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By Betty Freauf

October 17, 2008

The core belief of Communism’s Lenin and Marx is that religion is the “opiate of the masses.” They also believed left-wing liberal religious leaders were to be used as “useful idiots” to promote communism, i.e. Reverend Wright, Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s mentor for twenty years.

When Senator Joe McCarthy tried to warn us about the infiltration of communists in America, the mainstream media vilified him. He died under suspicious circumstances at a government hospital in 1957. Time proved McCarthy was right. The FDR administration was crawling with Soviet agents but even before McCarthy, someone we don’t read about in the history books, Congressman Martin Dies (D-TX) bucked his own party’s rabid opposition to investigating Communist subversions and infiltration of government, academia, labor unions, and the media.

Dies became the first chairman of the House Committtee on Un-American Activities in 1938 and fought a desperate battle to expose Red subversives. Opposition was sure and swift. Every federal department especially the Department of Justice, which Dies had expected would provide information rejected his requests and refused to cooperate. Well, to use a phrase from Obama’s mentor, Rev. Wright, the chickens have come home to roost.

Well-meaning citizen were deceived by words. Although the Dies Comnmittee exposed numerous Nazi and Fascist fronts that folded due to scathing publicity and administration opposition, it was a different story when it came to Communism. Of more than 600 Communist or Communist front organizations exposed, the majority simply sneered at the Committee, changed their name to high sounding titles and continued their activities unopposed by either the administration or media.[1] The recent shout of “Kill Him” in a McCain/Palin rally is a typical Communist ploy of placing provacateurs (agitators) in the audience knowing full well the media will jump on it or possibly make the story up. And today I understand the U.S. Communist Party is feeling really smug about the upcoming election. Its regional director in Manhattan thinks the Marxist-Leninist Communist party founded in 1919 time has finally come and we’ll have a better world instead of one based on the greed of the few.

Michael Savage in his book The Savage Nation said some leftists don’t understand that they are the battering ram against the moral underpinnings of America. They don’t understand that they will be among the first to go when our self-appointed liberators (from capitalism) take over. There will be no “rights groups” of any kind tolerated in a future New World Order, for, just as under Brother Stalin, Elder Adolf, and Uncle Mao, all “rights” will be decided for us. If you think you have any special “rights,” you will be eliminated as an enemy of the people or at least committed to re-education camps. The same goes for the “femanists,” terrorist apologists, the cougar-cuddlers, the race-baiters, and the other leg-crossers on the evening news, says Savage.

A Howard Stern audio clip of someone from his staff interviewing people in Harlem on October 1 has been making the rounds. With the exception of one voting for McCain, nearly all were voting for Obama. I suspect Stern was selective of the three he thought the best. I notice Devvy Kidd has the clip on her article, you might want to close your ears for the first few seconds because Stern uses foul language. For those who have friends without computers or Internet access, following is a synopsis that you might like to print out for them.


In the opening, the interviewer said, “Some people speculate that blacks are voting for Obama simply because he’s black and not because of his policies so we took McCain’s policies and pretended they were Obama’s.”

The first was a man. He was voting for Obama because he didn’t think McCain knew what he was doing. He agreed with Obama’s pro-life position and he agreed with Obama that the troops should stay in Iraq to finish the job. (Remember, these are all McCain’s positions) and he would have no problem with Sarah Palin being Obama’s Vice President.

The second was also a man who is voting for Obama because he doesn’t agree with McCain’s policies. Although he didn’t have a clue about stem cell research, he’s OK with Obama’s anti-stem cell position and he didn’t mind Sarah Palin being Obama’s Vice President if he wins.

The third was a woman who is voting for Obama because “McCain doesn’t sound like he has enough (I think she meant brains but switched gears) – like he’s uneducated because when both presidents (are) speaking, McCain didn’t sound like he knew what he was talking about so much whereas Obama had facts and information when he was speaking.” She supports Obama because she likes his pro-life position and because he wants to keep troops in Iraq to finish the job and she says “Yup, she’s glad Obama selected Sarah Palin to be his Vice President running mate.”

Louis Farrakhan, the outspoken leader of the nation of Islam, blasphemously says, “The Messiah is absolutely speaking and when the Messiah speaks the youth will hear. Barack has captured the youth and will bring universal change.”

Huntley Brown, a concert pianist, man of God and black, writes “Why I Can’t Vote for Obama.” He lists many reasons and adds: In the past when the Lord brought someone with the beliefs of Obama to lead a nation, it meant one thing – judgment. Then he refers to I Samuel 8 with emphasis on v. 18: When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, and the Lord will not answer you.

Mosques are springing up rapidly worldwide. Sharia courts, which are special courts that administer Moslem laws and punishments, have been set up throughout England (soon coming to America) and are honored by the British government and tolerated by the British people. Moslems are being given special privileges everywhere (prayer mats and foot bathes at some US airports) and this religion is a rising force that is rapidly seizing the world.

I heard on the radio recently a Muslim taxi driver in New York killed his two teenage daughters for dating non-Muslim boys. He called it a Mercy Killing.

Now lest someone accuse me of being a racist, let’s hurry to a rock concert where a bunch of white kids were interviewed. On October 10, 2008 ABC’s 20/20 by John Stossel aired “Old Enough to Vote”. He says he keeps hearing how it is our civic duty to vote and how there is a big push to get young people to vote but after interviewing some of these young people at a rock concert, Stossel says, “Maybe some of you shouldn’t vote.” But one young person disagreed saying, “If you don’t vote you’re a moron.”


Between songs the musicians would say, “Please participate this year by casting your vote”. The musicians co-founded “Head Count” and claim they’ve registered over 100,000 people. All potential voters have to be 18 years of age, supply a driver’s license number or the last four digits of their social security number. The group says it is imperative of this generation to have their voices heard but a little difficult to hear over the rock music. Between groups like this, academia, labor unions, a biased media and ACORN, the community organizing group affiliated with Barack Obama and allegedly registering fraudulent voters, I fear America is in big trouble.

“Give us one generation of small children to train to manhood and womanhood and we will set up the Bolshevist form of the Soviet Government” was the 1919 Communist Party Slogan. Today we have two generations since the sixties. The parents of today’s young folks were part of the sixties sexual revolution where drugs flowed freely and morality went out the window. Prior to the sixties a majority of Americans both churched or unchurched would have agreed philosophically on matters regarding the absolute nature of truth and error but after several decades of political correctness and using the Supreme Court and government schools to ridicule biblical Christianity, I fear the majority of young voters are representative of those which Stossel interviewed because they no longer have a frame of reference.

A May 5, 1969 American Opinion publication had a story entitled COMMUNIST DRUG OFFENSIVE by Susan L. M. Huck. She said phase one was to introduce younger generations to drugs and accustom them to taking narcotics, defying their parents and the law. (2 Timothy 3:2 in the Bible refers to disobedience to parents and is one of 19 phrases or words to describe the last days.) Today thousands of kids are in rebellion against all authority. Susan then said the next thing is to escalate them to stronger drugs, more expensive and more addictive. Get the young people “on the needle” and once over the needle barrier, a major psychological hurdle has been crossed. Using the needle then, is Phase Two. Heroin is almost always taken with a needle and veteran addicts have arms like overworked pincushions, she said.

What followed were fashion magazines glorifying heroin. President Clinton on 5/21/1997 CBS news admonished the fashion designers. “You do not need to glamorize heroin to sell clothes”, he said. A 3/24/1999 program showed stock market handlers snorting heroin. The 3/2/1998 New American said “There are indications that some high-level military officials and powerful business men who give financial support to politicians (in Cambodia) are involved in heroin smuggling.”

Stossel questions the young people about how many states we have and how many senators from each state. While a couple students seemed knowledgeable about their government, one young man mentioned 51 states – or maybe 52 states and he guessed 16 senators. This young man stumbling over how many states we have reminds me of Barack Obama, who many young people will check on their ballot on election day. In one of his speeches, Obama mentioned 57 states, a gaffe he probably regretted but the media overlooked it so he was home free once again. We later learned that 57 are the number of countries the Muslims control. A young lady laughed at how many questions she could not answer correctly and then commented, “Maybe I shouldn’t vote” but quickly added, “I lied, I plan to vote.”

Then Stossel asked them about Roe v. Wade. One young man said it had to do with segregation. A second one mentioned something about us declaring bankruptcy. A young lady said it was about a white person and a black person. Now there will be young women who have abortions but they don’t know that it was Roe –vs- Wade that allowed them to kill the baby. October is Cancer Awareness month. Be sure to read my next article about America’s best-kept secret that abortions are causing the increase in breast cancer.

Stossel decided maybe it wasn’t fair to pick on the young folks at a rock concert so he took his camera crew to Washington, D.C. figuring certainly people there would be more informed. He showed them a picture of Obama and McCain and they were easily recognizable and about half the people interviewed recognized Sarah Palin but Obama’s vice presidential pick, Joe Biden? Well, that was a different story. A few people recognized Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was nominated by President Bill Clinton in 1993 with next to no protest from Senate Republicans, including John McCain, despite the fact they confirmed one of America’s most radical attorneys to the highest court of the land. They did recognize television’s Judge Judy.

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So now we’ve been to Harlem, a rock concert and Washington, D.C. How about the group homes where a Downs Syndrome and profoundly retarded young lady resides? According to her sister, in a letter to the editor in my local paper on 10/9/08, she says she has been receiving political phone calls for her sister. She called the county elections and found that the sister had voted in the May election. Her sister can’t even write her own name and wouldn’t have known the candidates from Mickey Mouse. When she called the group home, they said they read the ballot to her (Oregon has Vote By Mail) and let her make her own decision. Her sister laughed at the explanation and said the staff got to vote twice and then suggested readers multiply that across the state and our nation from group homes to other institutions. This clearly violates Oregon Statute ORS260.665 regarding undue influence over a voter. The letter next to this one said, “Be careful what kind of change you get.”


1 - 5/8/2000 New American (P. 35)

� 2008 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









A Howard Stern audio clip of someone from his staff interviewing people in Harlem on October 1 has been making the rounds. With the exception of one voting for McCain, nearly all were voting for Obama.