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By Roy Masters

    It is said that the history of a nation can be likened to the life of a single man. Likewise the life of a single man can be a snapshot of a nationís history. Little is more true when analyzing the life and personality of one of Americaís most enigmatic chief executives, ex-president William Jefferson Clinton. My analysis of Clintonís behavior, while not based on intimate knowledge, is grounded in certain simple principles that apply to anyone in similar circumstances.

    It is irrelevant whether Clinton's mother was married three, four, five or six times. Anyone who practices serial matrimony and promiscuity is a loser on many levels, with certain identifiable character flaws, easily observable. The real relevance here isnít all the gory details we already know about but to open the aperture of understanding so as to see what has happened all over America and to gauge the extent of Clintonís connection to Americaís dangerous future.

    It is an established psychological fact that all children bond to their mothers at birth. They tend to feel whatever mother feels toward anything or anyone, especially dad. As a young boy, Bill Clinton saw the world through his motherís eyes. As president of the United States, he projected his motherís lifelong hostility toward men onto patriarchal America. His mother's contempt for her father classically duplicated itself and was carried forward through her as a compulsion to sabotage all male relationships. Like all abused women she tended to choose abusive men or set good men up to fail. Then she, again classically, reacted like a victim of male abuse.

    As Clinton's embittered mother reached sexual maturity, she began to work her revenge on men by selecting mates (fathers) with that special weakness for women. Following the hook-ups she becomes confusing and manipulating, as if to punish men for their abusive weakness. These dark skills were passed on to young Clinton, who rose to the highest office on earth and was celebrated for his ability to confound and confuse.

    With no knowledge of it in early childhood, Clinton identified with what his mother felt toward men. Little did he or she realize that he was set up to project her contempt toward everything American and masculine. This development, spreading itself far beyond Little Rock, shaped Clintonís hidden perception and behavior towards women. In time he actually became like his abusive fathers, the kind of man his mother secretly hated. Clintonís altered identity drove him to seek completion and absolution through many unsavory affairs. By the time of college his degraded ego had already learned how to survive by setting others up to fail. Such a personís entire sense of worth comes to depend upon a typical rush to judgment in all matters.

    Since ancient times the fall of empires and nations has come by exploiting the inherited enmity between men and women. Our liberal media now promote Americaís demise by a scorched-earth cultural war against manhood. The biggest casualty may be not those men who live now but succeeding generations of boys. In the past 50 years the cultures of America and Europe have both fallen on this sword. Long before young boys become men they are set up to become feminized failures.

    No nation can survive the loss of its manhood. Real heroes and natural leaders have been displaced with perverts, rock stars and flamboyants of all kinds. Now out of the closet, the Left works tirelessly for the chaotic collapse of our patriarchal Democratic Republic, replacing it with an effeminate socialism.

    Young Clinton's abuse and neglect by the men his mother chose and frustrated caused him to turn against his own masculinity only to take refuge in his mother's compassion. Seeing his mother as the abused victim of beastly men literally spawned in him a strange sympathy for evil. It is in this stage of evolution that he began to bond with everything female including the political art of conniving. At 16 years old he knew he would be a politician.

    An unhealthy craving for women is not love in any sense and honest women know it. Such need, masquerading as love, typically devolves into a slavish loyalty to lust. Like other men born to a mother void of genuine love, Clinton became a lecherous, co-dependent male, growing ever more abusive for the sake of his psychosexual need. In this he was just like all his fathers before him. Here is the pattern and principal. Angry, abused women set men up to fail, who in turn degrade women. Children growing up under an angry, abused womanís roof become the next generationís abusers, both male and female. This is the age-old enmity that Liberals encourage, using it to demoralize and bring down a masculine nation, giving them control of the clean-up, and later power.

    Clinton was pre-conditioned with the inclination to seek approval from Third Worlders, as president. Most of these see strong nations like America as the abusive male. Clintonís conditioning was and still is not only a bad example but also a dangerous security risk. Any competent profiler should have caught this and disqualified him as a candidate for high office.

    Women are often regarded as the keepers of the flame of culture. As such the "sophisticate," often called the serpent of Paradise lost, knew what he was doing when he insinuated himself into Eve, using her secret jealousy of Adam as his vein. Through her a poison flows, corrupting the relationship between future Adams and Eves, evolving into the body politic of every nation.

    All tyrants know that in order to take over any nation one must first demoralize the youth. This is accomplished by taking possession of the media and exploiting the enmity between male and female. The principle of ruination, as depicted in Shakespeareís Othello, is as simple as it is diabolical. Othelloís ensign Lago, jealous of the love Othello had for his beautiful wife, poisoned his mind against innocent Desdemona, causing Othello to eventually succumb to rage, killing his beloved.

    This game is as old as manís beginning. Poison one personís mind against another, especially a child toward his or her father or a society toward its founding fathers, and chaos erupts. When outraged fathers overreact, as conservatives often do, their "unreasonable" response is shown to the child as crazy. Reward is given to lock in the child's contempt for his fatherís (conservatives) behavior. The reward often takes the form of approval, a vital treasure to the angry and soulless insecure.

    Having acted through one person in order to get to another, the manipulating usurper succeeds in degrading both parties. This gives them, or political operators, the control over both of their wretched lives. Humanly speaking, if you play this game, you run the risk of it all backfiring on you and paying a terrible price, as in the tragic tale of Shakespeareís Othello. But isnít that what the typical family strife and our cultural war are all about?

    It is obvious to any observer that the effeminate, left-wing media are promoting and exploiting this very intrigue between men and women, here and abroad. This they do, as the psycho-politicians they are, in order to disenfranchise the American people from the ultimate in masculinity, God, as well as those leaders who love God. Their methods make use of the very bond of mother to child.

    What is commonly referred to as the sexual revolution evolved into the womenís liberation movement. It now encourages the exploitation and abuse of women by men. This movement has as its aim the downfall of our nation. Feminists, as they are known, have no intention of freeing abused women. On the contrary, these anarchists want the abuse to continue so that the world will see and hate the male abuser. Crime stats show that this subtle war against manhood is backfiring on women and children. It is time for both men and women to awaken to the diabolical forces, working like the Wizard of Oz, behind the scenes to destroy us both.

    The fall of one home after another is no accident. It is setting the stage for the dictatorship the left has worked for, for a century. In their world only one, evil worldview rules. Slowly but surely as men are disenfranchised from their wives and children, the state takes over as big brother, already in effect in more than 30 percent of Americaís households. What the media calls the "right-wing conspiracy" is really an attempt to further disenfranchise millions of angry Anglo-Saxon males waiting in the wings to take back their country. Hopefully, under the moderating influence of President Bush the cultural and political changes leading to this civil war will be averted.

    Bill Clinton tried to make America into a reflection of himself, inwardly weak and feeble, especially in the eyes of a group of communist rogue nations. Because America still represents what is right and good in the world, nations already demoralized and enslaved are angry and envious. Most perceive our weakness, perpetuated by Clinton and company. Now we stand in danger of a third world war with a Chinese bully that need not happen. Clearly, Clinton set us up to fail. And it may be that he continues his work now that the cameras no longer follow him.

    Whoever controls the media controls a nationís policy apparatus and how a nation thinks. As a media-created and media-controlled puppet Clintonís mind-set projected into his foreign policy. Israel continues to be harassed and attacked by Palestinians who want to exterminate all Jews. This had the quiet, tacit approval of Clinton during his term in office. The classic hated of father was obvious in Clintonís Mideast policy. Whenever Israel took a stand against the incessant Palestinian violence, Arafat was offended and outraged. He became expert at pretending the Palestinians were victims of Israeli aggression.

    What did Clinton do? He encouraged and often tried to intimidate Israel into making peace, meaning "give in to the tyrants." His phony peace initiatives conned the world into believing that both sides were morally equivalent. As designed, this fueled a Palestinian aggression that aimed to annihilate Israel. This is only one small aspect of Clintonís political pathology, being an early convert to feminism. He is still connected to our tumultuous future.

    The "no energy policy" of the Clinton administration was carefully crafted to make our country weak and dependent on foreign oil. Clearly this policy created a dependency on America-hating Islamic oil producers. These are the same dictators who yearn to drive a spear through our hearts. They fear the redeeming power of America and Israel. They dream of overcoming us but lack the military strength to do so. So, like all spiders who are not fighters, they set web-traps for America to fall into. The oil trap is only the beginning.

    In the Balkans the same Clinton/Blair treachery was at work when they took the wrong side in favor of what we were told were "ethnic Albanians." Actually they were Muslims out to populate and take over Kosovo, setting the stage for the real prize, a later invasion of Europe. This trail of father-hating blood can be traced around the world. But the corpse is here in America.

    What would you call Mexican nationals who out-populate American citizens in a few western states? The media call them Immigrants, often painting the picture that they are only looking for a chance to escape poverty. What many of them really want is to establish their own communist government in Southern California! The border policy, especially during Clintonís term, showed that government refused to see this problem for what it was, an act of war. By bombing Yugoslavia, perhaps Bill Clinton unwittingly set a precedent. What should we do in the event that "ethnic Mexicans" want to claim California as Mexican territory? If we defend ourselves, we would then look like the aggressor. What then? Easy answer, a United Nations intervention with all those foreign generals itching to get onto American soil.

    The hell that begins with a manís abuse of woman is global in its implications. Western-style democracy collapsed in Iran, allowing the Ayatollah to rise to power. Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, crumbled into a murderous anarchy. South Africa descended into a violent, AIDS-ravaged, despotic, black-communist, racist dictatorship. The United Kingdom is mostly a country of broken homes, where children canít read or write, and where crime is out of control. Europe is degenerating into a nation of socialist states, all hushed by the same propaganda. America is not far behind the disintegrating European alliance.

    Our fall accelerated when we lost the war in Vietnam. Our returning sons were degraded and spat upon by media-poisoned Americans. Little was said about the slaughter of one million pro-American South Vietnamese. A vile and violent socialism is now working behind the scenes there and elsewhere. Communism is not dead as we are told. Its work to corrupt all of our institutions is near complete, having turned us against our founding fathers.

    Clinton was Americaís Manchurian candidate, financed by American-bred betrayers who recognized early on that his background and woman-centered personality would serve their purposes well. Who do you suppose financed his rise to power? And who do you suppose saved him from impeachment? Surely you can now see the media flaunting their victory it in our faces, daily.

    Bill Clinton, like most men who have no masculine reference, remains unconscious of what drives him. He still feels what his mother, now his wife, feels toward everything masculine. There is no real Bill Clinton, as God made him at birth; he has been displaced. He is both the manipulator and manipulated. He is controlled through his need to be reassured, and controls others through reassuring them. He derived his base of political power through rewarding an irresponsible electorate of passive- aggressive men and women. He placed many of his most devious co-haters in positions of power, especially in the judiciary.

    When President Clinton was first elected, a shock ran throughout the body of this writer, for I knew we had elected a conscienceless sociopath. Those who feared and hated Clinton had good cause to be concerned. We could never have survived as a Democratic Republic for another four years under puppet President Gore.

    Bill Clinton has never known who he is. He has never been true to himself. He has never had his own identity or his own feelings toward anything. As such he befriends and is befriended by every low-life, treacherous, Third World opportunist who sympathizes with his hatred toward the spirit of American manliness. Ex-President Bill Clinton is not finished yet. He may now be more dangerous to America than when he was in office.

    Honed political skill, polished from the qualities of a clever, seductive woman Clinton has become part man, part woman and part devil. His man-hating side compels him to continue the work of those who live to lay traps for the nation of his birth. The idea of loyalty is an irksome concept for him and his leftist brethren. His appetite for contempt has grown so large that nothing can satisfy it, even if the whole world were sacrificed to him, it still would not be enough.

    It may never be known or divulged what a swath of havoc Clinton has left behind as his legacy. He has betrayed us to our enemies. He has been well compensated for his loss of character and selfhood with a seductive charm and power. He commands tax-paid subordinates, all of whom are weak and submissive to his will.

    What rules Clinton is his secret sympathy for a devil on the outs with God. Americaís enemies, some of them now seen as friends, came to service and glorify Clintonís need, which they could see from afar. In exchange he betrayed us, the nation they hated and feared. All this he did while showing that believable face of false compassion to the camera.

    This is the face that set our military up to fail while kissing and pretending to love little children. Unfortunately this is the same kind of compassion his mother used to twist, bend and shape little Clinton. This is the compassion that made him a perverted slave of sex, an attractive, amiable rogue, and political operative.

    It is through this lens that we must now gaze at the current war against boys. This is the heart of the insane hatred against the Boy Scouts. This is the power behind the decline of men and fathers in the home. Bill Clinton and friends are getting even with America for what he believes American men and God have done to him, his mother and all the angry people of the world. This group is too commonly referred to as "the left." Such casual misnaming is at the root of Americaís apathy. No one believes that hell is actively eroding Americaís underpinnings.

    Psychosexually mothered, the left is like a drug addict who will surrender his life as well as his familyís for a fix. So did Bill Clintonís psyche compel him to betray his country. Such a man is never attracted to real women. Real women will not play his game. Clintonís type, and government is full of them, is always attracted to manipulating, man-hating women who hate all good, especially Americaís good.

    You might think that compassionate Bill Clinton hates drunken bums and violent men. On the contrary, he has inherited both his motherís compassion toward them and his mother's contempt. Like Clinton, the Leftís social programs are designed to breed this kind for the purpose of demoralizing this country with an unending call for compassion. But this compassion is warped. What they all hate the most are noble citizens. Such men threaten the power of the Clinonitesí despotic and malevolent existence. Free-thinking men terrify the Left. You see, if all men were sovereign and knew it, they could not be exploited, nor would they fail their women and children.

    An ideal family provides a child with a secure environment in which he or she can form attachments. Mother, in the early stage, is the most important figure. Freud was partially right in that the childís initial attachment to mom is sexual. In a perverse sense men are drawn to having sex with their mothers, via women who duplicate their motherís nature. Freud's pupil, Albert Adler, proposed that man is born with a desire to relate to others ó beginning with mother and father, extending to social relationships and group identification.

    The strength of attachment that young animals form with a mother figure is easily observed. The gosling follows the goose; a baby monkey muzzles motherís breast. Psychologists call this compulsive attachment, imprinting. It occurs early at a critical period of a baby's development. Could the imprinting done by Clintonís mother be the clue to his and many other menís addiction to women? What if broken homes produce dysfunctional mothers who produce men who rush back to something deep within mama, especially under any kind of duress.

    If the bonding of a man to a woman is based upon the reinforcement of childhood imprinting, then what does it say about manhood? Surely this fact is known to savvy politicians worldwide. They have grown astute at exploiting men and women for political gain. If the love of man for woman is merely an essential need for mama, then perhaps romantic love at first sight is really love at first bite.

    Laws that encourage promiscuity and easy divorce result in embittered single mothers turning out more and more children who are angry with their fathers and momsí abusive boyfriends. From here arise generations of men who hate their mothers, most secretly. They grow up abusive to women who turn their children against manhood and their fathers, a vicious circle.

    Are most women doomed to play the role of dysfunctional mother? I think most women will agree that men from broken homes often unconsciously require them to play this role. And what happens if a woman awakens and refuses to play this game? You can now see the cause of the rage men experience, when he is deprived of his "motherly comforts." They feel betrayed as if the ground of their security has been taken away. This is the reason for infidelity. Men hop from one bed to another seeking what will only further a mutual misery. Every child needs a noble father just as every wife needs an unfailing, noble husband.

    One doesnít have to be a rocket scientist to see our clear and present danger. Nor is it difficult to see that our now globe-hopping ex-president is still in the geo political mix. With little doubt, we need a national debate around the definition of real manhood. We must hash out what constitutes true love. If this does not occur sometime soon, the illusion of peace and prosperity, under which nearly everyone now exists, will cease. If we continue in this blindness we can kiss our country good-bye.

Roy Masters is a Minister, founder of Foundation of Human Understanding, author of 15 books, lecturer,  talk show host and counselor on family relations. Mr. Masters hosts a weekly call in show on Talk Radio Network and can be herd on over 100 affiliates across America.