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By Betty Freauf
January 18, 2012

Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy which aligns with our first president’s philosophy about foreign entanglements seems to be a thorn in the side of the established Republicans who feel Israel must be an exception even though its Prime Minister says they do not need the financial aid. Being a consummate Libertarian, Paul makes no exceptions which brings the wrath of God on his head by the evangelical community.

For decades the GOP establishment figures the sheep will vote for any Republican candidate it chooses. If Paul doesn’t win, rather than not vote at all, the least we can do is go to the polls to vote for strong conservative people to be elected to the Senate and the House of Representatives where all appropriation bills originate and we surely must believe this time around any of those running for president on the GOP ticket will be better than Obama; however, never underestimate Barack and his well-oiled campaign and all his forced union dues money.

When Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) filed once again to run for President, he found RINOs hard pressed to even mention his name not alone say they’ll vote for him if he wins. It’s such a double standard and many voters are getting tired of voting the lesser of two evils but we’ve been burned so often by the smaller government rhetoric, which is now being advocated by Obama also, that we just don’t trust them anymore but I have to admit Gingrich really kicked butt at the South Carolina debate on the 16th receiving the first-ever standing ovation. Now, if we could only believe he wouldn’t flip flop again.

Paul’s persistent message has been resonating with more and more disgruntled Republicans, Independents and Democrats. Many Republicans are former Democrats who exited that party in the 60s when it began patronizing left-wing radicalism. For example, after the Watts Riots in 1965, which the Communists admitted they spent two years to foment, the Communists brought out this pamphlet entitled: “Watts Upsurge: A Communist Appraisal” indicating the challenge of the Watts explosion could be met only by a truly massive program of more government entitlements. This created more dependency on government by the slothful and class warfare and the eventual “white guilt” that elected Obama in 2008. Nothing happens by accident in government.

After Watts, Democrat leaders apologized to the rioters and gave them whatever they wanted and now we have the spoiled Occupy “Squatters.” While I doubt Presidential candidate Ron Paul supports the movement with its chaos and disruption in our communities, he can feel their sense of frustration because he’s been there – done that with his message for years only to be rebuffed and criticized by GOP leaders, the conservative media who seem to be Paul’s worst enemies stooping so low as to call him a racist! This is why we are seeing a variety of strange bedfellows and a blending of different causes including some of his Libertarian views agreeing with the liberal American Civil Liberties Union, for instance, which we’ve known for a long time, is a front for the Communist Party.

The tea parties are motivated by anger at being forced to pay for bailouts, while the most compelling poster children of the Occupy “99 percent” are angry that they’ve not getting bailouts and their ridiculous attacks on capitalism illustrates they have never had Economics 101 in college, where most of these morons originate. Stockholders in these corporations are people. When the economy is strong, the Public Employees Pensions and individuals earn profits. When the economy sours, unlike individuals who take the loss in the pocketbook (unless that corporation got favorable bailout money), PERS, in Oregon, for instance, expects a guaranteed 8 percent return and the taxpayers must make up the difference so where’s their beef?

When I hear the “99” percentage I’m reminded when Jesus came to his hour in John 12:27. Elizabeth C. Clephane penned a verse called “The Ninety and Nine” – “But none of the ransomed ever knew, how deep were the waters crossed; or how dark was the night that the Lord passed through, Ere He found his sheep that was lost. “ It’s time for the lost sheep to remember how He borne our griefs and carried our sorrow there on the cross. (Is. 53:4) Today, Jesus can be either the great comforter or the great divider.

I have received word that Obama signaled Congress he is prepared to share U.S. missile defense secrets with Russia. Should we get excited and yell treason? The Soviets probably already have them. Democrat leaders have been violating the “Battle Act” and trading with the enemy since the Kennedy/Johnson administrations and the mainline media that is supposed to be a watchdog and report such things either distorts it or covers it up.


While there are many, one example discovered in the 1966 book The Politics of Surrender by M. Stanton Evans is the “sweet wheat” deal to the Soviet Union. In 1963 when Moscow let it be known the latest Soviet food shortage was acute, the Kennedy administration agreed to sell the Communists $200 million worth of American wheat and to get the deal consummated, our government went a good deal further than half way. The wheat was sold not at the price which the government had paid the American farmers, but at the artificially low world price. This, in effect, found the American government subsidizing the Soviet Union. Concessions were also made on freight rates and on credit with no conditions attached.


Later it was discovered that the wheat that the Soviets got from the U.S. at a bargain price was being shipped to Rumania to strengthen the Soviet grip on that satellite nation. This, at the same time, that the U.S. was plying Rumania with trade of our own, in order to woo it away from Moscow. All of these double dealings were suppose to help bridge the gap between the evil communist regimes and the U.S. Can we surmise the same type of double dealings is taking place with the Muslims in the Middle East? Liberal diplomats claimed their policy of aiding the Communists into affability would bring about a “thaw” in East-West relations but Stanton writes the historical record suggests, however that the Soviets have not responded very kindly to our pacifist overtures because while the wheat deal was moving toward completion, indeed, Communists acts of hostility seemed if anything to increase.

Then it was discovered after the wheat shipment that a shipment of rice was going to Moscow. Rice is not a high-consumption item in the USSR so can it be assumed the rice was also subsidized by the U.S. taxpayers and that it went to the Orient to feed the Viet Cong terrorists shooting at American soldiers in Viet Nam? We have only two presidential candidates – Ron Paul and Rick Perry- who have served their country in the military but I notice in these debates it’s the other candidates that are quick to go to war. We need to be more like Israel. My husband is a Korean vet, our son served in the U.S. Navy. We need a draft with no deferments or other excuses. With the exception of our volunteer military, this current generation of materialistic young people has taken their freedoms for granted.


The Battle Act of 1951 called for cutting off of aid to nations that knowingly sent strategic items to Communist countries. In 1961 Congress passed public law 87-128 which stated that subsidized agricultural commodities should not be available to the Soviet Union or to countries dominated by the USSR. The wheat deal was the first announced without any approval from Congress. In fact, Congress disapproved; however, the penalty provided in the Act – termination of U.S. aid – was never imposed and when the Act became operative on January 24, 1952, there was a presidential determination that continuance of aid was “in the interest of national security.”

This brings me to the next violation of “trading with the enemy.” Stanton writes about other U.S. sales to the Communist countries that were obviously “prototypes” – instruments or designs which the Communists could readily copy and manufacture in large numbers once they had obtained a specimen or blueprint of the original. This was in direct defiance of a finding by a select House Committee on Export Control which declared, “It makes no sense to strengthen the economic potential of our Cold War Communist enemies than to arm them,” and yet the Select Committee found glaring instances where we have economically strengthened countries in the Soviet bloc. It was suggested that immediate steps should be taken to more effectively control the exports of technical data. Were those steps implemented? Early in 1961, the Kennedy Administration approved for export to Russia precision machine tools designated as “clearly of military value” by the Defense Department.


Congressman Ron Paul has been in Washington, D.C. long enough to have been aware of these double dealings by especially the State Department and may be why he responded to the current Wikileaks scandal as he did. It is easy for some to become Monday morning quarterbacks and shaming the Congressman for calling the accused traitor a patriot. While his remark may have been over the top, I sense he was glad to have a little transparency in government at long last.

Being a whistleblower takes courage. A caller to the Rush Limbaugh radio show on 7/1/2009 said he attended a Tea Party in April across from the White House. She talked to a man who was with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when asked what he thought about the carbon credits, he rolled his eyes and said he learned a long time ago to be skeptical of his own agency – an agency at the top or Ron Paul’s agenda to be eliminated. She asked about Whistle Blowing and he said, “I’ve seen what happens to people so I’m just going to lay low and try to keep people honest.

These apathetic whistleblowers are generally jittery insiders who drop off brown envelopes at the risk of their job, their lives or a psychiatric facility. Former U.S. House of Representatives Republican Bob Barr said the scales of justice are rigged and the failure of Congress to protect people with the courage to blow the whistle on corruption has also been enormous. He mentions when Linda Tripp (remember the blue dress/Lewinsky and Bill Clinton) was illegally smeared, Congress offered only lukewarm words of support. Revelation 3:15-16 has some pretty strong words about lukewarm people. He said allowing Tripp and others like her to suffer the unchecked wrath of the administration will ensure critics silence in the future.

And then he said the Department of Justice turns a blind eye to the White House operatives, who violate federal privacy laws by rummaging through FBI files and smearing those in Congress who dared to hold a President accountable for impeachable offenses. Hillary Clinton accessed FBI records during the Lewinsky scandal.

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And, of course, we’ve seen how the Obama Department of Justice covers for him. The journalists have the responsibility to expose corruption, but they, too, run for cover when the intimidating phone calls come in the middle of the night so the corruption goes on generally unabated. Things haven’t changed since Jesus walked on earth. Among the chief rulers, many believed on Him but because of the Pharisees they did not confess Him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue: For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God (John 12:42-43) Today there are those who want their paychecks, paid health insurance, retirement benefits, etc. and they don’t want to lose their posh government jobs so the Titanic continues to tip like the luxury cruise ship that hit some rocks off the coast of Italy.

� 2012 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









For decades the GOP establishment figures the sheep will vote for any Republican candidate it chooses.