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By Bill Champion
November 5, 2006

The Costs of Ignoring God�s Commandments Are Enormous!

In my eighty three years I have witnessed at least sixty years of insidious attacks on the Ten Commandments and on Christianity. This has resulted, not only in massive suffering by members of society, but also in enormous economic cost. In fact the total costs far exceed the amount of the national debt.

I grew up in the thirties and forties when a great many people were suffering a severe economic depression. Unemployment was over 25%. Even though stress was intense most people maintained their God-based code of behavior. If anything they become more strict because few could afford the consequences. Sexual promiscuity was discouraged by law and community shame. Parents kept their daughters away form promiscuous boys; and �loose� women were shunned as �tramps�. As a result there were only two serious sexually transmitted diseases; now, there are twenty eight. Thirty percent of which are incurable!! Pregnancy out of wedlock was under 5%; now it�s closer to 60%. Wives and daughters could take an evening stroll alone safely; now, they don�t dare. We seldom locked the doors to our homes, and thought nothing of it. Rape and child abuse were extremely rare and severely punished. In my high school I never knew one person who used illegal drugs; now, they are pandemic.

Pornography was illegal. Movies had no nude or sex scenes in a rumpled bed. Now it�s hard to find a movie that doesn�t have promiscuous sex portrayed as acceptable behavior. Promiscuous sex and co-habitation was condemned by community shame and laws. Pornography has been found to be highly addictive by an Attorney General�s Commission. The FBI states that 81% of their serial rapist cases admit that they began with viewing pornography. Yet it is openly available almost everywhere, and, believe it or not, it is now protected by the First Amendment as �free speech.�!!!!

Most marriages lasted a life time, blessing children with two-parent homes. Divorce was very difficult to obtain, and carried social stigma. Now one out of two new marriages ends in divorce; and the average life of marriage is six years. The result is that 57% of one-parent homes are at poverty level; in two-parent homes it is less than 15%. 500% more teenagers from broken homes are expelled from school. 70% more minors sentenced to jail were raised without a father at home. Divorced people live shorter lives and have more health problems than those who stay married. I estimate the cost of divorce (1.2 million average number of divorces per year.) to be $24 billion per year. This is based on a conservative estimate of $20,000 total impact per divorce. I say this is conservative from reviewing the adverse and lasting effects of divorce on the children involved. The book, �The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce;� Wallerstein, Lewis, and Blakeslee; Hyperion, 2000, is a twenty five year study disclosing the devastating effects divorce has on the institution of marriage, children, and family. If my calculations are valid; and I believe they are actually conservative, the cumulative economic cost to date to society of the effects of divorce is over one trillion dollars!! And this burden is placed on the tax paying members of society.

I feel strongly, because of the magnitude of the impact of divorce on society, that a person choosing to divorce his or her spouse should be required to assume a portion of that burden. How to do this would be very complicated; but, I�m sure an equitable method could be determined.

Homosexuality�A Major Destructor and Deceiver

Imminent historians have concluded that the main factors causing the demise of once-thriving civilizations were: 1, the loss of respect for human life, and, 2, the treatment of sexual perversion as normal behavior. We�ve previously reviewed the consequences of abortion, which are indeed egregious. But the consequences of the homosexual agenda are indeed calamitous! Our very political freedom on which all other freedoms depend is a stake. I�m fully aware that such a statement sounds extreme; but, I can�t emphasize just how serious this disastrous agenda has become, and how completely the activity-oriented populace has been deceived into accepting, tolerating, and even supporting it.

I have explained above how activity orientation blinds people to the consequences of behavior. This proclivity has provided fertile ground for the advancement of the Homosexual assault on moral standards, religion, and freedom of speech.

If the reader will recall, I explained an aphorism: �Attitude is more powerful than facts, truth or reason in determining human behavior.� A feelings-based attitude is extremely hard to change if ever. But it can be done the same way Hitler did it, by continuous repetition until acceptance. Another way is to access another attitude in rebuttal that has more power with the public than the original one, such as �fairness�, �rights,� and �equality, as was done regarding abortion.

It can be recalled that Hitler�s propaganda minister said words to the effect that if a lie is repeated often enough it will be accepted as the truth. The main defense against such �mind control� is to ask for an enumeration and evaluation of the consequences that will inevitably result from pursuing an attitude supported activity. But, activity-oriented people have no such defense, because they seldom concern themselves with consequences. Therefore, they were, and still are, willing dupes for the homosexual propaganda machines that spew feelings-based cries for �equality�, fairness, minority rights, ad nauseam.

A poet whose name I can�t recall described the vulnerability of activity-oriented people exceptionally well:

�Crime is of such horrible mien, to be feared needs not to be seen. Seen too often, grown familiar with its face, First we abhor, then tolerate, then embrace.�

The Lies and Deceptions

The causes of homosexuality have been the subject of much study and analysis, and are too voluminous to explore here. But, if I were to summarize it: Homosexuals have been enslaved by perverse activities in their efforts to correct a serious flaw in their relationships with masculinity. They fully know that their lifestyle is immoral and destructive; but, they can�t by themselves escape from it. So they devote even more destructive efforts to defend it at all costs. The bottom line is that they know it is a �cancer� in society, e.g. the AlDS pandemic. Make no mistake. AIDS is a behavior-caused disease spread by promiscuous homosexuals and drug abusers. Obviously, they don�t want to be held legally responsible or accountable for its costly affects on their neighbors. As a result they have instituted an elaborate and massive propaganda and legal assault on society to prevent having to face such accountability. The cost to society for AIDS related research and treatment is over three hundred billion dollars a year.

I regard Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, president of the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) as the leading expert on the subject. He and his wife Linda have written several books which explain the causes and therapy involved. Dr. Nicolosi has been very successful in helping homosexuals change and lead normal heterosexual lives.

If the reader is interested in pursuing further knowledge I highly recommend his works. Another source explaining thoroughly the methods and strategies used in pursuit of the homosexual agenda is David Kupelian�s new book, �The Marketing of Evil." David gives a very lucid and well researched explanation of the homosexual agenda to deceive the public into accepting and even supporting it without examining the destructive consequences that are inevitable.

The Consequences of the Homosexual Agenda

Not only do the homosexual activists want complete public acceptance of their unnatural and deviant behavior, they want it protected by law, as I�ve said, in order to escape any legal or financial responsibility for their actions. Consequently, they have been successful in getting �hate� laws passed. In Canada a man has been fined and sanctioned for publishing biblical scripture condemning homosexuality in a local newspaper. In Sweden, a pastor has been indicted for quoting the Bible against homosexuality. He was finally acquitted by the Swedish Supreme Court; but, he said that he will never do it again, which means he has been inconvenienced and intimidated. The activists have been successful at this point in introducing hate crime legislation protecting homosexuals from criticism in Congress. It has passed the House; but, failed in the Senate. Homosexual spokesman Senator Kennedy says he will continue to introduce it until it is law.

It is obvious that homosexual activists want this nation to become fascistic and Godless. They want free speech denied and freedom of religion curtailed to force society to accept their destructive life style. The two most comparable situations that come to mind are Hitler�s burning of books on religion and democracy and making it unlawful to criticize the Nazi regime. The second are the Muslims who have always outlawed free speech and religious freedom. We are now at war with radical Islamic terrorists; but, we are in danger of embracing the same principles in our nation in compliance with the efforts of political activists who are sexual deviants. If they have their way with our nation what I have just written would subject me to prosecution and confinement with no freedoms at all!!! And Senator Kennedy supports this? Incredible!!

It�s All Based on Lies and Deceptions

To define homosexuality as a class of people is a premeditated deception for the purpose of achieving political status. The purpose for achieving political status is to dupe society into accepting, excusing and ignoring the destructive consequences homosexual behavior inflicts on society.

It is fact that homosexuals are not a discrete group or class of people. World Magazine; 2/19/05; p30-31 reports: �A nationwide University of Chicago study of sexuality in America in 1994 concluded, � is patently false that homosexuality is a uniform attribute across individuals, that it is stable over time, and that it can be easily measured.� Homosexual activists created the myth that homosexuals are a distinct group or class in effort to establish a claim for �civil rights� status. This is a spurious claim based on the concept of �suspect class status�, which is a technical term referring to the idea that you can define a group of people in some reasonable meaningful way, and this definitional �boundary� results in their being subject to invidious discrimination. They want to �hijack� the same status accorded to African Americans who are of a �suspect class status� defined by immutable characteristics.

This is another classic instance involving all the proclivities listed above. The activity-oriented public, including churches, are accepting the fact that �sexual orientation� should not be discriminated against---even though homosexual behavior (1) is genocidal; it produces no progeny; (2) according to a 1998 article in Psychological reports, it shortens life expectancy at least 20 years; and (3) infects society with a terminal disease (AIDS). Feelings (misplaced fairness) have trumped reason; the obvious ignored; and consequences rationalized. All to the detriment of our neighbors in society.

It is unbelievable that churches are actually accepting practicing homosexuals into their congregations when all the evidence shows that it puts their children at risk of sexual abuse. One has only to look at the chaos humiliation and financial damage done by homosexual priests in the Catholic churches. And look at the divisiveness in the Episcopal Church (ECUSA) The Presbyterian Church (USA) and the American Baptist Church (USA). A good case can be made that all this is a premeditated attack on Christianity that says the Word of God severely condemns homosexual behavior in both the Old and New Testament. Unbelievably homosexual activists have been successful in making Christian church members and officials ignore the very scriptures they profess to believe and preach as the Word of God!!!!

All this illustrates distinctly the inability of activity-oriented people to distinguish activities from results (consequences). Ergo, churches try to save the souls of homosexuals as they should; but, they mistakenly condone the behavior in the process, as they mustn�t, for the sake of their own and their neighbor�s salvation. They are putting their �stamp of approval� on an activity that God says is �an abomination.� And so the obvious question arises: �Who is changing, hurting or helping whom?�

The homosexual attacks on the Boy Scouts of America is a blatant example of ignoring the obvious and rationalizing egregious consequences. This is an organization that has been valued and respected for decades as an agency for developing moral strength in attitude and action among our teenage male children. It refused to admit homosexual men into the organization as scout leaders. Very simply put, the BSA refused to allow homosexuals in an authoritative position over teen age boys. The obvious consequences of allowing homosexuals to be leaders would be to place those boys at risk of sexual assault and abuse by those leaders. If anyone doubts that probable consequence he or she has only to look at the consequences in the Catholic Church where homosexual priests supervised and sexually assaulted teen age boys. Many young lives were corrupted and churches bankrupted from the resulting civil suits by victims and parents.

This situation is a classic example of the proclivities listed above, and to what extremes the activity oriented will go to justify their destructive behavior. The homosexual activists sued the BSA claiming a violation of their �civil rights�--that they were unlawfully discriminated against. The case was finally appealed to the Supreme Court which said the BSA has a Constitutional right to freedom of association, and rejected the activists� claim. The activists then ignored that constitutional right and renewed their attacks by putting pressure on financial sponsors to defund the BSA. And, incredibly, they were successful with some chapters of The United Way, and with some governmental bodies who bought into their �discrimination� argument.

Incredibly, the bottom line is that such agencies and government officials effectively decreed that it is not permissible to discriminate against people who would sexually assault and victimize children; but, it is permissible to discriminate against an organization that would protect those children against such abuse. It is obvious that those agencies and officials would rather discriminate against God rather than man. They all should harken to what God said: Mat. 18: 6,7, �But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.� And so another very serious consequence is rationalized and ignored.

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It is blatantly obvious that homosexuality has a very destructive and pervasive affect on society. Accordingly, the activists and their dupes should be held accountable in civil court for the financial costs resulting from their behavior. I estimate the total cost, including the genocidal cost of producing no progeny to be at least One trillion, three hundred billion dollars per year. For part four click below.

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� 2006 Bill Champion - All Rights Reserved

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Bill Champion is a semi-retired management consultant who has been active in several fields: Developing managers from �caretakers� to motivated, result-oriented achievers; Management team development; Developing and writing management training manuals; Arbitrator; Negotiator collective bargaining agreements;

Active in state political arena; Contract lobbyist at Nevada State Legislature for Gaming Industry and private businesses; University Instructor in Labor relations. A graduate of Case-Western Univ. Vice president of Human Resources at original MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas.

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The homosexual attacks on the Boy Scouts of America is a blatant example of ignoring the obvious and rationalizing egregious consequences. This is an organization that has been valued and respected for decades as an agency for developing moral strength in attitude and action among our teenage male children.