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By Ronnie Herne
April 10, 2016

"It’s the hardest thing in the world – to do what we want. And it takes the greatest kind of courage."Ayn Rand

This vituperative venomous anger being levelled at Donald Trump doesn't make sense. It isn't rational. It isn't reasonable. It isn't responsible. But it is bipartisan and it is Elite.


Look at Trump.

He is successful. He turned $1,000,000 from his father, Fred, into his multi-billion dollar Trump businesses. (Yes, he did inherit much more later on but he was his own success by then.) He, too, had failures but the man kept on going. He is a Presbyterian. He is keenly, proudly American, even born on Flag Day. He has recent immigrant roots. His grandparents on dad's side were from Germany. Mother Mary was from Scotland and became a citizen 4 years before Donald was born.

He is outspoken, confident, full of braggadocio, and a veritable master of repartee. He is married to a beautiful woman (three beautiful women over time, actually). He is additionally blessed with beautiful children from all three wives. So what's not to like?


Is it pure jealousy of his brilliant successes? His fabulous wealth? His proven abilities?

Is it unadulterated lust for his stunning wives?

Is it envy of his ascension to prominence? His bigger-than-lifeness? His ratings?

Or maybe it's old grapes clinging to older vines and there's a new vintner in town?

The National Review in January dedicated an entire issue to damning, dogging, and demeaning Trump and his supporters. Why?

The narrowly received National Review does not appeal so much to average people as to the Old Guard, the very ones responsible for the callous calculated lies and broken promises and grievous capitulations that created the gaping chasm of opportunity for Trump to enter. And for Trump to win.

Most of the National Review's writers were people I wouldn't read on a slow day. However, I was absolutely shocked to find Andrew McCarthy in the list! Is there anyone living today that knows more about the vagaries, the minutiae, the intrigues of the Middle East than Andy McCarthy? McCarthy should be an adviser to Trump, not an adversary.

However, while writing this it was announced that Donald Trump has secured the services of Walid Phares (pronounced Waleed Farris) as a Middle East policy advisor.

On March 3rd, 2016 Mitt Romney – Michigan born, Mormon bishop, one term governor of Massachusetts, 2012 failed candidate for president – unleashed a stinging diatribe on one of his 2012 supporters, Donald Trump. It was apparently okay to like Donald when Donald was lining Romney's pockets but not now when Trump looks like he's going to succeed where Mitt Romney utterly failed.

Mitt Romney's rant included calling Trump, “very very not smart” and “A phony. A fraud.” Romney stated that Trump, “was playing members of the public for suckers.” He added that Trump's “domestic policies would lead to recession” and that “his foreign policies would make the world less safe.”

In his smartmouth release Romney proclaimed, “...Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich. One of these men should be our nominee.” Of course Mitt and the Elite have Mitt's name included in there also along with the increasingly unpopular Paul Ryan, neither of whom has run this season.

Sea Island, Georgia, a very exclusive resort, just hosted a very private meeting including some of the very biggest Republican jet-setters: “There was a conspiracy of oligarchs, War Party neocons, and face-card Republicans to reverse the results of the primaries and impose upon the party, against its expressed will, a nominee responsive to the elites' agenda.” Patrick J Buchanan 3-10-16.

The Huffington Post, also on March 10th, 2016 ran a list of bigwig attendees to this secretive enclave of Republican mucky-mucks whose end purpose was/is to upend Donald Trump's nomination. Wouldn't it be a thought to put this much energy and direction into the running of the United States?

And then there was Dominionist Erick Erickson's March 17th meeting and subsequent statement for a “call to unity” among anti-Trump “conservatives” (participants not disclosed):

“We believe that the issue of Donald Trump is greater than an issue of party. It is an issue of morals and character that all Americans, not just those of us in the conservative movement, must confront. We call for a unity ticket that unites the Republican Party. Erick also stated that “the will of the people be damned!” Very Christian, Erick.

A “unity” ticket that's not Trump will be either from a brokered (translated: “very tinkered with”) Republican convention nomination or from a third party run which could easily split the vote enough to elect Hillary, an event that the Elitists, and the Dominionists, and the NWO-EU-NAUs, and the Socialists, and the haters of America from every stripe applaude and laud.

President Benghazi Babe -- Courtesy of Republican doublespeak.

And I offer a related side quote here on Dominionism, that Reconstructionist Christian overreach that is as poisonous as snakes from a viper's pit:

“The most dangerous part of this entire [Dominionism] movement is the fact that Rushdoony [credited with founding Christian Reconstructionism] considered democracy to be heresy. That he felt power only came from God, to the anointed. Because he considered democracy to be mob rule, with individuals who might not be anointed by God voting and in power, it is better to sacrifice our freedom and become a dictatorship based on alleged anointed individuals who tell everyone what God told them, than to be free. Every aspect of society must become under theocratic rule. In other words – the United States must morph into a Christian Taliban...”, SJ Reidhead, The Pink Flamingo

Let's read that again. From one Dominionist/Reconstructionist view, Democracy is heresy. (Forget the constitutional republic.) Power comes from God to the anointed. Sacrifice freedom for a dictatorship? Demand a Theocratic (God) power base that establishes their version of Christianity as the Religion of the Land? And become a Christian Taliban? Pretty breathtaking. Pretty Top-Down. Pretty unconstitutional.

Now let's remember that our Harvard-trained constitutional lawyer and presidential candidate Ted Cruz is both a blessed and anointed Dominionist. So are many others of his acquaintance. And Machiavelli's end justifies the means is taken to heart by many Dominionists. Medusa's snakes, indeed.

And notice the backing that's coming out of the Elite woodwork for Ted Cruz: Mitt “the Loser” Romney. Lindsey “Amnesty” Graham. Jeb “the New World Order” Bush. The cockroaches are coming out to inspect the garbage, Ted. Does that turn on any lights?


The tens of thousands, maybe millions of diverse American voters that Trump has brought to his candidacy are not, repeat NOT going to vote for the sore loser Mitt “The Mouth” Romney (and no, he is not a nice Mormon guy, he spews hatred).

And Donald Trump voters are NOT going to vote for House Speaker Paul Ryan (with his “Muslim Beard” and his 1.1 trillion dollar Obama budget package that includes 300,000 Muslim visas over 12 months. (Paris, Brussels, anyone?)

And Donald Trump voters are NOT going to vote for Gov John Kasich (with his reach-across-the-aisle socialist mentality and his syrupy purse-mouthed goody goody two shoes routine).

Trump voters will rip a vast hole in the GOP and the very fabric of America if they are denied, particularly if it's from Elite machinations of the “rules”. Maybe the Elite decide that both Trump and Cruz are ineligible because neither garnered 1,237 delegates? You understand what that says? That both of the top two delegate takers no longer matter? Screw the voters?

So, how about Donald Trump and Ted Cruz join forces? That is not impossible, as improbable as it may seem at this moment. Maybe 4 years of Trump? Maybe 8? Maybe 4 or 8 years of Cruz?

Can we live with a patriotic populist strong president supported by a Harvard trained Dominionist vice president? It's a big question, a very big question. The alternative may be Hillary Clinton. Does that make the decision easier?

And how are the delegates played out in all of this? Remember that the Republican Rules Committee is meeting in April. Also, they can change the rules right up to the July Cleveland convention. We're nowhere near the end of games and smears and tricks and lies in this election season.


Sometimes it seems that all of this is happening out there somewhere. Recently, however, it was brought home. One neighbor screamed over her speakerphone that she was going to vote for whoever the Democrats put up, she would never vote for a Republican. Fair enough. Often I don't either.

Another, when I told her I was voting for Trump, exclaimed wildly: “How could you?!? He's crazy! He frightens me! Haven't you heard what he says about women?!?”

The only thing about Donald Trump that frightens me is him NOT being our next president. He's crazy, like a fox. And I've heard way too many times what he's said, or possibly said about women. And it is my humble opinion that back in the 90s when he was asked about partial birth abortion that he likely did not even know what it was. It's not a guy thing.

Then a local pro Rand Paul southwestern Oregon weekly newspaper yet once again revisited their ongoing Bash Trump theme. “It's a fact that he had four failed marriages.” No. That is not a “fact”. He married Ivana in 1977. He married Marla – yes, he cheated on Ivana with Marla – in 1993. And he married his current wife Melania in 2005. She became a citizen in 2006.

The newspaper continued, referencing Christians for Trump. “The facts ought to make Christians run for the hills. He commonly uses foul language, is rude, resorts to name calling during debates, and is disrespectful to women. Plus he's heavily invested in casinos.” They continued, “...The reality is that Trump isn't what he, or his supporters, say he is. The perception is that if they really, really wish it enough he will be that guy”


During this election cycle it has come to light that Rand Paul is listed as a Dominionist. So, apparently, is Bobby Jindal. And blessed and anointed Ted Cruz is cited above. Dominionism is a dominating, deadly, political Theocratic cancer that is spreading wildly, and in some very high places.

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The threats to American liberty are everywhere. The New World Order. The Mormon New World Order. The Muslim Caliphate New World Order. The Dominion Christian New World Order. The Zionist New World Order? Russia. China. North Korea. Iran. The Muslim invasion of Europe. The Muslim invasion of the United States?

The Council on Foreign Relations. The Bilderbergers. The Trilateral Commission. The United Nations. The Club of Rome. The E.U. Heidi Cruz's CFR & NAU. The “free trade” agreements. TSA. Open borders. International tribunals. The Law of the Seas Treaty. Global warming. CO2. The Patriot Act. Homeland Security. Lobbyists. Congress. EOs. The Fed. Fast track. Militarization of the cops. “Santa Claus” politics. Muslim immigration.

From without. From within. The overripe plum is ready to fall.

Atlas was the Greek Titan made to bear the weight of all the heavens on his shoulders.

Trump is the only Atlas we have.

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2016 Ronnie Herne - All Rights Reserved

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Ronnie Herne is a veteran having served from 1969 to 1973 as a Captain in the Air Force. She was a Flight Nurse stationed in the Philippines with C-141 flights to DaNang, Ton Son Nhut, and Cam Rahn Bay, all destined for Japan. In addition she spent eight separate weeks on the ground in VietNam.

She started her political activities in 1991 with NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement). She fought it but watched as Bush pushed it and Clinton completed it. She was a Perot Volunteer, active in United We Stand America, involved in the creation of the Reform Party of California.

She retired to Oregon and put her attentions on county government. With Agenda 21, regionalism, socialism, taxes, county land giveaways and other ills all present at the local level, she and a friend constructed a county Home Rule Charter to push back. It included property rights, water rights, veteran service, lower fees, no unelected county administrator, no “Green” code requirements, etc. It was a marvelous charter but failed. Agenda 21 marches on. So does Ronnie.

E:Mail: [email protected]



The only thing about Donald Trump that frightens me is him NOT being our next president. He's crazy, like a fox. And I've heard way too many times what he's said, or possibly said about women. And it is my humble opinion that back in the 90s when he was asked about partial birth abortion that he likely did not even know what it was. It's not a guy thing.