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By Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld
February 8, 2003

Ever since Charles de Gaulle turned over French Algeria to the Communist Arabs in 1962, forcing an exodus of over a million Europeans to metropolitan France, I've had nothing but contempt for France's foreign policy. That act of betrayal has had a profound effect on France's body politic which has lacked integrity ever since. It should be remembered that France conquered Algeria in the 1840s to stop the depredations of the Barbary thugs. Europeans then settled there by the hundreds of thousands, turning Algeria into a peaceful, thriving and productive part of the French empire.

And while Europeans took to the boats and fled Algeria, leaving behind farms, businesses, and homes, Algeria became another socialist hell-hole. And so, Algerians have continued to migrate to France, finding it impossible to live in a country where Islamic terrorists slit the throats of children asleep in their beds.

Prior to De Gaulle's betrayal, France had been a strong ally of Israel, but when it surrendered Algeria to the Arabs, it then became pro-Arab. Thus, the French not only betrayed their own people in Algeria, but also the Christian Maronites in Lebanon as well as the Israelis.

It was the French who helped Saddam Hussein build the nuclear reactor, which the Israelis destroyed in 1981 in an amazingly skillful attack. "The central building is entirely collapsed," said one of the French technicians who flew back to Paris after the attack. "The atomic reactor is unreachable and the anti-radiation shield has disappeared." The Frenchman also reported that one of the bombs did not explode, thereby making it impossible to rebuild the reactor without first destroying everything that remains.

The technician complimented the Israelis on their skill. "The precision of the attack was stupefying. The Israelis chose their hour perfectly to avoid the maximum loss of human life."

Of course, Israel was condemned by the international community-the United Nations Arabs and their sympathizers-for sparing the world a decade of nuclear threat from Saddam. When John Phillips, a Princeton student who had written a paper on how to build an atomic bomb, was approached by a Pakistani who wanted to buy his plan, he reported the incident to the FBI. He had no doubt that Iraq was building an atomic bomb with the technical help of the French. "France is the whore of nuclear proliferation," he said.

So it's no surprise that France, as of this writing, opposes President Bush's intention of getting rid of Saddam Hussein once and for all. Why? Are they actually helping Saddam build an atomic bomb in a clandestine way? Its chief use would be to threaten Israel. But that wouldn't bother the French. Their government has become a master of betrayal and it cannot be trusted because it has no moral standards, no moral backbone.

The glory of France is a thing of the past. Its brief period of great benign advance in the 19th century, when it built a brilliant colonial empire which liberated millions of Africans from disease and backwardness, came to an end when De Gaulle jettisoned the whole fabulous enterprise. And the result is an Africa in ruins and disease. De Gaulle, the destroyer, set France on its present path of wholesale betrayal of Western values. The country is now overrun by Moslems, and its philosophers have contributed the last chapter in the descent to philosophical insanity: deconstructionism.

France has become irrelevant to the great tasks that confront the Bush administration. Apart from providing us with fine perfumes, wines, and cheeses, the French are incapable of saving Western civilization. Nor do they really want to. That job has been left to us.

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Samuel L. Blumenfeld is the author of eight books on education, including “Is Public Education Necessary?” and “The Whole Language/OBE Fraud,” published by The Paradigm Company, 208-322-4440.  His reading instruction program, “Alpha-Phonics,” is available by writing The Tutoring Company, P.O. Box 540111, Waltham, MA 02454-0111.