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Craig Roberts
December 21, 2005

I currently live in a rural Oklahoma county, one that is heavily Democrat Party populated. Almost all of my neighbors, mostly farmers and ranchers, are life-long Democrats. Every one of them are great folks, and more importantly, very patriotic Americans.

We seldom discuss politics, but when we do it generally has to do with some �stupid law� that �those people in Washington� come up with that hurts agriculture, the price of beef, the price of fuel, or federal regulations that keep farmers and ranchers from earning a decent living. Little is said about the world condition, the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, or politics in general. More attention is given to the weather, and lately the lack of rain, than to the number of roadside bombs or morale of the population of Iraq.

However, recently I got into a �fence conference� with one of my neighbors. This is a typical �how�s it goin�� session where we meet at our fenceline and lean on the barbed wire while we discuss whatever comes to mind. Our conversation eventually turned to politics, and to �what those old boys in Washington� are up to.

I�ll call my neighbor John for privacy�s sake.

John asked, �Wonder when we�ll get our boys outta Iraq?�

�Well, John, I guess when the military says it�s safe to turn the country over to the Iraqi government and their army and police forces are ready to handle the terrorists on their own.�

�We shouldn�t have been there in the first place,� said John, picking up a piece of Johnson grass to pick his teeth with.

�Oh, and why not? Iraq was a country that harbored and supported terrorists, and was intent on making nuclear, biological and chemical weapons to use against anyone Hussein got mad at.�

�Naw,� said John. �Bush lied.�

I had been waiting months to broach this topic with John, and especially for him to give me an opening to discuss what has happened to his Democrat party over the years since World War II. I knew that John was a FDR/Harry Truman Democrat, as most mainstream southern and mid-west Democrats are, and he had little knowledge of what had happened to his Grand Pappy�s Party.

�John, why do you say 'Bush lied'�?

��Cause he did. Everyone knows that. He lied about them weapons of mass destruction, and that Hussein guy�s being tied to that bin Laden.�

�Actually, John, he didn�t lie at all. Before I retired from the military I saw satellite photos of a place called Salman Pak in Iraq where Hussein was training Arab terrorists from all over the world, including al Qaeda types. We knew of bin Laden back in the 80s, and where he got his support. Also, I saw photos of installations that were in the mountains in Iraq where Hussein was manufacturing and storing chemicals and biological weapons. Finally, my nephew was a Captain in Baghdad with the Army and saw a huge underground storage facility where 55 gallon drums of chemicals had been stored and had recently been moved.�

�If all that were true, we�d hear about it in the news and in the newspapers.�

�John, when the same people run the papers and other media outlets as run your party, you won�t hear of this stuff.�

�What?� exclaimed John. �And who are those people?�

�Mostly communists and international socialists. The same anti-American groups that control or drive the Democrat party these days at the national level, and who control most of the Democratic representatives and senators, control what you and I see and hear from the media organizations. The communists learned long ago that to control a country, you had to control the minds of the people, and you do this with the media. It�s agenda-driven propaganda. They can either lie, bend the truth, or not report on something. It�s simple.�

�You�re crazy. There ain�t no danged commies in the Democratic party. I woulda heard about �em.�

And there�s the rub. No politician is going to step forward and say they support communism or international socialism. But they do vote that way, and the true communist and socialist organizations have agendas that are either part of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) agenda, or parallel it.

The Communist Party of the USA of the 1930s through the 1950s determined that the Soviet brand of Communism would not be able to make progress in a country that was involved in a Cold War with the USSR, feared Castro in Cuba, and was preparing for war in Southeast Asia against Communism, so a decision was made to inject itself into the existing leftist party of sufficient size: The Democrat Party. Then, if they could have their infiltrators work their way to the top, the Democrat Party would become the vehicle to advance the agenda of �the Workers of the World,� and eventually the New Communist Man.

The plan was multi-faceted, and all backed by Moscow. Over a period of time, take over the media, take over the educational system, attack religion and get God out of every facet of life as possible, use minorities, labor unions, and disaffected groups to further their goals, and shift the country as far left as possible using laws, regulations, and the court system. Add to this taking over the federal courts, increasing the size and number of the social programs, make people more reliant on government (and less on God, family and local communities), and finally try to disarm the American public. Peasants with firearms were not conducive to totalitarianism.

By the mid 1960s, both Moscow and Hanoi were very involved in creating media events that would change the attitude of the American people against out war effort in Vietnam. The KGB funded several anti-war movements, organized protest marches, and placed sympathizers and out-and-out socialists into our media organizations. Every one of them were members of the Democrat Party.

Senator Joe McCarthy (R-Wis) who conducted investigations in the 1950s for the Senate Anti-American Activities Committee (renamed the House Internal Security Committee in 1969 and abolished in 1975) was viciously attacked when he tried to expose Communists in various positions in politics, entertainment, the media and the business world. One example was Alger Hiss, who was a key player in the formation of the United Nations, and who later proved to be a spy for the Soviet Union, just as McCarthy alleged. But the media attack on �Tailgunner Joe� McCarthy and his committee was relentless and to this day, McCarthy and his �McCarthyism� is synonymous with �witch hunt.�

Still, the various Communist and Socialist parties, many of which have ties to governments of countries with anti-American agendas, gravitate to, or have members that reside in the Democrat Party. In fact, one extreme-left socialist organization that follows doctrine is the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Members of this group include such leftists as: Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey, founder (and Senate hopeful) Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich , Jan Schakowsky, John Conyers, Maurice Hinchey, George Miller, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Bob Filner, Diane DeGette, Alcee Hastings, John Lewis, Patsy Mink, Jesse Jackson Jr. III, John Conyers, Jerrold Nadler, Jamor Owens, Charles Rangel, Dennis Kucinch, Sherrod Brown, Peter DeFazio, Robert C. Scott, James McDermitt, and Barney Frank, to name a few. There are more than fifty members to date, all Democrats. And the most socialistic (read �Communistic�) of our politicians are a band of rabid anti-American socialists: Charles Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Fienstein, Frank Lautenburg, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Harry Reid and others, all Democrats. Of note is the fact that the Communist Party of the USA and the Chinese Communist Party �endorsed� John Kerry in the last election.

There is an old saying that �birds of a feather flock together.� Nothing could be more true when it comes to agendas that all work in the same direction. Below is a list of just a few far left wing organizations that have infiltrated, support, or vote Democrat:

Communist Party USA
Democratic Socialists of America
Socialist Party USA
Socialist Workers Party
Workers Socialist Party USA
Social Democrats USA

There are more, but suffice it to say that the local Democrat Party representatives at the city and county level, to the most part, are clueless that their party has been taken over or being steered by the above organizations. Add to this the DNC�s support of the most heinous agenda items to come down the pike since World War II: Massive Welfare, horrendous tax increases and social spending, abortion, support of the homosexual agenda, inception of NAFTA and GATT to create socialist trade zones and encourage our corporations to move our factories out of the country (which reduces our self sufficiency), taking over our local schools and teaching methods with NEA-directed federal �programs,� disarmament and reduction of our military, disarmament of our population with steady attacks on the 2nd Amendment, creation of �hate speech� laws that destroy the 1st Amendment, alleged �separation of church and state� and its resultant persecution of Christianity�and God.

How is all of this accomplished? Simply put, it has come in a doctrine of Fabian Socialism. Unlike pure Communism, where a political agenda is instituted at the end of a gun, Fabian Socialism drives its agenda with patient gradualism. It is done with legislation, one law at a time. With regulations, created by un-elected bureaucrats who are given powers by being in positions of authority inside agencies that are invented to control various aspects of our lives, such as the EPA, OSHOA, Department of the Interior, Department of Labor, Food and Drug Administration, and the totally un-Constitutional Department of Health, Education and Welfare, and now the Department of Homeland Security, among others.

In the 1950s, Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev made the bold statement �We will bury you without firing a shot.� No one knew exactly what he meant at the time, but we can now see that Russian Marxist-Leninism has manifested itself within not just the Democrat Party at the national level, but within our Congress and Senate and most of our government institutions. Their goals are being achieved, and they have yet to fire a shot. And they are being supported by good Americans like John, who is a dyed-in-the-wool Yellow Dog Democrat, simply because his daddy was, and his grandpappy, No other reason. Just vote Democrat.

Are the Republicans at the national level any different, or better? That�s the topic for another column. But I have come to realize over the years that the only difference between Democrats and Republicans at the national level is this: if the Democrats decide to burn down Washington, the Republicans vote to compromise and burn it down over a two week period. The end result is the same. And as for upholding the Constitution, President Bush�s failure to secure our borders, his failure to reduce government spending and bureaucracies, and his latest drive to keep the so-called �Patriot Act� in place�and permanent�shows that neither party can be trusted to �keep the faith� of the American people and adhere to the limits of the Constitution. Ask any politician what the meaning of the 10th Amendment is and they will give you a blank stare. No politician wants to wear that Amendment�s handcuffs when it comes to making laws or spending money.

My neighbor, John, is a good church going Christian. He�s getting on in years and takes pride in being an elder and a deacon in his country Baptist church. I just had to ask him after explaining much of what is written above, �John, how can you call yourself a Christian and turn around and vote for Democrats?�

�What do you mean?�

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�Well, consider what Scripture says about homosexuals, killing babies, stealing, bearing false witness and its persecution of Christianity, removal of prayer and God from the schools you and I pay for, and the removal of religious symbols from our public places, not to mention now telling folks they can�t even say �Merry Christmas� because it might offend someone, how can you support such a party? Furthermore, can�t you see that all of this has been and continues to be the Communist agenda? You can�t have Communism and God both existing in the same country, when Communism is atheist and cannot tolerate competition.�

John looked speculative for a moment, then looked up at the heavens.

�Think we�ll ever get some rain?�

� 2005 Craig Roberts - All Rights Reserved

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He is also a career police officer, having retired in 1996 with over 26 years of service with the Tulsa Police Department, where he served in patrol division, undercover assignments, SWAT (Special Operations), and as a police helicopter pilot with the Air Support Unit for 14 years. He has had a dual career, while serving as a police officer he continued his military career in the reserves where he completed 30 years total service in 1999 as an infantry and intelligence officer.

He retired at the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve. Craig is a highly decorated combat veteran, and holds four medals from the police department including the Tulsa Police Department's second highest award, the Medal of Valor. Craig is an contributing writer for and the author of The Medusa File: Crimes and Coverups of the US Government, Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza, and One Shot--One Kill: America's Combat Snipers among others.

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But I have come to realize over the years that the only difference between Democrats and Republicans at the national level is this: if the Democrats decide to burn down Washington, the Republicans vote to compromise and burn it down over a two week period.