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By Bill Champion

February 27, 2005

Deceptions Disguised As �Rights� To Further Deceive

Unfortunately for the gullible and this nation�s survival, all the wrong choices that enslave people are now being disguised as political �rights�. And anybody who doesn�t approve of their choices is in violation of their �rights;� and labeled as bigots, homophobes, intolerant, and wrongfully discriminate. And Heaven help us they convince even governments to approve their �rights� over the �unalienable� right of �free exercise of religion�!! Canada has just been conned into doing just that!! There was a maxim in the U.S. Air force that is appropriate here, (with cleaned up language): �Don�t defecate in your own mess kit!� A bit gross; but the point is clear. But Canada has done just that; and free speech and religious freedom is on the way out in Canada. How close to home can it get??

The real tragedy is that they�re working their tails off to destroy the most effective way of escaping from their bondage�which, of course, they refuse to admit they�re in, or accept accountability for.

Wrong Choices Can�t Live With Truth

For wrong choices to be disguised as truth, truth must be denigrated and disguised as untrue. As Paul says in the first chapter of Romans in the Bible, �professing to be wise they became fools.� But then man deprecates the Bible as �being written by man,� and, therefore, subject to error and fault. (Isn�t this really an admission that their belief in the reliability of man is flawed?) But the truth is that the Bible is a revelation to man, written by men who heard directly from God, and by those who were contemporaries of Jesus Christ and eye witnesses to His works.

This rejection of the Bible and its truths is further validation of a maxim I once wrote on another occasion, �Attitude is more powerful than truth or reason in determining and explaining human behavior.� Again, the attitude-based opinion that man has no need for God is based on the belief that man is sufficient unto himself. As a wise friend once said, �Ain�t thata crock!!� If this were true no man would want for anything because he would be capable of producing and acquiring everything needed to satisfy his every need or want. How many men have achieved this�and are happy? Ever heard of Solomon? I believe it was the Durants who stated that the world has been free of wars in less than 400 years of the last 3000. And in the last century alone man has managed to murder over one hundred and fifty million of his neighbors. Worshiping idols (man) will getcha every time!

There�s another Scripture men who make bad choices don�t want to hear, but is most appropriate: Its Jeremiah 17: 5, 6: �Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength. Whose heart departs from the Lord. For he shall be like a shrub in the desert, and shall not see when good comes�..�

The Guilty Accusers and Their Real Agenda

The ACLU and other atheist don�t want the government involved with God�except to shield them from Him and to prevent citizens who believe in God from exercising their Constitutional right to �free exercise of religion.� If they want to be atheists the Bible gives them that right of free will. But it doesn�t give them the �right� to prevent the rest of us from choosing life and �loving the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and our neighbors as ourselves.� Why would they want to destroy the very basis for a peaceful and wholesome society? It doesn�t �take a rocket scientist� to see the answer!

They want their �right� to licentiousness to supercede all other rights�free speech and freedom of religion in particular�and be the law of the land. They can�t abide any body of law or religion that is condemnatory or contradictory of their choices of behavior or beliefs; and that�s tyranny! As an example, Julian Huxley, Darwin�s �hit man� said, when asked why he pursued the theory of evolution, �God interferes with our sexual mores.� (Licentiousness is defined by Webster as, �lewd, lascivious, and uncontrolled by moral restraint.) They have promoted the theory of evolution because it �conveniently disposes� of God as the Creator and Master of the universe. And it equates and lowers man to the level of rutting animals in heat. That they would put their very souls at risk just for illicit sex doesn�t show much �smarts,� does it? The Bible, which they have no regard for, says in Romans I: 18, �For the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against all the iniquity and wickedness of men who unjustly suppress the truth.� A simple conclusion comes to mind: When they get too old to indulge in their precious �idol and right,� sex, they�ll be �ridin� on empty!� That is, if they get to be old enough to be labeled �dirty old men.� The �wrath of God� can appear in many worrisome and subtle ways that they chalk up to �bad luck.� Can�t admit that God can be right, now can they?

An Obvious Conclusion

There�s that law of contradiction again: If man is really self sufficient he would certainly know that wrong choices always contain their own punishing consequences�for them and/or their neighbors, and avoid making such choices. But, the evidence is irrefutable that not only does man not avoid such choices, he defends them before other men and expects them to approve or be condemned for their �intolerance!!!� Ergo, man can�t work against his own self interest and still be self sufficient!! Self deficient is more apropos. As I have said before, attitude trumps reason and truth�especially secular attitudes.

A man of faith can stand alone with God and make good choices; but, men without faith will �go nuts� without the approval of other secular men. They�ve gotta have acceptance, even if it is harmful.

Judicial Tyranny Denies Religious Freedom

So, to continue their quixotic joust against God and His preferred choices, a bunch of smart, but attitude-afflicted, Supreme Court justices got together and concocted a doctrine called �separation of church and state.� There was no Constitutional basis nor precedent for it�just had to get rid of God in public places where people can see and hear His Word. The real motive for this assault on the rule of law is really transparent. This edict puts the State in charge of deciding and enforcing where, when, and how the �freedom of religion can be exercised. Is this not a self defeating edict? How can there be �separation of church and state� if the state is given the power to supervise the exercise of religion? This is a major contradiction!!! The effort to protect behavior destructive of society from God�s judgment has indeed corrupted even our Constitution!! There�s those �Foxes� again. I think it was Ben Franklin who said (paraphrased) �We have been given a free republic---if we can keep it.� It looks dangerously as if we are loosing it one �unalienable right� at a time to justify the �enemies� choices of behavior.

President Johnson also attacked the churches by silencing them with the 501 (c) 3 laws that disarms them in the political arena�even though this puts a chink in the �wall between church and state� by giving the state a controlling influence over church finances and political freedom. This law prevents churches from �grass roots� political action in promoting political candidates sympathetic to their beliefs. What happened to �free speech� and the �free exercise of religion?�

Unbelievably, this is a similar move to that made by King George in England, when the churches in colonial America became so critical of him and his moral turpitude. He tried to force churches to be licensed under control of the state. The churches rebelled and became prime movers and facilitators in the revolution, and the establishment of a free nation where we could worship God without government intervention. Is history repeating itself? Has the �specter� of King George�s court invaded our Supreme Court?

A �Clear and Present Danger�

The tragedy is that this �attitude system� has the power to destroy entire nations, as it did France, Germany, Russia, the Roman Empire, Greece, and now Canada, ad nauseum. Starting with one family at a time. It is presently corrupting our judicial system. Our federal judicial system is now barring the free exercise of religion in this country by judicial fiat. Some judges have assumed that God should not be allowed to influence man�s choices in life in governmental venues. They say that our constitutional right to the �free exercise of religion� is way down at the bottom on the scale of important �rights�. They�ve effectively said that man�s right to choose God mustn�t interfere with the �right to choose� licentiousness! Sound crazy? See Justice Kennedy�s opinion in Lawrence v. Texas. It really gets �nuts� when the real effect of all this is seen for what it really is: Judicial fiat is decreeing that man shouldn�t have the right to encourage other men, in public venues, to listen to God�s side of the argument and �choose life instead of curses� Aren�t they saying it�s wrong to try to save one�s neighbors from making choices that will harm them and their neighbors?! Responsible behavior in society is made �a bad thing.� No wonder some people in neighborhoods don�t care who lives next door!

Purported specialists in the law are actually saying that laws based on morals must not interfere with the rights of man to be immoral! That�s downright contradictory and dishonest!!! The �right� to be immoral has been given priority by our government officials, irrespective of God�s position on the subject. In Stone v. Graham, the Supreme Court said that if Kentucky schools are allowed to display the Ten Commandments, children might be induced to ��, meditate upon, perhaps to venerate and obey the Commandments.� And that�s a quote!! It�s hard to believe that a bunch of our best legal minds could be so damn stupid! Aren�t they saying that it is wrong for schoolchildren to obey the Ten Commandments? Somebody should make them take a course in American History 101 that explains that the founding fathers designed the governmental structure of this nation to be based on �principles that do not change,� found in �The Law of Nature and of Nature�s God.� Under the most logical interpretation of the doctrine of �separation of church and state�, the Court, being part of the state has no authority to make such a convoluted decision respecting the �free exercise of religion!!� There is no �enumerated� right in The Constitution that gives the Supreme Court the power or authority to regulate, supervise, promote, deny, prohibit, or interfere with a citizen�s �free exercise of religion�. In fact, such actions are expressly prohibited in the First Amendment. Only and �enemy� in judicial robes would disagree with this assertion!

More Corruption of Law

In Canada, a man has been sanctioned and suspended from his employment for publicizing in a newspaper the Biblical scriptures against homosexuality, of which there are many and severe. So in Canada the Bible has become the subject of fascistic censorship. That�s scary as hell!! That�s happened right next door!!!!! Tyranny is just over the border and coming this way!!

Don�t be surprised when courts will force you to say to a burglar who has entered your home, �you shouldn�t steal and put my family at risk; but, the law says I can�t personally attack you and stop you? Your right to invade my home and steal my property trumps my right to protect my home and family.� If you think this is far out, that actually happened in England. A man was put in jail for shooting a burglar who broke into his home!!!!! Incredible! And in Chicago, a man was cited for using a gun to protect his home against a burglar who had also previously invaded his home. It is apparent that the �enemies� will go to the extreme to keep destructive behavioral choices from being punished�even covetousness, theft, and violation of property rights! The attack on the rule of law is getting more intense every day!

The Obvious Made Obscure by Bondage

But we don�t have to go outside this country to view the effects of the attitude that licentiousness is a �liberty� that has become a political �right.� As has been said, it is fundamental that for a viable society to exist and prosper it must be regulated by the rule of law that ignores �political correctness� and dispenses even-handed justice for all. There are two glaring examples where this rule of law has been brazenly violated in favor of the �right� to licentious �liberty:� The first occurred at the highest level of our government. The Senate refused to convict President Clinton, the nation�s highest law enforcement officer, who lied under oath in a properly constituted tribunal, and to the American people, and violated his oath of office. The rationale: It was �only about sex� and �failed to rise to the level of �high crimes and misdemeanors��, and, therefore, not an impeachable offense. THE EGREGIOUS EFFECT OF THIS CORRUPTION WAS TO POLITICALLY AND LEGALLY ELEVATE THE �RIGHT� TO LICENTIOUSNESS ABOVE THE CONSTITUTIONAL RULE OF LAW! There can be no other conclusion, no matter how hard one tries to rationalize it otherwise. Tawdry sex was given higher priority than even-handed justice and an orderly society. This is about as high as one can get on the scale of �high crimes and misdemeanors!� And what is really frightening is that the majority of citizens polled agreed with the Senate. Incredible! Is this another indication of just how many �enemies� are out there? Does this not validate our Founding Fathers� use of the term �mobocracy?�

The second example is equally egregious: The Supreme Court in 1973 decreed that a mother can execute her unborn child at will. The effect of this has been to give one individual the absolute right to execute another individual, without due process of law!!! If anyone doubts this effect one has only to ask, �What will the unborn child, who is verifiably a discrete individual, become unless it is executed?� So, again, the rule of law against murder (one of the Ten Commandments) was corrupted in favor of the �right� to licentiousness. Over 90% of abortions are for the purpose of birth control. This Supreme Court decision has resulted in the death of more individuals than all our wars put together. Is that harmful to society or what!!!! How many �enemies� wear judicial robes?

A more recent and glaring example of elevating licentious �rights� over the rules of �The Law of Nature and of Nature�s God� is the Massachusetts�s Supreme Court�s approving the �right� to marriage between homosexuals. The rationale was that that state�s constitution contained no provision for �second class citizens.� This decision actually elevates licentious genocide over the rules of law that protects the institution of marriage between male and female essential to the perpetuation of man himself! What�s good for order in society is subjected to the behavior that would destroy that order. If man were self sufficient and the �measure of all things,� he certainly wouldn�t make such stupid, self-destructive decisions. If this isn�t prima facie evidence that man needs guidance from a Being much smarter than he is, then there�s no hope. �They have eyes, but do not see, and ears, but do not hear.� But there is hope for those who would open their eyes and ears, and their hearts.

Justifying Guilt Is Futility

The wrong choices make one so attitude-driven that truth becomes irrelevant; and, therefore no objective examination to find the truth is even considered. A search for only self serving justifications is important. Therefore, I will venture to say that those who denigrate and reject God and The Bible have never tried to talk to Him, other than curse him, or to read and study His Word. If they�ve opened the Bible at all it more than likely was an effort to �find and take a text out of context that can be used as a pretext.� To try to use the Bible and the Word of God to justify choices of behavior that is destructive of society makes one a �charter member� of the �enemies� of society. For example, The Bible clearly condemns homosexuality in several scriptures as destructive of people and society. But those who choose to continue to engage in homosexual behavior allege that God �made me this way�. And they further proclaim that those who believe the Bible, e.g., the Boy Scouts, �discriminate� against them by refusing to approve of and accept their behavior. So, they encourage charitable organizations and government entities to discriminate against the Boy Scouts, who would rather reject homosexuality than God. The tragedy is that there are a lot of people who are na�ve enough to swallow that contradictory junk!! Those who profess to be against �discrimination� want everyone else to accept their �rights� to discriminate. Only �enemies� would think that that�s okay and makes sense!

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� 2005 - Bill Champion - All Rights Reserved

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Bill Champion is a semi-retired management consultant who has been active in several fields: Developing managers from �caretakers� to motivated, result-oriented achievers; Management team development; Developing and writing management training manuals; Arbitrator; Negotiator collective bargaining agreements; Active in state political arena; Contract lobbyist at Nevada State Legislature for Gaming Industry and private businesses; University Instructor in Labor relations.

A graduate of Case-Western Univ. Vice president of Human Resources at original MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas. Hobbies: Writing and Golf. Authored several essays on politics and religion. Now engaged in writing book on history of the �mob� in Las Vegas, and who really killed Bugsy Siegel. Bill's

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For wrong choices to be disguised as truth, truth must be denigrated and disguised as untrue. As Paul says in the first chapter of Romans in the Bible, �professing to be wise they became fools.� But then man deprecates the Bible as �being written by man,� and, therefore, subject to error and fault.