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By Greg Ciola

February 23, 2013

While Supporting Morning-After Pills That Kill Babies

On September 13, 2012 New York City’s Board of Health passed a law banning super-sized, sugary drinks at over 20,000 places of business consisting of restaurants, delis, fast-food chains, office cafeterias, coffee shops, movie theaters, concession stands and most other places that fall under the Board of Health’s regulation. The ban limits all sugar-containing sodas and other non-diet sweetened drinks to 16 ounces beginning in March 2013.

People who buy sugary drinks at such establishments will still have an option to purchase an additional 16 ounce beverage. Exempt from the ban is sugary drinks sold at supermarkets or most convenience stores and alcoholic and dairy-based beverages sold throughout New York City.

"Six months from today," Bloomberg tweeted, "our city will be an even healthier place. NYC's new sugary drink policy is the single biggest step any gov't has taken to curb obesity. It will help save lives."[1]

There are several glaring problems with this ban. It does not include diet soda or diet drinks larger than 16 ounces, and it doesn’t apply to alcohol. That means you can get hammered on beer in a bar, but you won’t be allowed to buy a big gulp soda at a Yankee game.

What’s even worse, diet soda containing the neurotoxin aspartame with over 92 reported adverse side effects listed on the FDA’s website is okay. What kind of screw balls are making the laws in this country?

I am certainly not in favor of someone drinking big gulp sodas any more than I am in favor of someone smoking cigarettes. However, this is a very slippery and dangerous road for the government to be going down. What are we going to see in the future, a whole new agency known as the Food Police? We should pay more attention to our Founding Fathers and their statements because they lived through a tyrannical period of time where foreign governments did try to control what people ate.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” -- Thomas Jefferson

While many of us may not like these poor social habits that are so commonplace today, we should not be using police power to force people into making dietary changes. Where is this power granted to any branch of government in the Constitution? I say shame on Mayor Bloomberg because he spearheaded this move that is now also being pushed in other cities throughout the country, and which we will likely see expand greatly and eventually include many other products in the future as these social engineers seek to impose their will upon us.

Morning-After Pills Dispensed Like Candy In All New York City High Schools

If the soda ban isn’t enough to get you riled up this one certainly should, especially in light of the hypocrisy of the logic used to say why they large soft drinks should be banned.

In Mayor Bloomberg’s tweet about soda he tweeted, “it will help save lives.” On one hand, he thinks he is going to cut down on rates of obesity and disease which will help ‘save lives’ and, on the other hand, he fully supports a pilot program in New York that gives out morning-after pills freely that for all intents and purposes stop life.

Students as young as 14 can now get free birth control at 13 New York City high schools without parental consent, but with the Mayor’s blessing. I am not just talking about condoms here either. Although condoms have been provided free for years, this program gives students access to oral contraceptives, along with the morning-after pill, which can prevent (end) pregnancy up to 72 hours after conception.[2]

Mayor Bloomberg was quoted as saying, "The good news is we’ve brought teenage pregnancy down by, I think, something like 25 percent over the last 10 years. The bad news is there’s still an awful lot of girls who get pregnant at a very early age."

The Department of Health added, "In New York City, over 7,000 young women become pregnant by age 17 — 90% of which pregnancies are unplanned, we are committed to trying new approaches, like this pilot program in place since January 2011, to improve a situation that can have lifelong consequences.”[3]

Parents who want to opt their child out of this program can fill out a form that will exclude them. Otherwise, students can get birth control from the school nurse confidentially.

The bottom line – the morning-after pill can end a pregnancy if conception has occurred and any way you slice it has nothing to do with ‘saving lives’ as the Mayor claims is his plan with soda. How many of these unprotected sexual encounters result in conception? Plenty! No worries; just mosey on down to the nurse’s office and get the morning-after pill for free. If you are scared your parents won’t approve, then you can keep it from them too.


Look at all the most common ridiculous argument the liberals use in favor of a woman having the right to get an abortion.

“It’s a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body.”

Oh really! Why can’t she go without wearing a seat belt? Why can’t she speed 100 miles an hour down the highway? Why can’t she walk into a deli after March 13, 2013 in New York City and purchase a 24 oz soda?

Hypocrisy you say? At its absolute worst in my opinion!

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You may think that my defense of soda can somehow then justify abortion or morning-after pills that end life. While drinking a large soda is not healthy for you, it is not causing the loss of an innocent human life. Yes, over time drinking soda every day will set your body up for disease. It is not immediate though. Nobody ever dies from the first drink, the first cigarette or the first big gulp soda. While these can all be harmful over time, you are making a personal choice, and you alone are the only one hurt. When it comes to pregnancy, however, we are talking about innocent human lives. Sadly, a major cultural shift is well underway in our society and recapturing the hearts and minds of the masses won’t be easy.

� 2013 Greg Ciola - All Rights Reserved


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Greg Ciola is the editor and publisher of Crusador, a hard-hitting alternative health publication that sheds light on many critical health issues. Ciola believes that there is a conscious effort going on to sabotage our health. His mission is to actively educate others by explaining the reasons why many health problems are occurring, and what can be done so you, your family, and your loved ones can stay well.





Morning-After Pills Dispensed Like Candy In All New York City High Schools...