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By Betty Freauf
September 20, 2014

In a May 4, 1986 commentary by the retired chairman of the Salem, Oregon Statesman-Journal Editorial Board, J. Wesley Sullivan, his headline read: Marshall Jones – a lonely voice, but at least he showed up at an Oregon school finance forum- one of six people out of 90,000 with enough interest and motivation to come to an evening meeting and express HIS opinions about the state’s public school finance dilemma. Vern Duncan, state superintendent of public instruction wanted to have these forums to “ask the people what they thought.” However, this forum did nothing more than offer a smattering of opinion and Sullivan says “so diverse in its content as to be meaningless.” “Mostly, it showed that Oregonians were frustrated and disillusioned with a school finance system they neither understood nor respected. “But don’t knock the success of Duncan’s passive style of leadership”, says Sullivan, ” it’s kept him in office and promises to continue to do so.”

But then there was Marshal Jones, on the other hand, who was anything but passive. Sullivan said he had not seen Marshall in more than 10 years. He first became aware of him in a little town east of Salem called Mill City in the early 1970s when land- use was a hot topic of public debate. At that time, reports were circulating in the Far Right that a giant conspiracy was afoot to let Councils of Government take over local government in the nation. It was supposed to be coordinated through 1313 E. 60th Street in Chicago.


Enter Joe Spenner and his book REGIONALISM, THE SHADOW BEHIND OREGON’S LCDC (Land Conservation and Development Commission.) Joe was a farmer and janitor at the Catholic school in Stayton, Oregon a short distance from Salem. In his spare time he’d visit the archives at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem to photo copy what he found.

I’ve known him since the 70s. One of the first copies of his book rests on my book shelf worn out from turning the pages and hundreds of stickum notes for tabs. This man made a difference.

In his book he shows a graph of the “METRO GOVT” – Public Administration Clearing House at that address mentioned above. Joe became familiar with Jo Hindman, one of the most knowledgeable people in the country on Metropolitan planning and regional government and author of the book THE METROCATS. Congressman John R. Rarick using research from Jo Hindman warned Americans in 1971 about United Nations Regional government destroying representative government.

Joe wrote me that Jo Hindman sent him her entire records which he took to Maureen Heaton in Bellingham, Washington, author of her book THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM. Be sure to read this article. Maureen, a direct descendant through her mother of John Hart, who signed the Declaration of Independence, helped him compose the big Rockefeller-Regionalism book printed at his expense the size of a big city’s telephone book. Maureen died at age 87 in 2000. Charlotte Iserbyt and education researcher and author of DELIBERATE DUMB DOWN says Heaton’s material is available on line.


While such accusations were flying at the Mill City meeting, Jones stood up and said, “We have with us tonight Wes Sullivan, the editor of The Oregon Statesman. Mr. Sullivan, will you please stand up and tell why you lie to us every day in your newspaper? “ “This was my introduction to Jones”, said Sullivan. He moved around from meeting to meeting, so each time he had a new audience. After hearing him a time or two, I grew less apprehensive when he rose to speak.


With his gray-white hair and a trim moustache, he was an impressive person. He spoke from deep conviction and related well to his audience as he complained about government. One could feel the audience sympathizing with what he had to say. But inevitably, he would move beyond the subject at hand to begin complaining about the public school system as communistic. (Two of the 45 goals for the Communist Takeover of America are: #17 Get Control of the schools and #20 infiltrate the press.) Sullivan said at that point he would begin losing his audience. He would end the evening as he began, a lonely figure espousing views that weren’t accepted by mainstream society and its institutions.

Sullivan said at a later education public forum, when he asked who wished to speak, Marshall didn’t raise his hand. I was disappointed. Sullivan wondered had Marshall Jones lost his courage or his conviction in the decade since I had last seen him? No. When I made a second call for speakers, he responded. “Government has no business teaching children”, he explained. “Russia has public schools, Cuba has public schools.” Porter Sargent in his 1945 book BETWEEN TWO WARS, The Failure of Education said what we have done to children in the name of Education has planted the seeds of resentment and frustration and made all of us what we are today. So war begins in the nurseries…


Unlike many of his fellow citizens, Marshall lived his political convictions. Deut. 6:4-7 says the Christian child is to receive a God-centered education. The Christian parent is responsible for that education. He described how he took his own children out of public schools and with very little income educated them in private schools. He said that although he was 72, he had refused to accept Social Security. “Just because they (the government) stole money from me was no reason he should steal money from others,” he said. And like Joe Spenner inheriting Jo Hindman’s research, I was the fortunate recipient of thousands of books from the estate of bibliophile Marshall Jones. When he wasn’t busy attending public forums and speaking out, he was perusing many facilities where used history books could be found for a few pennies. So, to him who is given much, much is expected. Resistance or Apathy?


Republican President Richard Nixon with Executive Order 11647 gave us regional government. He divided the United States into 10 Federal Regions on the 27th of March 1969 claiming he had created a new kind of government CALLED DEMOCRACY. And then in 1972 under Nixon the most totalitarian pieces of legislation ever to come out of the Congress of the U.S. was the Revenue Sharing bill- the financial leverage to FORCE states to convert to full regionalism and if they ever wanted to see any money from the feds, there would be strings attached.

Nothing happens in government by accident so laws were being created out of that Chicago address listed above and sent to state legislatures. It wasn’t long when Oregon’s statewide planning program was created in 1973 when the Oregon legislature passed SB 100 creating the unconstitutional Land Use and Development Commission (LCDC) , whose members are appointed by the governor and which today has become one part of the United Nations Regional ADMINISTRATIVE government by unelected committees, blue ribbon panels and stakeholders. On November 2, 1982 another initiative was presented for a vote to end the state’s Land Use Planning but retain local planning. It was defeated 565,056 to 461.271 Knowledge is a duty, ignorance a crime.


While the New World Order crowd wants to keep something that should be exposed under the radar, they’ll choose a day like a few days before Christmas – December 23, 1971, when a half million dollar grant was given to Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon by the Rockefeller Foundation to support research and graduate studies on “Man and His Activities as They Relate to Environmental Quality.” The project was code numbered RF 71079 and gave the final push to completion of plans for the computerization of all elements of human life in Oregon. Readers should see the movie “The Giver” now playing at theaters. The names of Marshall Jones and Joe Spenner may never have been on a marquee but they have had the same fighting spirits of our Founders warning us of impending dangers.


So why did the Rockefeller Foundation choose the Oregon State University for this “experiment” to run simultaneously with the Stanford Prison Experiment also in 1971? Was it because Oregon’s Democrat governor Charles Martin in 1934 began the move towards socialism when he committed the State of Oregon and the state’s citizenry into the spiraling vortex of perpetual debt in accordance with HJR192 – an official recognition and ultimate declaration by the Congress that the nation was bankrupt? And then we were warned again in December 2006 that we were bankrupt and Republican Governor Earl Snell signed the Public Employees Retirement System into law in 1945 and in 2002 PERS went unofficially bankrupt because the promises of permanent 8% returns were impossible to keep. And retired employees pay no state income taxes on their PERS. Oregon has been the “first” in many areas to implement socialism/communistic programs. “A lot of ideas are started and tested here (in Portland),” said Vice President Al Gore on 9/12/1998 at the dedication of Portland’s Light Rail. The latest is the Cover Oregon debacle regarding healthcare. Google it. I may write more about the “firsts” later.


At the behest of President Nixon, a Comprehensive Child Development Program began nationalizing the children and on September 30, 1971 it passed by a margin of three votes – one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever to come before Congress. In that same year Oregon established its Department of Human Resources that offers a variety of services to different people – one being the Child Protective Services (CPS) and suddenly we had an avalanche of child abuse reports and while some charges were valid and should have been investigated by the ELECTED sheriff instead of unelected social workers, innocent people went to jail and every legislative session we find the list of required reporters increased- the more “clients”/children guarantees more money from the feds and job security for the social workers in this unconstitutional government agency.


The second RF 71079 project concerned quality of life in Oregon, with the study of effects on politics, laws and economics on family and social life. This evaluation included the impact of decadence, degeneracy, perversion, divorce, abortion and programming that population to accept euthanasia. And guess which state was the first to implement, as it was called, “Death with Dignity” – euthanasia by the initiative process? Oregon and the state of Washington followed. The English word euthanasia is derived from the Greek and means, literally, “good health. Public schools began teaching death education in the mid-80s starting with kindergarten and included an assignment for the older students to write a suicide note. Nearly three decades later young people are committing suicide far too often. All this has morphed into “Death Panels” under Obamacare.

Sixty Minutes on T.V. on 9/14 told about the Yale hospital in Connecticut with 52 psychiatry beds full and with young patients waiting in the halls to be admitted. There is a national shortage of psychiatrists and a three-month waiting list to see one. The only patients at imminent risk are covered by insurance companies. One mother was told by a social worker if she gave up control of the child to the state, the child would have mental health coverage. The kids are hearing voices in their heads telling them to do evil things. The son of Virginia Democrat Senator Creigh Dees attacked his father and severely slashed him.

And then on 9/15 Dr. Phil interviewed Kelli Stapleton, a Michigan mother in jail for life on child abuse charges and attempting to kill herself and her autistic child who was extremely violent. Resources to help the 13-year old had run out and the insurance company refused to pay. Roadblock after roadblock – she gave up hope. The following day Dr. Phil interviewed another mother with an aggressive son and similar emotions. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has changed remarkably since first published in 1952 and includes 312 approved diagnoses including hoarding, caffeine withdrawal and Internet gaming disorder. Virtually anyone at any given time can meet the criteria for bipolar disorder or ADHD.


The third RF 71079 project dealt with the human area of man and environmental relations. This included actual slow-downs in shipments between Eastern Oregon and the coast, to create artificial shortages for the purpose of testing impacts on losses of profits (and stress). And what happened in the latter part of 1973 – gas shortages. People in the cities stood in long gas lines to get a tank of gas on certain assigned days while rural areas were unaffected. And can you imagine the “stress” my family and I went through living near Portland to get to a funeral in Eastern Washington when my brother and his family got killed on December 31, 1973 on the railroad track in Spokane, Wash?


Behavior of the Oregon system was then monitored through the OSU computer system, to check sensitivity of the system’s responses. Time span of the computer program was based on a 40-year period, from 1970 to the year 2010. And now you know where the “politically correct” language originated. Recently it was reported that Home Depot is embracing Sharia Law with forced “Muslim Sensitivity training.” I don’t suppose their decision to embrace Sharia Law followed by a caliphate has anything to do with the 1998 sex discrimination settlement in which it ended up paying $65 million in compensation claims plus an additional $22.5 million to the lawyers of the women for fees and costs.


Recently forty-seven Inspectors General from across the federal government – many of them appointed by President Obama – wrote in an August 5th letter to Congress slamming Obama for stonewalling. The letter warned that their work and investigations were being unlawfully impeded. Among other concerns, the officials cited denial of access to documents, wild interpretations of statues purporting to authorize the stonewalling undermining the independence of the Inspectors General, and similar tactics being used by top ADMINISTRATIVE officials so, if the GOP who claims they want smaller government is in charge of the House of Representatives that controls appropriations, why don’t they cut the funding to these agencies? President Reagan promised to eliminate the Department of Education. This never happened.


Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter and founding director (with David Rockefeller) of the Trilateral commission, noted in his address to Gorbachev’s 1995 World Forum: “We cannot leap into world government in one quick step. The end goal is world government but we must come through “a process of gradually expanding” governance moving methodically “step by step, stone by stone.” and RF 71079 computer records everything. The Gorbachev communist Foundation is now located in the Presidio in San Francisco assisted in that location by Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House who said we’d know what was in Obamacare after we read it.

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Written before the Communist feminist movement, the song says we just need “A Few Good Men” willing to go against the grain, men who will raise that shield of faith, protecting what is pure. The Paul Walter’s family moved from a communist country to America in 1959. He served three years in the U.S. armed forces and became a U.S. citizen and cherished our Freedom of Speech so about 12 years ago he created News With Views. In the beginning of change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, hated and scorned, but when his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot,” said Mark Twain. How true it is.

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to



Behavior of the Oregon system was then monitored through the OSU computer system, to check sensitivity of the system’s responses. Time span of the computer program was based on a 40-year period, from 1970 to the year 2010. And now you know where the “politically correct” language originated.