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Betty Freauf
January 27, 2003

A conference by the above name was held in Portland, Oregon on May 18-21, 1986.While those in attendance had their conference fees paid by the taxpayers, some Oregon conservative women pooled their resources and were able to get three of our own into this conference. The following is what they reported with a few of my comments added:

The listed sponsors of this conference, with one possible exception, all had vested money interests in its outcome. It seems that most of their jobs and future jobs which their organizations hope to create would be influenced by the slant of this conference. The following synopsis is, of necessity, brief and highly sketchy. It will alert you to only a few of the things these "social planners" foresee for "Oregon's Children,Youth and Families."

The purpose of this conference was to put together an agenda which is to "guide our legislators and new governor," in drafting bills which will put the idea of the conference sponsors into law and bind them on all Oregonians. They want to gain a "foothold" to "change all of U.S. policy."

Not only the sponsors, but (to our knowledge without exception) all those on the panels had the same basic philosophy. Even the way it was set up made it obvious that they meant to exclude the average citizen. The cost to individuals was $60. One sponsoring organization (tax funded) admitted that its employees were receiving full pay for the days they attended; in addition, their registration was paid. The average citizen didn't have that luxury.

The conference had 23 issue areas, including "Adoption," Sexual Preference," "Youth Empowerment," "Child Abuse," etc. As stated, the non-liberal, traditional American viewpoint was virtually non-existent on the panels, and VERY few of the registered participants were morally or politically conservative.

What you read next will give you an idea of the plans they have for YOUR family. (The things which are quoted are as accurate as memory and quickly written notes allow). Most of these will not be found in their written materials. They come from the key-note speakers, seminar discussions, etc.

--"Children's abilities depend on the mother's education; therefore, we must intervene at a very young age... families with a $30,000 yearly income and a college educated mother will understand the importance of early intervention." College educated mothers will "realize" that children belong in day care by the time they are six months.

--By age three, FULL-day government day care programs as part of the public school system -- ideally starting at six months with public child care. (Ultimate goal of MANDATORY pre-school by age three and one-half)

--Mandatory "family life education (including sex ed)" by age five. They said that by the time a child is six, he should know the COMPLETE process of reproduction -- including the HOW-to's. (Prominent psychologists are warning of the dangers of exposing young children to too much information about sex and how it can damage them for the rest of their lives.)

--In-school health clinic services available beginning at middle-schoollevel, with sex education mandatory, will make all forms of birthcontrol accessible to children without parental consent, by the sixthgrade.

--Shift the emphasis from intervention (after a problem has been identified) to EARLY PREVENTION. "We need to get in" to the homes and "find out what is going on even at the kindergarten level." (Prevention would necessitate treating every parent as a suspect. It is vital to note here that with the passage of HB 2160 in 1985 the legislature expanded the definition of "child abuse" to include "mental injury." The Attorney General's office has already written a legal opinion on this which is extremely frightening).

--They want to "route cause of crime and delinquency at the pre-schooland kindergarten levels." "Future criminals can be identified in the early grades." (This could mean ALL children would be treated a potential criminals and subjected to whatever psychological/etc. manipulation that the programmers see fit to inflict upon them.)

--"$120 million a year" should be put into "early programs to change the lives of the very, very young." (Yes, they said "very, very young.) Children need to "grow up to change and challenge the older order." Early intervention will insure "independent individuality." After all, "roots are a silly American dream and children are not seed of a family tree."

--School counselors will be "treating children" instead of counselling them. If they (not you) decide that a child needs "treatment," state-appointed counselling for the whole family will be mandatory. (YOU can't decide that your family doesn't need treatment and can't choose your own counselor)

--They want to "guarantee jobs to all graduates" with the government being the employer, if necessary. (Replacing individual initiative with state-dependency)

--Children need to be trained away from the idea that "independence is good" and "dependence is bad." We "need to re-educate" people to recognize government intervention as acceptable, good and necessary.

--ALL schools will be monitored; communities will not be allowed to regulate their own curriculum.

--Protection of children and elimination of ALL FORMS of family violence. (Most traditional discipline methods are already considered family violence. However, nearly any type of discipline can be construed to be violence -- remember the "mental injury" child abuse)

--Their final draft will be "purposely vague" so that people don't pay attention to it and they can "write in what they want later." (Administrative rules that often misinterpret the intent of the law. BF)

--They want to write things in a way that the conservatives don't know what they are doing. "Terms are very important. We shouldn't talk 'welfare', but talk about 'the poor.' We shouldn't talk 'government' but talk 'family.'" Redefine terms and "people won't pay attention" to "what we are doing."

Both Republican Norma Paulus and Democrat Neil Goldschmidt spoke at the beginning of this conference. Those of us writing this are staunch Republicans, but there was little or no doubt that Norma Paulus was a moving force pushing the course of this conference.

(Goldschmidt beat Paulus in the November election - the first race she'd ever lost! I ran against Paulus in the primary and out of seven candidates, I came in a VERY WEAK second. Paulus was the one with name recognition and the big $$$. It was reported to me she felt my followers refused to vote for her so Goldschmidt beat her. She later ran for Superintendent of Schools and won. She served three terms in the Republican House of Representatives (1971-1977) and was elected Secretary of State in 1976, the first woman in Oregon history to win state office in a state-wide election. She was re-elected Secretary of State in 1980. She was married to Bill, who was an attorney but now deceased, and her inlaws were well known in Marion County, Oregon. One relative, Fred Paulus, served 47 years in state government including 35 years as chief deputy state treasurer. As recently as January 2003, we find her working at the Oregon Historical Society. No pun intended. BF)

There is cause for a reasonable doubt that Goldschmidt really knew what they were planning. Paulus, however, has a "Zero-to-Ten Plan" which she "will" put into effect "when" she is elected. She would be willing to cut off the 12th grade and use those funds to get to the "very, very young." She wants a Cabinet level office of Youth and Families. The power to interfere in our families which this office could have are unprecedented in American history.

(This "Cabinet" idea sounded as if it might have been a carry-over from Oregon's Governor Robert Straub's 1976 Task Force on Early Childhood Development, pursuant to his Executive order 76-7, in which the "Honorable Norma Paulus" was a member. This was one of the earliest dialectics about which I am aware. They claimed to have involved hundreds of Oregonians in its work and met with citizens around the state in "town meetings" fashion and on and on ad nauseum -- all manipulation. BF)

And this ends the notes our wonderful ladies took at this 1986 conference. As you will be able to determine, most of the recommendations have been gradually implemented a little bit one legislative session, a little more the next or by unconstitutional administrative rules. Marxism is two steps forward, one step backward. And this is how they accomplish their agenda.

2003 - Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved 

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon State Legislature. The Republican tradition is to stay neutral in Primary races but in Betty's case. they supported her opponent. E-Mail: