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By Dr. Michael S. Coffman Ph. D.
February 15, 2011

Multi Billionaire George Soros is waging a war on America’s Constitution to transform the freest people in the history of the earth into a hedonistic/socialistic nation ruled by global governance.

Almost unknown until recently, multi-billionaire George Soros has been quietly bringing down governments around the world. He has now turned his attention to the United States and unleashed a firestorm of activity intent on destroying the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. dollar.

David Kupelian, managing editor of and editor of Whistleblower magazine calls Soros a “God-hating atheist, a self-hating Jew, a capitalism-hating socialist, and an America-hating globalist.”[1] That is just the start. He supports euthanasia, legalizing drugs, socialism, gay rights and global governance. He opposes free enterprise, Israel (even though he is a Jew) and U.S. sovereignty.[2] He wants to devalue the U.S. dollar, telling the Financial Times in October 2009 that “an orderly decline of the dollar is actually desirable,” even though Americans would suffer if it were to happen.[3]

Soros wants to replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency and replace it with “a new currency system.”[4] If that were to happen it would have a catastrophic effect on the U.S. There is a huge demand for dollars in the world because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. Every nation must use dollars to buy oil and other commodities in international trade.[5] This keeps the demand for dollars high.

There have been efforts to dump the dollar as the reserve currency in the past. In the most recent effort, Gulf Arab states, along with China, Russia, Japan and France announced plans on October 5, 2009 to do this by 2018.[6] That effort seems to have been stalled for now. If the dollar ever loses its reserve currency status, there would suddenly be a huge surplus of dollars flooding back to the U.S. causing high inflation, even hyperinflation.[7] Americans would have to carry their money in wheelbarrows as happened in the Weimar Republic after WWI.

Can Soros do this? At a net worth estimated at $11 billion, he is worth more than the Gross Domestic Product of three-quarters of all the nations in the world. He brought down the Russian government in the late 1990s.[8] He is famously known as “the man who broke the Bank of England” by shorting the British pound on October, 1992.[9] The international banking community now calls it Black Wednesday. Soros brags about making a billion or more dollars by crashing of the Bank of England,[10] and says it is “fun” to bring down entire nations he labels “repressive” based on his Marxist ideology.” The innocent casualties of his subversive activities are “unintended” but a necessary cost of doing good (as he defines it).[11]

Glenn Beck calls Soros “spooky dude” because he actually looks and acts a lot like the evil Emperor Palpatine of Star Wars fame. Soros’s raspy voice even sounds like Palpatine as the Emperor spins his evil throughout his empire. There is some truth in this comparison. Soros was responsible for collapsing the national currency of Malaysia in 1997. True, the leadership of Malaysia was and is very repressive, but it didn’t bother Soros to make the lives of Malasia’s impoverished citizens even more unbearable. When confronted with this evil, Soros casually justifies himself by saying that if he hadn’t speculated with the Malaysian currency, someone else would have.[12]

Soros’s parents were globalists, promoting the worldwide spread of a single language, Esperanto. Esperanto was a language the elite developed to become the universal language in their socialist paradise to come. Because his father was a leader in this movement, his parents were probably anti-American. His birth name was György Schwarz until age 6 and he grew up speaking Esperanto.[13] Soros was 13 when his homeland of Hungary was invaded by the Nazis in 1944. His anti-Semitic father saw this inevitability and gave Soros a false Christian identity so he would not be identified as a Jew.[14] A government official responsible for confiscating the property of the Jews and shipping them off to death camps took Soros in as a godson at age 14. Soros accompanied his godfather in this activity and he eventually participated in the grisly process.

In an interview on December 20, 1998 with 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft, Soros boasted, “that’s when my character was made.” Soros admitted to Kroft that he actually participated in the confiscation of the Jew’s property. When Kroft responded that it would cause psychiatric problems for most people, Soros responded, “Not – not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don't – you don't see the connection. But it was – it created no – no problem at all.” Soros went on to say he had no feelings of guilt whatsoever.[15] He felt no guilt even two years later when the atrocities committed by Hitler in his death camps were exposed to the world.[16]

Soros’ parents were never seen again and were apparently among those shipped off to the death camps. There is no evidence that Soros witnessed this, but he had to have known it. The loss of parents in this way would be a major trauma to any 14 year-old. For Soros to say that it created no emotional problem at all would require that he severed his emotions from his psyche. It allowed him to survive, but at a terrible cost. Perhaps that is why Soros can have “fun” deliberately causing incredible pain for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people in his twisted logic of helping them. It is just a cost of doing business.

Soros learned how to manipulate people and events early in life. His actions are destructive, yet he admits he feels no remorse. He believes, after all, he is actually helping the people he harms because he is punishing the evil government that created their poverty. Dr. Lyle Rossiter, Jr., a psychiatrist who has studied this pattern of behavior for forty years says it can “only be understood as a product of psychopathology.[17] Rossiter wasn’t diagnosing Soros, but was defining the general distorted view of reality of radical liberals, who call themselves progressives. Rossiter goes on to state:

So extravagant are the patterns of thinking, emoting, behaving and relating that characterize the liberal (progressive) mind that its relentless protests and demands become understandable as disorders of the psyche. The modern liberal (progressive) mind, its distorted perceptions and its destructive agenda are the product of disturbed personalities.[18]

This does not mean that Soros fits this description exactly, but from all accounts he personally has given, it seems to fit. He even identifies himself as a progressive and has stated publically he has messianic tendencies.[19] He is committed to saving the world from itself, no matter what the cost. This is also the goal of most, if not all progressives. The two go hand in glove. Therefore, it is not surprising that Soros provides hundreds of millions of dollars to radical progressive groups, and these progressive groups provide the shock troops needed to destabilize and destroy the United States.

The funding by Soros goes to hundreds, if not thousands of these radical progressive groups. WorldNetDaily’s December, 2010, Whistleblower magazine identifies 150 of these nongovernmental organization (NGO).[20] They range from his flagship Open Society Institute, to the Tides Foundation, (which labeled General Petraeus, General Betray Us), to hundreds of smaller groups like ACORN.


Glenn Beck did a series of shows on Soros to expose the almost unbelievable network of anti-American NGOs funded or manipulated by Soros. He even funds media groups like the Huffington Post and National Public Radio, whose programing is considered very liberal.[21] Soros doesn’t do this entirely by himself. Compatriots like billionaires Herb and Marion Sandler and their Pro Publica organization also contribute to the anti-American effort.[22]

The Open Society Institute (OSI) is the principle organization that Soros uses to distribute $450 million dollars every single year to deserving progressive organizations. Most telling, Soros selected Aryeh Neier to head OSI. Neier is the founder of the violent radical group SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) in the 1960s.[23] Soros has stated publically that he wants his vast network of organizations to be the “conscious of the world.”[24] In other words, his conscious. What does Soros’s conscious tell him? “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”[25]

Soros publically explained that he has historically brought down nations and currencies by destabilizing the nation, currency or both using his vast army of NGOs as a “shadow government” to create what he calls “subversive activities.”[26] This is the same strategy used by the communists to spread communism since the First World War. More recently, it is the same model advocated by Saul Alinsky in his Rules for Radicals which is dedicated to Satan. Radical socialists Richard Cloward and Frances Piven at Columbia University, went even further by writing a 1966 article in The Nation titled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.”[27]

Now known as the Cloward-Piven Strategy, the strategy took off like wildfire among the progressive liberals. Using Alinsky as their inspiration, the Cloward-Piven strategy “seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.”[28] The strategy calls for creating a massive movement to force the rest of society to do what they demand. Although this strategy has been used for decades in the United States, it is the exact strategy being used by the myriads of Soros-funded NGOs.

Impossible, you say? Just how do you think the U.S. has accumulated a $14 trillion debt? In their relentless quest to solve the unending evils they see in America, radical NGOs, many funded by Soros, have passed a myriad of expensive social legislation that the United States cannot afford. When there was no longer any tax money to fund the bloated programs, the U.S. began to borrow money to fund them. We now have a $1.5 trillion budget deficit in 2011 to add to our $14 trillion debt. At this rate it will be $19.6 trillion by 2015.[29] This is not free money. In 2010 the interest payment alone on the debt was $414 billion, second only to Social Security and National Defense.[30]

The National Debt to Gross Domestic Product ration is 94.7 percent. That means the U.S. owes about as much as it produces every year. That is not sustainable, which means the financial condition of the United States is very unstable; exactly what Soros and Cloward and Piven oriented NGOs have been striving to accomplish for decades. Yet, the mainstream media is strangely quiet on this precarious predicament. Two things can happen that could totally collapse the dollar overnight. First, during his U.S. visit the week of January 24, 2011, Chinese President Hu said that the U.S. dollar should no longer be used as the world’s reserve currency. Most people don’t understand the drastic implications of this if it were to happen.

If the world no longer used the dollar as the world reserve currency, the demand for dollars would evaporate and there would be a glut of dollars in the world. The value of the dollar would drop to near zero and hyperinflation could set in. The resulting depression would make the Great Depression look like a cake-walk.

Is this likely to happen? Other nations want the dollar gone, but a sudden collapse would also collapse their economy so they are reluctant to attack the dollar. China, for instance, would lose the $900 billion it has loaned the U.S. Worse; it would lose its biggest market, which would cause massive unemployment in China and almost certain violent riots within its borders.[31]

It is also unlikely that Soros could collapse the dollar by himself. Nonetheless, he has consistently shown that he can take advantage of economic instability to make billions, while causing the collapse of whatever currency he attacks. While unlikely at the moment, we should be concerned that Soros will find a critical lynchpin that when pulled, could cause a cascade affect that would collapse the dollar, while Soros made billions in gold or another currency.

The second thing that could happen would be far less serious, but far more likely. If we keep piling on debt as we are currently doing, sooner or later China and our other debt holders are going to say ‘no more.’ Standard and Poor’s, as well as Moody’s has already warned the U.S. on January 14, 2011 that it will lose its Aaa credit rating if it doesn’t reign in its debt.[32] When and if that happens, our interest payments will skyrocket from the $414 billion paid in 2010. While not initially catastrophic, it precipitates a vicious cycle of having to borrow more money to pay the skyrocketing interest on what we already owe, which will cause a further decline in the U.S.’s credit rating, and so on.

The result of either of these possibilities would eventually collapse the dollar, cause pandemonium on the scale of what we have seen in Greece. Worse, it would likely cause the unraveling of our economic and political system, allowing Soros and other globalists to come riding in on their white horses to save the day with global governance and a new global currency—something that the progressive elites have been planning for a hundred years.

The United States is in very serious trouble. We hope that the unthinkable does not happen. But there are many in the world, including Soros and most progressives, who would like to see the dollar collapse and capitalism be abandoned so they can implement their radical progressive agenda. That is the type of “change” progressives really means when they use the code word “change” or “transformation.”

The progressive agenda is diametrically opposite the founding principles within the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, every attempt to destroy the Constitution is being made by unconstitutional laws and decisions rendered by progressive activist judges. The progressive agenda cannot work because it is based on false assumptions rather than on reality.

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This radical progressive agenda must be exposed before the 2012 election so most progressives in Congress and our State Legislatures can be voted out of office. In the meantime, we must develop a plan to quickly reduce our national debt—as painful as that may be. The $35 billion spending reduction in 2011 touted by Republicans simply is not enough with a $1.5 trillion deficit.


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The funding by Soros goes to hundreds, if not thousands of these radical progressive groups. WorldNetDaily’s December, 2010, Whistleblower magazine identifies 150 of these nongovernmental organization (NGO)