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By Bill Champion

February 27, 2005

The �Enemy� Defined

For this nation to survive it must embrace and maintain an objective-based rule of law that promotes, protects and supports a secure, healthy, viable, productive, prosperous, and growing society of citizens. In other words, the rule of law must protect behavior that has positive and healthful affects on society, and restrict and discourage behavior that has negative and destructive affects. Those who do not agree with and support this proposition have to be considered as enemies of society!!!!!

Our society has become permeated with people who are quick to embrace behavior that, when properly analyzed, is harmful to society and destructive of their own welfare. Are we to conclude that there is a whole bunch (millions) of people in this country who aren�t too smart? No. I don�t think that�s the problem, because I know many people who are otherwise intelligent who embrace such behavior without question. They just don�t use their �smarts.� They just �go with the flow,� and drift into the camp of the �enemies.�

The �Feelings Agenda�

The answer is that our society is increasingly being propelled into a morass of self destruction by feelings devoid of reason. Our children are being taught in a failed education system that �If it feels good, do it;� and, what�s right is what�s right for you;� there are no absolute truths.� In those statements very little sound reasoning exists. They appeal only to feelings. And feelings are ever changing and notoriously misleading. Wrong choices are almost always made on feelings without the support of sound reasoning. Today, for millions of people, determining and choosing right from wrong depends upon their �feelings agenda�. And they inadvertently become an �enemy� of society. As a result, the above objective-based rule of law in this country is being ignored and/or corrupted; and, our nation�s continued existence as a republic is at risk.

Enemies by Choice

So, how do we know an �enemy� when we see one? Generally an �enemy� is one who embraces and promotes harmful choices of behavior and is not concerned with the adverse effects that behavior has on society�one�s neighbors�or even himself. The often-heard excuse from those who embrace such behavior is, �I�m hurting no one but myself,� ignores the fact that they also are part of society! An �enemy� is the epitome of selfishness, concerned only with his or her �rights,� and the rights of society be damned!

The �enemies� are not, however, totally unconcerned with society�s general welfare. In fact they usually are vociferous in supporting material needs and services; but, they don�t want society�s interference with their choices of behavior, regardless of how that behavior adversely affects society. This distinction usually is sufficient to politically define the �liberal� from the �conservative.� As a result we find ourselves in a culture war with behavior being the defining factor in determining which side one is on in the political arena. And Christian beliefs become the major field of battle because of their restrictions regarding destructive human behavior. Consequently, political power becomes a weapon of choice by all sides in the cultural war. But judicial power has become the most preferred weapon of the enemies of society. They have learned that it is easier to accomplish their agenda through corrupting the nonelected few rather than the elected many. As a result we have seen the rule of law compromised, thwarted, and perverted to accommodate destructive choices of behavior by judges who support those choices. The �foxes are �guarding� the chicken coop!!�

The Maze of Destruction and a Nation At Risk

I look into the maze of this raging cultural war; and, I�m struck by the number of contradictions that occur one after another in man�s attempts to rationalize, justify and perpetuate stupid life style choices that destroy both themselves and their neighbors.

There�s just no easy way to say it: These choices are putting our precious freedoms at risk. I know these are very serious assertions that deserve explanation; so, here�s how it looks to me:

The Human Enigma�How �Enemies� Develop

There�s a whole bunch of really dumb moves out there!! The most obvious contradiction poses the question: Why choose self destruction, deception, confusion, pain and bondage over freedom, peace, and confident living? At the risk of being repetitive, the answer seems to be that a lot of people have jumped into the middle of what �feels right� without giving it much thought. Without solid standards to live by they are open to all kinds of influences without any �watch out!!� signals to save them: so, they just bump along, accepting adversity as, �that�s life.� Some life!!

Reactive Choices Aren�t Smart

Obviously the answer includes the failure to give due consideration to future consequences before exercising one�s God-given free will. It�s for sure that many people don�t stop to consider alternative choices when it comes to choosing licentious behavior. This country has gone �sex crazy,� and supportive of promiscuous and deviant sexual behavior. The entertainment and news media are obsessed with trying to get us to accept illicit sex as normal behavior. This culture is doing its damndest to corrupt moral standards and make licentious behavior appear as normal and acceptable. Misery sure loves company!! And people who don�t know who God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are and what they stand for are �fodder for the cannon.� It�s only when such people have gotten into �do do� so deeply that they look for God or for oblivion that they think about choices. Men are deceiving men; but, there�s nothin� new about that.

Stupid Assumptions about Man

Another cause for destructive choices is embedded in the philosophical deception that �man is the measure of all things�; that there are no absolute truths; men can become gods, and have complete and successful control over their fortunes and destinies. The wonder of it all is that these stupid rationalizations persist in the face of historical evidence that this approach to life has failed throughout history. But, then aren�t rationalizations always made up to ignore the truth and justify the untrue. What a bunch of inner conflict that causes!! Trying to justify self-serving contradictions against the truth always does that.

Again, I must emphasize: This failure to make the proper choices of behavior in the exercise of free will is putting our religious and political freedoms, the rule of law, and even our form of government, at risk!!

Our Very Wise Forefathers

This nation was designed by our very wise founding fathers as a republic, structured to balance the powers of government and restrain the dark proclivities of man. They were great students of history, and knew that �the heart of man is evil.� One of the founding fathers, Fisher Ames, the father of the First Amendment, �hit the nail right on the head� when he said, �The known propensity of democracy is to licentiousness which the ambitious call and the ignorant believe to be liberty.� And Gouverneur Morris, who penned and signed The Constitution, said, �Democracy always terminated in despotism and served to bring down the virtuous and wise to the level of folly and guilt.� They had observed that a �mobocracy�, as they termed it had resulted in too many wrong choices being made that destroy men and their governments. They wanted to try to make sure that people in this nation would have every opportunity to make the right choices based on �principles that do not change found in the Law of Nature and of Nature�s God.� Fifty two of the fifty six signers of the Declaration of Independence were Christians. They literally sacrificed their lives and fortunes to leave us with a nation of freedom, justice, and liberty for all.

But, in spite of our founding fathers� profound and devoted efforts, people who have made the wrong choices are perversely twisting the framers� intentions completely around and declaring that licentious behavior is equated with the �right� to �liberty.� And they look upon God, religion, and Christianity in particular, as oppressive, intrusive, and inimical of their freedom to do as they please�their freedom of �choice.� They want the choice to make the wrong choices protected, and made the only choice.

The Bad and the Good News

The bad news first: God gave man the �freedom� to make the wrong choices. He said in Deuteronomy that man could choose between �life and curses.� But he strongly suggested that it would be a lot better if man chose life. One doesn�t have to be real smart to see why He said that. If man chooses curses he chooses bondage; and that shore ain�t freedom. The wrong choices subject man to all the addictions of the world. What looks like freedom is really the pits!! In order for evil to be accepted it must be disguised as good. Read what Paul says in Romans I about those who make the wrong choices. They are in deep �do do�!

The good news is: �You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.� And, �Come to Me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest.� All one has to do is just �Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find.� But, more on this later.

The Tyranny of Wrong Choices Ensnares and Traps the �Enemies.�

The tragedy resulting from wrong choices is that error must be piled on error to justify those self-destructive choices, and to build defenses against dissent and guilt. Here is where despotism and tyranny are born and flourish. Those who make those choices will take everyone else down with them in the frantic effort to force others to succumb, be silent, or �beheaded.� They simply cannot accept that they have made stupid and destructive choices, and will go to extremes to silence sources of criticism and disagreement. And that includes disposing of God and his followers. Elaborate and deceitful schemes are devised and supported to justify the rejection of a Creator and Father. No Being superior to man can be acknowledged and supported lest the flaws in their beliefs and choices be exposed. They refuse to accept the principle that they should be discouraged from making choices that are destructive of themselves and their neighbors. This is a �humongous� contradiction: Man, who professes to be self sufficient, aught to be smart enough to recognize and avoid those things that will destroy him. But it�s obvious that millions of our citizenry damn shore aren�t!!

The reason for this quixotic behavior is easy to see. When people make those wrong choices they get enslaved and in bondage to one or more addictions that are progressive in intensity and strength. They literally become slaves without the resolve or strength to escape by themselves. They see this inability to overcome their problems as faults in themselves; and guilt and frustration sets in. They don�t like themselves for being weak and unable to control their own behavior, which is a contradiction of their belief that man can control his destiny all by himself! So they attack anything and anybody that doesn�t accept their dumb behavior as normal. And they construct preposterous reasons to justify what they are and what they do�even to the extent of blaming God, i.e. �God made me this way.� There�s an �oxymoron� if there ever was one! All at once the God they reject they acknowledge as their creator, and more powerful than they are! Ain�t that sumpthin�??

Their contradictive behavior only serves to �dig their hole deeper.� That�s why people who have made the wrong choices are so often full of anger. They are or have been so frustrated by their inability to deal with the consequences of their choices that they strike out at the most convenient victim. When you see someone react more extremely than the circumstances warrant you are looking at a very frustrated person, a person more than likely in bondage to his or her own weaknesses. The tragedy is that such people don�t know why they are so full of anger; and this adds to their dilemma: They�re outa control and don�t know why�another reason to dislike themselves and to blame others for their plight. And this explains why, along with pride and ego, that they seek power over others; the power to punish; to destroy; to make others inferior; to force others to approve of their asocial behavior.

The whole rationale of �political correctness� and �tolerance� has been the result of the effort to justify, normalize, and legitimize destructive and aberrant behavior. To create a haven of comfort for the �enemies� is obviously the objective. And to achieve this objective, the objectives of the basic rule of law must be ignored, denied, and corrupted!

Evolution, the Elaborate Deception

Another example of transparent self-serving deception: The �enemies� need to rationalize their choices in order to live with themselves. The theory of evolution is such an elaborate self-serving deception, and attack against God as our Creator, that it has confused and deceived otherwise intelligent people. But it serves as a welcome belief system to those who are afraid of God�s judgment, and want a convenient way to dispose of Him. With God �out of the way� this becomes an avalanche smashing through society. This fraudulent delusion is forced on our school children in the guise of scientific biological studies. This is a real �doozie!!� A study in science? Evolution just ain�t provable by scientific methodology�you gotta use smoke and mirrors. �From the goo to you via the zoo� ain�t a pretty or accurate scientific theorem. Only a person who needs the �comfort� of a deception would accept the scientifically disproved as scientific fact. Another contradiction.

Deception Breeds Deception

With God �disposed of� by psuedo science, such as evolution, people get hooked on forms of licentiousness; and, they throw their support behind people hooked on other forms in the guise of protecting everyone�s �rights and liberty.� It�s predictable. Those who get hooked on �consensual sex� (a �politically correct� term for promiscuous fornication) throw their support to abortion. (There has to be some way to dump the proceeds of hot passion�right?) They have to justify their choice of recreational sex over procreational sex. And those in turn support homosexuality so they can say, �everybody�s doing it every which way; so what�s the problem??� And anybody who doesn�t agree with them is called a childish name, and, incredibly, accused of discrimination. They are so far gone that it doesn�t occur to them that the �way to �life� is to make discriminatory choices!

All forms of licentiousness must be rejected and discriminated against to preserve and protect a healthy and wholesome society. And that�s a fact!! But, then to expect that from man by himself is to assume he is always willing to choose good over evil. But we know very well that he has a hell of a lot of difficulty in choosing good if evil �feels� better!

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� 2005 - Bill Champion - All Rights Reserved

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Bill Champion is a semi-retired management consultant who has been active in several fields: Developing managers from �caretakers� to motivated, result-oriented achievers; Management team development; Developing and writing management training manuals; Arbitrator; Negotiator collective bargaining agreements; Active in state political arena; Contract lobbyist at Nevada State Legislature for Gaming Industry and private businesses; University Instructor in Labor relations.

A graduate of Case-Western Univ. Vice president of Human Resources at original MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas. Hobbies: Writing and Golf. Authored several essays on politics and religion. Now engaged in writing book on history of the �mob� in Las Vegas, and who really killed Bugsy Siegel. Bill's

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The answer is that our society is increasingly being propelled into a morass of self destruction by feelings devoid of reason. Our children are being taught in a failed education system that �If it feels good, do it;� and, what�s right is what�s right for you;� there are no absolute truths.�