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By Paul R. Hollrah
April 11, 2006

Driving down the Broken Arrow Expressway in Tulsa I was absolutely stunned to hear conservative talk show host, Sean Hannity, literally gushing over the imminent arrival of shock-jock Howard Stern for an on-air interview. So what could Howard Stern possibly have to say to an audience of decent, patriotic, straight-thinking conservatives?

Hannity appears to be a fine, level-headed young man, although his views on social mores are stuck somewhere between the 15th and 16th centuries and his knowledge of conservatives and conservative ideology is that of a rank newcomer. So why would one of America�s few remaining �boy scouts� waste precious air time interviewing a man who represents the least, the lowest, and the most unremarkable in the �entertainment� industry � a man who appears to be a refugee from a Tiny-Tim look-alike contest? What could Stern possibly have to say that would be of interest to a conservative talk radio audience?

In the run-up to Stern�s appearance, Hannity went to far as to have an on-air conversation with his liberal call-screener, an attractive 30-something blond named Flipper, about her reaction to the impending arrival of America�s most ridiculous and outrageously over-paid shock artist. She responded that she was so excited about the prospect of meeting Howard Stern that her heart was literally pounding in her chest.

For his part, Hannity reassured his audience that there was more substance to Stern than many might think. Yes, he had a reputation for specializing in gutter-style �trash talk� on his satellite TV program, but Hannity assured us that Stern would follow an entirely different approach on satellite radio and in �mainline� satellite/cable all-news interviews.

Unfortunately, less than two minutes after his arrival in Hannity�s studio Stern launched into a discussion of Hannity�s sex life, asking whether he was a virgin on his wedding night, how many women he�d �known� before he was married, whether his wife was a virgin on their wedding night, and whether or not Hannity ever fantasized about having sexual relations with the young women who work in his office and his studio.

So much for a serious discussion of network radio vs. satellite radio, and so much for a large portion of Hannity�s regular listening audience. Listening to the exchange, it was like being transported into a nether world of obscenity, bad manners, and poor taste. I�m sure I was just one of thousands of listeners who quickly switched to another station.

Now, I�m old enough to remember when young women were attracted to handsome young men with clean-cut All-American looks, so you�ll pardon me if I�m a bit puzzled about young women of today, young women who could pick and choose among the male population, who get excited about filth merchants, rock stars, and �gangsta� rappers who contribute nothing but filth and coarseness to our culture.

The Howard Stern show has never been a part of the regular viewing schedule in our home. On a few occasions, as I�ve surfed from the Turner Classic Movies Channel to the Food Channel and Home & Garden TV, I�ve stopped to watch a minute or two of Stern�s TV show. Why, you ask? I suppose for the same reason that people stop to gawk at an automobile accident or spend a dollar or two to see the bearded lady and the three-headed snake at a carnival sideshow. It was sheer curiosity about an aberration of the human race.

His show consisted of little more than bringing in attractive young women, discussing their most attractive physical attributes with them, and trying to get them to bare portions of their bodies for his TV audience. None of what Stern has ever done has any real entertainment value, no intellectual value, no redeeming value of any kind.

Why anyone would spend a half hour or an hour watching or listening to Stern is a complete mystery, yet his new contract with Cirius Satellite radio is reported to be worth more than $50 million, making him the highest paid �entertainer� in America.

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So what is a Howard Stern? Howard Stern is a human curiosity, a freak show. He is the poster child for the cheapening of the American culture. He is living proof of the commercial value of outrageousness in contemporary American culture. He is the symbol of what liberalism has done to what was once the greatest nation on Earth. He is a hank of hair and a dirty mouth. That�s all there is. There ain�t no more.

� 2006 Paul R. Hollrah - All Rights Reserved

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Mr. Hollrah is a native of St. Charles, Missouri. He holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri and is a member of the Civil Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni. From 1962-70 he served as a Senior Project Engineer for Cities Service Oil Company (Citgo) and the Sun Oil Company (Sunoco) in New York and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He is a founder and former director of the State Governmental Affairs Council, a former member of the General Committee on State Relations of the American Petroleum Institute.

Mr. Hollrah took early retirement from the Sun Company in 1984. Since retiring, he has worked as an independent consultant both in the U.S. and in Russia, seeking to bring Russia�s unique technological developments to the U.S. and working on humanitarian aid projects in Moscow and Siberia. From June 1999 to January 2002 he served as U.S. Coordinator for the US-Russian Mayor-To-Mayor Program, and in November 2000 he was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Congress of Small Cities of Russia.

In 1998 he founded a publishing company, Patria Publishing, and has published a frontier history (1765-1885) of St. Charles County, Missouri, the jumping-off point for the Lewis & Clark Expedition. He currently writes a weekly political column for an eastern Oklahoma newspaper and for the Lincoln Heritage Institute, an Internet site for conservative political expression.

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Why anyone would spend a half hour or an hour watching or listening to Stern is a complete mystery, yet his new contract with Cirius Satellite radio is reported to be worth more than $50 million...