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By Samuel Blumenfeld

October 30, 2004

If you are an American Jew and are inclined to vote for Senator Kerry, you will be doing what al-Qaida and all of Israel's enemies want you to do: get rid of George Bush.

While many Muslims voted for Bush in 2000, this year they are going to vote for Kerry. Why? Because Kerry is against the war in Iraq and may not "stay the course," as we know that Bush will.

Israel's enemies want Kerry to win, and that includes Yasser Arafat, plus the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir Mohamad who said that "Jews rule the world by proxy." Iran, the new Socialist Spanish government, and the Vietnamese Reds want Kerry to win. Also, polls show that most Frenchmen and Germans want Kerry to win. The Communist Party USA also wants the Massachusetts senator to win.

Bush has turned out to be the best friend Israel has had in the White House for a very long time. Clinton was willing to pressure Israel into giving in to virtually all of Arafat's demands. But despite this, Arafat rejected Israel's concessions and launched the latest Intifada, which is now in its fourth year and has resulted in thousands of deaths.

After 9/11, it became obvious to President Bush that the war against terror had to include the terrorist regime of Arafat, whom he no longer considered to be a legitimate partner for peace. As a result, he has set aside decades of liberal policies supported by previous presidents, the pro-Arab State Department, the pro-Palestinian European Union, the United Nations and the Arab League. He has rejected his own father's view that the Jewish settlements were an obstacle to peace. In fact, the present President Bush recognizes Israel's right to retain some key West Bank settlements as part of any peace plan with the Palestinians.

The President has also said that he would recognize a Palestinian state only if it renounced terrorism, is democratic, and willing to live in peace with Israel. This is the best support that any American president has ever provided Israel.

And why is he doing this? Because as a student of the Bible, Bush is convinced that Israel is special nation in the international scheme of things and that America's relationship with Israel is providential. He clearly understands that the return of the Jews to the Holy Land and the creation of the Jewish state is one of the great miracles of the 20th century. Just as George Washington believed that the creation of the United States was providential, so there are millions of Christians in America who believe the same of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

The Democratic candidate, Senator Kerry, does not see history in the same way. He is politically motivated and wants to be president because he thinks he ought to be president. And when it comes to the problems of the Middle East we shall simply see a return to the failed policies of the pro-Arab State Department.

The invasion of Iraq got rid of a tyrant who was sending $25,000 to the parents of suicide bombers in Palestine. That was the same tyrant, Saddam Hussein, who lobbed Scud missiles into Israel during the first Gulf War. Israel-as well as America-is safer because we have gotten rid of Saddam Hussein. He had the power to arm al-Qaida with lethal weapons of mass destruction. And so it was imperative to destroy his regime. In fact, the destruction of Saddam's regime has caused Libya's leader, Col. Gadhafi, to give up his own weapons of mass destruction.

Thus, three of Israel's hardcore enemies, the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, Saddam's regime in Iraq, and Gadhafi's regime in Libya are no longer a threat to Israel or the United States. And all of this has been achieved in an incredibly short time. Meanwhile, in Iraq we see the true cruelty and barbarism of the insurgents. We must help the Iraqis establish a democratic government that can provide peace and security for themselves, and a friendly partner for peace in the Middle East.

Russia, South Korea, The Philippines, and Japan want Bush to win. It would be tragic if the Jews of America would vote against the embattled Israelis who want Bush to win. The people in Israel instinctively know that Bush is on their side and they need his steady, unwavering support in the next four years. Their message to the Jews of America is simple: please be on our side when you vote. Don't help our enemies win.

� 2004 Samuel Blumenfeld - All Rights Reserved

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The President has also said that he would recognize a Palestinian state only if it renounced terrorism, is democratic, and willing to live in peace with Israel. This is the best support that any American president has ever provided Israel.