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By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
June 26, 2006

In previous Parts of this series, I have referred to the TeenScreen program regarding mental health. On the TeenScreen website, one reads that "The Columbia University TeenScreen Program is committed to making the mental health of our youth a national priority and offering all parents the opportunity to have their teenagers receive a voluntary mental health screening....Today, the TeenScreen Program is active in more than 400 communities throughout the country." Thus far, TeenScreen has been administered to more than 150,000 children in 42 states and the District of Columbia.

Relevant to TeenScreen's past use of parents' "passive consent," Ken Kramer recently revealed that "newly obtained documents detail a milestone in the fight against TeenScreen. TeenScreen has been using 'passive consent' to bypass parents. If a parent did not return the passive consent form to the school, then TeenScreen considered that the parent consented. What about a child who loses the form or a parent who forgets? They consented!" To show that "passive" rather than "active" or written consent has been used to increase the number of students participating in the program, here is a link to a letter from a Florida high school.

Concerning education, American teachers over the last half century have been transformed into "social engineers." In the May 1949 edition of PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION, American Education Fellowship president Kenneth Benne stated that "teachers and school administrators (should) come to see themselves as social engineers. They must equip themselves as 'change agents'." And four years later, Arthur C. Clarke in CHILDHOOD'S END (published in 1953, and described by THE NEW YORK TIMES as "a first-rate tour de force") wrote: "Fifty years is ample time in which to change a world and its people almost beyond recognition. All that is required for the task is a sound knowledge of social engineering, a clear sight of the intended goal---and power."

Pertaining to the globalist elite's use of "power" to achieve their "intended goal" of a world government, they plan to do this by linking regional economic arrangements. And furthering such a linkage between the U.S. and Mexico, there is a video showing President George W. Bush waving a Mexican flag and remarking: "About 15 years before the Civil War, much of the American West was northern Mexico. The people who lived there weren't called Latinos or Hispanics. They were Mexican citizens, until all that land became part of the United States. After that, many of them were treated as foreigners in their own land." Regarding this, the LOS ANGELES TIMES on April 2, 2006 opined that President Bush "essentially described millions of Americans who populate his home state as the true foreigners in someone else's native land."

The power elite has a number of mechanisms to cause large numbers of people to be moved. Economic incentives, for example, have been used to lure millions of Mexicans to migrate to the U.S. But the power elite could also use involuntary mechanisms such as the creation of hurricanes. In case you think this is not possible, I would suggest you read Chen May Yee's article, "Malaysia to Battle Smog With Cyclones," in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (November 13, 1997, page A19), which refers to the use of new Russian technology to create cyclones, typhoons or hurricanes.

Of course, for those who are recalcitrant to the power elite's plans, they can always be "eliminated" as far as the power elite is concerned. And in case you believe no one would consider killing massive numbers of innocent people, WorldNetDaily's article, "Scientists cheer holocaust wish" (April 2, 2006), indicates that Forrest Mims III, a member of the Texas Academy of Science (TAS) recently heard a speech by Eric Pianka of the University of Texas who said, "We're no better than bacteria" and advocated reducing the human population of the Earth to 10% of its current number. Mims said Pianka's "favorite candidate for eliminating 90% of the world's population is airborne Ebola." And according to Mims, after Pianka finished his remarks, the audience of over 400 TAS scientists and students burst out in sustained applause. And 5 hours later, TAS presented Pianka with a plaque in recognition of his being named 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist!

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The power elite is perfectly willing to have large numbers of people killed, just as occurred during the French Revolution. In fact, the power elite see themselves as the "philosopher kings" of Plato's REPUBLIC and of the French Revolution, the latter of which was guided by the philosophy of the Encyclopedists such as Denis Diderot, whose ENCYCLOPEDIA (including imprints of Voltaire, Rousseau, etc.) contained a drawing of Lucifer (next to masonic symbols of square and compass) on the title page of its first edition. Remember that H. G. Wells in ANTICIPATIONS (1901) claimed that "the men of the new republic...will have an ideal that will make killing worth the while." And later, in Wells' THE NEW WORLD ORDER (1939), he foretold: "In the great struggle to evoke a Westernized World Socialism, contemporary governments may vanish....Countless people...will hate the new world order...and will die protesting against it." The ultimate goal of the power elite is a World Socialist Government of which they will be the rulers.

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Dennis Laurence Cuddy, historian and political analyst, received a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (major in American History, minor in political science). Dr. Cuddy has taught at the university level, has been a political and economic risk analyst for an international consulting firm, and has been a Senior Associate with the U.S. Department of Education.

Cuddy has also testified before members of Congress on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice. Dr. Cuddy has authored or edited twenty books and booklets, and has written hundreds of articles appearing in newspapers around the nation, including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and USA Today. He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows in various parts of the country, such as ABC Radio in New York City, and he has also been a guest on the national television programs USA Today and CBS's Nightwatch.

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TeenScreen has been using 'passive consent' to bypass parents. If a parent did not return the passive consent form to the school, then TeenScreen considered that the parent consented.