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By NWV Staff Writer
June 2, 2004
12:55 AM Eastern

SALEM, OR - 80,000 petitions have been mailed out for three issues to be decided by the voters in November:

The Student Protection Act, which reads in part, "...the instruction of behaviors relating to homosexuality and bisexuality shall not be presented in a public school in a manner which encourages, promotes or sanctions such behaviors." It also calls for sanctions of withholding public funds from schools that do not comply.

Judicial Oath of Office Act, which would require all elected officials to publicly swear to uphold their oath of office and to the Oregon and U.S. Constitution.

The Divine Sovereign Life Amendment, which would be an amendment to the Oregon State Constitution, reaffirms that Life comes from God and must be protected.

This effort is spearheaded by Lon Mabon, Chairman of Oregon Citizens Alliance (OCA) (503-463-8089) and Founder of New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI), which is the sponsoring organization for the initiatives. According to Mabon, the petitions have now been mailed and the effort to collect the final needed signatures is underway.

The Student Protection Act and Judicial Oath of Office Act are statutory and require 75,630 valid signatures. The Divine Sovereign Life Amendment requires 100,840 valid signatures. The drop-dead date for collection of valid signatures for submission is July 2, 2004.

OCA was successful in getting the Student Protection Act on the ballot in 2000. Even though they were outspent at least 10 to 1, the measure still managed to receive just under 49% of the vote. �Considering that the government schools are teaching students of all ages (even preschools) to accept homosexuality as a normal part of life, one would think more Christians and churches would be outraged,� Mabon said.

In 1992, OCAs Measure 9 which would have prohibited government promotion of homosexuality, ran into heavy open opposition from the Episcopal, liberal Presbyterian and United Methodist churches, as well as pro-homosexual and lesbian organizations. The Catholic Church officially has remained neutral on the Student Protection Act and the Divine Sovereign Life Amendment, though many Catholics and local Priests support them.

According to GLADD (The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, who fought OCAs efforts back in 2000, "Once people understand how misleading the initiative is, Roche added, they will vote against it. The OCA has a history of failed anti-gay initiatives. In 1992 and 1994 it succeeded in gathering enough signatures to place ballot measures amending the state constitution to ban discrimination protection based on sexual orientation, but voters rejected both. OCA's anti-gay marriage petition drive in 1998 failed to gather enough signatures to go to a vote."

Mabon insists that Student Protection Act isn't to take away anyone's rights, as all citizens are considered equal under the law, it is to stop giving special rights to individuals of special interest groups and to stop the forced pro homosexual and lesbian agenda being fostered in the public school system. The Student Protection Act limits what the schools can do. It is not a limitation on individuals.

The Judicial Oath of Office Act, Mabon insists is necessary to hold elected public servants accountable for their actions. If they don't uphold their oath of office and adhere to the restrictions in the Oregon and U.S. Constitution, the people should have the right to remove them from office. A contract with the people and their public servants should be sacred and honored to the fullest extent, contends Mabon. He insists that, from a political perspective, getting the judges who are disobedient to the state and national Constitutions under control is the most important issue of the moment. If they continue to go outside the Constitutions and award themselves powers and authority expressly forbidden them by those same documents � and we continue to allow it, 1) We will get what we deserve; and 2) Nothing will be safe from these corrupt judges -- legislation, initiatives, sacred or traditional values -- or even the Constitutions themselves.

Concerning the Divine Sovereign Life Amendment, Mabon says it is the only true basis for valuing, and therefore protecting, human life. Unless God is honored as the source, because He is, then all arguments ring hollow and fall short because even His People are, for whatever reason, unwilling to state and establish the truth. Life is of value because we are created in the image of God. This will be an excellent argument for the state of Oregon to debate.

Oregon voters can receive petition sheets through the mail. Email Lon Mabon at or call the NCMI office at 503.463.8089. Circulators are being asked to mail petitions back in by the third week in June.

If enough valid signatures are collected, it will be up to the voters in the State of Oregon this November to decide the issues.

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"Mabon insists that Student Protection Act isn't to take away anyone's rights, as all citizens are considered equal under the law, it is to stop giving special rights to individuals of special interest groups..."