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By Christian Hartsock

March 23, 2006

It is an indispensable fact that in the absence of love for God resides a lust for power; a yearning to become God. In Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie, a brilliant new book by my good friend and colleague, Bruce Walker, Walker uses �Sinisterism,� a term he invented, to denote this godless, narcissistic, relativistic lust for power whose legacy lived particularly in the twentieth century and prevails to this day. As he writes: �I call all the people who lust for power, �Sinisterists� and their political system �Sinisterism.� The word sinister comes from the Latin root word for left, which has come to mean creepy and nasty��sinister,� in modern usage�so �Sinisterist� and �Sinisterism� fit what I mean, well. Sinisterists believe in nothing, really, but power. They use power to hurt to bewilder, to dismay, to complicate, to rob, to cheat, and to use.�

In my humble opinion, Sinisterism has been the central governing element of Nazis, Soviets, fascist dictators, militant secularists, radical liberals and the pathetic lowlives at the ACLU. Their collectively shared hatred for God, Christianity, moral values and the value of human life instills in them a spirit of Sinisterism. Contemporary liberals have sought to eliminate acknowledgement of the prevalence of Sinisterism by coming up with labels to equate Nazism with fascism, Christianity and conservatism and liberalism with liberty and liberation. But as Walker writes, �The term �liberal� has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with coercion.�

Furthermore, Walker effectively deconstructs the semantic stigmas deceptively conjured up by liberals to euphemize their inherent evil. As he writes: �The reality is that Sinisterists sometimes call themselves �socialists� or �liberals� or �progressives,� and that they sometimes call themselves �Marxists� or �Trotskyites� or �revolutionaries,� or that they also sometimes call themselves �fascists� or �national socialists� or �Phallangists� but they are all sibling Sinisterists.�

As I mentioned earlier, when liberals are not trying to pass Nazism off as �fascism,� they are attempting to pass it off as an extreme form of �conservatism� and an inexorable byproduct of Christianity. In 2003, on his show Scarborough Country, former congressman and current MSNBC personality Joe Scarborough shed light on a college textbook that grouped Rush Limbaugh and Ronald Reagan with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini as �conservatives.� Now how exactly could Hitler, a man who was a strong supporter of social welfare programs, gun control, animal rights, government funding for the arts and bans against smoking in public get away with being called a �conservative�?

The reason is simple. Liberals are such shameless liars and persistent revisionists that they will malign anyone they disagree with as Hitleresque, from the spastic Iraq war protestors comparing George W. Bush to Hitler to Sen. Dick Durbin comparing American troops to �Nazis.� Perhaps this is on account of the equivalence of their deep-seated rejection of God to Hitler�s militant rejection of God which led to one of the ugliest mass murders in human history. But wait a minute, wasn�t Hitler a Christian also?

Well if being a Christian means claiming the role of God for one�s self and coercing the subjects of one�s rule to shake off their beliefs in Christ and pledge a new allegiance to the Third Reich, then perhaps Hitler was a Christian. But this certainly doesn�t explain why the Nazis harassed, arrested, tortured and murdered Christian clergymen for espousing their beliefs, or for that matter why during the first five years of the Nazis� rule a majority of concentration camp inmates were Christians, Jews being late arrivals for the most part, nor does it explain why on November 4, 1936, the Nazis ordered the removal of crucifixes from schools in the Oldenburg area on account of the notion that they were �symbols of superstition.�

To set the record straight: Hitler was not a Christian, the Nazis were not Christians, Nazi Germany was not a Christian theocracy. It was a militant secularist, socialist regime that championed the sovereignty of man rather than the sovereignty of God. In February 1937, Hanns Kerrl, Minister of Religion in the Third Reich said: �The question of the divinity of Christ is ridiculous and inessential. A new answer has arisen as to what Christ and Christianity are: Adolph Hitler.� University Nazis in Keil wrote in 1935: �We Germans are heathens and want no more Jewish religion in our Germany. We no longer believe in the Holy Ghost; we believe in the Holy Blood.� Baldur von Schirach, head of the Hitler Youth, before World War II said, �Our religion is Germany.� In fact, grace before meals given to poor children by the Nazi Welfare Committee ended: �For this food, my Fuehrer, my thanks I render.� Maybe I�m just confused, but I can�t precisely recall Jesus ever taking on the name of �Fuehrer� but then maybe I haven�t reading my college textbooks closely enough.

In his 1939 book, Days of Our Lives, Pierre van Passen wrote: �Germany is much farther on the road to dechristianization than the Soviet Union, even if the churches in the Reich remain on and the incense still rises from the altars. In the place of God has come the would be almighty state which, insatiable as the Moloch of old, demands man�s entire devotion, mentally and physically.� As Walker writes, �Heinrich Himmler despised Christianity and members of the SS had to formally renounce their Christian faith and formally become agnostic in order to become a member of the Schultzstaffel,� and, �The only people who opposed the Nazis solely on grounds of moral conscience when opposing on grounds of moral conscience placed them in mortal danger were Christians.� As Franklin D. Roosevelt said on January 6, 1942: �[The Nazis] know that victory for us means victory for religion. And they could not tolerate that. The world is too small to provide adequate living space for both Hitler and God.�

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He was right. It is impossible for tyranny, terror and totalitarianism to be carried out in the name of God. In the absence of God, even devout Christians like myself thirst for control and narcissistic self-validation. Every one of us harbors a certain degree of Sinisterism, but it is contemporary liberals who are pompously wearing their Sinisterist hearts on their sleeves.

� 2006 - Christian Hartsock - All Rights Reserved

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Christian Lee Hartsock, 19, is a screenwriter, filmmaker and political columnist. He has been a guest on Sharon Hughes' talk radio show, and his columns have been run in various newspapers, publications and websites including American Daily, Newsmax, Political Vanguard, Renew America, The Berkeley Daily Planet, the World Magazine blog, and others.

A native of Oakland, California, Chris is currently a student at Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film and Video Production. He is at work on a film called "Separation," a documentary on the secular left's attempts to purge Christianity from the public square.










As I mentioned earlier, when liberals are not trying to pass Nazism off as �fascism,� they are attempting to pass it off as an extreme form of �conservatism� and an inexorable byproduct of Christianity.