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Betty Freauf
November 21, 2002

Oregon, the most unchurched state in the union, has long boasted as being a progressive state. The word "progressive" means moving towards a goal or a higher stage and what might that be?
It is a well known fact that when the socialists want some program passed, it is not unusual for them to target Oregon for their "pilot programs." All they have to do is dangle a few dollars under the noses of Oregon's leaders and they will gladly use the carrots from the feds to nibble away at our freedoms. In other words, they'll sell their souls and put Oregonians in bondage for a bowl of pottage.
In 1887 Oregon became the FIRST state to observe Labor Day but honoring the "laborers" is of little significance. It's just another three-day paid holiday for government workers. And then it was decided that Martin Luther King's birthday should be observed in January so they combined Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays in February and called it "President's Day." Now the children celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday with many media-attended events but are gradually forgetting Washington and Lincoln - the plan all along.
On February 24, 1919 Oregon was the FIRST state to slap a tax on gasoline. In 1934 Governor Charles H. Martin began committing the State of Oregon and it's citizenry into the spiraling vortex of perpetual debt.
The book ROOSEVELT RED RECORD (c) 1936 said that H.R. 5600, a bill by Representative Pierce from Oregon, permitted dissemination of birth control material and information. The Communist Garland Fund has always supported the birth control movement.  Oregon was the FIRST state to test the RU 486 abortion pill in 1993 (Are You For 86?). The saga of RU-486 is the latest development in a coordinated population control movement that can be traced back to John D. Rockefeller's Population Council, which holds the American Patent to RU-486.
In 1950 Oregon became the FIRST testing ground for sex education. A University of Oregon professor, Dr. Lester Kirkendall, was a board member of Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS). The aim of SIECUS was to downgrade absolute moral values.
Those who followed SIECUS guidelines expected to get their share of federal research money and The Wall Street Journal (9/19/1967) revealed the federal government had poured into SIECUS over one million dollars. SIECUS members act as consultants on sex education to guidance counselors, educators, librarians and parents.
Dr. Mary Calderone, former Planned Parenthood medical director, formed SIECUS in 1964 with a group of like-minded professionals from such diverse fields as sociology, psychiatry, education, relation and law. In a matter of four years, SIECUS had attained the position of undisputed leader and consultant in organizing school sex education programs.
In 1973, Oregon passed the FIRST bill creating the Land Use and Development Commission (LCDC), a United Nations administrative agency which dictates how Oregonians can use their own land. They started out with a small budget but today it amounts to millions.  Following closely upon the heels of the LCDC legislation was The Rockefeller Project developed in 1976 in conjunction with Oregon State University.
This Rockefeller project was about man's activities as related to environmental quality and the beginning of the "green" movement. We now have a Green political party and the former Soviet Union communist leader, Mikhail Gorbachev has his International Green Cross organization comparable to the Red Cross. Only the Green Cross would have volunteers administering first aid to Mother Earth, the Gaia one-world religion in our public schools, rather than people.
Oregon legislators gave money for the FIRST state-funded AIDS ad campaigns in 1987. Cascade AIDS project, a homosexual organization, was put in charge. The project literature promoted the homosexual lifestyle - the zero population agenda.
Attorney General Janet Reno came to Portland, Oregon in April 1995 for the FIRST International Community Policing Conference. The now infamous Charles Moose, who helped catch the Beltway snipers, was police chief in Portland from 1993-1998. November 1999 local newspaper said community policing means more open and citizen-friendly police departments but if you look up "communitarian" in the dictionary, it says "communism."
Oregonians once again foolishly passed the "Death with Dignity" legislation in 1994 by a narrow margin of 31,962 votes and has been upheld twice since on subsequent votes. This is again part of the Zero Population movement.
In 1991 Oregon claimed it was the FIRST to pass the Outcome Based/Mastery Learning education bill which was suppose to "reform" education. All the parents ever wanted was "Back to Basics."
But rather than "reform" with tangible results, the bill "transforms" our educational system to accept an International Skinnerian curriculum with no academic gains. On page two of the legislation it said it was "Participatory Democracy" also known as socialism but our elected legislators rarely read the bills so are easily deceived. If they put as much credence into the information the John Doe's from the street give them to the hundreds of paid lobbyists at our state capitols, we'd still have our Republican form of government. But, alas, this is not to be.
More than a decade has passed and another generation of vulnerable children used as guinea pigs have been lost to a program determined to change their once traditional value system no matter how long it takes into accepting the globalism, one world government and politically correct agenda.
I could go on and on about all of Oregon's PROUD FIRSTS which brings me to Oregon's latest FIRST: Vote By mail and why America may be laughing at Oregon.


2002 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved


Betty Freauf is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served
as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon state legislature. The Republican tradition is to stay neutral in Primary races but in Betty's case, they supported her opponent.  E-Mail: 

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