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By Dr. Michael S. Coffman Ph. D.
August 15, 2007

The cover of the August 13, 2007 issue of Newsweek sports a picture of a very active sun with a title �Global Warming is a Hoax.� But the cover story isn�t about how the man-caused global warming hysteria is a hoax. Oh, no, it is just the opposite. It is a diatribe about how those who are skeptical about man�s influence on climate are denying the truth and are undermining the true science. Science that allegedly shows without a doubt that man is causing global warming. The article�s title, �The Truth About Denial,� provides the lead-in for the accusation that the skeptics are receiving millions of dollars (primarily from big oil, of course) to provide research disproving man-caused global warming. The author, Sharon Begley, accused Exxon alone of giving $19 million to such efforts.

Nineteen million dollars since 1990 is a lot of money � until it is compared to the whooping $50 billion that has fed the man-caused global warming hysteria. You read it correctly, that is $50 billion. Of course, Newsweek conveniently left that bit of information out of its article. The conventional wisdom that man is responsible for the cataclysmic warming over the past 100 years was bought and paid for with your tax dollars and huge foundation grants. Although $50 billion has bought big headlines and doomsday rhetoric, the actual research has shown almost no connection between earth�s CO2 and its temperature. Paleoclimate scientist Bob Carter, who has testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, explains how much money has been spent researching and promoting climate fears. �In one of the more expensive ironies of history, the expenditure of more than $US50 billion on research into global warming since 1990 has failed to demonstrate any human-caused climate trend, let alone a dangerous one.�

Just how bad is the science supporting man-caused global warming? Let�s just say that if this was any other branch of science for which billions of dollars weren�t given out like candy, it would be shunned. Very few scientists would be working on man-caused global warming because there just isn�t any credible scientific justification. The entire theory depends on global warming models that can not accurately predict what has happened the last 50 years (without a lot of black-box manipulation), let alone predict catastrophic warming over the next 50 years. However, the siren song of big research grants and even bigger prestige has sucked many scientists down the road of politicizing their science. If they jump off the bandwagon by telling the truth they will find themselves without grants and out a job. When you have a family to support, there is quite an incentive to find a connection to CO2, no matter how flimsy the data.

Most readers of NewsWithViews already know this or at least suspect it. However, trying to convince your friends and family that the man-caused global warming hysteria is a fraud often earns you a nomination for membership in the lunatic fringe. If that describes you, then there is hope for redeeming your sullied name. Sovereignty International � the organization who stopped the onerous Convention on Biological Diversity an hour before the U.S. Senate was scheduled to vote on it � has just produced a professional DVD in which dozens of scientists, experts and politicians tell the other side of the global warming story. Called Global Warming or Global Governance?, this powerful DVD is the skeptics answer to sharing hard facts with those who believe mankind is causing global warming with his CO2 belching SUVs and factories. After viewing this DVD, most believers of man-caused warming will either reject the fraud, or began to seriously question it. The DVD exposes the myths that:

  • Global warming is causing all the �abnormal� weather we are currently experiencing
  • CO2 has caused warming and cooling of the earth over the past several hundred thousand years
  • CO2 is the most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere
  • The earth has had a steady temperature for the past thousand years and then suddenly skyrocketed to record levels in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.
  • The rapid temperature increase in the late twentieth century is evidence of global warming.
  • The number and severity of hurricanes and other violent weather is escalating.
  • The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is an unbiased scientific body.
  • � The Antarctic and Greenland ice caps are melting and will cause ocean levels to rise 20 feet.
  • The polar bears are threatened with extinction as the polar ice cap breaks up
  • CO2 is a pollutant and its emission should be constrained
  • CO2 has no benefits
  • There is scientific consensus that CO2 is driving modern global warming and the science is settled.

Rather than being a pollutant, CO2 is an extremely beneficial gas that could increase food production by 20 to 40 percent and dramatically improve the health of earth�s ecosystems if its concentration doubled.

If CO2 can be so beneficial, why are we spending tens of billions of dollars to prove it is so bad? The answer is simple. It is part of an agenda to create global governance. There are several excellent DVDs coming out in the next several months that expose the global warming fraud, but only Global Warming or Global Governance? explains why so much money is being spent advancing the man-caused global warming hysteria. Experts and politicians who are aware of the global governance agenda explain how the international cartel is using global warming, biodiversity, education and many more alleged crises to control our economy and implement global governance � with them in control, of course. News clips in this DVD show how this is actually being done today.

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Global Warming or Global Governance is a powerful DVD that received a standing ovation when it was debuted at July�s Freedom 21 Conference in Dallas. It is valued at more than $30, but Sovereignty International is so committed to getting it into the hands of as many people as possible that they are making it available through NewsWithViews for $14.95. Take a look at the trailer and see if you agree.

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Dr. Michael Coffman is CEO of Sovereignty International. He has a Ph.D. in ecosystems analysis and has taught in universities in ecology, ecosystems, forest management, and meteorology as well as conducted research in these areas. He led a multimillion dollar research effort into the effects of global warming on our nation's ecosystems in the late 1980s and 1990s before leaving that position to start his consulting firm, Environmental Perspectives, Inc. and create Sovereignty International to expose the global agenda.












Rather than being a pollutant, CO2 is an extremely beneficial gas that could increase food production by 20 to 40 percent and dramatically improve the health of earth�s ecosystems if its concentration doubled.