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The Giant Sucking Sound in Washington, D.C.

Is "The Giver" On Your Horizon?

Is The Chamber of Commerce an UN Front?










By Betty Freauf
August 8, 2015

As I draft this article, it’s non-stop about Hillary Clinton, her e-mails and the State Department. Many politicians are only actors, some comedians and pretty poor ones at that. Unlike our Founders who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, current politician’s interest is largely on me, myself and I. Does that sound familiar? Do we have one in the White House that resembles this? Do we have another one running on the Democrat ticket? What America needs today more than ever are pioneers.

For years Democrat Hillary Clinton has been changing the rules and Democrat President Obama has been known to change the rules as well. A recent one is that he is allowing immigrants to leave out of their citizen’s oath something they don’t like and because they come from countries unfamiliar with the type of freedom which we enjoy in America, so unless they are made to obey that oath to become citizens and assimilate, there will continue to be demands.


Our public school system has been under the control of the feds with a few variations ever since Democrat Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education. However, the Senate that recently passed communist education bill S1177 solidified federal control of schools and children with 81 YES votes, 17 NO votes and 2 not voting. This was the dream of the Harvard/Owenite/Unitarian enlightened elitists way back in 1835. They employed Horace Mann, a very capable Republican Massachusetts legislator to begin promoting Universal tax-funded public schools believing these schools could cure all of societies’ ills and bring about the millennium – heaven on earth. All that was necessary was compulsory education and control of the textbooks industry to insure uniformity.[1]

In Ronald Reagan’s day, abolishing the federal role in education was the Republican position. Reagan had promised to eliminate the Department of Education - another promise the GOP didn’t fulfill. By contrast, the GOP majority in Congress seemed determined to expand that giant D.C. foot print.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said on the Senate floor the needs of a student in eastern Kentucky aren’t likely to be the same as those in South Florida or downtown Manhattan so this bill gives states the flexibility to develop systems that work for the needs of their students, rather than the one-size-fits-all mandate of Washington.” However, if these elected politicians knew their Constitution, they’d know the states already had and still have under the U.S. Constitution and the 10th Amendment those powers.


In Minneapolis/St. Paul where tens of thousands of Somalis have settled after Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and later Barack Obama imported them and funded massive “refugee” centers are making all sorts of demands such as a tax-funded “halal” non-pork food shelf at a FREE food pantry for the poor. Neoliberals in Minnesota have bent over backwards for them, setting up foot-washing basins in airports and even at a university; however, it should be our experience that the more appeasement we offer, the more demands they want.

The Calvinists at the turn of the 19th century said man was depraved and needed a Savior but the Unitarian/Harvard socialist crowd which we now know as “Progressives/Communist/Democrats” said if the environment was just right, our world would evolve into a Utopia and as Orwell predicted, the Political Crowd hypocrites have bastardized our language so that now we have evolved to the point where killing babies and manufacturing body parts is a “partisan issue.” Rev. 14:9-12 describes circumstances under the “beast” making it crystal clear that no one can assure a neutral position during this intense period and even today we have seen Christian businessmen capitulating to the ethics of the hour but God moves in mysterious ways so along comes Donald Trump.


I recently ran into an interesting chapter in the 1965 book the LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT- who runs America…and How by recently deceased M. Stanton Evans. The name of the chapter was Censorship and Muzzling. The opening sentences say, “If there is any absolute in the moral universe of the Establishment, it surely must be the axiom that ‘censorship’ is evil. Contemporary Liberalism abounds with First Amendmentarians who have with Jefferson sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to the slightest incursion on free expression. This enthusiasm extends even unto the Communist Party. “Everybody should have a right to his opinion and the unhindered statement thereof”, says the Communist Front Civil Liberties advocates, “no matter how heretical or revolutionary.”No. 12 of the 45 Declared goals of the communist takeover of America reads: Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.


Then Evans goes on to say in the summer of 1961 when the Progressives, who had already placed their infiltrators in key government agency positions, were wielding the blue pencils, Senator Strom Thurmond (D-S.C.) discovered State Department functionaries were systematically crossing out anti-Communist remarks from the speeches of some of the most respected members of the armed services. He then gave 170 different examples of this kind of censorship reflecting the Establishment’s unwillingness to have the simplest facts recited by official sources about Communism distorted. He made sure they were posted in the Congressional Records. Gen. Trudeau, for example, had proposed to say that either we can face up to the cold war and “remain the champion,” or else go down in “ignominious defeat.” The State Department censor challenged this, commenting: “This section might well be tempered since it largely rules out any chance of an evolution of the Soviet system.”
The pattern of deletions was consistent. The censors’ efforts were aimed at:

1. Preventing identification of the Communists by name, if at all possible; references to the “Sino-Soviet bloc” were preferred; or, better still, indefinite mention of “other powers”; or “an adversary”; or, best of all avoidance of hostile thoughts altogether. Now, doesn’t this sound like President Obama and how he has changed the definitions of our enemies?
2. Toning down references to “conflict” or “cold war” or “warfare.” Again, this sounds like President Obama refusing to use the word “terrorist.”
3. Eliminating references to Khrushchev personally and, in at least one instance, to Castro.
4. Silencing suggestions that the Communists do not operate in good faith.
5. Avoiding references to the ability of the United States to strike the Soviet Union militarily.
6. Most characteristically, eliminating references to the idea of “victory” over Communism or the Soviet Union.

In this last category, Brig. Gen John W. White proposed to say, in a speech in Columbus, Ohio: “Victory on each of the battlefields of the world is essential to the survival of freedom..” The State Department inverted this to read “defeat of communist aggression,” commenting: “The word victory has a militaristic and aggressive ring less suited than the substituted phrase for describing our national objectives. It also implies an ‘all-or-‘nothing’ approach leaving no room for accommodation.”

The chapter goes on describing deletions and revisions for a number of more pages. And then the next chapter is entitled “Managing the News.” But astute Americans already know how the news is managed and distorted. Then there are a few more examples of how the State Department is not our friend and illustrates ever so clearly that it is unelected infiltrators in positions of power in our United Nations Administrative government that rule. Need I remind you about Lois Lerner at the I.R.S.?


Again, M. Stanton Evans tells show Lee Harvey Oswald had renounced his American citizenship and went to Russia and was convinced capitalism was dead. He returned to America and was allowed repatriation by State Department authorities that reported on the technical grounds that his citizenship, though renounced by him, had not been formally revoked. The U.S. Embassy also lent him $435.71 to pay his travel expenses back to the U.S. where he killed President Kennedy five months after the president had signed Executive Order 1110 on June 4, 1963 giving the Treasury Department explicit authority “to issue silver certificate against any silver bullion, silver or standard silver dollars in the Treasury. After the Kennedy assassination the U.S. Notes Kennedy had issued were immediately taken out of circulation.

And then there was Abraham Lincoln who needed financial assistance to finance the Civil War between the States and convinced Congress to allow him to produce Greenbacks and the solution worked so well, Lincoln intended to make it a permanent policy, one that would do away with the need for a central bank. Lincoln was shot on Good Friday, April 14, 1865. So after their successive failure at convincing the American people they needed a Central Bank by forcing them into a series of wars, the international bankers connected with the conspiracy decided to change their methods. Instead of utilizing wars for this purpose, they would convince the unsuspecting American citizens they needed a Central Bank through the use of artificially created depressions, recessions, and panics. The political power of the wealthy and leaders of industry were consolidated by the Chamber of Commerce. So on February 3, 1913 the 16th Amendment was created giving us the Federal Reserve Bank. Some call it the “law that never was” because it had not been properly ratified by three-fourth of the states. The National Archives proves this fact but like President Obama’s birth certificate, his college records and his phony social security number, the secret remains buried by the media including that infamous “fair and balanced” O’Reilly at FOX. Audits of the Federal Reserve so far have failed.


Through the U.S. State Department and Pentagon, the homosexual agenda is not only being advanced domestically but internationally. Our State Department hires open homosexuals as diplomats and sends them to countries that hold deep religious and cultural aversions to that lifestyle. More than one country has the homosexual lifestyle thrown in their face through the diplomatic corps of the U.S. State Department. The Pentagon has put homosexuals in the closest of confines with US troops in virtually every military assignment and theater. And we know CNN reported that Obama lectured the Kenyan president on gay rights who put thumbs down on his promotion of gay rights in Africa but 10,000 Africans told Obama where he could shove his gay agenda.

In 2011 our then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played an instrumental role in bringing Lady Gaga to Italy for a Euro Pride concert. She is Italian American and a strong supporter of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights and a letter to her from Ambassador David Thorne was instrumental in sealing the deal. Speaking at the State Department’s celebration of LGBT Pride month, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton happily took credit for gaining permission for Lady Gaga to enter Italy, where she performed as advertised. [2] The State Department has aided “Gay Rights” revolution overseas to the tune of $12 million on pro-gay projects in more than 50 countries.


In his 1966 book THE POLITICS OF SURRENDER by M. Stanton Evans says the capacity of the professional State of Department bureaucracy for sheer survival means that, despite the tenure of four different presidents since the inception of the Cold War, essentially the same group of people have been in charge of American policy through the entire period. Back in 1956, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations concluded it was very difficult to get a straight story from the State Department in the matter of trading with the communists because it carries on secretive trade discussions. An what about the “Alger Hiss Day” – a reminder of United Nation’s anti-Americanism and the State Department’s role of official Alger Hiss in founding of the U.N.

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In the 1942 book WASHINGTON IS LIKE THAT, W.M. Kiplinger says the Department of State is at work in the sleepy-looking building where it is housed with anti-American diplomatic maneuvering. In its serene and peaceful rooms are heard the courteous phrases used by diplomats for centuries but now these phrase have new bite and meaning. They are used by earnest representatives of the U.N. trying to figure out how best to meet a common enemy on the six continents and the seven seas – how to make war instead of peace. It is natural that the State Department should be the gathering place of these diplomatic plotters.


1. Is Public Education Necessary © 1981 by Samuel Blumenfeld
2. 8/8/2011 New American Page 7

� 2015 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to



In Ronald Reagan’s day, abolishing the federal role in education was the Republican position. Reagan had promised to eliminate the Department of Education - another promise the GOP didn’t fulfill. By contrast, the GOP majority in Congress seemed determined to expand that giant D.C. foot print.