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By Betty Freauf
October 24, 2012

My 10/22/2012 NEW AMERICAN magazine arrived about the time I was in the Disarmament Lobby chapter in a 1966 book by M. Stanton Evans entitled, THE POLITICS OF SURRENDER, Toward World Government. The cover page of the NEW AMERICAN said, “The United Nations, on the brink of becoming a world government” and quoted Gideon Rachman, an enthusiastic one-worlder and a leading economic opinionator for the very influential FINANCIAL TIMES. He authored a TIMES op-ed on December 8, 2008 entitled, “And Now for a World Government,” in which he approvingly observed:

So, it seems, everything is in place. For the first time since homo sapiens began to doodle on cave walls, there is an argument, an opportunity and a means to make serious steps towards a world government.

Rachman was excited that the global financial crisis was presenting a rich opportunity so that “for the first time in my life, I think the formation of some sort of world government is plausible.” He stated a “world government” would involve much more than co-operation between nations. It would be an entity with state-like characteristics, backed by a body of laws. He stated the European Union has already set up a continental government for 27 countries, which could be a model. The EU has a supreme court, a currency, thousands of pages of law, a large civil service and the ability to deploy military force.

Of course, that “entity” to which Rachman refers is the United Nations for which the United States pays approximately 1/3 in dues and only has one vote against all the other communist members. The recent attack and murder of four of our Americans in the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya is "blowback" that Congressman Ron Paul and presidential candidate has been warning about that fell on deaf ears. In Oregon we vote by mail and our ballots began arriving in the mail the weekend of the 20th. I don’t want four more years of Obama but I’m not thrilled with Romney either. Of course jobs and the 16 trillion national debt are important but I find Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s proposed budget cuts as far as I’ve been able to find mentions not a word about cutting off the funding to the U.N. and I see no mention of cutting off the funding to such unconstitutional agencies as the Department of Education, Energy, Interior, HUD, Commerce, foreign aid and corporate welfare but among the many other recommended cuts, he does want to require the collection of $1 billion in unpaid taxes by federal employees.


The lapdogs in liberal media have long spoken disparaging about the John Birch Society that has been in the vanguard of the fight to preserve and restore American liberty through effective grass-roots action. Since its inception more than 50 years ago, the JBS has always been right in the middle of all of the important political battles and warning about Communist infiltration in our government. Most recently, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney indicated we are borrowing from China to help public broadcasting air Chinese propaganda in the U.S. One common theme I gleaned from 1966 book THE POLITICS OF SURRENDER was the word “accommodation.” This public broadcasting comment illustrates an up-to-date point.

Cash- starved state governments are resorting to growing and taxing marijuana in order to raise funds. People are calling 911 for the sheriff only to find his office is understaffed. My state of Oregon is one of those states with an initiative on the ballot to approve the “green rush.” A variety of medicinal products are being manufactured without the high. SIXTY MINUTES covered the marijuana issue on Sunday night. That’s all we hear lately are about budget cuts at all levels of state, county and city government. Another measure on our ballot is to eliminate the estate death tax. Talking points in opposition is a long list of labor unions, the ecumenical ministries and other socialist organizations of which there are hundreds going after the so-called 2% rich that violates the Tenth Commandment. Thou shalt not covet. For those that have handled their finances well and have grown rich means we, too, can do the same thing if we work hard. I’ve never gotten a job from a poor man. But rich will not bring us happiness and the Bible says “it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God” so why envy the rich man? Matt 19:24

Ironically, many in the public employee retirement systems retire with more money than they can ever spend and yet they didn’t put nearly the effort into accumulating that wealth on their own. They robbed it from other private sector taxpayers who also pays the Oregon state tax on the Public Employees retirement even if they left the state after retirement.


The 10/8/2012 NEW AMERICAN has an article entitled, “Police Consolidation,” The End of Local Law Enforcement? “Will consolidation of local police departments and sheriffs’ offices mean taking control away from local citizens, chiefs of police and sheriffs? Of course it will. The Constitutionally-elected county sheriff has always been the last line of defense against the federal government so it stands to reason federalizing law enforcement and putting the power with the certifiable nincompoops at Homeland Security would be next on UN Agenda 21. Allowing the feds to take away our sheriff is just plain dumb.

The Aspen Institute Homeland Security Group – co-chaired by former DHS chief Michael Chertoff, has called for greater integration of federal and local law enforcement. Chertoff has publicly stated the Bill of Rights is obsolete. Let us not forget that Communist goal #35 is to bring down the U.S., discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI. And Chertoff was one of the three to oversee the work of the “working groups” to the Security and Prosperity Partnership created under Republican President George W. Bush to integrate North America with Mexico and Canada. The Obama administration brought this “partnership” out in the open with its failed “Fast and Furious” still unresolved gun walking coverup.

Unfortunately, these mergers are applauded by a coterie of city leaders and well-meaning citizens, nationwide towns and cities are jumping on the consolidation bandwagon. I remember when many small school districts were consolidated into bigger ones after the peanut farmer President Jimmy Carter helped create the Department of Education. Has education gotten better?
Absolutely not. In fact, home school children outperform the public school kids. And while we are on the subject of children, it should be noted that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has just graduated the first corps of 231 Homeland youth on October 7, 2012. The Federal government calls them FEMA Corps but they conjure up memories of the Hitler Youth of 1930s Germany.

These young folks are aged 18-24 and recruited from the President’s first wave of DHS’s youth corps, designed specifically to create a full time, paid, standing army of FEMA Youth across the country. Their service comes with an “award” that helps defray cost of college, another benefit worth thousands of dollars annually. However, common sense tells us that if you are paid for your work, you’re an employee or a contractor, not a volunteer. While parents of young folks in communist countries try to get their children to America for freedom and safety, ours are losing their freedoms and safety. Ronald Reagan said, “Those who have known freedom and lost it will never get it back.” One reader wrote me after my article on Ron Paul. She told me how her parents brought their 3 children out of the Ukraine with the help of an uncle, who could speak and write several languages fluently. She said it was through submissions like my article to NWV that she got interested in U.S. politics.

The savings the city leaders thought they would receive by mergers hasn’t materialized. In fact, in some cases key management positions in the new departments were taken from officers and given to newly hired civilian employees with no police experience (but with sociology degrees perhaps?) After taking into consideration the estimated cost for new communication equipment, new healthcare plans, new uniforms, new vehicles, new training manuals and other benefits ended up saving no money and, in fact, in some instances it cost more. There may be some cases where consolidation may save money in the long run but those cases will be few and far between but once local governments surrender their control, they would find it difficult to get it back.

When referring to the Kennedy and the Johnson administration Evans writes there was little doubt in their speeches that our working policy toward the global Communist enterprise was precisely one of “accommodation” and/or appeasement with Moscow. Whereas President Ronald Reagan’s slogan was “peace through strength,” Johnson’s was “readiness to take new initiatives in foreign affairs, exploring new avenues for relaxing tensions with the Soviet Union and moving toward some enforceable disarmament scheme.” Former President Herbert Hoover’s book FREEDOM BETRAYED tells how Roosevelt invited the Soviets into the U.S. and set down a foundation for his later pro-Soviet polices and “touched off an era of uninhibited growth and activity for the Communists in the U.S.” The last chapter in the book THE POLITICS OF SURRENDER was entitled TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE.

ABC had a 12 hour mini-series called “AMERIKA” in February 1987. The movie began showing Soviet troops in our streets and actor Kris Kristofferson as a freedom fighter being released from a re-education camp after six years. His children were told he was in a “hospital” – a mental hospital. As he left, we saw hundreds of people lined up behind the barbed wire fence, including women and children. Maybe ABC should run it again with an updated version.


The UN climate treaty has three purposes (1) world government (2) redistribution of wealth from the countries of the West to third world countries and (3) Enforcement. These goals sound very familiar to what President Obama advocates. The 10/22/2012 NEW AMERICAN says the push to empower the UN with global legislative, executive, and judicial powers has already yielded huge dividends and UN bodies are now exercising those power to various degrees- and constantly pushing to usurp more control. Then they list all the programs that have gradually been put in place starting with the Global Army. On its Web page entitled “Honoring 60 years of United Nations Peacekeeping (1948-2008) that has included the U.S. picking up 27 percent of the direct tab for UN peacekeeping operations and the U.S. military training tens of thousands of UN ‘peacekeepers,” many of whom have been charged with carrying out genocide and atrocities, including widespread rape and sodomizing of women and children, as well as sexploitation of impoverished children in Haiti, Ivory coast, Liberia, Congo, Somalia, and Kosovo.”

The next thing that is already in place is the UN’s International Criminal Court that officially opened its doors at The Hague 10 years ago. It becomes the Prosecutor, Judge and Jury and Americans are not off bounds. U.S. military personnel, law-enforcement, officers, elected officials and private citizens may be taken before the ICC and the U.S. government may very well acquiesce in the process, arguing we must uphold “the rule of law” and will of the “international community.” In other words, America’s sovereignty is kaput.

Then we have forthcoming global taxation. World government must depend on dues and contributions from its member states so such taxes as a “global carbon tax” may be implemented but the UN’s record indicates the massive sums taken would end up in the bank accounts of the UN’s corrupt officials who sit in the huge UN building in New York built on former slaughter house grounds donated by the Rockefellers.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) have wrought economic havoc worldwide for decades, burdening nations (especially the less developed countries) with impossible debt and onerous economic policies. Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) may displace the dollar.

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Then the article refers to the World Trade Organization (WTO) which entered into force in 1995 and have joined NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) in judging and overturning U.S. laws and court decisions. Readers will recall it was under former Republican House Speaker and presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich that could have stopped it but instead approved NAFTA and the WTO and Democrat Bill Clinton signed it. Rush Limbaugh promoted it on his radio program. “Make no mistake about it,” warned Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tx) in 2005, “WTO ministers tell Congress to change American laws, and Congress complies.“

And then we have all the global environmental cops and let us not forget the Global Gun grabbers and since at least about 2003, when the United Nations hosted its first world Summit on the Information Society, the UN has been leading an effort to take over the Internet. And last but not least, the United Nations is planning to monitor our U.S. elections and the Obama brainwashed followers are circulating a political parody on the Internet called ONE TERM MORE. May God’s will be done on November 6th.

� 2012 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to








World government must depend on dues and contributions from its member states...