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By Bill Meyer

May 17, 2006

I, like many Americans, anxiously awaited President Bush�s speech Monday evening concerning his plan to combat illegal immigration. Would there be a stepping-up of enforcement? Would there be amnesty? Would there be anything � anything at all done to eliminate the cultural �Nation within a Nation� which currently resides within our borders? (Or what used to be our borders) Unfortunately, the answers to these three questions were: 1) Kind of. 2) Absolutely, there will be amnesty, although the President will never admit it, and 3) Absolutely not. The �reconquista� movement will continue to thrive.

The President called for the hiring of 6,000 more border agents, and to deploy 6,000 National Guard troops to fill-in for now. He wants high-tech monitoring gizmos to help patrol the border and biometric ID�s for guest workers. He wants to end catch and release, and create a temporary guest worker program. Blah-blah-blah, more pandering to the open borders lobby.

President Bush said �We are a nation of laws, and we must enforce our laws. We are also a nation of immigrants, and we must uphold that tradition, which has strengthened our country in so many ways.� Well riddle me this, Mr. President: If you�re not willing to even attempt to enforce the bare bones of current immigration law, what makes us believe you�ll enforce any new legislation? And the �We are a nation of immigrants� baloney? No more than ten percent of our population is non-native born.

The most ridiculous assertion of El Presidente Bush is the insinuation that all people flooding our borders are rushing to embrace the American dream. Yearning to meld with American culture and American language. (as my bank�s voicemail pleasantly intones �Press 2 for Spanish�) I almost laughed out loud. How stupid does this man think we are? Has he not paid any attention to the masses of our South American friends yearning to reconquer the west and southwest U.S. under the banner of �Aztlan�?

Once again, President Bush has failed to uphold his sworn oath to defend this nation from invaders. But sleep well, multi-national corporate leaders. You�ll still have your army of slave-wage workers handy, and you�ll still get we honest, lawful, taxpaying Americans to support your workforce via the bloated welfare state. It�s enough to make you break out singing �God Bless America,� or is it �Dios Bendice Am�rica?�

I�ve had enough, how about you?

It�s time to send a message to our spineless politicians.

Join me in Southern Oregon this Thursday afternoon, May 18th, for �Take Back the Border Thursday� from 5-7pm at Vogel Plaza in downtown Medford, OR. (next to the Ginger Rogers Craterian Theater, corner of Main and Central Avenue) There�ll be free American flags for the first 200 demonstrators, and bring a sign, if you can. A few suggestions for slogans:





H. R. 4437 YES!




(Hat tip to Jim Ludwic at Oregonians for Immigration Reform)

It�s time our elected officials were more concerned about what law abiding Americans believe, instead of kow-towing to the open borders corporate lobby.

Too much of our anger has been misplaced. I hold no ill will toward illegals. If I were in their situation, I�d have done what�s best for my family, too. But that doesn�t mean we should reward illegal behavior, which is exactly what President Bush wishes to do (with the help of our elected representatives). Don�t let them get away with it.

See you Thursday!

� 2006 - Bill Meyer - All Rights Reserved

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Bill Meyer is a 26-year veteran broadcaster, with prior stops in Seattle, Sacramento, and Modesto, CA. who now enjoys life in the beautiful Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, (The camping's WAY better here.) Is he Libertarian? Or paleo-conservative? Hard to categorize, but a fun, informative way to wake up. "The Bill Meyer Show" can be heard weekdays 6-9am on Newstalk AM-1440 KMED in Medford.

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Join me in Southern Oregon this Thursday afternoon, May 18th, for �Take Back the Border Thursday� from 5-7pm at Vogel Plaza in downtown Medford, OR. (next to the Ginger Rogers Craterian Theater, corner of Main and Central Avenue)