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By Betty Freauf

September 15, 2003

It happened to me again a few days ago. I ran out of an item in a recipe necessitating a quick trip to the nearby tiny market where pricing stickers instead of bar codes are still used but the cash register is programmed to determine the change.

I bought a $3.59 item and gave the clerk a $50 bill. He proceeded to pull the change from the drawer and plop it in my hand. He was a young man - the son of the owner who was standing nearby. We attend church together so I wanted to be especially "Christian" like as I asked him to count the money back to me.

He was stunned. He didn't have a clue! He started out with the dollar bill so I painstakingly took him through the process starting with the coins.

A few days later my fourth grade granddaughter brought homework from her Christian school. She was given three examples of buying a product at the store and the change she'd have to give. It was causing her problems so I helped her and she caught on quickly.

I asked the young man at the store where he went to school. With his chest puffed up, he proudly stated Oregon State University and he was a Computer Science graduate. (Don't ask me why he's working in his mother's store) He went on to explain to me the computers don't make mistakes. He didn't realize PEOPLE do -- in programming them, in making change from the cash register, etc.

I related this story later to several friends. One said the bank teller gave her $100 too much back one time and argued with the lady when she tried to call the error to her attention. It finally got settled and hopefully she balanced out at the end of the day without a missing $100.

Another friend told how she went to a fast food drive through window. The young lady gave her change for a $20. My friend said she'd only given her a smaller bill but the young lady insisted she was right and her customer was wrong so my friend took the incorrect change, left her name and phone number and told the young lady to phone her if she came up short. Well, my friend got a phone call that night when the cash register didn't balance.

And you can add your share of the same types of stories. I could go on for pages reporting them.

And at whom can we point the finger? Of course, it's the government school system which has been declining every since the so-called Christian "born-again" president Jimmy Carter removed local control and transferred all power to the federal government -- another Abe Lincoln dream fulfilled of a centralized government bureaucracy totally controlled in Washington, D.C.

In 1979, the U.S. Congress helped fulfill President Jimmy Carter's promise to the National Education Association by voting for a U.S. Department of Education. Representatives of this new Cabinet-level Department soon were invited to rub elbows at United Nation meetings where they would receive "marching orders" related to international restructuring efforts and programs, all of which were either being implemented or would be implemented in the future in the United States. This is all explained in Charlotte Iserbyt's book THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA. Charlotte worked in the U.S. Education Department under President Ronald Reagan where she made some interesting discoveries.

Samuel L. Blumenfeld in his recent article "Have Public Schools Become a Criminal Enterprise?" states the children who are truly "at risk" are victims of deliberate educational malpractice.

Children come to school having learned to speak their own language all by themselves, and thus they feel quite intelligent. But the deliberate dumbing down process makes them feel dumb, inadequate and disabled. And they are told they were born that way and must learn to live with their artificially induced disability due to the Whole Language method of teaching reading rather than by using intensive, systematic phonics which was the proven method of successful learning prior to Whole Language which deliberately creates a reading disability and a condition called dyslexia. Of course, the more students they can educationally cripple, the more money they get from the federal government. And then they yell foul!

Norman Lockman in his August 21st commentary said the "No Child" law is fair concept and the immediate caterwauling from school officials will be that the federal standards are unfair and that this is another rigtht-wing conspiracy to destroy the public school system with vouchers and charter schools. This is the cry that will ring from coast to coast and it is phony, said Lockman.

Of course, this had already happened in one Oregon district. An August 16th article said, "Schools stung by disabled students' data. The federal rating system isn't fair, Salem-Keizer educators say." "At least that was the sobering impression created by this week's release of school performance ratings mandated by a new federal education law known as No Child Left Behind." One principal thinks her school got a bum rap. "We are doing as well or better, I think better, in that particular category than most of the other schools in the district, if not in the state," she said. Compounding the sting of the report card, her school would have received an overall passing grade if not for its disputed low marks for students with disabilities. (Of course "disabilities" are not defined. Is a child damaged by wrong teaching methods and now having trouble reading "disabled?")

I truly have my doubts that the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law will improve education because education today is based on a false premise. A statement by William Z. Foster in the book TOWARD A SOVIET AMERICA (copyright 1932), stated "Among the elementary measures the American-Soviet Government will adopt to further the cultural revolution are the following: The schools, colleges and universities will be coordinated and grouped under the National Department of Education and its state and local branches. The studies will be cleansed of religious (i.e. Christianity), patriotic and other features of the bourgeois ideology. The students will be taught on the basis of Marxian dialectrical materialism, internationalism and the general ethics of the new socialist society." Of course, one of the discoveries Iserbyt made while working in the Department of Education was a treaty signed between Gorbachev and Reagan in 1985 to merge the two education systems and which remain in effect to this day.

Inasmuch as nearly all states are facing bankruptcy due to the creation of all these new, unconstitutional agencies and programs within the agencies, the states are naturally looking to the federal government for additional funding. The Feds are not required to have a balanced budget. They operate on hot air driving up inflation -- no gold to back the dollar.

Blumenfeld sums it up by saying, children in the hands of these educators, are "at risk" in four ways: academically, spiritually, morally and physically.

He says the academic risk is that the child will become intellectually crippled by the teaching methods and relegated to a life far below his or her original potential.

He says the spiritual risk is that the child will be taught that evolution is not a theory but fact and that he or she is an animal and that God does not exist, and that worship of Satan is an acceptable spiritual expression.

The moral risk is in being taught that premarital sex is okay, that experimentation with drugs is a matter of private decision making and that the child's decisions should not be thwarted by parents' old-fashioned moral values based on superstitious religion.

And he ends his summation by saying one word about the physical risk: COLUMBINE.

And to prove how even the dictionaries are being revised to make these risks palpable, Blumenfeld says Noah Webster, in 1850, defined "crime" as: An Act which violates a law, divine or human; an act which violates a rule of moral duty; an offense against the laws of right, prescribed by God or man, or against any rule of duty implied in these laws. A crime may consist in omission or neglect, as well as in commission, or positive transgression.

But then he states how Webster's New World Dictionary, published in 1988 omits, "an act which violates a rule of moral duty" from its definition of crime. In today's world of moral relativism, there can be no moral absolutes. Yet, Blumenfeld says, American educators can be accused of violating their moral duty to teach their students to read, write and do arithmetic because their state constitutions call for the state to educate all children in these basic subjects.

If the Boy Scouts fall apart with their foundational moral code, the rest of society can't be far behind. The same people who are working hard to destroy this great organization are also working hard to destroy the basic foundation of America. While we have continual campaigns on the part of absolute moralists to pass still more laws to restrict further the freedom of citizens, there are also many counter crusades to legalize various acts that have long been outlawed. Sodomy comes to mind as the most recent judicial decision. Natural rights do not have to be granted. The more moral a society, the less it needs to be governed.

Now some believe Transcendental Meditation (TM) added to the public school curriculum would help improve test scores, relieve stress and rejuvenate the body and mind. The Chicago Sun (9/12/2003) said TM has already been incorporated into three schools in Iowa, Washington, D.C. and Michigan and with about 160 middle school students at the Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse, a Charter School, in Detroit is the word I received from a source in Michigan. The article estimates five million people worldwide practice the religion of TM. We can't have the Ten Commandments which puts us in touch with God's laws but we can have TM which puts you in touch with demonic spirits. Of course, a type of TM has long been practiced in some Oregon schools. I have the complete program of DUSO with accompanying hypnotic audio tapes and a teacher's training manual.

They've got plenty of time to teach religion in the public schools under a variety of different titles but Christianity (not a religion) is excluded.

Blumenfeld says the criminal enterprise has become totally impervious to rational reform. The only sensible thing that parents can do is remove their children from these schools and put them in private schools or teach them at home. Parents have the freedom to educate themselves in these crucial matters. If they don't, then it is the children who will suffer. But one word of warning, many private schools (including so-called Christian schools) are teaching the same curriculum as public schools with perhaps Bible thrown in to impress the parents but even the bibles today are being revised to accommodate the New Age, value-free agenda.

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