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By Marilyn M. Barnewall
September 6, 2009

Most Americans are very aware that something is drastically wrong with their government. The majority doesn’t know exactly how to define the problem(s), but they innately sense that a train is headed down the tracks toward them. Unfortunately, they can see neither the train nor the tracks.

Maybe it’s time that we ask ourselves some logical questions. We may not have answers, but a line of logical questioning can often lead to where answers can be found.

How can government suddenly take so many sharp turns toward socialism and world government without the involvement of the people? Why did we not feel the impact of the changed direction sooner? What can be done to take us back to the government given us by our founding fathers… a Republic based on the Rule of Law? Is it too late to save ourselves from what is apparently coming our way?

So, for just a moment, let’s play a game of “What If…?”

What if something horrible and unthinkable, was intentionally perpetrated against the people of America by the highest levels of government? What if that unthinkable something was so fraudulent and so intentional that everyone whose body exceeded room temperature would be stunned by it?

What if a family of organized crime penetrated the halls of Congress and/or the White House? What if it wasn’t organized crime… just greedy elitists who saw a means of robbing the people of this country of the wealth America has given so abundantly to her people?

What if malignant energy – or, sheer evil – ended up “owning” so many positions of government power that the Rule of Law disappeared? What if our courts were dominated by malignant rather than positive energy? What if the courts removed from the people the right to hold Common Law Grand Juries called by the people to rid society of crooked public officials?

In 1946, our Common Law Grand Jury system was hijacked when The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures were adopted and Rule 6 (g) gave government bureaucrats and judges rather than the people the right to oversee public corruption (which is why we have so much of it… the wolf in charge of the hen house).

That’s one thing we can change. Rule 6 (g) supports corrupt public officials in their abuses of power. We, the people, need to be able to call for Grand Jury investigations of government abuse equally with government which can and does call Grand Juries for citizen criminal behavior.

What if one person – one man – had been given the financial resources and responsibility for using public funds (tax dollars) to create a fortune so huge that when the crooks in office tried to bring America to her economic knees, that fortune would be made available to save her? What if he succeeded? What if the President who foresaw the coming tragedy and prepared for it was Ronald Wilson Reagan?

What if that one man amassed the wealth required to save America from the greedy, treasonous elitists? What if his actions also brought the economy of the Soviet Union to its knees? What if this man repaid the tax dollars to the Treasury within six months of the date President Reagan made the funds available? What if the fortune he amassed from 1985 to the mid-1990s totaled $27.5 trillion dollars and the man resisted giving it to government elitists because he knew the money would be stolen from the people and used to fill the hungry political bellies of personal greed? What if his plans were to instead give the money to the American people by purchasing problems like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so our economy wouldn’t go bust? What if he tried to purchase them, as well as Bear Stearns? What if he wanted to use the money to build America’s high speed rail system from coast-to-coast: north, south, east and west? What if the plan for an international economy was so essential to the oligarchy being created by government, it would not accept the man’s offer to allay our economic problems? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

What if that man was arrested by a foreign country because a government employee – a junior auditor in Wisconsin – said the man owed “estimated civil income taxes” of $14,129, a civil assessment that was a guess without foundation? He hadn’t even lived in that state for the years the tax evasion charges were made! What if he paid the tax – twice – anyway? Even if he owed the tax, since when does a foreign government imprison an American because a junior auditor in Wisconsin says someone didn’t pay an estimated state income tax payment? There is no U.S./Swiss extradition treaty for tax evasion! The entire event was a civil income state tax assessment conjured up and lawlessly supported by a lowly, non-jurisdictional tax collector. It’s unbelievable… but it happened. And there was a reason. It’s called $27.5 trillion. It’s called fraud. It’s called theft.


Can you give me an example of anyone being arrested by a foreign government like Switzerland for estimated income tax evasion in one of the 50 states – with no warrant issued by the state? What if that American was an appointed Ambassador to Canada and Switzerland and was entitled to diplomatic immunity – but was arrested, anyway? What if he was thrown in a foreign dungeon and attempts on his life were made? What if Israel’s Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, wrote a letter addressing the man as “Ambassador” and the Swiss immediately decided it was necessary to return the man to America – after keeping him locked up for 134 days? What if, upon his appearance in Federal Court in New York, the judge decided in the man’s favor and he walked free?

What if he was then re-arrested on the steps of the New York Federal Courthouse by two detectives who kept him locked up for another two months and then put him in chains before taking him to Wisconsin to face tax evasion charges there? And once in Wisconsin, what if corrupt politicians contrived to have him deemed criminally insane and incarcerated in spite of evidence to the contrary? What if they went so far as to declare him dead so he might merely be a voice from the grave? All of this over a (non-existent) estimated civil income tax the man had paid – twice – because it was an irritant? How could this happen?

What if the federal government wanted this man out of the public eye so the various accounts he had, which held the fortune gathered for the American people, could be raided by crooks? Would that justify the rationale behind the abuse heaped on this guy’s head? No, absolutely not, but it certainly would prevent the real criminals from having to face the music and justify stealing trillions of dollars that rightfully belongs to We, the people, wouldn’t it?

There is so much more to the abuses that really occurred to one man fighting a very lonely battle for his country. You can find the complete story about the man and his lonely battle here. The articles tell you how much of the money is left, how much belongs lawfully to this man and how his repatriation taxes owed to We, the people, are being withheld from the U.S. Treasury through gamesmanship – enough to reduce the heavy duty tax burden the current Administration has placed on the shoulders of all Americans.

My original question: What if something horrible and unthinkable was intentionally perpetrated against the American people by politicians at the highest levels of government? What if they committed fraud – even treason? What would the actions of responsible law enforcement be? How would they react? What critical problems do law enforcement agencies face if actively pursuing culprits at the top of the political food chain? What has been stolen from this man has been stolen from you and me. If he has been prevented from gaining access to what’s left of the fortune he amassed – which they pilfered in spite of his entitlement to it per a Virginia court decision in his favor – what must law enforcement do?

What if the perpetrators are… well, let’s just say their names might be household words? Does the intelligence community do its job? How about law enforcement? Or, do they appoint a committee to study the problem – they have been studying the problem since 2006? What if those whose job it is to enforce the Rule of Law see something so horrific behind the Wizard’s curtain of Oz, they just don’t want to pull the curtain back and expose to us how lawless those responsible for making and enforcing our laws really are? What if pulling back the curtain and exposing treasonous behavior would shock not just us, but the world? What if law enforcement thinks such disclosures could bring down the government?

This then becomes dangerous ground for enforcement agencies because of the Law of Misprision: “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.” U.S. CODE, TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 1, SECTION 4: MISPRISION OF FELONY

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What if we really don’t have any ethical standards regarding the Rule of Law in America? As a very wise man has said, the method used always exposes the standard in place.

What if we find out that when a nation totally abandons its moral compass and has no standards regarding the Rule of Law, the nation cannot survive?

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Marilyn Barnewall received her graduate degree in Banking from the University of Colorado Graduate School of Business in 1978. She has authored seven non-fiction books about banking, two are listed at Oxford and Cambridge University libraries in Great Britain. Her current book, When the Swan’s Neck Breaks, details the banking problems she foresaw in 2006. Of the 24 predictions made in the book, 22 have happened. It is fiction but readers refer to it as docu-fiction.

Barnewall was named one of America's top 100 businesswomen in the book, What It Takes (Dolphin/Doubleday; Gardenswartz and Roe) and was one of the founders of the Committee of 200, the official organization of America's top 200 businesswomen. She can be found in Who's:Who in America (2005-08), Who's Who of American Women (2006-08), Who's Who in Finance and Business (2006-08), and Who's Who in the World (2008).

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What if something horrible and unthinkable, was intentionally perpetrated against the people of America by the highest levels of government? What if that unthinkable something was so fraudulent and so intentional that everyone whose body exceeded room temperature would be stunned by it?