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By Bill Champion

February 27, 2005

Yes, there is Hope.

Licentiousness sure looks like a malignant cancerous rot that ruins an awful lot of good people that get infected with it. But the �good news� is that there is a surefire vaccination against it and a miraculous cure for it, even the worst cases. Superior wisdom can come with age. God has lived forever, you know. Guess who�s the best listener, EVER??!! If you have trouble coming up with the answer to that question, you�ve got work to do for the sake of your own soul.

I can say loud and clear: God is love, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent; but, He has designed a way of harmonious and wholesome living for mere men who aren�t. His way is just plain practical and full of common sense. But feelings and desires of the flesh repel common sense, like slippery oil rejects pure water.

The Human Condition �is us�

The lesson we�ve got to learn is that ALL men are subject to falling prey to the siren song of attractive, seductive, but wrong choices; and common sense considerations come too late for men who try to find it by themselves after the horse is out of the barn. The evidence is glaring and all around us. Look at the �icons of conservatism and virtue� that have succumbed to wrong choices: Jimmy Swaggert, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Bennett, and numerous others. Look at the Catholic Church�s terrible problems with homosexuality, which is also destroying and dividing the Episcopalians. Even within purportedly the holiest of arenas men still �foul up, big time!!�

Remove �stumbling blocks� From Your Brother�s Way

Up to this point it may seem that this is a diatribe against people who have made wrong and self-destructive choices�people who have chosen curses instead of life. It is neither my intention nor purview to condemn such people; for their judgment belongs to God. I sincerely pray for the �enemies� involved; but, this may well be a diatribe against the wrong choices and what they do to people that make them embrace their own destruction. In fact, people with whom I�m acquainted who have chosen wrongly appear to be intelligent and even caring about important subjects. But, when questioned in depth their world view becomes obvious. Perhaps and example of a dialogue with a good friend will illustrate the point:

My friend is educated and a war hero, and very intelligent. But, we have very different views about homosexuality. He says, �It�s okay if they don�t flaunt it.� I asked him if we could try to discuss the subject objectively; and he agreed.

So, I wrote down an objective which, we both concurred, everyone should accept as a goal the human race should strive to achieve: �In order to survive, mankind must continuously replace itself and promote a peaceful, healthful, prosperous, educated, and productive society wherein everybody respects and supports their neighbors.� Admittedly ideal; but, not to strive for the ideal is to give up hope. And, hope has been the �watchword� in this country�.�til now anyway.

I then said, �Let�s compare the results of homosexuality to this objective; and, again he agreed. So I wrote:

1. Homosexuality produces no replacements. Therefore, the only alternative to perpetuate that lifestyle is to recruit children. 2. Homosexuality reduces life expectancy by approximately 34 years. The average life span of a male homosexual is approximately 41 years. Females a bit longer. 3. Homosexuality infects society with a terminal disease. AIDS! In my area of the country, AIDS cases are 70% gay males; 20% drug abusers; and 10% other, with an overlap in gay males who are also drug abusers. 4. However, admittedly, some homosexuals have made important contributions to the arts and sciences, in effort to justify themselves.

In three out of the four cases, homosexual behavior is genocidal, which obviously is directly opposed to the objective mankind must strive to achieve to survive!!!

He said, �I have to agree; but I don�t like it. Something really bothers me about it.� I replied, �Let me try to explain why you agree but don�t like it.� So, I quoted Fisher Ames, one of our Founding Fathers and the father of the First Amendment. (As previously quoted above) He said, �The known propensity of democracy is to licentiousness which the ambitious call and the ignorant believe to be liberty.�

I continued, �You aren�t ignorant, so you must �call� licentiousness liberty�.meaning freedom to do whatever you want. If anything is done to restrict homosexuality it puts your definition of freedom or �liberty� at risk. In other words you must defend homosexuality in order to protect your right to licentiousness, �liberty�, in other forms.� He gave me a wry grin and said, �I suppose you�re right; but I still don�t like it. Do you mean I shouldn�t have sex with anybody I want to?� My response was, �What has promiscuous sex done to society?� And I quoted some well-known statistics, which show its consequences: divorce, the falling marriage rate, one-in-every-three people infected with STDs causing infertility and death, the decreasing number of two-parent families on whom the nation depends for replacements. Etc.

He then pointed to my first statement that homosexuality is genocide and said, �There�s enough propagation in the world to make up for the genocide they cause.� I responded, �Yes homosexuality is not of itself the total cause of genocide; but, because of it, and other forms of genocidal licentious behavior, all the industrialized nations are suffering a demographic crisis.� And I quoted Nicolas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute who said, that in order to have population stability there must be 2.1 births per woman per life time. The U. S. is at 1.7. The European countries are at 1.5. He says that the U.S. will probably be stable because of massive immigration, not births. Other sources at the U.N. are worried that the countries that produce 90% of the world�s goods and services now comprise only 35% of the world�s population. And if present genocidal trends continue as expected this percentage will decrease to around 5% after 2025.

This one instance of exercise in logic and truth will not immediately change my friend�s lifestyle; but, it has him thinking, which is a start. Strong attitudes are not changed overnight�except by prayer; and, I pray for him often. He has learned that prayer is answered. He has turned to it in stressful occasions searching for answers and has received some dramatic ones he finds hard to believe he�s worthy of.

If we don�t try to help people who have made wrong choices, who will??? Our country�s future depends upon us to do so, regardless of the secular Supreme Court�s wrong choices.

Man Must Have Help To Survive!

The bottom line is that, in spite of Humanist�s claims to the contrary, man is not knowledgeable and/or experienced enough to be able to evaluate the effects and consequences of ALL the choices in life with which he unavoidably will encounter. He must have a guide, a set of principles by which he can judge and make choices on faith that they are true!! The Bible is that guide. But man will not believe that �guide to life� unless he puts his trust in God and His Son Jesus Christ. This is why Jesus said, �This is the law and the prophets. You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.� Man will not embrace the message unless he submits to the authority of the Author. This statement is all the Commandments rolled into one�the guide to choosing life instead of curses. Man will always have tribulations; but �the righteous man lives by faith alone.� And he is able to endure and handle anything coming his way.

If one has any doubt that man at this moment is capable of faith in even the uncertain, all one has to do it to hold up a paper one dollar bill. This bill is worth almost nothing without the faith that man puts in it that other men will accept it in exchange for other material things. This in spite of the fact that history has shown that this faith has often been misplaced. Faith is defined as, �the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.� The point is that one must be very careful in choosing where he puts his faith. And he needs omnipotent guidance and protection everyday in making his choices.

Once man gets through his hard head that he is fallible and doesn�t �know everything� is the occasion when he can begin to make progress. But the essential ingredient is that he will not make progress toward peace and relief until he surrenders his will to a higher power than himself (And I don�t mean other men.) and makes some righteous choices for governing his life. If he doesn�t he can kiss his political and religious freedoms, and his republic form of government good bye. It won�t be long before tyranny and despotism makes sure he�ll not have any kind of choices but the state�s!!!

The Epitome of Arrogance

If there is any greater evidence showing the sheer stupidity of man than this, I don�t know what it is: People who make the wrong choices are actually saying that they are smarter than God!!! The Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient Creator of man and the universe is shoved aside and treated like an interfering and troublesome kibitzer; and is told to �go way, you bother me.� Then there are those that try to get real �sneaky� and define a god that fits their biases. As Paul says in Romans I: 19, 20: ��.because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.�

Those who try to dispense with God by man-made logic actually construct syllogisms similar to, �A cat has a neck. A Bottle has a neck. Therefore, a cat is a bottle.� The logic is well constructed; but the conclusion is real dumb! How about this: �There is no Creator God. But we are here. Therefore, man just happened---somehow.� The humanist think this dumb conclusion is good logic and say that man evolved from �natural causes.� But they just don�t want to say how those �natural causes� began or where or how they originated. The answer is, they don�t have the least idea. Their thesis is that �something can evolve from nothing.� To believe that �something can be made from nothing,� actually says that those who subscribe to this logic believe in �nothing.� To believe in nothing is to be without hope; and a man without hope is a miserable creature indeed. The irony is that in order to believe that something can be made from nothing one has to believe in God, the only One Who can and is documented to have accomplished that feat, just with His Word.

Rule of Law vs. God�s Word?

Here�s the bottom line: God�s Commandments and the rule of law as defined here are one and the same in intent and purpose!!! If this is true; and it is, one can�t violate God�s Commandments without violating the rule of law! Put another way, all the efforts to avoid God�s Commandments have resulted in corrupting or violating the true rule of law. The more we corrupt the rule of law the more we embrace the law of man. The more we embrace the law of man the more we embrace behavior that is destructive of society.

A case in point is the controversy over the Ten Commandments Monument erected by Chief Justice Roy Moore in the Alabama Supreme Court building. The monument was ordered removed by Judge Thompson of the federal appeals court based on the �separation of church and state� corruption of the rule of law. I have been told by a person who was present at the hearing in which Moore�s appeal was denied that Judge Thompson actually said, �The issue here is whether or not the State of Alabama can acknowledge God.� There is no question that the Constitution, our basic rule of law, does not restrict Alabama from recognizing God. In fact, it specifically prohibits the federal government from interfering with anyone�s �free exercise of religion.� The point is that in order to remove God from the public scene the basic rule of law has to be violated.

It is obvious that Congress has clear cause to impeach Judge Thompson; but, it will never happen until Citizens require them to do so to stay in office. All federal judges and congressmen take an oath to uphold The Constitution. It�s time they did so.

�Follow the Money�

This case has become a �litmus test:� It clearly defines the �enemies� as those who say that it is Chief Justice Moore who violated the rule of law by refusing to comply with Judge Thompson�s order. The �enemies�� covert agenda cannot allow the rule of law to openly support any Commandments of God which disapproves of their choices of behavior. They can�t abide any rule of law that gives legal status to the condemnation of those choices. To allow the Ten Commandments to be put on public display in an arena where legal judgments are made puts their choices of behavior at risk by making them culpable for the consequences of their behavior. For example: What would happen if all activist homosexuals became legally and financially culpable for the AIDS cases their behavior caused? And there�s no mistake; AIDS is a behavior-caused disease!! Why do you think that the homosexual activists are so desperate to have society politically accept and legally support their deviant and destructive behavior??? They know their behavior is destructive of themselves and society; and, they are frantically trying to divert society from realizing that truth and making them legally accountable.

What would happen if all who are responsible for abortions had to compensate society for the loss of financial contributions to the economy that would have been made by the aborted? Anyone can do the math. If only one in five of the 43 million aborted individuals were allowed to live an average length of life and earn the average income for the average length of time since Roe v. Wade, in 1973, minus the cost of raising and educating, the liability would be more than nine trillion dollars lost by society!! That�s more than the national debt.

What if the sexually promiscuous had to pay for the medical expenses caused by the sexually transmitted diseases they cause? The medical costs have been estimated at 6.5 Billion dollars per year.

What if all parents who have children and who decide to divorce became required to put enough funds in trust to guarantee that those children would receive an education that would equip them to be responsible citizens, and to pay for the damage to society broken homes cause? In other words what if the �enemies� became financially and legally culpable for all the damage their choices of behavior cause society?

Ask the tobacco companies how it feels.

Very simply put, the rule of law described in the first paragraph of this essay embodies principles and codes that protect society from the consequences of man�s destructive behavior, and supports constructive and positive behavior. The rules of man support behavior that has the opposite effects. Thus, the test for determining and identifying �enemies� is whether or not their behavior or belief system supports or obstructs the pursuit of this objective-based rule of law.

Some examples of behavior and belief systems that identify �enemies� are:

Abortion supports promiscuous fornication, murder, and genocide.

Promiscuous fornication promotes adultery, the spread of STD�s that result in infertility and death, divorce, and single parent homes in poverty.

Pornography as �free speech� supports rape and murder. (The FBI reports that 81% of sexually oriented murderers and serial killers listed pornography as their initial interest.)

Evolution bears �false witness� to neighbors to convince them there�s no Creator and man is supreme and free to do his worst.

�Separation of Church and State� erects a �wall� between God and our neighbors and their children, and makes licentiousness a legal �right.� An entire book could be written in support of this thesis. But the Bible will serve nicely, thank you. As a matter of fact, this doctrine is an enabler for the first principle of communism: �Corrupt the children; get them away from religion; get them interested in sex; destroy their ruggedness.� To see the effects of this doctrine on our children, read David Barton�s �America, To Pray or Not to Pray; WallBuider Press. It�s a real shocker!

All the above wrong choices of behavior have been made �legal rights� by enemies in judicial robes.

The Ultimate Result: More Tyranny and Less Freedom

The ultimate result is that a free society cannot continue to exist when the �enemies� gain the upper hand. The enemies must seek power to legitimize and prevent interference with their destructive behavior, as has been done in Canada and Nazi Germany, Alabama, Massachusetts, Kentucky, California, ad nauseum. Criticism of the �enemies� behavior has been censored. Judges that will respect the rule of law instead of rule of man are prevented from being seated by unconstitutional filibustering by the �enemies.� The �liberty� to destroy a viable and free society is made more powerful than the rules that protect it. And that is really a humongous contradiction: Men are doing their damdest to destroy the very institutions that affords them the freedom to do �their thing.� Isn�t that really dumb or what???� The tragedy is that the �enemies� take everyone else down with them!! They have to destroy free societies to get their way!!

As a matter of fact, if there were a movement afoot to subvert our republic form of government and destroy capitalism in favor of a dictatorship, i.e. communism, fascism, etc. the instigators would use the very tactics used by the �enemies� described here. Mainly, a dictatorship can�t abide citizens pledging allegiance to any authority greater than the state; therefore, God and His laws and commandments have to be the first to go. Think about it!

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� 2005 - Bill Champion - All Rights Reserved

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Bill Champion is a semi-retired management consultant who has been active in several fields: Developing managers from �caretakers� to motivated, result-oriented achievers; Management team development; Developing and writing management training manuals; Arbitrator; Negotiator collective bargaining agreements; Active in state political arena; Contract lobbyist at Nevada State Legislature for Gaming Industry and private businesses; University Instructor in Labor relations.

A graduate of Case-Western Univ. Vice president of Human Resources at original MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas. Hobbies: Writing and Golf. Authored several essays on politics and religion. Now engaged in writing book on history of the �mob� in Las Vegas, and who really killed Bugsy Siegel. Bill's

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Ten Commandments Monument erected by Chief Justice Roy Moore in the Alabama Supreme Court building. The monument was ordered removed by Judge Thompson of the federal appeals court based on the �separation of church and state� corruption of the rule of law.