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By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Pacific
July 23, 2015
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Using Social Security Records to Blacklist the Elderly

In the aftermath of yet another mass-shooting incident, this time in Chattanooga, Tennessee, President Barack Obama and his administration insist on blaming guns for the killing of five Marines instead of radical Islam. As part of their anti-gun agenda, they want to stop elderly Americans who are collecting Social Security (SS) benefits from purchasing and owning firearms if they do not manage their own financial affairs such as banking and using credit cards, according to news reports this week.

According to a number of gun policy experts, such an executive order is likely to have an effect on millions of people receiving their retirement benefits or SS disability payments that are handled by other family members of caregivers. This latest anti-gun push by Obama and his fellow-travelers -- who refuse to stop trying to limit Second Amendment rights -- would add innocent retired or physically-challenged Americans to a list that includes felons, drug addicts, illegal aliens, domestic abusers and others.

The current federal gun law prohibits firearms ownership to people who are unable to function due to low intelligence, diagnosed mental illness such as incompetency. Such an act could impact on the rights of a large group within Social Security system.

If Social Security records, which are considered strictly confidential and were never used for background checks, uses the standard that those who are receiving monthly payments that are managed by an authorized representative will be treated like felons and illegal aliens, more that four million retirees or disabled persons would be deprived of their constitutional right to keep and bear arms, according to former police detective and senior citizen activist George David Bellonson.

"I spent 40 years of my life carrying firearms -- 25 of them as a police officer and 10 years as a security official. My wife does all my banking -- our banking -- and financial affairs not because I'm a 'wacko' but because she's very good at it and has a background in accounting and bookkeeping," Fellons said.

Critics of what they are calling Obama's latest gun-grab allege that the government expansion of the list of people who cannot own guns based on financial competence is ridiculous on its face.

The government's list of ex-convicts, illegal aliens, criminally insane will now include people may be bad at arithmetic, have a hard time balancing their checkbooks and bank accounts, or suffer from slight memory loss. "I can't find my car keys in my home and suddenly I'm a danger to the public if I own and carry a gun? Those who propose such nonsense are the ones who should be labeled mentally incompetent," said political strategist Mike Baker.

Background checks for those seeking to purchase firearms began during the Clinton administration in 1993. Since that time gun dealers have been required to run the names of potential buyers through a computerized system before every sale. Since the end of the Clinton Administration, President Barack Obama showed an obsession with gun control. He has unilaterally used more than 20 executive orders aimed at helping to disarm the American people. He also ordered the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) start their own study of gun ownership treating that interest in firearms like a “disease.” According to experts, his “solution” to disarming the public is linking gun ownership by private citizens to mental health problems.

"The debate on gun control has reached the level of absurdity. Here we have a glorified community organizer about to disarm a bunch of people who served their nation as military members carrying weapons or served their communities as law enforcement and security officers armed with handguns and rifles. And how will he do it? By having his cronies single out Social Security recipients who don't handle their own finances," said former police captain and U.S. Marine Patrick O'Halleran. "That's what we get for allowing a community organizer to call the shots in America," he quipped.

A top police adviser on guns and gun policy is urging his fellow Americans to read the tea leaves and take action to protect themselves. "Americans need handguns now more than ever," gun rights expert John M. Snyder said on Sunday. Snyder is a former editor for the NRA (National Rifle Association) who now serves on the advisory boards of police organizations such as the 13,000-member National Association of Chiefs of Police.

"We need personal firearms because police are becoming wary of confrontation with violent criminals," Snyder said. "Citizens themselves have to be able to get and use handguns to stop these criminals. People have to be able to protect themselves and their families from violent criminal attack. This is true generally for people, [especially] people living in poor neighborhoods."

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President Barack Obama and his administration have given the new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, the go-ahead to investigate not only alleged police crime, but entire police departments on a fishing expedition to create a more "progressive" law enforcement community. According to more than a few police officers who spoke to Examiner, the dialogue reached the level of absurdity when Obama advised a change in police officers' uniforms to a more "softer" appearance.

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President Barack Obama and his administration have given the new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, the go-ahead to investigate not only alleged police crime, but entire police departments on a fishing expedition to create a more "progressive" law enforcement community.

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