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By Pastor Roger Anghis
November 4, 2012

There is a lot of talk today about the future of energy in America. Back in the days of the Carter administration the talk was America was running out of oil and we would end up being governed by the dictates of OPEC. The government since the days of Jimmy Carter have done all they can to stifle energy production all in the name of environmental responsibility. I believe that only the uninformed and those bent on controlling every aspect of our lives support 'alternate' energy sources. As the last couple years have proven, 'climate change' is nothing more than a few people trying to get rich off of a non-existent global disaster. I mean, think about it. Science has proven that the planet was warmer one hundred and fifty years ago that it is today before 80% of the manufacturing facilities, 60% of the population and 100% of all the internal combustion engines. Just about two week ago a report came out that since 1999 the planet has been cooling.

The fear that all these automobiles are going to destroy the planet is about a dumb as a rock. Consider this; one active volcano produces the same amount of CO2 as 250-300 million automobiles. There are about 1500 active volcanoes around the earth, above ground. There are approximately 30,000 along the continental ridge in the Atlantic. Do we really have to worry about the exhaust from our automobiles? Probably not.

Right now oil is the energy source and the most available to all mankind. Yes we should do what we can to make them more efficient but to have the government dictate what kind of cars we are able to drive, so-called smart cars as opposed to a nice full sized car, is not something that government should be involved in. What the government needs to do is get out of the way of the free market system and allow the private sector to develop what the public wants.

To concentrate on electric cars over one that uses gasoline as the expense of the American people by over taxing the gasoline engine and restricting access to the cheapest energy source on the planet is the ideology of fools. There have been bills placed before Congress, all by the Democrat party, to permanently ban ALL offshore drilling on the East Coast, West Coast, and Gulf of Mexico which would also dictate the closing down of all existing wells in those areas. This is nothing more than stupidity on steroids. They don't even take into consideration that as of today there is no replacement for that oil to power our cars, trucks, trains and everything else that uses oil. They operate in the same manner as the EPA, regulate without any consideration of the consequences of their regulations. We are no more in danger of destroying the planet with our internal combustion engines that we are from a massive asteroid shower wiping out all life on earth.

Jimmy Carter established the Department of Energy in 1079 to 'make America energy independent'. At that time we were importing 15% of our oil. Today the DoE has a budget of $26 billion dollars and we import 70% of our oil. Talk about a total waste of $26 billion. All the federal government has done since 1979 is restrict America's access to it oil reserves. I really don't think that you can get any dumber than that. With proven reserves totally more than most of the Middle East combined, why are we importing 70% of our oil? Why are we financing nations that hate America? Why are we not using those resources to create jobs for Americans and making the US dollar the strongest monetary form in the world. I will take the opportunity here to state that these policies are primarily the policies of the Democrat Party. In the last year of the Bush administration there were several permits issued for shale oil development in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. When Secretary Salazar, a former Colorado Senator, was installed as Secretary of the Interior, he revoked all the permits. As a Senator he was asked at what price he would vote to allow access to the massive oil reserves in ANWAR and at $10.00 a gallon he still would not allow access to those resources. Is this the type of person that we want in that position? No!

Energy Secretary Steven Chu has stated that we need to find a way to get gas prices to what they are in Europe. He also stated that his job did not include keeping gas prices in a reasonable price range. Here is an excerpt from an article on Energy Secretary Steven Chu yesterday admitted the Department of Energy (DOE) has no intentions of working to lower gas prices in the United States. His testimony before Congress confirmed suspicions in the opposition party the Obama Administration is not as concerned with the current surge in prices at the pump as they are with making solar energy a major energy source.

When asked by Congressman Alan Nunnelee of Mississippi about whether or not the DOE sees lowering prices as a priority Chu answered, “No.” [Link]

This is the political ideology that will destroy Americas prominence in the world. God gave us these resources to use and the federal government has no right nor authority to restrict our access to them. No nation on earth has more oil, natural gas and coal than America. There is no reason to import a drop of oil from any Middle East nation if the federal government would allow the development of these resources. Bill Clinton stated his reason to not develop ANWAR by saying that it would take ten years to get the oil to market. Well ten years later we needed that oil, as anyone with any kind of foresight could have determined in about three and a half seconds, and there was no oil. Obama stated in his 2008 campaign that he would bankrupt the coal industry with costs and regulation. He is trying to do just that. The EPA is trying to shut down over 200 coal fired plants because of fictitious emission violations. How many jobs will be lost because of that decision and how will that effect our already overloaded power grid? This is why I have called for the dismantling of the EPA. They are not responsible to anyone. They simply do what they want without regard to the consequences. The least that needs to happen is that the EPA be brought under Congressional control. No agency should have the right to regulate with impunity as they do.

Information from an article on EFT Daily News shows the massive amounts of oil and gas we have in America. This boggles the mind when we see this knowing that we import 70% of our oil. With these kinds of resources on our land we could bring oil down to a dollar a gallon and literally control the price of oil in the world.

The following are 10 facts about America’s energy resources that will blow your mind:

#1 Back in 1995, the U.S. Geological Survey told the American people that the Bakken Shale formation in western North Dakota and eastern Montana only held 151 million barrels of oil. Today, government officials are admitting that it holds 4.3 billion barrels of recoverable oil, and some analysts believe that the actual number could be closer to 20 billion barrels of oil.
#2 It is estimated that there are up to 19 billion barrels of recoverable oil deposits in the tar sands of Utah.
#3 It is estimated that there are at least 86 billion barrels of recoverable oil deposits in the Outer Continental Shelf.
#4 It is believed that there are 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil deposits in the Green River formation in Wyoming.
#5 Overall, the United States is sitting on approximately 1.442 trillion barrels of recoverable oil deposits.
#6 According to the Institute of Energy Research, the United States has a 120 year supply of natural gas.
#7 According to the Institute of Energy Research, the United States has a 200 year supply of oil.
#8 According to the Institute of Energy Research, the United States has a 464 year supply of coal.
#9 According to Pastor Lindsey Williams, absolutely gigantic oil fields have been discovered up in Alaska that the American public is not being told about.
#10 Goldman Sachs is predicting that the United States will be the number one oil producing country in the world by the year 2017. Source: [Link]

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It is time that we let Washington know that we will no longer put up with this manipulation of the American people. If we could open this energy industry up and allow it to do what we should be able to do, become the world's energy source, we would solve a lot of our present problems, jobs for the most part. We could lower energy costs drastically, improve the economy beyond comprehension. Reduce our debt and government spending. But this administration is still bent on destroying oil and gas and coal, the cheapest source of energy known to man.

This Tuesday we have the opportunity to change the course of America concerning our energy industry. Let's put America back on top where she belongs.

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Information from an article on EFT Daily News shows the massive amounts of oil and gas we have in America. This boggles the mind when we see this knowing that we import 70% of our oil.