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By Betty Freauf

May 8, 2010

Communists are no longer infiltrating our country; they’ve been invited in as our guests. The 4/30/2010 Statesman Journal (SJ) headlines said that the Nordic choir at North Salem High School was preparing to sing praises to the former South Africa President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Frederik Willem deKlerk. The soloist was asked about possible jitters. She said she’d just picture herself among the many groups of South Africans who fought against apartheid.

The only African-American in the Nordic choir, sang and played Nelson Mandela as part of the presentation. “One thing I remember reading about him is that he gets up every morning and makes a big fruit bowl for breakfast, then makes his bed, then works out on his treadmill,” said the young man. “I try to do the same every day. I feel honored to play him.” This, dear folks, is the brainwashing your innocent, vulnerable children are getting in most public schools - deliberate dumbing down of America.


Revisionist history books choose to overlook how Winnie Mandela put rubber tires around dissenters to the communist regime, doused them with gasoline and set them on fire in the public square as a warning to anyone who dared object to the dictators. An 8/16/1987 article in the SJ talked about how Oregon should be alert to the red menace – real or not and quoted again a 11/11/1960 SJ editorial that said: “First, we must teach our teachers about communism and its fallacies. Then we must be sure our youngsters are allowed to pit democracy against communism in the classroom.”

Another 8/16/1987 article in the SJ told about a peace activist, piano tuner and card-carrying Communist by the name of Ed Hemmingson receiving a $20,000 settlement from the Oregon State Fair because Fair officials ordered him in 1981 to move his booth to a site with less foot traffic after three men with blackened faces and wearing military-style fatigues picketed the booth with signs that read, “Commies Go Home” and “Commies Stop Here.” And then a 2/3/1988 SJ article told how Hemmingson, from Albany, Oregon. a “community organizer” for the Communist Party, had received a $5,000 settlement from Oregon State University when they removed him from one of its buildings for distributing political leaflets. He said he planned to use the $5,000 settlement to promote peace. What an oxymoron!


Dimitry Manuilski, an instructor at the Lenin School of Political Warfare in Moscow said in 1939, “Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time to attack will come in thirty to forty years…the Western world will have to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There shall be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in their destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we shall smash them with our clenched fist.” Did readers notice all the clenched fists at the May 1st Communist rallies?

Regarding apartheid, readers will remember in the 80s when the African National Congress set its sight on South Africa and millions of blacks were forced into virtual slavery after the white folks were driven out. “I love this country with a passion,” wrote Anne Paton of South Africa in a London Sunday Times, “but I cannot live here any more.” Mrs. Paton is the widow of Alan Paton, author of Cry, the Beloved Country. Having been “hijacked, mugged, and terrorized,” and having seen several friends killed since South Africa fell to the joint rule of the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party in 1994, Mrs. Paton fled to England.

On 3/9/2000 ABC’S 20/20 – a little late again as usual – reported that Johannsburg, South Africa was a dangerous place to live if one is white. Hundreds of farmers had been killed and bodyguards were an every-day necessity for wealthy people who were barricading themselves behind high walls and barbed wire fences. White people who could afford to leave were doing so! Poverty for blacks under Mandela was high! Vigilante groups (white and blacks) were forming. And this government is what the young people in one Salem high school were praising? Johannsburg sounds like Arizona in the news today and friends who live in Arizona confirm the daily dangers.

On May 1 the SJ had more colored photos of the children singing praises to F.W. deKlerk. I find it interesting how well coordinated his visit to Salem lined up with the usual May 1/May Day communist rallies across the world. South Africa’s former president issued a challenge to a an enthusiastic Salem crowd at the Historic Elsinore Theatre saying that globalization means the people from vastly different cultures must learn to get along with one another and that we should appreciate diversity of all kinds – racial, religious, ethnic, native language and gender among them – is a key to peace,” he said. The audience responded frequently and gave deKlerk a standing ovation at the end of his half-hour speech. DeKlerk was the leader who initiated the dismantling of apartheid in South Africa in 1990, shortly after he assumed the presidency. He served under Nelson Mandela. I found deKlerk’s recommending we appreciate “diversity” hypocritical.


John Schiess, a Vietnam veteran who testified at the Oregon state capitol against communist legislation in 1987 published A-FACT scoreboard on the 20 pro-communist bills that were introduced that year in Oregon and probably in many others states. (A-FACT: American Freemen Against Communist Tyranny) Check out HB 2325 was regarding homosexuality. It was at the request of the ACLU. Many people have since come to recognize the ACLU as a communist front. John used a quote by Julie Brown from her book I testify (P.107): “To say that the Communist Party encourages sexual immorality is to understate the fact. More appropriately may it be said that the Party demands it.” Then on Page 109, it says, “By destroying moral values, they destroyed decent human relationships. A nation that is morally strong cannot be taken over. Communism seeks to destroy the moral fiber of the people.” Mrs. Brown was a black lady who infiltrated the Communist Party for 8-9 years at the request of the FBI in Ohio in 1951. Is this who has been behind America sliding into the abyss regarding morality?


As I read John’s scoreboard for the legislators, I saw most Republicans voted against HB 2325 but then I see a long list of Democrats and they all voted for the legislation. Democrat John Kitzhaber in the Senate at the time voted for the legislation. He later ran and became Oregon governor for eight years. Democrat Representative Mike Kopetski voted for the legislation and later became Congressman Kopetski and went to Washington, D.C. Kitzhaber after resting for eight years while another Democrat and attorney, Theodore Kulongoski filled the governor’s chair but now Kitzhaber thinks Oregon needs him and he very well may get back into the governor’s office in November. Neil Goldschmidt was our governor at the time and he asked the ACLU to write his Executive Order for special rights for homosexuals. The communists didn’t infiltrate our Oregon legislature. Our Democrats sent out engraved invitations. Scheiss listed many communist front groups who hide behind such issues as civil, human and free speech rights.


Senate Joint Memorial 10 (SJM 10) in 1987 memorialized Congress to stop all aid to groups conducting military activities in Central America which would give the communists free reign to expand in that area. In the usual well-orchestrated public testimonies, the communist supporters marched to the microphone. John Schiess was the only one who stood against it. I was in the committee room that day giving John a little moral support. This bill seemed to be innocuous but the hearing was in one of the larger rooms and it was standing room only. It was that day that I discovered politicians come and go but it’s the staff that runs the show!!!


In Salem, we have Willamette University (once Christian) across the street from the Capitol and often students are on staff. Many Salemites now call it Marxist U. Someone must have given out the clarion call that someone was going to speak in opposition to SJM 10 and staff from legislator offices ascended upon the hearing room to sneer at John. Bare in mind, dear readers, this was in the 80s. John Kitzhaber was a member of the communist front Physicians for Social Responsibility and was another supporter of this bill right beside Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon who never miss a time to support the Communist Party USA. Representative Ron Eachus, who now has a regular column in the SJ and earlier was given an appointed paid position on the Public Utilities Commission and eventually became chairman, supported the SJM 10. Eachus admits he once met Jane Fonda and her communist sympathizer and free enterprise entrepreneur husband, Ted Turner at a reception and shook hands. Eachus opposes Arizona’s new law trying to stop the flow of illegals into their state.

Countless well-known Americans in addition to journalists flew in and out of Hanoi in the sixties receiving rich gifts from the communists and the usual Gringo tour. Dick Hughes, current editorial page editor at the SJ wrote in January 2010 about Mandela’s leadership strength and confesses he has a feeling of a personal connection with each of the movies about Mandela. Now he has a daughter studying in South Africa. She has visited the island prison where Nelson Mandela was jailed for 9,000 days. Have these South African leaders had an epiphany? Have they changed?

The apartheid debate even reached into athletics where two-time Wimbledon tennis champ Boris Becker earned the wrath of UNICEF, the United Nation’s Children’s Fund, for refusing to take an oath that he would never play tennis in South Africa as long as apartheid existed. Human Events reported on 5/2/1987 that Kodak was one of the corporations that pulled out of South Africa leaving 181 whites, 134 blacks and 128 mixed -race and 23 Asians unemployed. Including dependents around 2,000 were left to face the hardships of joblessness in a country with no safety nets for workers who lost their livelihoods. The welfare of the blacks, who were the hardest hit, was never a concern to the communists and it was being predicted by 1990 South Africans would lose two million jobs.

Twenty pro-communist bills were introduced in that Oregon legislature including HB 2001 (apartheid) that called for divestment of state funds in South Africa. Representative Margaret Carter (D-Portland), a college counselor and teacher was the first black elected woman to the Oregon legislature, was the sponsor of the bill. Ironically, Willamette University had $5 million of stock in companies doing business in South Africa. Former Oregon Democrat Governor Bob Straub cautioned that politics and investments don’t mix and that Oregon legislators shouldn’t tamper with state retirement funds; however, Wall Street financier and former Oregon Republican Secretary of State and former Treasurer Clay Myers said the U.S. should support armed revolution in South Africa if the government there did not move immediately to end apartheid. Clay’s mother, a GOP political activist and very disgusted with her son once told me Clay was a good boy until he went to college and got brainwashed. Democrat Governor Neil Goldschmidt signed the Anti-Apartheid Act of 1987.

In 1986 it was discovered that Democrat Joseph P. Kennedy II was red faced when he was caught doing business in South Africa. At the height of apartheid, in 1993, it was revealed another Democrat, Hillary Clinton owned stock in a South African diamond company and reported Capital gains from DeBeer’s at the time her liberal friends were yelling about apartheid and divestiture.


Who ignored their Constitutional oaths in Oregon? The Scheiss scoreboard on HB 2001 showed eight Republicans out of 30 senators voted “nay” and had a passing grade of 50 or better and only eight Republicans out of 60 representatives. In fairness, however, the Democrats were in control and all but one Democrat voted in favor of the bills. Democrat John Kitzhaber (now running for Oregon governor for a third term) was President of the Senate and a liberal Democrat transplant from New York City and a radical feminist by the name of Vera Katz was House Speaker, good friend of the Clintons and was involved in the restructuring of our public schools in the 90s. (See deliberate dumbing down of America above) . She later became Portland, Oregon mayor and an old-time, pioneer street in Portland was renamed Cesar Chavez. In the early 1950s, a staff member for Saul Alinky’s Industrial Areas Foundation recruited Chavez. He spent six years in Chicago (Obama country) studying at the “Alinsky School of Revolution, before his ‘teachers’ thought he was ready to return to California to found the National Farm Workers’ Union.” Old timers may remember the Delano grapes boycott. Chavez was also active in Oregon and elsewhere.

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Senate Current Resolution 8 (SCR 8) in memoriam of Chavez was introduced in Oregon in 1993. The communists publicized Chavez as the charismatic political leader of Mexican-Americans who came to the U.S. to do the work Americans couldn’t do after stringent Child Labor laws were passed. As a result teenagers were kept from learning self-reliance and the work ethic in the fields as they earned a little money like they did in the past during summer months. Today we have illegals coming across our borders doing a lot of the work our teenagers used to do.

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to










Who ignored their Constitutional oaths in Oregon? The Scheiss scoreboard on HB 2001 showed eight Republicans out of 30 senators voted “nay” and had a passing grade of 50 or better and only eight Republicans out of 60 representatives.