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By Sam Anderson
December 3, 2014

Imagine, your 11-year-old daughter was transported to a nearby city, trusting that her chaperones were attending to her well being and looking forward to another discovery trip with her classmates. Given a curious handout, How To Get Your Groove Fluid Free, her lack of understanding would soon be allayed as she was confined with her group for 2 days, learning all the ways, not go all the way. Learning how to Cyber and Phone Sex or perform sex acts while Skyping. Learning that “Dry Humping Saves Lives” and that “Meth is used for millions reasons – to have lots of sex with lots of partners for long periods”. Learning how a condom is donned and how to make a dental dam. Possibly, when the time comes, she and her future friend could wear each other’s underwear – look at porn or stars together – read erotic stories or even share an Xtra large pajama bottom. The highlight came when she was subjected to viewing an interactive porn site, learning how to command sexual instruction from bawdry ladies. Imagine that your daughter felt so shamed that she kept her experience from you, fearing you might……? [See it for yourself]

You need no longer imagine. A Seaside Oregon, KOIN TV segment, Does Sex Education Conference for students go too far aired in November, exposing all of the above and more. Thousands of middle and high school students have attended the annual Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) in Seaside, Oregon during the past two decades which has up till recently escaped major public exposure. Information on ASC’s preparation for their conference in 2015 can be viewed here. Supporting their effort, as before, are the Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Health Authority Office of Client & Community Services, Planned Parenthood, WISE and SIECUS, all members of the steering committee. As before, it will be directed by Brad Victor, who was very reluctant to answer KOIN’s questions that directly addressed the content.

Event speakers are selected according to their submissions for upcoming events on ASCs web page and Cory Silverberg, a select speaker blatantly suggested; “You can program her to do whatever you want to say, if you don’t want to say “give me a blow job’ or something”. Who might her be? An avatar. Students can create and program a he or a she for virtual sexual experiences. Last spring, had reported the spurious content to “support positive youth development”. On interviewing Bob Nystrom of the Oregon Public Health Division, he bluntly contended: “Now here in the [sex ed] literature have I ever found that exposing kids to more sophisticated information encouraged sexual behavior or more sexual behavior”. Sophisticated! According to Roget’s Thesaurus[1] the term sophisticate is synonymous with“contaminate, de-flower, debauch, defile, deprave, stain and adulterate.” (pg. 234) Airing this sophisticated material needs to go viral, as actions at the conference prove that the archaic synonyms for sophisticated still hold true. [Read the Oregonian article by Steve Duin]

The Cascades’ AIDS Project, the project that attends to conference handouts, affirms, “Our Peer Educators and Sexuality Educators offer fun, interactive, comprehensive and relevant sexuality education in accordance with and to supplement the education mandated by Oregon State Law.” Putting Peer Educators aside for the moment, given KOINs coverage of ASCs content, did they uphold the rules in keeping with Human Sexuality Education Courses criteria? (ORS 336.455)

1) Did ASC present (a) medically accurate and (b) comprehensive instruction? Yes, very substantively comprehensive, anatomically live, HIV free fluid lessons as described emphasize abstinence, but not to the exclusion of condom and contraceptive education.
2) Did ASC present information about responsible sexual behaviors and hygienic practices that eliminate or reduce the risks of pregnancy and the risks of exposure to human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other infectious or sexually transmitted diseases? Yes, coverage included every possible means to avoid direct intercourse and bodily fluids.
3) Did ASC acknowledge the value of abstinence while not devaluing or ignoring those students who have had or are having sexual intercourse? Yes, at no time did ASC ascertain which students abstained from sexual behavior, nor discriminate against those who had experience with sexual intercourse.

It is WISE’s mission to send Oregon school district personnel to the Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside for training. Once there, the trainers enlightened the staff, many who were shocked by the material presented. Some conference trainers, in addition to instructing, have a personal progressive direction and/or directive. Cory Silverberg possesses a community-based mandate in Toronto known as Come As You Are. His establishment is versed in providing pleasure workshops featuring instruction by Midori, expert on “bondage, foot fetishism and BDSM; Ducky Doolittle, once a “peepshow girl”; Susannah Bright, aka. Susie Sexpert. Wikipedia: Come As You Are (sex_shop)

Local trainer, Mariotta Gary-Smith, a “3rd generation social justice activists/agitator”, serves Oregon in assorted programs and departments. Allison Vesterfelt, a trainer, held her abstinence post for the events. However, abstinence doesn’t preclude ways and means to avoid sexual intercourse. Training in abstinence now is replete with innovative approaches. The irony lies in that they, the sexperts, will be always be in demand, serving students over to using social media for the sake of their sexuality while more than a third of all employers utilize these sites [social media] in their hiring process to determine an applicant’s character.

Working to Institutionalize Sexuality Education in Oregon, WISE is a national initiative through which eight lead partner organizations are funded to work with school districts in their region. In California, the lead organization is Cardea Services. Colorado’s Youth Matters (CYM) and Georgia’s Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential (GCAPP), both non-profits are, helping young people to make good choices. EyesOpenIowa advances comprehensive sex education (CSE) along with Nebraska, New York, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

Oregon’s Youth Sexual Health Plan and trainers from Healthy Kids Learn Better are determined to set comprehensive sex education in cement. W.I.S.E. trains schools to align standards and form School Health Advisory Councils (SHACs), CSE curriculum including LGBTQ inclusiveness via the Seaside Adolescent Sexuality Conference. W.I.S.E. asserts that Time and time again, research on parents support for CSE is tremendously positive: 80 to 85% of parents across the United States agree that CSE should be taught in schools. If their numbers crunch so favorably, why is WISE soliciting people to support school districts in the face of potential controversy and to hold the school district accountable? Accountability has warped 180 degrees. School boards and districts should be accountable to tax paying parents, not to WISE or the Oregon Department of Education. The audacity to suggest children watch porn, lube, do it in front of a mirror, do it while someone else is watching is beyond belief. WISE’s approval numbers more likely reflect the number of parents who unwittingly signed the permission slips.

A 2010 WISE newsletter beats around the issue of sexting. School personnel are dissuaded in searching for explicit messages or images on students’ cell phones, advising that legal authorities can intervene if need be. But since Oregon lacks any laws regarding sexting, don’t practice your sexual health lessons online or on your phone despite what you learned in Seaside. WISE’s 2011 newsletter asks the question is MTV – “the video channel full of sexualized images and reality stars of dubious character as a resource for sexual health information?” Yes is their answer, telling readers to visit MTV’s website as youth can find reliable information about decision making, courtesy of the Kaiser Family Foundation. Recall the War on Drugs mantra, Just Say No? It opens the opportunity to making a decision to Just Say Yes. Students in the 21st Century are to be trained as independent Democratic states of mind, sophisticated material for sophisticated minds. Oh, and readers can stay connected at Oregon Sex Ed on Facebook.

There are some that are wiser than WISE in Oregon. Those who evaluate promising programs to further their agendas. Those who ensure that stakeholders are getting their monies worth and their initiatives are working towards social justice. The LFA Group: Learning for Action claims to be talented in their wisdom and capacity, especially in the realm of K-12 education, they have been recognized internationally as a premier group to catalyze social change. WISE has relied on their expertise while implementing comprehensive sex education.

Planned Parenthood of Southwest Oregon in partnership with Advocates for Youth (ODE partners) found themselves nearly waiting in the wings at the dawn of the new century, as the number of teen pregnancies had fallen, due to certain interventions. A new calling was trumpeted, the New 3Rs – Rights, Respect, Responsibility Campaign and Oregon, as ever, was THE fine demonstration partner to go beyond condoms, teen pregnancy and abortion and supports social change.

Thanks to KOIN TV parents are now able to see how far beyond they have gone. Sexuality Education and Risk Behavior Prevention at the Oregon Department of Education cautions readers as they explore the numerous links to HIV prevention, messages that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

From this point onward, the Oregon Department of Education seems incapable of overseeing what is stated in the Age-Appropriate Sexuality Education guidelines, composed by none other than Brad Victor, M.A.T. Sexuality Education Specialist and Director of the Seaside Conference. Nor the meaning of respect when they employ every Tom, Dick and Harry that is willing to disrespect parental rights of full disclosure, or the rights of children in the sense of possible child abuse.

The Centers for Disease control and Prevention and the Department for Children and Families address categories of child abuse: neglect, physical, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse. Since Advocates for Youth tout the “Western European model in Sexuality Education, they may as well tout the United Kingdom’s NSCPP definitions of sexual abuse. “Encouraging a child to engage in sexual activity, including: showing a child images of sexual activity, including photographs, videos or via webcams. When sexual exploitation happens online, young people may be persuaded, or forced, to: take part in sexual activities via a webcam or smartphone have sexual conversations by text or online”.

W.I.S.E. generously posted where much of the funding originates. Education agency partnerships are key to sustaining sex ed programming and existing resources, such as DASH-funded state projects, can be successfully leveraged to this end. The Center for Disease and Control Prevention’s Program 1308 funds national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) one being Advocates for Youth. They “assist 1308-funded State Education Agencies in assessing, adapting and implementing policies and practices that support the implementation of Exemplary Sexual Health Education ESHE, to increase young people’s knowledge and skills to make health decisions about their sexual health. Advocates offers assistance with 1) Electronic and print resources and tools, tailored in-person training and follow-up support”. (Appendix D; pg. 109)

Setting the standards is an ever evolving process, and the Future of Sex Education (FoSe) lies currently in the National Sexuality Education Standards. Their justification lies in the increase of teenage pregnancies, claiming that the numbers in the US outweigh any in the industrialized nations. However, the Planned Parenthood International Federation’s statistics guru is the Guttmacher Institute, whose findings were quoted on Oregon’s link to WISE Sex Education Toolkit: Thanks to improvements in contraceptive use and access to accurate sexual and reproductive health information, the U.S. teen birth rate dropped 9 percent between 2009 and 2010 to a record low. This sharp decline in births is accompanied by a decline in abortions.[2] Question. Does justifying comprehensive sexual education need to shift towards social justice issues or possibly population control?

Advocates for Youth and the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S (SIECUS) are determining your child’s future sexuality. They are “looking ahead to the possibility of a future without federal abstinence-only-until-marriage funding ….and to promote the institutionalization of comprehensive sexuality education in elementary schools . . . maintaining that conservative moralizing will only alienate students and thus weaken the message”. Advocates for Youth and SIECUS sat on the Advisory Committee in mapping out the Core Content and Skills for the National Sexuality Standards. All in all their ‘main focus’ is to “educate youth so they can make an informed decisions about their own sexual activity and health”. Parents are out of the picture. Policy decisions leave a wide open door to interpretation; “Sexuality education should encourage the use of technology to access multiple valid sources of information, recognizing the significant role that technology plays”. One can only surmise if teledildonics or an art-based approach would suffice. Sex-Ed Squads or interactive condom negotiation sessions or continued demonstrations of creating avatars may realize the desired outcomes.

Traveling back to the future, one can fully understand how we arrived today. The first Swiss Sexologist, Augusta Forel signaled sexuality for the future. Along with Magnus Hirschfeld, Forel presided and eventually became president of the World League for Sexual Reform. A temporary blip during the Nazi period destroyed Berlin’s Institute for Sexology, but blossomed in Switzerland. Are we to witness the manifestations of Forel’s endeavor to abolish ‘conservative moralizing’? He advocated for concubinage, homosexuality, free contraceptives, abortion, even in cases of rape and danger to the mother’s health. Incest was a moot point for him and he demanded the overturn of laws punishing bestiality, however he would have praised the prohibition of alcohol. Onward, after WWII, world congresses from Paris in 1974 to Heidelberg in 1987 gathered to re-strengthen the science of sexology soon to be the technology of sexology as demonstrated at the Adolescent Sexuality Conference in our own backyard. How far in the name of tolerance are we to go? We may not go as far as Forel would have hoped, but parents today will be our best hope to keep some semblance of innocence alive in our children.

Seeding XXX rated Education in Southern Oregon

The obscene activities that occurred at the Adolescent Sexuality Conference were not unfamiliar with the residents of Seaside and possibly not unfamiliar with students in Southern Oregon. Has your child been instructed in using sex toys properly or encouraged to masturbate over Skype? Has an adult ever told your child it is healthy to look at internet porn, such as Virtual Fem, or participate in strip tease acts? Now picture who this pervert might be. If the Adolescent Sexuality Conference is a venue for training teachers in Oregon’s Sexuality Standards, as they state, how are we to trust that our children are protected. So called progressive innovative means and methods of teaching healthy lifestyles has capitulated into depravity. The germination of School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) in Southern Oregon are the local portals of the Oregon Health Authority, one of the same offices that sponsor the sex conferences in Seaside. Certified SBHCs can be found in Medford and Central Point School Districts, Prospect Charter School and Ashland High School, with more to come. SBHCs are not your friendly band aid supplier. Grant money requires SBHCs to handout contraception, abortifacients, abortion referrals and other medical services and given the material presented at the conference, SBHCs will be busier than ever.

The Adolescent Sexuality Conference’s Facebook page links young people to like-minded organizations and happenings, pulling youth into the fold. Lane County had participated in the Adolescent Health Care Communications Project training at the Adolescent Sexuality Conference, grooming youth as peer educators to spread the news at home and encourage their schools to buy into establishing School Based Health Centers. Peer educators wouldn’t need to hard sell, as counties receive startup money, up to 90,000 dollars, from the Oregon School Based Health Alliance and once certified are added to the Funding Formula, beginning in July 2015.

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Abstinence-only education was trashed in 2009 with the passage of HB 2509. Numbered among the committee members, revising Oregon’s Human Sexuality Education Standards were 2 presenters at the Seaside Conference. The 2012 revisions were mutually consented to, meaning attached under the table. (OAR 581-022-1440) Two comments were saved for posterity, Brad Victor gloated, “pushing the envelope one more time Bing Boom”. Monica Rodriquez stated “Oregon sex ed does not go far enough.” How far do you want to take children?

Approximately 100 protesters stood vigil at the conference, enduring snide remarks, praying and hoping that more parents in Oregon would hear the truth. Many more are needed at the next conference. Question remains, where were the churches? If church leadership cared about God's children, they could of had thousands of people protesting this trash, got national publicity with CNN and or Fox News, and the whole sex curriculum would be exposed and stopped. But, it appears to be only wishful thinking. Questions? Please feel free to contact me at: E-Mail:

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1 - Keeping parents informed.
2 - National Sexuality Education Standards.

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1. Roget’s thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1937
2. Guttmacher Institute, “New Government Data Finds Sharp Decline in Teen Births: Increased Contraceptive Use and Shifts to More Effective Contraceptive Methods Behind this Encouraging Trend, Dec. 1, 2011

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As a student, a teacher’s aide and then as a teacher Sam Anderson have always loved the flavor of a classroom. Graduated from Southern Oregon University with a B.S. in Elementary Education, endorsed in Mathematics, subsequently teaching 6th grade and middle school math. Sam began her research on the transformation of our educational institutions in 1995, the advent of Goals 2000. It was a privilege to share her research with a national research group on education issues for 3 years and write for a newspaper. More recently, Sam has given presentations in Southern Oregon and appeared several times as a guest on local Bill Meyer's KMED radio show in Medford Or.. Sam resides in the Rogue Valley, of Southern Oregon.







The Adolescent Sexuality Conference’s Facebook page links young people to like-minded organizations and happenings, pulling youth into the fold. Lane County had participated in the Adolescent Health Care Communications Project training at the Adolescent Sexuality Conference, grooming youth as peer educators to spread the news at home and encourage their schools to buy into establishing School Based Health Centers.