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By Samuel Blumenfeld

November 15, 2003

Chuck Morse, the intrepid radio talk-show host, made it official on October 31, 2003. He will seek the Republican nomination to run against Barney Frank in the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts. If Morse wins, he will be the only Republican from Massachusetts in the House of Representatives.

Morse made his announcement before a group of supporters in front of the landmark Shawmut Diner in New Bedford, owned by conservative Phil Paleologos, who has a glass-enclosed studio in the diner where he conducts his own radio talk show.

Morse and many Republicans believe that the time is ripe for a successful campaign against far-left Frank, who has been in office since 1980-23 years. As Morse put it, it's time for Barney to go. It's time for a change.

Although at first glance this may seem like just a local election, the truth is that it has national ramifications. Barney Frank is a national figure who is considered important in the grand schemes of the Democratic party. His sister is a major official in that party. And because he is one of the few openly gay members in Congress, he has the support of gays all over the country. They will pour big bucks into his campaign to make sure that he retains his seat for the gay agenda. And as a member of the Progressive Caucus, Barney can expect great support from the far-left. Symbolically, Frank represents too much to be permitted to go down in defeat.

On the other hand, Morse can expect support from gun owners, defenders of the Second Amendment, right-to-lifers, pro-family organizations, homeschoolers, and other conservative groups. It will be a classic battle between conservatives and liberals. Morse hopes that the National Republican Committee will see the importance of getting rid of Barney Frank and replacing him with a genuine conservative. That too has symbolic significance for conservatives.

There are those who believe that Barney Frank is invincible and that his district will support him overwhelmingly. But this district voted for Republican Mitt Romney for governor. So if Morse can convince fifty percent plus one to vote for him as the much needed alternative to Frank, he will be going to Washington.

Frank's Achilles heel is his vote against Amber Alert, the rapid-response system to help find kidnapped children. The bill, introduced in the Senate by Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX), passed unanimously, 92-0. The House passed it, 400-25, with Barney being one of the 25 who voted against the bill.

Why did Frank vote against Amber Alert when everyone else in the liberal Democrat Massachusetts delegation voted for it? He says he voted against it because of the Republican add ons. What were the add ons? They were tough measures to punish criminals, pedophiles, and child pornographers. And it was those tough measures that Frank voted against.

President Bush signed the legislation into law on April 30, 2003. Present at the signing were Elizabeth Smart, who had been rescued from a kidnapper, and the families of other kidnapped children. That Barney Frank would vote against such a popular bill suggests that he is more concerned about the rights of pedophiles and child pornographers than the rights of families in his district who are concerned about kidnappers.

Amber Alert is one of the most popular programs enacted by Congress to protect children. It permits law-enforcement agencies and local broadcasters to send an emergency alert to the public when a child has been abducted. By getting the alert out early enough, the kidnapper may not be able to carry out his plan before being caught. According to Dianne Feinstein's office, since 1996, Amber Alert has been credited with the safe return of 43 children to their families, including a case in which a kidnapper released a child after hearing the alert on the radio.

There are other reasons why the voters may decide to throw Frank out. He was against the Bush tax cut. He opposed the war against Saddam Hussein. He voted against the $87 billion needed to carry out our mission in Iraq. Otherwise, he is one of Congress's biggest spenders for social programs. As a member of the Progressive Caucus he is in favor of anything that would lead this country into socialism.

And so if you want to help Chuck in his crusade for sane conservative representation in the 4th Congressional District of Massachusetts, you can contact him at

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"Morse and many Republicans believe that the time is ripe for a successful campaign against far-left Frank, who has been in office since 1980-23 years. As Morse put it, it's time for Barney to go. It's time for a change."