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By Dr. Michael S. Coffman Ph. D.
October 6, 2003

"From the point of Light within the Mind of God; Let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend on Earth.... The purpose which the Masters know and serve.... Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth."

Used as the invocation at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro during 1992, the above creed is part of the Great Invocation based in Theosophy. The source of light in the Great Invocation is Lucifer and the Plan intends to implement world government and religion grounded in occult powers. This goal is at the heart of the global agenda. It is also something that very few Americans realize.

Theosophy is a blend of eastern and western religions, most closely aligned with Vedic Hinduism. Although the Theosophical Society originally started in New York in the 1800s, it was not until Alice Bailey broke away from the Society in the early 1900s and created Lucifer Trust, that it gained power in America.

Not surprisingly, the mostly Christian America in the early 1900s did not receive the name Lucifer Trust very well and it was quickly changed to Lucis Trust. Today it works through its occult Arcane School and World Goodwill. Together, they implement what is termed "The Plan," which is revealed in 24 occult books written by Bailey. The concepts of "New Age" and the "New World Order" had their origins in these books.

Bailey claims Djwhal Khul, her Ascended Master, actually wrote the books through her while she was in a trance using occult automatic writing. Ascended Masters are supposedly superhuman beings who are part of an exalted hierarchy of demigods that secretly guide the affairs of humanity.

The Feast of Saint Francis celebration at the Cathedral Church of the Saint John Divine in New York City where animals are blessed and the Greek Goddess Gaia is exalted. This years celebration is to be on October 5.

Although virtually unknown, Lucis Trust wields tremendous importance. As defined in my book Saviors of the Earth?, notables such as Robert McNamara, Donald Regan, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Paul Volker, George Shultz and Jimmy Carter have supported its activities. Lucis Trust has consultative accreditation within the UN and has played a key role in helping to shape "the New World Order." Steve Bonta notes in the March 1, 1999 New American magazine, that Theosophy,

"�enjoys the attention of the world's power elite at the United Nations, the World Bank, and other centers of political and financial power in the United States. Its influence is felt [throughout]... our nation's popular culture."

Like cancer, The Plan is insidiously spreading through thousands of organizations, many of which have no idea what they are advancing. One of the most prominent vectors of The Plan is the Episcopal Cathedral Church of St. John Divine in New York City, considered by many analysts to be the new age Mecca in the United States. Frequented in the past by former Vice President Gore, the Cathedral annually hosts the "Feast of Saint Francis" where the "resident Omega and Forces of Nature dance troupes perform the dazzling Earth Mass/Missa Gaia" and the clergy bless "a myriad of creatures," from elephants and algae, to a 3.5 billion year old Australian fossil.

The Cathedral has housed several radical new age groups at various times, one of which is the Temple of Understanding. The Temple, whose interfaith purpose is the "re-integration of the sacred into our lives" via "the world's religious traditions" through "universal spiritual wisdom," collaborated with the UN's Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders for Human Survival to co-found the National Religious Partnership on the Environment in 1992.

The Partnership, also housed in the Cathedral of St. John Divine at one time, is billed as a "federation of major American faith communities." This non-alarming sanitized description hides the fact that Paul Gorman, the Partnership's initial Executive Director, was former Vice President of public affairs of the Cathedral of the Saint John Divine, and Director of the Temple of Understanding's Joint Appeal. Gorman reveals his new age emphasis in the original purpose of the Partnership: people of faith engage the environmental crisis will have much to do with the future well-being of the planet, and in all likelihood, with the future of religious life as well.

With the help of Vice President Gore's endorsement, the Partnership has sent environmental literature to over 67,000 congregations and 100 million congregants calling for the Church to make the protection of the earth a central message of the Church. Although written in "bibleze," it nonetheless represents a deceptive attempt to create guilt thereby shifting the focus of the Church from the gospel of Christ to one of protecting Mother Earth.

The U.S. Catholic Conference, the National Council of Churches of Christ, the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, and the Evangelical Environmental Network cofounded the Partnership. Not only are the Catholic Church and mainline Christian denominations involved in the Partnership's interfaith pantheistic agenda, but evangelicals like World Vision, the Baptist General Convention of Texas, Intervarsity and others are also indirectly entangled in its web of deception through the Evangelical Environmental Network.

Christian and Jewish leaders are fair game for this kind of deception because they believe we are destroying the earth. Like most Americans, distorted reports of environmental destruction are the only thing they have heard. While thinking their Church or synagogue still worships the God of creation, its leadership and members are promoting laws that make earth-not God-the central organizing principle of our society.

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Dr. Michael S. Coffman received his BS in Forestry and MS in Biology at Northern Arizona University at Flagstaff, Arizona and his Ph.D. in Forest Science at the University of Idaho at Moscow in 1966,1967, and 1970 respectively. Since then he has become a respected scientist and ecologist who has been involved in ecosystem research for over twenty years in both academia and industry. He taught courses and conducted research in forest ecology and forest community dynamics for ten years at Michigan Technological UniversityCa leading forestry school in the Midwest. While there, he published a book on forest ecosystem classification in Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin, which has become the standard for classification in the region. He also assisted the U.S. Forest Service in developing an Ecological Land Classification System for each of the National Forests in Region-9.

Until 1992 Dr. Coffman was a manager for Champion International, a leading forest and paper products company in the United States. During his tenure with Champion, he became Chairman of the Forest Health Group within NCASI (National Council for the Paper Industry for Air and Stream Improvement), a respected scientific research group for the Paper Industry. In this, and other related responsibilities, he was responsible for millions of dollars of research and became intimately involved in such national and international issues as acid rain, global climate change, wetlands, cumulative effects and biological diversity. During this time he was a spokesperson for the Paper Industry for the media.

Dr. Coffman is currently President of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. He also serves as Executive Director of Sovereignty International, Inc and the Local Environment and Resource Network (LEARN). He provides professional guidance and training in defining environmental problems and conflicts, and developing solutions to specific issues as well as the hidden dangers of international treaties and agreements that threaten our Constitutional protections, especially property rights. He played a key role in stopping the ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity (Biodiversity Treaty) in the U.S. Senate one hour before the ratification vote by anticipating and exposing the unbelievable agenda behind the treaty. He has written three books exposing the environmentalist phenomenon; The Birth of World Government, Saviors of the Earth? The Politics and Religion of Environmentalism, and Environmentalism! The Dawn of Aquarius or the Twilight of a new Dark Age?

In his present capacity as Exec. Director of Sovereignty International, Inc. he is intimately involved with the science that drives the issue of global warming and sustainable development and global political agenda behind the effort to create global governance. Dr. Coffman speaks to a variety of groups nationally who are interested in the scientific truth and political agenda behind global warming and other environmental issues to advance global governance.

LEARN provides knowledge to local citizens on how to help local government attain equal powers with the federal and state governments in implementing environmental laws in order to protect both the environment and the rights of local citizens. E-Mail:








"With the help of Vice President Gore's endorsement, the Partnership has sent environmental literature to over 67,000 congregations and 100 million congregants calling for the Church to make the protection of the earth a central message of the Church."