the Piscean Period which inaugurated the Christian era (symbolized by the two- fish symbol used by the early Christians.) Around the year 2000 we entered into the Aquarian Age symbolized by the bearer of water pouring water for new seeds.

"The influences of the Age of Aquarius were felt before the year 2000 and the structures and intellectual influences of the Piscean Period will continue to be felt for a number of years still. However, the shift has taken place and the Piscean influences are fading swiftly.

In preparation for the New Age, toward the end of the Piscean Period, souls who have strong karmic ties to Piscean structures and who must fulfil some obligations appropriate to the Piscean Period incarnate. Were they to be reborn later, they would not be able to function because the dominant character of the new age will be too different. Such souls bring with them the energies of an earlier stage of the cycle when they were living and acquired the obligations that they must fulfil [sic] now.

So, Slobodan Milosevic was the incarnation of an earlier tribal soul, probably that of a chief who brought with him the physical and psychic energy of a tribal chief, perhaps one who led his people from Central Asia to southern Europe. When he began his political efforts, it was as a trained banker who had spent most of his working life in the USA. His first battle cry was “Moderate economic reforms!” The cry brought no great popular echoes. Until in 1989, on the field of Kosovo he said to the assembled Serbs “Tribe! And we are not going to be pushed around.” And there were echoes, in Serbia and throughout Yugoslavia of people to whom tribe was the nature of their soul — not ready for a world without frontiers.[1]

By golly, how did they (Rene Wadlow and fellow ‘World Citizens’) know this? Did they get it in a dream? Did their astrologers or channeled voices tell them. Did their own tribal god, Lucifer, come to them at night in a vision and reveal that Slobodan Milosevic was the incarnation of an earlier tribal soul? Did we actually fight a war over somebody’s occult vision?!

That somebody this close to Javier Solana Madariaga's family is saying this is significant. Rene Wadlow is clearly a prominent and expressive voice on the global scene. I suspect he was in the know back in 1999 and his knowledge was not just of the Alice Bailey books. He may well have been privy to what was happening as it happened and to what decisions were made about when to strike. He was and remains "a player." There are clearly links between Javier Solana and Rene Wadlow.

The World Citizens which Rene Wadlow represents at the United Nations was initially organized, per Wadlow, by none other than Salvador de Madariaga. Wadlow claims Salvador de Madariaga was his teacher and they had a student/teacher relationship.

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Rene Wadlow's current most posted position is "*Rene Wadlow, Representative to the UN, Geneva, Association of World Citizens." As he is a US citizen and was educated in the USA at Princeton University and the University of Chicago, one wonders just where his self-proclaimed tutelage under Salvador de Madariaga could have taken place? Perhaps one educated guess might be the Arcane School of Alice A. Bailey. Those Arcane Schoolers sure do get around! Witness Gordon Davidson as author of the Valdez Principles as still another.

Stay tuned.


1- Rene Wadlow, “Slobadan Milosevic: The Dividing Spirit” OVI Magazine, March 3, 2008.

� 2011 - Constance Cumbey - All Rights Reserved

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Constance Cumbey is an active Michigan lawyer. Constance practices her profession primarily in, Southeastern Michigan, USA. Sometimes she also works in what she calls her "old stomping grounds" of Michigan's State Capital, Lansing, Michigan where she practices administrative, state law related matters. She's enjoyed active and stimulating careers in government, politics, law and as a published and translated author. In the past she served as a national officer of the National Association of Women Lawyers and chaired the Family Law subcommittee of the General Practice Section of the American Bar Association.

Before beginning her legal career, she worked as a legislative analyst for the Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, and while in law school as a consultant to the Appropriations Committee of the Michigan State Senate. She also served as the first charter position Executive Assistant to the May or of the Detroit enclave City of Highland Park, Michigan. Seven years into her legal career, she went on to become the author of the first major critical book about the New Age Movement, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW: The New Age Movement and our Coming Age of Barbarism (1983); A PLANNED DECEPTION: The Staging of a New Age Messiah (1986). Currently, she's completing a volume about Javier Solana, the Barcelona Process, Israel and the European Union.


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It now appears it may have started even earlier. President George H. W. Bush first talked publicly about the "New World Order" on September 11, 1991.