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Craig Roberts
October 18, 2005

During the Clinton administration, the military was basically reduced-I would use the word "destroyed"-by not only reduction in forces and personnel and equipment and bases, but by chasing off the best officers and NCOs this country had in uniform at the time. I know of many of my cohorts who loved their country and military careers, but became so disenchanted with the Clintons' anti-military doctrines and abhorrence of the military that they either hung up their boots and became civilians, or took early retirement. It was during this time that political correctness was shoved down the throats of fighting units: females were put into harm's way in front line or near units; homosexuals were "accepted" by the "don't ask, don't tell" doctrine; and combined male/female combat support units and ships and aircraft came into being. The Clintons'mission was to destroy the military, or at least reduce it to a shadow of what was required to defend this country. (It was also a mission of the Clinton administration to reduce the firepower of the average American citizen with new, draconian "gun control" laws-after all, any invading force in the future would not want to face a few million armed American "guerrillas").

It was during this time that Islamic terrorist organizations grew and flourished, and Clinton did little, if anything, about it. It was almost as if he-or his globalist puppet masters-wanted such a movement to grow and become even stronger.

Then it was George W. Bush's turn.

Harry Truman once said that "there's not a nickel's worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats" at the Washington level. I would like to put it another way: If the Democrats in Washington voted to burn the city down, the Republicans would vote to phase it in over a two week period.

We are now seeing how true that is. Considering that the main function of our government is to provide for the common defense, then we have a capital full of traitors. At this very moment we are undergoing a massive invasion along our southwestern border on a daily basis. There are similar incursions on the northern border, and along our coasts and seaports, but the most obvious is the borders of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Reports of Islamic terrorists-al Qaeda-are coming in all the time, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of illegal Mexicans, Salvadorans, South Americans, and Chinese. Yes, I said Chinese. More on this in a minute.

While this invasion is occurring, no matter how much we scream and shout and complain, Washington-and especially the White House-remains strangely silent. Americans have even had to form border watch organizations like the Minutemen to help the beleaguered Border Patrol slow down the massive flow of illegals and terrorists.

To close the border could be done. It might take the American military to do it-which is actually supposed to be its primary job (secure the borders and provide for the national defense), but what is left of our military has been deployed overseas to the point that there's no one left at home to watch the chickens. Our "reduced" armed forces are now tied up in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, Kosovo, and places in South America and the Philippines. The active units have made so many deployments that they are losing good personnel because of the wear-down factor. We are now relying on not only the Reserves but also the National Guard to fight overseas wars!

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the media showed the country that the local governing officials for the mayor to the governor and all their horses and men could not handle the problems at hand. It was up to not only FEMA, and all of our charitable and emergency management organizations and what national guardsmen that could be spared, but the only combat division left in the U.S.-the 82nd Airborne-which had to be deployed to secure one city. Just ONE city. If the emergency was more widespread, who were we going to call to help us? What if the 82nd had already been "punched out" for another tour in Iraq?

Now, let's add a few more factors:

China controls the Panama Canal, and has established the world's largest ocean shipping fleet (COSCO) and ocean transshipment center (Hutchinson-Whampoa at Freeport, Bahamas) just a few miles from Florida. They have made huge inroads into our technological structure. During the Clinton Regime they obtained our nuclear secrets, missile guidance systems, and even have had special operations forces trained by our Special Forces. They are now building a huge invasion fleet-allegedly for a future invasion of Taiwan-and are bolstering the South Koreans with military equipment and supplies. There are Chinese weapons and "advisors" in Mexico, and our border residents, including law enforcement, have reported "Asian males in uniform on, and crossing, the border" in California and Arizona. Also, Sealift containers full of Chinese arms have been intercepted in Long Beach, California and other places. The excuse we were given in the media was that they were smuggled goods earmarked for street gangs.

Meanwhile, over the past twenty years we have trained Russians and other former "Warsaw Pact" troops at Fort Polk, Louisiana in a project called Operation Cooperative Nugget. Most of the training concerned searching buildings in a combat town that looks just like downtown America. Most of this training was "house-to-house search and seizure" for arms and/or "insurgents." These units then took this training home to construct more combat towns (MOUT sites--for Military Operations in Urban Terrain), then train their own forces at home.

Other training concerned how to operate our equipment and weapons. As an intel type, this tells me that if I were to want to send my troops someplace, it would be easy to load them quickly if they didn't have to load equipment. If we can use pre-positioned trucks, tanks and aircraft, then we only need to worry about getting the troops to the zone of action. This is why we have a Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean with pre-positioned equipment and supplies. Is this why China has Freeport?

So, here is what we have so far:

We have been conditioned to accept we can't win a war by ourselves anymore;
Our military has been reduced in force and strength;
Many of our installations and bases have been closed;
Our forces have been stretched thin and deployed overseas;
Internally, there are morale and morals issues that have not existed in the past;
We have used up our Reserves and National Guard and continue to do so;
Our borders remain open, almost as if by design;
We have no control over the illegal immigrants, including terrorists, who come into this country;
The firepower of the American people has been reduced to "sporting arms" in most areas;
National Emergencies are occurring more frequently, and the federal Emergency Management program is not effective;

We now have a Homeland Defense organization that has ever-reaching powers over the citizenry and a blank check to, if not shackled by law, become our version of the Geheime Staatspolizei-the Gestapo or Secret State Police.

And now we have another barbarian at our gate: Avian Influenza-Bird Flu.

The media, and the White House, has already broached the subject of a possible "pandemic" that is as large, if not larger, than the 1918 outbreak that killed millions.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and in the preparation for Hurricane Rita, we were introduced to the first use of martial law in this country since the 1932 when US Army troops broke up the Veterans Bonus March camp in Washington who were protesting the federal government's reneging on veterans bonus payments to the WWI vets.

There are times when using military assets are necessary in a disaster or other emergency: carrying and distributing food, fuel and water, traffic control, emergency transportation, evacuations, searches and rescues, and so on. But they are not to be used as a control agent to force some despot's will upon the people. We know this, and our military knows this. I think that it is because our young soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen can not be trusted by the global-socialists of the New World Order gang to impose their will on us, that they will be more than happy to use "foreign assets" to police our streets-and us.

Plans are now made for quarantining cities and towns, blocking major highways, shutting down airports, and relocating segments of the population-by force if necessary. Also, plans are in place to forcibly inoculate the population. This is a frightening thought in itself when we consider the track record of the federal government when it comes to such wonderful programs such as Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, experiments on GIs and sailors with gasses, poisons, and biological weapons, plus marching soldiers through nuclear test sites after bombs were exploded to see what would happen. This is also a government that now has a law that says it can experiment on the civilian population with chemicals and biological weapons without our knowledge or consent.

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To sum this all up: our military is reduced in strength and are now overseas; our reserves are used up; our borders are open; terrorists are inside our country and may even have access to nuclear weapons; our federal government is totally infiltrated with global-socialists; and now we are facing a global pandemic that might require "foreign assets" and martial law!

I'm sure China and Russia are ready to come to our aid.

Some Americans will, as Kissinger predicted, welcome them with open arms.

What the globalists fear now is that too many will "welcome" them with a demonstration of our Second Amendment-if the Bird Flu doesn't get us first.

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He is also a career police officer, having retired in 1996 with over 26 years of service with the Tulsa Police Department, where he served in patrol division, undercover assignments, SWAT (Special Operations), and as a police helicopter pilot with the Air Support Unit for 14 years. He has had a dual career, while serving as a police officer he continued his military career in the reserves where he completed 30 years total service in 1999 as an infantry and intelligence officer.

He retired at the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve. Craig is a highly decorated combat veteran, and holds four medals from the police department including the Tulsa Police Department's second highest award, the Medal of Valor. Craig is an contributing writer for and the author of The Medusa File: Crimes and Coverups of the US Government, Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza, and One Shot--One Kill: America's Combat Snipers among others.

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We now have a Homeland Defense organization that has ever-reaching powers over the citizenry and a blank check to, if not shackled by law, become our version of the Geheime Staatspolizei-the Gestapo or Secret State Police.