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Dear Editor  September 30, 2005

Hurricane Katrina and Fear – Disguised as Heroism.

In one of our popular newspapers in the UK, the Daily Mail, Sunday 11th September, it was reported that Doctors and Nurses caught up in Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans were forced to play God and ‘put down’ patients who were going to die anyway.

This report should have rung very loud alarm bells, once more, throughout the world alerting us to yet another evil that lurks in the wings waiting to alter and change the minds and conditioning of mankind, that of legal Euthanasia.

Faced with unbearable working conditions, and no extra help it is reported that Doctors made the unbearable yet ‘compassionate’ decision to take the lives of their patients. Looters and drug addicts armed with guns roamed the hospitals looking for their next fix, the doctors and staff had no alternative apparently under such dire conditions but to take the lives of those already ill. It was reported that nurses stayed with their dying patients once they had been given their lethal dose.

There is no doubt that Hurricane Katrina wrecked havoc and destruction upon New Orleans and help was slow to arrive. Many people throughout the world know of such destruction when they nurse the terminally ill of their own families.

Much like the force of a hurricane, patients and carers, are forced to sit in the eye of the storm and live in unbearable situations, tainted with fear and uncertainty. The future appears less than bright. It is unbearable to sit with those we love and watch the demise of a once healthy body and soul.

Yet, we live in hope and faith, and witness something of the unseen spirit that resides inside each human heart. It is often during such traumas that we catch glimpses of something that far exceeds darkness.

To those who compare human life with that of an animal, I despair. Animals are different to men in that they do not possess a conscience. Having said that much of mankind believe that they do originate from an animal, and thus act in inhumane and animalistic ways with little care or concern for others. It is indeed kind to end the suffering of an animal, but never to take it upon oneself to end the life of a human soul created with a much higher intelligence.

There are hundreds of unreported stories of great bravery and courage in New Orleans that have yet to make it to print. That the ‘so called’ heroic actions of some of the doctors and nurses in New Orleans in killing their patients has made the press is a disgrace, and confirms that Hurricane Katrina was indeed quite evil. Katrina made a point in showing us human vunerability and its undercurrents bought out the dark side that exists in mankind. These dark sides should never be celebrated as being heroic or brave.

Compassion has never consisted of aiding those less weak to an earlier grave. Facts are, we are all heading that way anyway, and no-one knows the date and time of this, regardless of the signs. If compassion is aiding another to die, then the looters and drug addicts and rapists armed with lethal doses of gun powder were justified in taking and robbing the lives of those less strong then themselves. Could it not be argued, they too were acting in compassion.

Facts are, help always arrives, sometimes not at the time we expect, but it comes. It is fear and lack of faith that causes mankind to act irrationally. It was Fear and Lack of Faith that inspired the medical workers in America to act as they did. We must never celebrate these traits as acts of heroism and compassion. If we do we shall all surely die.

Shirley Edwards

Dear Editor  January 22, 2005

The Real Problem With America

Being a reader of News With Views for some time. And the writers that have express views and address just about every issue that effects America and these writers have the pulse of The America people. So after reading and seeing the news on 1-20-05 I am very shocked to find that all these writers have been wrong. That the greatest problem that America has to face is Sponge Bob Square Pants and this according to Dr.Dobson of Focus On The Family.

And until people are willing to see and deal with this real threat to America Freedom we will ever be truly free. Talk about a redirect. To keep people dumb down.

George Thames
Valley Grande,

Dear Editor  November 10, 2004

I am writing in defense of the brave and heroic Marine who has been accused of wrongdoing by the liberal American media.  Their claims that he somehow did something wrong by shooting an enemy combatant are misguided and wrong.  That Marine did the RIGHT thing.  War is hell and in war, one does not have the luxury of hoping an enemy who disregards all conventional rules of war, will play by those rules. 

The American people are behind this young man and all of his fellow Marines and servicemen.  We will not sit idly by and allow the media and the our domestic enemies amongst the left impose their "politically correct" views of the world on how we wage this war. To do so would be a repeat of the mistakes we made during Vietnam. That will NOT happen again. Raise the black flag, no quarter to terrorists.

Perhaps it's time to rethink the use of embedded reporters in combat.  It does not make sense for us to provide material that enflames anti-Americanism both abroad and at home.  I wonder if this "reporter" will receive any royalties from Michael Moore, who surely will use said footage in his next anti-American "documentary".

God Bless Our Fighting Forces!

Jon Alvarez
Baldwinsville, NY

Dear Editor  August 10, 2004

Americans Have Been Duped

Once again the citizens of the United States have been duped. This past March, the so-called conservative, Republican-controlled congress passed a record $2.4 trillion budget.

Do the Republicans reading this really think the Republican Party is leading our government down the path of less government and less spending, or was that ever your true intent anyhow? And why do I keep hearing the Democrats say the Republicans are slashing programs?

Republicans pointed out all of Clinton’s big spending and outrageous antics, but conveniently look the other way when Bush and company make Clinton look like Barry Goldwater.

The Republicans are presently getting away with more government intrusion into our individual rights than any previous administration, Republican or Democrat. Just take a look at the PATRIOT Act and the so-called Homeland Security Act, which have both all but gutted our Bill of Rights. And need I mention the illegal, undeclared war in Iraq that so many soldiers are still risking their lives and have died? Meanwhile our southern border remains wide-open.

Both political parties need to sit down and reread the Constitution. Oops, I forgot they DO know that document, but purposefully violate all the restrictions our Founding Fathers built into it so they can exploit the welfare state for their own greedy purposes. Yes, that includes corporate welfare. It’s all socialism and all unconstitutional.

Back to the $2.4 trillion budget - I keep hearing political and financial pundits say that we owe this debt to ourselves. Have any of you received an interest check lately? The Federal Reserve owners receive those interest payments, not us. In fact, the privately owned Federal Reserve now owns and runs our country, and both Republicans and Democrats are complicit in this grand scheme to reduce the United States to just another beaten down, has-been sector of the New World Order.

Patrick Gaudin
Lakeland, FL

Dear Editor  August 1, 2004

There may just be the first indications that the Orwellian nightmare is beginning to come true in Illinois. A bill passed by the General Assembly, and signed into law by Governor Blagojevich, will require compulsory "Mental Health screening" for all pregnant women and all children up to age 18.

Given that the "mental health of the mother" is one of the main arguments advanced for the extermination of unborn children, even in the particularly horrific case of "partial birth abortion, the inclusion of pregnant women in this program has a very ominous ring to it, in my view. One wonders how many young, naive, gullible women will be persuaded that their pregnancy is a cause of anxiety and depression?

Maybe some of this anxiety will be instilled into them by pointing out such negatives as the economic burden that child rearing can impose , or the loss of career, or personal independence. (I know I have a nasty, cynical, suspicious mind, but I wonder, is it possible that some of these "mental health counselors" might turn out to have connections with certain organizations with vested financial interests? Like, well, let's pick a name at random. Planned Parenthood?).

Then there's the screening of children from birth, right through their school years. "Mental health centers at schools will monitor "appropriate and culturally relevant assessment of young children's social and emotional development with the use of standardized tools" Standardized to what? Obviously to whatever is deemed to be correct political thinking. They need to be able to assess the effectiveness, and to refine wherever necessary, the sensitivity training and other indoctrination techniques to which growing numbers of school children are being subjected.

It is no secret that in the U.N's globalist (Marxist) view, it is not parents but the state that is the natural educator of children. This much is obvious, since in the Utopian society of tomorrow, we will have to look no further than to our benevolent government to provide for our every need. That is, as long as we fulfill our purpose, which is to serve the state, and no other authority, in any way the state decrees.

But obviously parents will play an essential role in enslaving their own children to the state. My guess is that this new law in Illinois is the first step in forming a future generation of parents who will do just that. I think it was Edward Teller, the "father of the atom bomb" who observed that governments have at their disposal a device for the subjugation of peoples that is of far greater potency than nuclear weapons. It is ...... psychology !!!

Stewart Davies

Dear Editor  July 18, 2004

The following is an excerpt from my article (

"Conservative columnist, Jon Christian Ryter, wrote in a column that “there is something inexplicably evil about people who try to steal the last moment on Earth shared between a family and the dearly departed.” Mr. Ryter is obviously upset that people criticized Regan’s legacy before he was laid in the coffin in the cold ground. Well, this sounds a bit like censorship to me. There was a time that people could not criticize Joe Stalin even after he had died, so terrible and comprehensive was the State system he left behind."

"I would have to answer such nationalistic pundits and say a free people must necessarily publish their political sentiments at all times, whether they ruffle one’s feathers or not. We must not live under the delusion that some mere mortal became a political messiah instead of seeing he was the latest lobbyist for special interests in Washington."

I encourage every American to tear apart William Clinton's assault on our rights within moments of him breathing his last. The time to honor the dead was when those families and children burned in the Waco fire. The time to grieve things lost was when the Indianapolis Baptist Temple was razed to the ground under Bush's watch.

No, Mr. Ryter, between now and eternity there is no time to rest for those men who claim to uphold our Liberty, granted only by our Creator and not our leaders. We must bring into light those deeds that consumed our tax dollars, our patience and the future freedom of our children. No partisan smoke and mirrors will hide those things which powerful men would keep in the dark. Neither Ronald Reagan nor William Clinton deserve privileged exemption from the prying eyes of the people.

So I must disagree with Mr. Ryter and ponder whether it is more evil to speak out and seek the truth or remain silenced in subjection to the State.

Abe Arias
Hamden, CT

Dear Editor  February 18, 2004

I find it alarming the way supposed freedom loving Americans clamor after the politician that promises them the most handouts. ie. Socialism.

We boast about freedom yet support a two party system that daily assaults our Liberty. Christians and Conservatives are asleep at the wheel since Bush became President. We now have "Homeland Security" that looks like something from George Orwell's "1984", our jobs are moving overseas at an unprecedented rate and under Bush's "Amnesty plan" and "Free Trade Agreement of the Americas" we will be brought down to a third-world status. 

How long will we sit idle as the Biblical principles this country was founded upon are torn to shreds? Our politicians take oaths to uphold, preserve, and defend the Constitution and yet break that oath as soon as they take office. Homosexuality is glorified and taught as normal in our government schools. Using "gradualism" we are heading towards an anti-Christian, Socialist world government and yet we go quietly. Where are these freedom loving Americans? Where are the pastors? They should be screaming at the top of their lungs against this Anti-Christ system, or are they more concerned about losing the 501c3 tax status?

We can continue to vote for the "lesser of two evils" but is it not still a vote for evil? This should never be an option for a freedom-loving Christian American. The "Constitution Party" is one alternative. 

We need to take a stand to preserve our great Republic and each of our God-given rights, and pray fervently that God will keep the torch of Freedom burning bright. 

If we do not take this stand our children will be left as slaves under the rule of tyrants, and we will have only ourselves to blame.

Michael Goza
Oakland, TN